Body Beast Workout Review: I Got Huge

Body Beast ReviewTime for my Body Beast review as I finished my last workout. I can honestly say that this is one of the only Beachbody workouts that I was looking forward to finishing. Its not that it was any harder than the others but that it was much different. But lets get into the nitty gritty of it all.

Beachbody introduced the Body Beast workout and Body Beast specific supplements at the 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit. It is a 90 day program with 12 workouts designed for anybody looking to bulk up and put on muscle (AKA – Beast Up). Put together by Sagi Kalev (newest Beachbody trainer) who has been bodybuilding since age 16 and has won numerous awards including Mr. Israel.

Body Beast Workout
Sagi Kalev and Carl Daikeler talking about Body Beast at 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit
Body Beast Workout Delivery
Sorry FedEx Delivery Guy

As soon as I made it home from Summit we were able to purchase Body Beast so I did.

Was pumped to see the FedEx guy show up with everything I needed for the Body Beast workout. Kind of felt bad for him because it was heavy. Saw him try to pick up two of the boxes and it looked like his back was about to give out.

He put everything on the cart and rolled it up to the porch where I was standing there to greet him with a “Heavy huh.”

I’m excited to get started with Body Beast knowing that its gonna be different from other Beachbody workouts I have done. This could not have come at a better time as I’m still reeling from the 16 pounds I lost with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.

Felt great after finishing The Reset but its been a struggle to put weight back on and I’ve done P90X and Insanity so much that I don’t have the motivation/intensity to do them right now. I bought the Body Beast Challenge Pack to get all of the supplements and bonus workouts.

I’ll go over what comes with the Body Beast Challenge Pack below as I’m sure you’d rather see what Body Beast did to me.

Body Beast Results

The Body Beast workout tested the outer limits of my comfort zone when it comes to how much I weigh and how I look. I now know how people who are overweight and out of shape feel the first time they try any cardio workout. Before I get into the details I’m sure you want to see what my results were first so here you go. My day 1 photos on the left and day 138 on the right with my measurements below.

Body Beast Before After Front

Body Beast Before After Back

Body Beast Before After Side

Body Beast Before & After Measurements

Was the first thing you said “Man, that guy looks kind of fat.” Its cool. That’s what I said too. This is the biggest I’ve ever been in my life and to be honest I’m a little uncomfortable with how large I am.

Body Beast Results – Day 1, Day 23, Day 76, and Day 138

Body Beast Before Photo
Body Beast – Day 1
Body Beast Build Phase Results
Build Phase Results – Day 23
Body Beast Bulk Phase Results
Bulk Phase Results – Day 76
Body Beast Results
Beast Phase Results – Day 138

A couple of things to note. 1. I need to get better at taking pictures. All were done in the same room just one with the light on. 2. Probably should have stopped around Day 50.

As you can see I did get much bigger. I’ve already called me fat above but I prefer to say I look “full.” While you can’t see a lot of definition in the last photo I can tell you that I am very pleased with my Body Beast results. The program did exactly what it said it was going to do. The amount of weight I can lift now is double if not triple of what it was when I started Body Beast.

I did make one mistake during Body Beast which is 75% my fault and 25% Beachbody. I was using the Body Beast supplements the entire time and Beachbody sent an email saying they told us the wrong portion to use with “Fuel Shot.” Turns out they told us to use double the amount needed. With Fuel Shot being mostly carbs its the reason why I put on so much weight.

Took 138 days to complete Body Beast. I’ve never completed a Beachbody program in the alloted time. Missed 14 days due to traveling (worked out but not Body Beast). Took 8 extra recovery days from playing double header softball games the night before or resting to play that night. Missed 10 days in a row due to injury. Throw in 10 lazy days and 6 days where I rode my mountain bike instead of doing Body Beast and you’ll get the 48 additional days. Only 10 non-active days in 4 months. Not too bad.

