Back From Cancun Mexico

I got back from a week down in Cancun, Mexico this past Saturday. I spent a week there with my girlfriend and parents at the time share my parents own. Things have either changed a lot since I went down there or I am just getting older now and going out every night to the clubs or bars just does not do it for more anymore. Prices have gone up on just about everything. I am starting to think that Cancun is no longer a deal anymore because so many Americans go there now that they adjust all of their prices to what we pay for things back in the states. I hope all of the college kids who plan on going down there for spring break bring a couple hundred more dollars in spending money when they go.

The one thing I thought could not change, the beach, did. It use to be very sandy with good waves that could be reached on a boogie board with flippers. Now the whole beach had rocks showing up everywhere. It was difficult getting into the ocean and now there was no sand bar to walk out on. It went from rocks to 6 feet deep in a matter of steps. No more 6 foot waves rolling in either. There was no point trying to boogie board or body surf those because you would be landing in the rocks. Disappointing to say the least.

With my main options of exercising taken out from underneath me I looked for other ones. The gym that our resort has went from free to $8 a day. No thanks. Its not that I could not afford it, its just that it was always included for all families who were apart of the resort. I think the owners of the Royal Resorts are getting a little greedy as their maintenance fees have increased too.

Since I did not bring down my P90X DVDs to workout I really did not do all that much of exercising. A couple laps in the pool here and there and a round of golf at the Iberostar golf course was all that I did. I guess it was not that bad because some times a week off is good. I definitely need to get back into the swing of things because I just feel out of it. Rarely do I go 3 days without some sort of exercise and to go a week is out of the ordinary.

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