Ten Dollar Bill

Its Only Ten More Dollars

When I was 25 years old (12 years ago) I went to a meeting at the Sterling Heights City Hall with my Dad and a friend of his. If I remember correctly the city put on a special meeting due…

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RadWagon Review

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike Review: Its Awesome

The amount of times an ad pops up and gets me thinking that I need to have something is zero times. A Lamborghini would be nice but I do not need a Lamborghini. Even if I could afford a Lamborghini…

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Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review: A Waste Of Time

There are times in a mans life where he needs to get over being a man and doing man things. There is no need to make any sort of list describing things that are not manly. But can we all…

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You're 37?

You’re 37?

Last week at the annual Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Game we met up with some family friends at the Christmas Tree for halftime. When the tree is not up we still meet them there. My parents have had season tickets since…

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Sports Research Collagen Review

Sports Research Supplements Review

Time to time I buy supplements and gear from a particular company. Instead of writing separate reviews for everything I bought from them I prefer to put them on one post. And that is what we are going to do…

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