2011 Beachbody Coach Success Club Retreat

2011 Beachbody Coach Success Club Leadership Retreat

Couple months late in getting this out but this years Success Club Leadership Retreat was held at the Laguna Cliffs Resort and just so happened to fall on the same weekend…

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Team Epic Beachbody Coach

2011 Beachbody Coach Summit

I know I’m 6 months late in getting this post up about the 2011 Beachbody Coach Summit but I figured better late than never. This year was bigger and better…

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What Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health?

Would you believe that just 30 minutes a day of basic exercising can reduce a number of ailments people have. We’re not talking running marathons, triathlons, or doing extreme workouts…

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Can You Workout Too Much?

I logged into my Facebook account the other day and saw a post from a fellow Beachbody Coach talking about how he had taken some time off from working out…

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