What Are The Best Supplements?

Best SupplementsIts hard to know exactly what the best supplements are as they are so many. Reviews and third party testing companies do a very good job of keeping us informed. Trying all of the different supplements out there is kind of silly if you find one that does the job.

Over the years I have tried a number of supplements and have had people ask me which one is the best. The “best” is hard to answer especially when there are so many sub categories within the supplement sector.

What I am doing is creating a comparison table for all of the supplements I have taken over the years. Basically, if I bought something that wasn’t food and was in powder or pill form then its going here.

All of the items were bought with my own money. I’ll even list those I buy monthly, when I’m out, every once in awhile, or never again.

Meal Replacement Shake

Rank Name Why?
1. Shakeology Shakeology is loaded with vitamins, proteins, probiotics, prebiotics, exotic ingredients, and too many other scientific jargon to list. If you want to simplify how you take supplements than Shakeology is what you want. I buy Shakeology monthly. (Review).
2. Primal Fuel Primal Fuel does not have the same ingredients as Shakeology but it tastes awesome. Full of healthy fats from coconut milk, protein, probiotics, and a long list of amino acids. I buy Primal Fuel once in awhile. (Review).

Pre Workout

Rank Name Blurb
1. Coffee Good old fashion coffee has been getting people jacked up on caffeine for thousands of years. Have your morning cup of coffee on your drive to the gym or before you head to your basement to workout. We always have coffee in the house. You have to when you have kids.
2. Energize This lemon flavored pre-workout drink gives me just the right amount of kick before a workout. The tingles set in after 15 minutes and are not intense. I have not noticed any coming down effect from Energize. It gradually works its way through my body. I buy Energize every once in awhile. (Review).
3. E&E Energy & Endurance (AKA – P90X Pre-Workout Drink) was the predecessor to Energize. Beachbody went through a re-branding phase with their supplement line. I liked E&E but think Beachbody improved on their pre-workout formula with Energize. E&E has been discontinued. (Review).
4. Jack3d I had bought three tubs of Jack3d before switching to E&E. When the effects of Jack3d hit me it was intense. It did help me power through workouts but the effects lasted for hours. If I took Jack3d after 3pm I had problems going to sleep. Also had a slight chemically taste to it. I will never buy Jack3d again. (Review).



1.M.R stands for One More Rep. This pre-workout powder is intense. Out of all the pre-workouts I have tried this once had the most “chemically” taste to it. The tingles were intense and so was the coming down period. I bought one tub of 1.M.R and it took me five months to go through. I will never buy 1.M.R again. (Review).

Post Workout

Rank Name Blurb
1. Recover Available in Orange or Chocolate flavors this post workout drink hits the spot. I take this after working out, riding my bike, swimming, and even doing yard work. It does its job in reducing soreness. I buy Recover when I go out which is usually every other month. (Review).
2. P90X Recovery Drink Apart of the re-branding Beachbody did with their supplement line there was the P90X Results & Recovery drink. I used this for years before it was discontinued in favor of Recover. (Review).
3. Fuel Shot Designed to be used as a pre or post workout powder for the Body Beast workout. I used it as a post workout drink and it worked. Fuel Shot was discontinued during the re-branding phase from Beachbody. (Review).


Rank Name Blurb
1. Creatine From the Beachbody Performance Supplement line this has been my creatine since it came out. I take it after resistance workouts and find it to be not over the top. I buy the Beachbody Creatine when I go out but only go through two tubs a year. (Review).
2. M.A.X. Creatine Designed by Beachbody to be used after an intense Body Beast workout along with Fuel Shot. It is my belief that M.A.X. Creatine was the reason why I put so much weight on doing Body Beast. This stuff was a little too much. It was discontinued when Beachbody did their re-branding. (Review).

Vitamin D

Rank Name Blurb
1. Primal Sun I started taking this Vitamin D supplement an addition to my daily Shakeology during the winter of 2016. Michigan winters and two babies meant we stayed inside a lot. I noticed a positive change in attitude and a bit more energy 30 minutes after taking one. It will take me a year to go through a bottle. (Review).

Fish Oil

Rank Name Blurb
1. Primal Omegas I started taking fish oil to address some inflammation I was having in my joints. I do not know if it worked or not. What I could feel is it doing something in my head. Would have fish burps occasionally. Maybe if I took it every night I would notice its benefits more. I buy it when I go out which is every three months. (Review).


Rank Name Blurb
1. Primal Probiotic The only reason why I bought this was because it was in a package deal. There are enough probiotics in Shakeology (which I take daily) to help me out in the probiotic department. I would take this in the evening and did not notice anything different as I believe Shakeology was taking care of things. If I ever stop taking Shakeology I will look into taking this. (Review).


Rank Name Blurb
1. Primal Calm The only reason why I bought this was because I was adjusting to life with two kids under the age of two and the loss of a parent. Was hoping it would get me to relax a little easier around the house and it did. This is a once in awhile supplement for me. Still going through my first bottle nine months later. (Review).


Rank Name Blurb
1. Collagen Fuel Not only does Collagen Fuel provide the collagen you want to help with joints it also tastes good. Coconut mixed with Vanilla or Chocolate and 20 grams of protein makes Collagen Fuel a top of the line collagen supplement. I don’t know how Mark Sisson and his people at Primal Kitchen make their stuff so good. (Review).
2. Collagen Peptides Sports Research makes this pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Coming from grass-fed cows this unflavored collagen is not going to wow you with taste. Mix it with water on its own or put a scoop in a protein shake. I like how it has 41 servings in each tub. After 3 weeks of taking it I noticed more flexibility in my joints. (Review).
3. Collagen Peptides Primal Kitchen makes these unflavored collagen peptides. These are the same collagen peptides used in Collagen Fuel and the only reason why its ranked lower is because Collagen Fuel tastes great and can be used as a protein powder too. Value wise it is smarter to buy these than Collagen Fuel as you get 41 servings versus 12 for roughly the same price. I ranked them lower than Sports Research because they have less of a “kick” to them. (Review).


Rank Name Blurb
1. Beachbody With them manufacturing the Beachbody Performance supplement line and Shakeology I have found these items to cover all of my supplement needs. Quality appears to be outstanding. And a commitment to quality with their products seems to be a priority.
2. Primal Blueprint That damn Mark Sisson and his quest to create delicious yet simple things. His Primal Blueprint and Primal Kitchen lines address your basic supplementation needs. They are not just for working out but more for day to day needs. I buy the Primal Blueprint supplements when I need to add something here or there.

When I find a supplement I like I tend to stick with it. My workouts are not over the top so most of the items above do what I need for them.

It is true that I lean towards Beachbody products as I am involved in their coaching program. The discount is too much to pass up when looking to buy similar supplements. This does not mean I only buy Beachbody products as they do not make everything I need.

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