A Great Tip On How To Do Pull Ups Better

Pull ups and chin ups are the meat and potatoes of P90X. You do them in almost all of the P90X DVDs. For some people it is really hard to do pull ups. Actually, its pretty hard for everybody if you never did them in the past or you do not have enough body strength. heck, my brother struggled with doing them for 3 months before he could finally do 5 pull ups.

I always believe that the hardest thing about doing pull ups is getting it through your head that you can do them. A lot of the process of doing chin ups is mental. Yes, you do need to have muscle but once you tell yourself you can do them you have already done one.

Let’s say you are frustrated because every time you do a P90X workout you just are not seeing any gains in your numbers or in your body. You dread waiting for the next time you do P90X because the chin up bar is laughing at you.

I learned this great tip from my girlfriends roommate. This is going to sound funny but it makes sense. We were at their place and her roommate was talking about a guy she used to date who moved from Michigan to New York City. He is into acting and dancing. The kind of acting and dancing where you strip for money. Yup, he’s a male stripper. She kept talking about how hot he was and of course needed to show me a photo of him with his shirt off. The guy was in shape. I won’t knock that.

Then she started talking about when she went to visit him in his apartment a year ago. She asked him why he had all of these “bars” between the door frames going from room to room. It was a typical 1 bedroom New York City apartment. His reply was that every time he walked to a new room he would do 5 chin ups. She could not believe he would do such a thing. It made sense to me. He’s a stripper and needs to stay in shape. It also got me thinking that this was a genius of an idea. Think about how many times a day you walk between rooms and how many times you would have to do a chin up.

I tried this on myself yesterday. What I did was every time I went from the upper to the lower floor in my house I would do 5 chin ups. My pull up bar is hanging from the door frame of a spare bedroom next to mine. I ended up doing 40 chin ups yesterday and I didn’t even workout. It only took 7 seconds to do the chin ups so it wasn’t a great deal of time. You can check out my P90X results to see how much more defined my back muscles are from doing all of those chin ups and pull ups to see why its so important to do them.

What I like about this is it creates a habit but also gets you into the mindset of doing pull ups. Imagine if you struggle to do pull ups right now and you followed this technique. Every time you walked into one room in your house where you kept the chin up bar and had to do just 1 pull up. You might end up doing 10 pull ups that day alone. The next time you actually workout you would be ready to crank out some pull ups and chin ups. Hopefully you can use this tip to help you get over your fear of doing pull ups.

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