Somehow I put on 24 pounds doing the lean version of Body Beast. Flipped over the Body Beast calendar on my shelf from the “Huge Beast” calendar to “Lean Beast” and didn’t notice it until the last phase. Only difference between the two is you flip a week of the Bulk and Beast phase. Was shocked when I saw 200 on the scale for the first time ever. Thinking all the mountain biking I did over the summer added to my waist going up to a 38. Thunda Thighs are in full effect.

Jeans started to not fit around day 65. Luckily I found a pair of baggy jeans (my fat pants) I haven’t worn in awhile in my closet. They have also been the only jeans I’ve worn in the past month. Been pretty much wearing t-shirts and my fat pants for the past two months. Going shopping is out of the question as I plan to drop some of this weight asap.

Chest, shoulders, and arms are much larger. Received comments from family, friends, my girlfriend, and my buddies wives about how good I look (with my shirt on). I guess the ladies like big arms, big shoulders, and a big chest. 🙂

Body Beast was the only program I did in those 138 days mixed in with softball, putting 220 miles on my mountain bike, and a couple small other outdoor activities which might have contributed to some of my results. Just want to be honest with my Body Beast review.

Did The Body Beast Supplements Make A Difference?

Definitely. I don’t see how I would be able to put on weight without the Body Beast supplements. Had to cut the portions in half the last 4 weeks as I was getting too big. The Max Creatine and Super Suma were probably the two that I noticed something from the most.

How Did You Do With The Meal Plan?

B+. My one gripe about Beachbody workouts is they don’t have a daily meal planner. The recipes are great but I’d like it to be planned out for us instead of saying here is a bunch of stuff to make. My calculations in the “Book of Beast” said I needed to eat 3071 calories per day which I’m pretty sure I came up short most of the time. I’d make one of Sagi’s “Beast-O-Matic” mass gain shakes every other day which did help. Probably consumed 1k liquid calories a day between the Body Beast supplements and Shakeology.

I understand the goal of Body Beast is to get huge and you have to eat a lot of food to do it. However, this is probably the one Beachbody workout where you really need to follow the meal plan because of the lack of cardio. You don’t burn off the additional calories that you would with Insanity or P90X.

Don’t see how you can get six pack abs or definition unless you are following the meal plan 95% of the time. I learned this after the fact. Yes – I would have a cheat meal or two every week and enjoy a couple beers too. I’m always doing a Beachbody program so there is no down time from my social life. As long as I’m working out/being active 5 days a week and eating well 90ish% of the time then that’s all good with me.

What I Liked

Workouts were only 30 – 50 minutes long. Less stress on the joints as there is almost no jumping/high impact or complex moves like in P90X and Insanity. Body Beast is really just about building and bulking up major muscle groups by lifting heavy weights in a stationary position.

Been dealing with a knee injury for 7 years and this is the first time in that period where I wasn’t beating up my knees jumping around. If anything my knee feels much stronger now as I gave all the joints in my body a time to rest while challenging my major muscle groups. My numbers doubled if not tripled in weights lifted from when I started to when I finished. So much so that I started running out of weights to lift. Maxed out my dumbbells in the press moves by week 6.

What I Didn’t Like

Its hard to keep up with Sagi during the drop sets with the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells. You have to get up, go to the stand, set it in, turn the dial, pick your new weight and get back to the move. They are using a typical dumbbell rack and are able to move faster. I’d have to pause the dvds at least 3 times every workout which added 5 minutes because of this. I also ran into an issue where my Body Beast dvds were skipping.

What About Flexibility, Stretching, Abs, And Cardio?

You do “Beast Cardio” once a week for 30 minutes. Barely broke a sweat in the beginning and could only do about 3/4 of it at the end of Body Beast due to me being 24 pounds heavier. Caught myself being winded doing normal things around the house. Used to be able to do 25 push ups with little effort. Now I get to 12 and I’m pretty much done.

Abs – What abs? You do the Beast Ab workout once a week after Beast Cardio. Its only 12 minutes long and moves slow. Never felt sore the next day from doing it.

