Beachbody Is Suing ICON Health & Fitness – Makers Of Rip:60

Beachbody filed a lawsuit against ICON Health and Fitness this week over allegedly making false and disparaging statements to promote its Rip:60 workout program. Looks like this legal fight started back in February between the two sides. Beachbody’s lawyers are saying the only reason why they are suing is because “”ICON’s ad campaign, unfortunately, is misleading consumers by falsely advertising that its product is superior to P90X and Insanity.” I had never heard of Rip:60 before so I went and did some searching. I understand why Beachbody is suing them. Take a look at their two biggest ads.

Rip:60 vs P90X


Rip:60 vs InsanityHave to agree with Beachbody on this one as it can’t be anymore clearer. Reading into the lawsuit a little bit more turns out that Beachbody is not afraid of a little competition but is more concerned with the entire paragraph in the second ad claiming that “In a recent study…rip:60 tested the highest…” Beachbody wants proof of that study.

I was trying to think of other industries that bash its competitors and the auto one came to mind since I live near Detroit. After watching some commercials and ads for the new F-150 I noticed they had their competitors in the ad with them. Of course they showed the F-150 going 0-60 faster than the Sliverado and Ram while towing a boat but the ad looked fair.

The small print on the bottom showed the different axles in the trucks for all the people with real knowledge about why the Ford was maybe faster. It seems like this is a common practice in the auto industry. You have to acknowledge that your competitors are there and that they make a good product but you have to show why yours is that much better. You can’t just say it.

I get the feeling that nobody who promotes Rip:60 has ever done P90X or Insanity. The one thing that always makes me laugh is when people say their program is “better” than yours. My reply is “I assume you did the other program to a T so you can give me a fair assessment of why yours is better. Go.” Of course, they never have and all credibility is lost.

From time to time I’ll have somebody leave a “CrossFit is better than P90X” comment on my site and when I ask the question above I get no reply. Yes, I am very involved as a Beachbody Coach and am addicted to their products but I add in non-Beachbody workouts frequently. Most of which are swimming, running, and biking but I know I would get my butt kicked doing something like CrossFit, Bikram Yoga, or even the Stripper Pole workout as I’ve never done those before.

Instead of using “better” I think fitness companies and people defending their program should use “different” in their campaigns if they are going to call out their competitors. Rip:60 shouldn’t say its clinically better than P90X in their ads when they should be saying its “Different than P90X because we use these band things that are not used in P90X but are a little different than the TRX band system.” People like and need different when it comes to their health and fitness. How many people say they get bored of their workout routines at the gym and need something different? Lots of them.

I think its silly when health and fitness companies bash each others products. What they should do is acknowledge that their competitors make a great product that is helping people get in shape and lose weight while turning on the salesmanship to get people to buy theirs. If I was Rip:60 I would not even mention P90X or  the Insanity workout in my ads as all it does is build up more brand recognition for Beachbody. People are going to see those ads, go to Google, and type in Does P90X Work? After seeing the million or so success stories and the community behind it, that person will probably forget about what you were trying to sell them and end up buying P90X or Insanity. What do you think about all of this?

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  1. I found on youtube how to make suspension products like rip 60 system with nothing more then a few cara beaners and come along straps. Planning on using them along with my p90x and insanity tapes to give me a bit more support on my push up exercises and to hit the muscles from different angles.

  2. i did p90 and insanity and have been mixing them both up lately. I love these products, but i did just purchase rip 60, who cares who says what, tony says mix it up, not all products are going to be from beachbody. damn!!!! people get so money hungry

  3. @ Tom

    I don’t think its about being money hungry. Beachbody is basically saying “don’t use our names in your advertising and we won’t care what you do.”

  4. As long as their claims can be sustantiated it is perfectly legal to advertise using comparisons. They are free to use beach body in their advertisements.

  5. My cousin has done both p90x and rip60. He was in the test group for rip60 and they did simultaneous test groups for insanity and p90x completely, including nutrition plans. I have done p90x and insanity and love them both, my cousin says that rip60 has given him the best results. I will use rip60, just to switch it up. Just wanted to make sure you know that they did have a very real scientific approach.

  6. Justin

    It really all comes back to getting people in shape. There are plenty of programs created before P90X and Insanity but the popularity grew because they were tough. I’m sure Rip 60 is a great program because it gets you moving.

  7. i did p90x and i thought it was great. i am currently wk 7 of rip60 and i love it. all the rotation on yhe straps really loosens up your core and my lower back sciatica feel great (knock on wood). after the 8 wks are up i will mix up p90x (i also have the p90x plus dvds) with the rip:60. if somebody wanted my opinion on which one to buy…it would be rip:60. but you are right we are obese nation and anything that gets you exercising is a good thing.

  8. I was a Beachbody junkie for many years and have been through P90X and Insanity several times. Out of boredom for both programs I purchased Rip:60. I don’t know what it is but Rip:60 is taking my body to a new level of fitness. I am also a runner and since I started the Rip:60 program I have seen my pace times and my endurance improve dramatically in addition to piling on muscle. Not to take away from Beachbody because P90X and Insanity are great programs but I feel the makers of Rip:60 really did their research. I have the best of both worlds and cannot wait to someday sit down and come up with some hybrid program combining the 3 systems.

  9. That’s cool John. I hear this a lot from people and what I like to remind them is that P90X and Insanity developed their base level fitness which lets them push harder with Rip:60 or CrossFit type workouts. The same can be said for starting with CrossFit or Rip:60 and then doing P90X or Insanity. I have heard and seen the story go both ways. Tony Horton says it correctly that “sometimes you’ve got to mix it up.”

  10. Did you also try insanity asylum to compare since it is harder than rip 60 or even asylum +insanity hybrid which is even harder.

    I will finish the hybrid than start rip 60 should I do cd 1 and 2 only once each or the complete week for each.

  11. My friend nd I are doing a small test ourselves. Am going to do rip60 nd he is going to do p90x nd we will see

  12. Glad everyone had success with p90x -this time for me I wasn’t so fortunate I extremely threw my back out the second day of using it is a severe injury muscle, nerve, and spinal damage. I’ve always been in shape and have been working out since I was 14 that was 15 years ago. Yes I streched warmed up and everything and actually this was my second time doing it I did it back in 2010. And I decided to do it again to get me better prepared for rip:60 because I had just ordered it. And I was in so much pain still am its been 2 weeks now since the injury which I think will affect me for the rest of my life but that day the pain was so bad I couldn’t even walk I couldn’t cook it took for ever to do simple things like getting off the ground, going to the bathroom, getting out of bed I mean I was literally slithering around my apartment on my stomach. I went to the ER that day it was so bad I couldn’t drive my friend had to take me. I’m actually going back again tonight because I ran out of meds. Its kinda of funny how p90x is sueing everbody who is doing damage to them but can’t be sued by people who the cause damage to. Studies are showing that high intesity exercises are very dangerous read this article I hope everyone success in their workout endeavours and be careful and be fortunate that you didn’t come out with an injury like me. Former US Vet.

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