2010 Susan G. Komen 5k Race

Andrea and I completed the Susan G. Komen 5k race this past Saturday through downtown Detroit. I ran and she walked with her two friends. There were a lot of people out there. The first mile of the run was more like a jog, there was just no place to go. It was not until mile 2 where it opened up allowing you to weave through people.

It took me awhile to get to the start line and there was just no room to start sprinting. It was no big deal as I wasn’t trying to win. I finished the run in about 25 minutes…not great, but ok. There were a bunch of skinny dudes out there who blew by me.

I only run about 4 miles a week now so doing a little over 8 minute miles in traffic is ok for me. We also wore our P90X hats to show our love for fitness and health!

The real winner is the Susan G. Komen foundation. I’ve read that they have raised over $17.5 million in the city of Detroit since 1992. That is truly amazing. Hopefully they will be able to find a cure for breast cancer in my lifetime.

On the lighter side of things. I get a kick out of how its ok to talk about women’s breasts in this situation. There must of been over 70 different shirts that had something like “I love the Ta-Ta’s”  on them.

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