Daily Fantasy Golf Experiment

Daily Fantasy Golf Experiment: Can I Make Money?

When I heard daily fantasy golf was a thing I wanted in. What could be more exciting than watching golf besides now having a reason to watch golf. Here’s the…

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FOO KING LONG Golf Ball Review

FOO-KING-LONG Golf Ball Review

I am starting to head completely off the radar with my search for the best golf ball. How the hell I ended up finding and then deciding to play the…

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Best Golf Balls

Best Golf Ball Leaderboard

Welcome to the most important leaderboard in golf. A leaderboard so important that to get on it you only have to try once. In what could be the most scientificy…

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Primal Kitchen Whole 30 Kit Review

Primal Kitchen Review: This Stuff Is Good

Mark Sisson got me good. Basically gives away all of his outstanding content on his blog and then writes up one of the best comprehensive yet simple books about health…

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Bandit SB Golf Ball Review

Bandit Golf Ball Review

As I head deeper into my very unscientific testing to find the best golf ball I find myself starting to type phrases like “illegal golf ball” or “non conforming golf…

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Srixon Z Star Golf Ball Review

Srixon Golf Ball Review

Up next in my search for the best golf ball are those from Srixon. Only once have I ever bought Srixon’s before and that was when I went to Arizona…

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