Flexibility – There are no yoga or stretching workouts. Sagi does include 2 minutes of stretching in the warm up and cool down. I think a cinder block could beat me in a flexibility contest right now.

I Pick Things Up And Put Them Down

I feel like the guy in the Planet Fitness commercial. Before I’d have to put a little finesse into doing things. Complete opposite right now. Started to hit hard line drives my last three weeks of softball. Was crushing my drives and approach shots the last two times I went golfing.

Would I Do Body Beast Again?

Absolutely. Body Beast would be an excellent program to do 30, 60, or all 90 days at a time. What I mean is you can do just the Build, Bulk, or Beast phase for 30 days at a time to switch things up. A hybrid with Insanity sounds like a winner for those who like cardio.

Next round of Body Beast for me will be done with a lot less supplements. There is no way I get over 200 pounds without taking them. A weight I should never be at.

Body Beast FAQ

I am going to do my best to answer the most asked questions about Body Beast here.

What Do You Need For Body Beast?

  • What Equipment Do You Need For Body BeastBody Beast Workout DVDs: All the workouts and The Book of Beast (aka workout and nutrition guide).
  • Dumbbells Or Resistance Bands: Sagi recommends dumbbells over bands. Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells are ideal for Body Beast.
  • Weight Bench Or Stability Ball: The stability ball will work but you’ll want a bench to sit on while lifting heavier weights.
  • Chin-up Bar Or Resistance Band Door Attachment Kit: If you can’t do pull ups now then start out with the kit. It will help you build up strength so you can do them. You will eventually need the chin up bar.
  • EZ-Curl Bar: Yes, you can do Body Beast with just the dumbbells but the EZ-Curl bar will let you do more complex moves. Sagi says you’ll have a better workout with the EZ-Curl.
  • Chin-Up Max:  It clips onto the Chin-Up bar and assists you in doing chin-ups.
  • Beachbody Jump Mat: Place it near your bench so you have a place to set down the weights without damaging your floor. Limits the pain on your knees when doing the cardio workouts.
  • Push Up Stands: More depth and takes pressure off your wrists.

How Much Does The Body Beast Workout Cost?

Body Beast WorkoutBody Beast Workout

12 Beast Like Workouts


Body Beast Workout Beast StackBody Beast Workout – Beast Stack

12 Beast Workouts

4 Size Building Supplements – $150

Body Beast Workout Challenge PackBody Beast Challenge Pack    <—– Best Deal

12 Body Beast Workouts + 4 Supplements

Free Shipping On Monthly Order – $220.

Buy Body Beast Workout Cheap

Buy Body Beast Workout CheapIf you’re looking to save some money when buying the Body Beast workout then have two ways to buy it cheaper than the $39.90 retail price at the Beachbody Store.

Body Beast = $35.91 with a Beachbody Club membership.

Body Beast = $29.93 as a Beachbody Coach

Get 10% off the Body Beast workout and anything else Beachbody makes with the club membership. Pay $42 every three months to have the membership. Included with the club membership is access to Beachbody On Demand which allows you to view every other Beachbody workout online too.

Beachbody Coaches get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products and can earn money sharing Beachbody products with others. There is a $40 sign up fee and $16 a month afterwards to be a coach. It’s a great way to stay committed to your workouts and get others motivated too.

You will want to sign up as a coach mainly for the discount at first. Don’t worry about the business side. Focus on Beasting Up with Body Beast first. The discount will help out with all of the Body Beast supplements that you will want to buy to get the most out of the program.

What Comes In Body Beast Challenge Pack?

All 7 Body Beast workout dvds and the bonus workout.

