Beachbody Challenge Group

Do you like a good challenge? Do you need support to help you hit your health and fitness goals? Then a challenge group is what you need. We have set up a system that is designed to keep you accountable in hitting you goals. The success stories from them are motivating and inspiring. Watch the video below to learn how they work.

I have been coaching people through the challenge groups for about a year now and I’ve seen more people get results from this then trying to do it on their own. Here are a couple success stories from my Insanity workout and Ultimate Reset challenge groups on Facebook.

Insanity Challenge

Insanity Challenge Group Results

Ultimate Reset Challenge Group

As you can see from the posts it is more than just doing a workout and drinking Shakeology. I am actively involved with helping my challengers hit their goals as it also forces me to hit mine. We are all in this together. Is this what your looking for? Do you need the support? Are there people in your life that need something like this? Do you want to be that change? If you answered yes to any of those then I’m ready to help you.

Here’s How It Works

You need to get a Beachbody Challenge Pack first. Follow the link and click on where it says “Take The Challenge.” Each challenge pack comes with a workout and Shakeology. This will also enter you into the drawing to win cash and prizes. If you already have a workout but are still looking for a challenge then you can still join for free via the link above. You can still join one of my challenge groups if you have a workout. We do require that you have Shakeology on auto ship so head on over to the Beachbody Store and get it there.

Upon completion I will add you to my challenge group on Facebook where you will post how your doing with the workouts and any other questions you have. Its a closed group so you will be in it with only people who are doing the same workout. We all support each other. If your not sure sure what program you should do first then please contact me. Tell me what your current situation is and what your goals are. I’m here to help.

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