Daily Fantasy Golf Experiment

Daily Fantasy Golf Experiment: Can I Make Money?

When I heard daily fantasy golf was a thing I wanted in. What could be more exciting than watching golf besides now having a reason to watch golf. Here’s the…

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Wilson TC2 Tour Golf Ball Review

Wilson Golf Balls Review

Wilson golf balls are the next brand to be entered into my quest to find the best golf ball. Whenever I play a golf ball from Wilson I will post…

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Best Golf Balls

Best Golf Ball Leaderboard

Welcome to the most important leaderboard in golf. A leaderboard so important that to get on it you only have to try once. In what could be the most scientificy…

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RadWagon Review

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike Review: Its Awesome

The amount of times an ad pops up and gets me thinking that I need to have something is zero times. A Lamborghini would be nice but I do not…

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Chocolate Shakeology Review

Shakeology Review: An Excellent Meal Replacement Shake

Periodically I will revisit a post and update it with new information. Not a whole lot has changed with Shakeology since I started taking it besides Beachbody adding a few…

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Pinnacle Golf Ball Review

Pinnacle will be another brand added to the best golf ball leaderboard. Being upfront here I have never bought Pinnacles. I’ve played them over the years if I found them…

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