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Andrea and I at Beachbody Corporate in Santa Monica, CA.

To help you save time in going through all of my posts about Beachbody workouts and supplements I instead put links to the most important ones here.

Before I get into the links. If you buy anything from Beachbody I highly recommend you sign up as a Beachbody Coach first. The 25% discount adds up if you purchase their nutrition products like Shakeology.

There is a $40 sign up fee and is $16 a month to have a coach account. You also are in the business aspect of being a coach. If you want to do it, cool. If not, cool too. You can read about my success as a coach.

Let me provide a simple solution for you. Sign up as a Beachbody Coach and during the process buy the Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack. With it you get access to every Beachbody workout online. Could not be simpler.

With the challenge pack they waive the sign up fee and you get Shakeology sent to your house every month at a discounted shipping rate versus buying one at a time.

If I could only recommend one thing from Beachbody. The Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack would be it.

If you only want to view the workouts then you can get the BOD All Access Pass for $99/year.

Everything below are reviews and or results I have had over the years from the different workouts and supplements. I hope they help you in deciding which one to start with.




I own all the products above and started buying them before I was a coach. I have Shakeology sent to my house every month and buy Beachbody Performance every three months since I don’t go through them every month. Just want to be honest with you as if you buy something through my site I will receive a commission.

You can find all of these items and a whole lot more in the Beachbody Store. Feel free to contact me with questions. While you’re waiting for me to reply go ahead and create a free Beachbody account.

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