2016 Family Picture
I’m the tall one.

Brad Gibala (me) was born in 1980. You do the math.

We currently live in Huntington Woods, MI.

Grew up in Sterling Heights, MI. Went to college at Central Michigan University where I triple majored in Marketing, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.

After graduating I spent almost two years between Colorado and Germany doing my best to be a ski bum. Its harder than you think. That work and money thing kept getting in the way.

After getting back from Germany with a sense of adventure and travel satisfied I got to work. Moved back in with my parents (best roommates ever) with the intentions to save up money and buy a house.

Worked at Quicken Loans as a mortgage banker for two and a half years. Did ok. Was let go in 2008 when the housing market crashed. Really liked working there. Learned a lot. My downfall was I would turn into a financial advisor sometimes.

“I can do this loan that will cost $2800 and lower your monthly payment by $15 but what you should do is sell your Cadillac Escalade and get a Ford Focus instead. The savings from the payment, gas, and insurance would be over $400 a month.”

People did not want to hear that. My director would remind me that’s not what we do here. You can only do that for so long when you can’t qualify the people who actually need a loan before you get fired.

What I also learned about working there is affiliate marketing. This is where companies pay you to refer sales or leads to them from your website. Quicken would buy leads from sites like Lending Tree for up to $70 and then have me call those leads.

Kept thinking I’d like to be on the other side referring leads. Be on the phone for 10 hours a day on the hope of making one sale ($200) or refer 10 leads and make $700. I knew I had to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

Without getting into too much detail that’s what I did after being let go. Spent a year learning internet marketing. Building websites. Driving traffic and making sales. In a year I was covering my living expenses. Have not had a 9 to 5 job since.

Learned about the Beachbody Coach program in 2009 and really liked it. Have put a lot effort in that one. You will find a number of posts with pictures of me with my shirt off sharing my results from a Beachbody program. Hot. I know.

Been blogging since 2008. While I have created many niche sites since then I decided to consolidate two of my more popular sites – WorkoutJourney.com and TheTop10Reasons.com – here. Everything on those sites was about me and my thoughts. Figured it would be best put it on one site.

I like to write reviews. I like to write about affiliate marketing. I like to tell stories. I like to golf. I like to do things a little bit differently. Hopefully you won’t get bored.

To rid yourself of boredom I recommend starting at my most popular posts. You can always contact me too.

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