2012 Beachbody Coach Summit

Beachbody Coach Summit 2012Just got back from another coach summit and this year it was in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. Besides it being a miserable 108 degrees almost everyday and me getting sick for the first time in 4 years I had a great time.

There was about 4500 people at the event. It’s crazy to see how much all of this has grown since my first summit just three years ago. There were workouts, trainings, personal development seminars, guest speakers, and of course the parties.

Day 1

We left early out of Detroit and got into Vegas around 10am. Unfortunately our room wasn’t ready until almost 3pm so we sat around for quite a long time in the casino. Once we finally got into our room we had to get dressed for the night. Since I made Elite Coach last year we were invited to an event with all the other Elite Coaches. We started at Tabu night club for cocktails and then off to see KA – Cirque Du Soleil. The show was impressive. The theater didn’t look that big walking in but once inside it was anything but. I couldn’t get over how gigantic the theater and stage were. Played some craps after the show and went to bed.

KA Cirque Du Soleil
Andrea outside of the KA Theater.
KA Cirque Du Soleil Theater
KA Cirque Du Soleil Theater

Day 2

Woke up with what was the beginning of the flu or whatever it was that I caught. Didn’t feel too horrible at the time though. There were meetings led by coaches who have large organizations that day. They gave out some recognition and we even had Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Craig Holiday, and Carl Daikeler come on in to talk to us.

Tony Horton Meeting
Tony Horton giving Jonathan Register an award.

When the meetings were over we changed and got ready to workout with Tony Horton. They had to get one of the conference center rooms to have enough space for all the people who showed up. There must have been 1500 people in that room. We did some of his normal P90X moves and he sampled the upcoming MMX workout which is a little bit of MMA stuff.

Tony Horton Summit Workout
Tony Horton Summit Workout

At night they had the 5 year birthday bash around the MGM Grand pool. Again, it was frickin hot. At 8pm it was still 95 degrees. Felt like somebody was holding a hair dryer at our face. My sickness was starting to kick in and the temperature didn’t help. We stayed for the entire party and watched the firework show they put on which went off over the MGM. After the party we went and hung out with a couple of coaches on our team.

5 Year Beachbody Party
5 Year Birthday Bash

Day 3

Missed the morning workouts due to my flu thing going on. Did make it to the morning general session. They recognized a bunch of coaches who moved up into the Star Diamond ranks and one of my coaches, Mark Klanac, got a chance to get up on stage for making 2 Star Diamond Coach. They announced a whole bunch one new products along with new tools coming out to help coaches grow their biz. The new products are:

  • Body Beast – A 90 day workout program designed to bulk you up.
  • Insanity Asylum Vol 2 – More insane workouts from Shaun T and it looks like Apollo Anton Ohno will be in it.
  • Les Mills Combat – A fighting type workout put on by the Les Mills trainers.
  • Vegan Chocolate Shakeology – I guess it tastes like dark chocolate.
  • Derm Exclusive – Beachbody has had this skin care line for a while now but is now opening it up to the coaches to promote.
  • Cordastra – A supplement designed for the Tai Cheng workout.
Body Beast Workout Summit
Body Beast
Body Beast Workout
Sagi Kalev and Carl Daikeler Talking About Body Beast At Summit.
Derm Exclusive
Derm Exclusive
Vegan Chocolate Shakeology Summit
Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

Highlights of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

  • The Cacao comes from a more direct source.
  • Moringa – Lots of Vitamin A’s and C’s.
  • Coconut Flower Nectar – Natural sweetener.
  • Luo Han Gao – Digestion help.
  • Himalayan Salt – 70 trace minerals.
  • Konjac – Helps digestive issues.
  • Proteins in Chocolate Vegan Shakeology are all plant-based.

There is a couple other things about Chocolate Vegan Shakeology such as why the calorie and fat count went up a little bit. Instead of me explaining it all to you Id rather let Darin Olien do it.

Insanity The Asylum Workout Volume 2
What’s that Carl? Oh, Asylum Volume 2. Thanks.

Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler telling us Insanity: The Asylum Volume 2 is in production. I already told you how Apolo Ohno does the Asylum workout. This is the little blip they put together with him and Shaun T that talks about Volume 2 of Insanity: The Asylum. I have completed a round of The Asylum already and will be doing Vol. 2 when it comes out. I didn’t notice any new moves in the clip they put out so I don’t know what to expect.

My guess is we are going to see a lot of Asylum like moves with the pull up bar, agility ladder, jump rope, and dumbbells like before. I’m sure Shaun T will figure out a way to make it harder than it already is. If its anything like Vol 1 than you’re gonna want to be in awesome shape before starting.

