A Great Tip On How To Do Pull Ups Better

Pull ups and chin ups are the meat and potatoes of P90X. You do them in almost all of the P90X DVDs. For some people it is really hard to do pull ups. Actually, its pretty hard for everybody if…

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Tony Horton P90X Recovery Drink

P90X Supplements Review

**Update 2-9-17** The P90X Recovery Drink, P90X Protein Bars, P90X Pre-Workout Drink (AKA – Energy & Endurance), P90X Peak Health Formula, and quite frankly the entire P90X Nutrition line has been discontinued. Recover from the Beachbody Performance line has replaced…

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P90X Workout Review

P90X Workout Review: A Life Changing Workout

Almost a decade has past since I finished my first round of P90X. Knowing that, it means a bit of updating is needed to bring this review of P90X up to 2017 standards. A lot has changed in the last…

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P90X Push Up Bars Review

Many people that are doing the P90X workout have noticed Tony Horton talk about the use of  the P90X Push Up Bars. Tony uses the P90X Push Up Bars in a number of the P90X DVDs. Of course he only…

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