  • Beast Basics – A run through dvd of Body Beast.
  • Build – Chest & Triceps. Shoulders. Beast Abs. 3 Workouts on one DVD.
  • Build – Legs. Back & Biceps. 2 Workouts
  • Bulk – Chest. Back. Legs. 3 Workouts
  • Bulk – Shoulders. Arms. Beast Abs. 3 Workouts
  • Beast – Cardio. Abs. P90X Plyometrics Bonus. 3 Workouts
  • Beast – Total Body. Abs. 2 Workouts
  • Tempo – Bonus workout
  • The Book Of Beast – Nutritional guide, workout calendar, and workout guide. All in one book with everything about Body Beast.
Body Beast Workout DVDS
Body Beast Workouts
Book Of Beast
The Book Of Beast
Body Beast Workout Packaging
Body Beast Workout Packaging

What Else Comes With The Body Beast Challenge Pack?

Body Beast supplements were created specifically for this workout.

  • Super Suma – 60 Capsules. Take two daily. Designed to build lean mass.
  • M.A.X Creatine – 30 day supply. Take after a Body Beast workout.
  • Hardcore Base Shake – A flavor neutral Whey Protein.
  • Fuel Shot – A recovery drink designed to repair muscles.

From what I’ve read you’re supposed to take all of these after a Body Beast workout. You can mix the creatine, base shake, and fuel shot together.

Body Beast Workout Supplements
Body Beast Workout Supplements

Anything Else For Body Beast?

I didn’t need to get the EZ Curl Bar and weights as I still have my Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells but I like to have everything they say you need for a workout so I bought them. There is 95 pounds of weight on that bar. Hopefully I can do something with all of that weight at the end of 90 days with Body Beast. Right now I just kick it and roll it around.

EZ Curl Bar & Weights
EZ Curl Bar & Weights
EZ Curl Bar Assembled With Weights
EZ Curl Bar Assembled With Weights

Download Body Beast

Download Body Beast WorkoutGood news – you can now download the Body Beast workout for free. Sort of.

Beachbody On Demand is now a thing. You can view Body Beast and every other Beachbody workout online whenever you want for $99 a year ($8.33 a month).

Beachbody does make you pay for it up front. If you are not happy with it within 30 days they will refund your money. They also offer a 6 month option for $60 or a free 30 day trial.

With the Beachbody On Demand subscription you can download Body Beast to your phone, laptop, computer, etc and view it offline when ever you want.

There is a catch. You must maintain an active subscription or the download will not work due to Beachbody inserting encryption keys in the files. Each download comes with 30 days of offline use. Beachbody does not make a torrent for Body Beast.

In Summary

The Body Beast workout did exactly what it said it was going to do. Get me huge. I didn’t think I could get this huge though. Was fun to focus on just lifting weights. Skinny dudes should think about Body Beast before something like P90X.

One thing I did enjoy was the workouts being less than 40 minutes long. Breaking a sweat can be done with Body Beast if you can keep up with Sagi. Getting it all done in less than an hour was a nice change of pace from P90X.

If you have any comments about Body Beast or just want to call me fat then feel free to do so below.

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  1. I’m on day 19 of body beast and as a female I LOVE IT. I love lifting weights so Im doing the lean beast but I know I need to add cardio so I started running because I want to lean out, not just put muscle on top of fat.

    Great review

  2. Hi, Great review bud, I just turned 50 this year and Ive completed two rounds of P90x At the start I was 195lb and was way out of shape. P90x was fantastic for me and gave me great results . After the 2nd round of p90x which I completed earlier this year I was 159 lb and looking to bulk up. I Purchased Body beast and I’m on day 17 of Block1 build. My present weight is 163 lb and I’m feeling that I need to add more cardio!! I am thinking of adding core synergistics in place of beast cardio and I was also thinking of adding plyometrics on my rest days? What are your thoughts? I wanna get bigger but I also want to stay /get ripped. From your results when are you supposed to get ripped from Body beast? Thx

  3. With Body Beast you really need to follow the meal plan. I did not do a great job of this. I’d just stick with the plan and see one round of Body Beast all the way through. Then afterwards look into a Body Beast / P90X hybrid or just a round of P90X with the bulk you’ve put on.

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