Body Beast Supplements Review

Body Beast Supplements Review** Update 2-5-17**

Beachbody Performance has replaced all of the products below.

If you’re gonna do Body Beast then you will have to get the Body Beast supplements. Its mandatory. Sagi says so. It’s probably the only way you’ll be able to get the additional proteins and calories you need to get the best results possible. Otherwise you might come up short and not have the fuel needed to blast through the workouts and GET BIG. Without going into what each of them in-depth I’ll just share with you a little bit about them.

I bought and used all four of the Body Beast supplements during my round of Body Beast. I even made a mistake and used too much of one. You will have to read my Body Beast review to learn more.

Technically they are not Body Beast supplements as they are branded with the Beachbody name. Lets be honest though, these supplements were designed for Body Beast and you only see them mentioned during and after each Body Beast workout. In no other Beachbody workouts are these even mentioned.

Hardcore Base Shake

18 grams of Whey Protein and 9 grams of maltodextrin + dextrose. Only has 130 calories. Quick and easy way to get amino acids into your body after a workout due to it being quickly absorbed. Can be used with the other Body Beast supplements in a shake, by its own, pre or post workout, and up to 2 doses a day. It says its flavorless but I say it tastes like a very light Vanilla. The Body Beast meal plan shows how to make some Beast-O-Matic shakes with the Hardcore Base Shake to help you get everything your body needs to get through Body Beast.

Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake
Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake

Fuel Shot

Fuel Shot works together with the Hardcore Base Shake. What Fuel Shot does is provide you with the right amount of carbs to blast through Body Beast. It also comes with lots of electrolytes that keep you hydrated and energy levels up. Another flavorless supplement that does taste a little like Vanilla. Is designed to be used right before or right after a workout. Can be mixed in with the Base Shake. Comes with 200 calories per serving. It’s recommended you have two scoops per day but its ok to have more.

Beachbody Fuel Shot
Beachbody Fuel Shot

Super Suma

Also known as Brazilian ginseng – its been used by indigenous people of the Amazon for generations as a cure-all. Was used in the 1970s by the Russians in the Olympics to give their athletes more muscle-building and endurance without the side effects of taking steroids. Super Suma is not steroids. This is all natural. It will help with strength, energy, rejuvenation, and other physical effects. Take two a day any time during the day. Preferably before a workout to help give you a little extra pump.

Beachbody Super Suma
Beachbody Super Suma

M.A.X Creatine

Designed to be used within 30 minutes of a Body Beast workout. Will help you crank out a couple extra reps. What it does is help your body supply the things your body needs to create more oxygen for your muscles to breathe. If you want to put on mass with Body Beast, then you need to be using creatine. Take two scoops a day preferably with the Hardcore Base Shake and Fuel Shot right after a workout.

Beachbody Max Creatine
Beachbody Max Creatine

You can buy all of the Body Beast Supplements separately for $130 total. It would be best to buy them with one of the Body Beast Challenge Packs as you get all of it at a considerable discount. Go to the Beachbody Store and click on the nutrition tab to buy them or to check out the ingredient list a little more. Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions about the Body Beast supplements.

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  1. Body Beast Super Suma is made from the suma root and includes Beachbody’s exclusive plant based enzyme system that help enhance all the benefits. When used daily this will help amp up muscle strength, size, and your endurance.

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