2011 Beachbody Coach Success Club Leadership Retreat

2011 Beachbody Coach Success Club RetreatCouple months late in getting this out but this years Success Club Leadership Retreat was held at the Laguna Cliffs Resort and just so happened to fall on the same weekend as my college’s homecoming weekend again. That’s two years in a row now. Oh well.

I think this one was a little bit better than last years leadership retreat in Dallas. The venue was cooler and more people qualified. The weekend was full of upcoming product announcements and business building activities.

Day 1 Success Club Retreat

Beachbody invited all Elite Coaches to come a day early and go to a meeting held by Carl Daikeler and some of the Team Beachbody Executive Staff. They gave us a brief introduction into the new Beachbody Challenge Packs and the Ultimate Cleanse which will be coming out in 2012.

They took us out to a welcome dinner that night. Was very impressed with the place because it overlooked a marina and the Pacific Ocean. Hung out with Jeff Armbruster, Jason Diebold, Barbie Decker, Josh Spencer, Monica Gray, Jenelle Summers, Deryl Williams, Dallas Carter, and met Sean Callahan. Seems like I see them every three months now. Probably left some people out and I’m sorry if I did.

2011 Beachbody Coaches Success Club Retreat

Day 2 Success Club Retreat

The second day included a morning workout with Brett Hoebel, leadership development, and presentations from Craig Christensen and Joe Thomas. Both speakers specialize in building people up to be better sales people. Went out to dinner that night with Craig Holiday, Blake & Angie Warrington, and Mark Klanac. Had a great time with them and enjoyed seeing Laguna as only Craig knows it.

The Detroit Tigers just so happened to be playing the Texas Rangers in the ALCS when I was out there. Of course I had my Detroit Tigers hat on and was one of two people watching the game. The other was Jeff Ochoa who lives about 20 miles away. Had a good time talking to him about the Tigers and Beachbody. Funny how you have to go 2300 miles away to get to know somebody who lives so close.

Day 3 Success Club Retreat

Started off the day with the new P90X2 yoga workout. I liked it a lot more than the original P90X Yoga X because it moved a lot faster. I hope to be able to do the handstand by the end of my 90 days of P90X2. The morning session ended with Carl Daikeler announcing how the Beachbody Challenge Packs will help us build our business and how to implement them.

They also announced the new Les Mills Pump workout. Looks pretty cool. Too bad it had to come out at the same time as P90X2 or I’d start doing that one right now. Will have to wait til I’m done with P90X2. Carl also talked about how you can get certified to teach P90X.

The morning session concluded with a presentation from John Amatt who climbed Mt. Everest and the first to climb the Troll Wall. His story was about figuring out how to do something that has never been done before. The afternoon session included a fun team building exercise where we had to move a bunch of rocks over an open area and help our teammates move on. The night ended with their “Good Vibrations” beach party.

I always have a fun time on any of the Beachbody Coach trips because I get to meet new people, share business building tips, and enjoy some of my hard work. The places Beachbody puts up in are pretty sweet so I can’t complain. All in all I’d say Beachbody keeps finding new ways to make the coach experience and business that much better every year.

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  1. What makes Beachbody’s network of distributors, called coaches, so successful is that these people have done the programs and are often in incredible shape. Their testimonial and therefore their business relies on how good they look, not whether they tell friends that a certain superfruit drink helps them have more energy or cures their stomach problems.

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