2011 Beachbody Coach Success Club Cruise

2011 Beachbody Coach Success Club CruiseThe Beachbody Coach Success Club Cruise took place on March 12th – March 19th. The cruise ship Beachbody went with was the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas better known as the worlds largest cruise ship. It was my first cruise and Andrea’s 3rd. She kept telling me I was spoiled with it because of how awesome it was and that I’ll never enjoy any other ship. It was nice walking into our cabin and reading a note from Beachbody saying they were crediting our end bill with $300.

All in all it was a great trip. Fun mixed in with a little bit of business. Catching up with old Beachbody Coach friends and making new ones. Only made one 7:30 am workout. Sorry Chalene and Shaun T. I planned my recovery week for the cruise as I knew 7:30 was not going to happen. Here is a recap.

March 12th – Took the early flight from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale. Boarded around 2:00. There was a meet and greet with all of the coaches and Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler welcomed us to the ship. Did some (more than some) partying that night at one of the make shift bars they have on the front of the ship. Made this video showing off the Oasis of the Seas.

March 13th – Nassau – Bahamas – Skipped the morning workout with Chalene Johnson (sorry Chalene) because we only had 5 hours on the island to play around. Andrea and I bought the day pass at the Atlantis, went through the aquarium, and played around on the beach and water slides. Forgot how much fun they were as I caught myself running with the kids up the steps to get in line. Are 30 year olds allowed to do that? On our way out we stopped into the casino so I could throw some dice. Of course I won on my first throw, doubled up, and lost it all. Went to dinner that night and made two new friends, Ali and her cousin AJ. It was the beginning of a great friendship. Partied again.

March 14th – Day at Sea – Went for a 3 mile run on the track, did some push ups, and sit ups. Hung out by the pools and met more people during the day. Chalene Johnson had a great social media seminar during the day that I attended and took lots of notes from. Went to the diving show they had at night followed with a little bit of wilding out.

March 15th – St. Thomas – Walked around in downtown St. Thomas for a while and then took a taxi ride to Magens Bay on the other side of the island. Did some swimming with other Beachbody peeps and just enjoyed doing nothing. Saw a couple pelicans almost hit people while diving for food, had a couple drinks, and laughed when our taxi van driver almost hit every car on a hill he decided to drive down at 45 mph. Dinner and then no wilding out as I was exhausted.

March 16th – St. Martin – I actually woke up and did the morning Insanity workout with Shaun T. Its so much different when your trying to keep up with him. Of course he told us to slow down as our form was garbage. I think he knows what he’s talking about. Felt great after the workout. Washed, changed, deboarded the ship, got on a taxi van and headed to Sunset Beach. Probably was my favorite part of the trip. If you’ve never been to Sunset Beach (aka Maho Beach) then you need to get there. Its the beach right next to the airport where you get to watch 747s come in right over your head and then takeoff blowing you into the ocean. Best part is that the Sunset Beach Bar is right there so you can get drinks and laugh your ass off for 4 hours. Shaun T was there hanging out with some of his friends and we all had a great time together. Went back to the boat and got on the Flowrider for the first time. Thought it was going to be like snowboarding but I was wrong. Tried to move around on it and kept wiping out. Dinnered it up  and went to a show afterwards. Here is a video I made of the day.

March 17th – Day at Sea – Celebrated St. Patty’s day doing what is common on that day. I did go for a run on the track. Still think its crazy how 2.4 laps on that boat is a mile. Went out to dinner with my coach Blake Warrington and his wife Angie along with Steph Perez, Taryn Perry, and their husbands. Ended the night with wilding out.


March 18th – Day at Sea – Not that much happening on the last day. Saw a whale jump out of the water. Had a great last dinner with Ali and AJ. Did some more wilding out at night and met some more friends.

March 19th – Flight back to good old Detroit.

In Summary – Had another great Beachbody Coach trip. I really like how they are doing the Success Club trips now so more people can get to these events and see what this is really all about. Have to keep the momentum going to add onto Hawaii, California, and Dallas trips. Every time I get back from a trip like this I feel re-assured that I truly am helping people by sharing with others what worked for me.

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