5 Miles On The Bike, 3 Miles Running, .5 Mile Swimming

I was starting to feel a whole lot better today after a nice relaxing weekend. I had not done any kind of working out since I had a huge pain in my neck last week. It still kind of hurts but at least it moves with a more normal range of motion. All that I did over the past week was run. No P90X for me. I did not want to re-injure any pinched nerves in my neck and have to skip out on another week of doing anything. Funny thing happened on Saturday. I broke the treadmill. Now its either run outside in the cold Michigan winter or get on a treadmill at the gym. Off to the gym.

So today it was time to get back on the horse. I headed off to my gym and decided to switch things up a little bit. Doing the triathlon has been in the back of my mind and I am slowly introducing a workout routine for it. I made it up in my mind to do 5 miles on a stationary bike, 3 miles on the treadmill, and .5 mile in the pool. After the bike and treadmill I would do as many pull ups and chin ups as I could do.

It had been some time since I went upstairs at Life Time Fitness. I usually go right to the pool and leave. They do have some nice equipment and it was mid-day so there was not that much traffic. They have these cool new bikes there that have screens in the middle with 10 TV channels on it. You can keep track of how fast and how far you are going while watching Sports Center or CNN. Cool!! My five miles was over before I knew it. Only took 16 minutes to do. On to the chin up bar. It was different than doing them at home. My P90X Pull Up Bar is great but my doorway is not that high so I have to drop down to get going. The gym has a bar that is 8 feet off the ground so I had to jump up to get it. I did 12 chin ups, 6 wide grip pull ups, 7 normal pull ups and then 5 more chin ups for an even 30. On to the treadmill.

The treadmills there are way better than the one I have at home. It felt like I was on that thing forever. I was going at 6.2 mph at a 3% incline. It did not feel the same as mine at home. Right around mile 2 my legs woke up and realized they were in for a workout. I cranked it up to 7 mph for the last mile and was feeling a little gassed but still great. On to the chin up bar. This time I could only do 10 chin ups, 5 wide grip pull ups, and 5 normal pull ups for a total of 20. On to the pool.

My tiredness started to kick in after I finished my first lap. I felt very light in the pool and was warmed up but not enough energy to do my normal swim of 30 laps which is almost a mile. I did get 15 laps done for almost a .5 mile.

Feeling pretty good about myself today. I was able to do 5 miles on the bike, 3 miles on the treadmill, almost .5 mile in the pool swimming while doing a combination of 50 chin ups and pull ups. I know its different being on a treadmill or stationary bike from being outdoors in the elements but I feel like its a minor accomplishment. I don’t feel sore yet and maybe I am in good enough shape to stretch out how far I go with each activity. The swimming was tricky but I just need to get everything else working fine and then work on my hardest part being swimming.

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