I’m going to be trying the Body Beast workout along with the supplements it comes with after summit. There is going to be a protein shake, pre-workout drink, and creatine designed to help you bulk up. Probably gonna do Asylum Vol 2 after I finish Body Beast. Chalene Johnson came in and gave another speech too.

At night they had the Diamond Reception at Wet Republic. This place was awesome. They had mermaids in the pool swimming around and a DJ playing music. Unfortunately I was still feeling sick. Maybe had two drinks and talked to a couple of people before I called it a night. The heat was getting to me and it didn’t do well with the fever I was running. Had to call it an early night again. Thats two nights in a row were I didn’t get to wild out.

Wet Republic MGM Grand
Diamond Reception at Wet Republic

Day 4

It was a good thing I went to bed early and not try to power through the sickness. The Super Workout was at 6:30 am that morning and its like mandatory you attend. Almost 5k people got to workout with all of the trainers for 90 minutes in the parking lot of The Tropicana Hotel. There might even have been more people. We showed up a little bit late and could barely see the trainers on the stage.

Super Workout Summit 2012
Super Workout Summit 2012

I could not take the sickness anymore after the workout and decided to go to Walgreens for one of those minute clinics. I need more than the over the counter stuff I bought at MGM. On my way there I remembered my good friend and fellow coach that I met at last years summit, Buck Parker, was a Doctor.

From the time it took me to walk across the entire MGM to the Walgreens on Las Vegas Blvd he had diagnosed me via text and called ahead a prescription. This is what Team Beachbody is all about. People helping people. I still owe him a hug.

I attended the “Power of 1”  workshop with Pete Pena and Robert Hudgens. I really liked how they talked about if you sponsored just one new coach a month and your new coach sponsored one new coach a month and they all bought Shakeology on auto ship and so on that in less than one year you would have created an income of $40k. I thought this was important stuff for all coaches to know.

In the afternoon general session we got to listen to Tony Horton tell his story about how he got to where he’s at and how we should approach our biz. Always good stuff from him. The keynote speaker they brought in was Seth Godin. I haven’t read any of his books but I will be buying some of his very soon.

What I like about his speech was he made his point through research instead of just saying this is how it is. His take on leadership, the internet, and the education system in the U.S were my favorites. The guy knows what he’s talking about.

Seth Godin
Seth Godin

The Celebration event was at night. This is where you get all dressed up and Beachbody gives out awards for business success. Was happy to see one of my coaches, Jonathan Register, make it on stage for being a Success Club 10 All Star. He’s killing it with the success club points. I also got a chance to walk on stage for making Elite Coach. Was very cool to accept an award in front of 4500 people knowing that only 35 out of the 80k coaches in the Team Beachbody network received this award last year.

At the same time I would never have received this award with a great team. Thanks everybody. Congrats to Wayne Wyatt on earning Top Coach honors. I really don’t know how it does it all with the lifestyle he lives. If anything, he sets the bar and makes all of us look lazy.

Also, Congrats to Richard Neal on winning the $100k grand prize. I could not believe it when it said he lost over 200 pounds in less than a year of doing P90X. Amazing to say the least. After the awards ceremony they had the big dance party. I showed up for about an hour and again had to call it a night. I was still feeling like crap and I used all my energy to sit through the ceremony. I went to bed still sick and everybody dance partied without me.

2011 Beachbody Elite Coach
Elite Coach…Of The World
Tony Horton Backstage Summit
Tony Horton & Me backstage at Summit after receiving the Elite Coach award.
Beachbody Challenge Winners
Those checks do say $100k on them.
Beachbody Summit Afterparty
Time To Party!

Day 5

Still sick but getting better from the medicine that Buck prescribed for me. Summit was officially over but we decided to stay another day. We really wanted to go to the Pawn Stars shop but I was in no shape or form to go. Everything was trying to get out of my body. Ate very little that day and slept for about 5 hours.

At night we went with our friends to Max Brenner at Caesar’s Palace. It was really good. Upon our arrival back to MGM I went and played craps. Won a couple hundred dollars and did my best to power through the sickness. Hard to turn down free beers when you get hot with the dice. Stayed up as long as I could before calling it a night.


All in all I still had a great time even with being sick. I enjoy the time I spent with all of my coaches who made the trip out there. It’s usually Summit where all of this sinks in and people get what we do. Running into old friends I’ve made via the coach network is cool too.

Sharing tips and stories about how we continue to grow our business and what the business is doing for us. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to be available in the first place and then taking the time to learn the biz and apply it. I can only imagine what next year will look like. I’m betting that next years Summit, which is back at the MGM Grand in Vegas, will be bigger and better than this years.

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