Boombah Golf Shoe Review

Boombah Golf Shoe ReviewBoombah makes golf shoes?

Yes, Boombah make golf shoes.

If you play softball than you have heard of Boombah. Over half of the guys I play softball with own the shoes and pants.

I was on the Boombah website two years ago looking to get a new pair of softball shoes when I noticed a tab for golf shoe. I had to check this out.

At first glance they reminded me of the Boombah turf shoe. The soles looked almost alike and for being a golf shoe they looked cool.

I was not planning on getting golf shoes at the time but was in need of a pair. Decided to buy the Showstopper Turfs for softball and added the golf shoes. If there is one thing that makes Boombah popular besides their looks is their prices. $49 was reasonable for golf shoes.

This is what the Boombah golf shoes look like after 35 rounds of golf in the past 2 years.

Top Boombah Golf Shoe

Bottom Boombah Golf Shoe

What I liked most about the Boombah golf shoes was how comfortable they felt which is how most Boombah shoes are. You could go from the golf course to the softball field in them and not know the difference.

What I liked least about the Boombah golf shoes was the short length of the soft spikes as they don’t dig into the grass enough. There were a couple of times where I slipped on the follow through due to the short soft spikes.

Just like most Boombah shoes I’ve owned there is a durability issue. The soft spikes would wear down where I put the most pressure in my golf stance which caused me to slip.

I’m glad they had leather on the front of the shoe and not mesh. Half of the shoes I’ve bought from Boombah wear down so much that by the end of the season there would be a hole in it. There is some wear to the leather but otherwise pretty good considering the amount of rounds I played in them.

I’d like to tell you if the Boombah golf shoes were waterproof or not but I don’t go out of my way to step into puddles nor do I play golf in thunderstorms. What I can tell you is in a light mist with no standing water on the course your foot will stay dry.

Sadly, these golf shoes will probably not make you a better golfer. What these golf shoes will do is attract attention from people who are golfing with you.


What kind of golf shoes are those?

They’re Boombahs. You know, like the softball shoes.

Boombah makes golf shoes?

Yes, Boombah makes golf shoes.

Man, those are kind of cool looking. How much are they?


Really? That’s not bad.

That’s what I said.


That same Q&A happened at least a dozen times when I was paired up with someone. It happened 100% of the times I golfed with my softball buddies.

The Boombah golf shoes would be ideal for somebody who plays golf less than 15 times a year and is not overly serious about golf. For $50 you really can’t complain. They look cool, are very comfortable, and if you buy the Boombah softball shoes you’ll enjoy how they feel.

For somebody who plays more than 15 times a year you might want to look elsewhere if you’re concerned about durability. Most brand name golf shoes are $80+, last longer, and have longer interchangeable soft spikes.

Boombah golf shoes are a all in one shoe which means when the soft spikes wear down you cannot change them. What you have remaining are shoes you wear to do yard work in. But again – for $50 – not bad.

I am not sure if I’ll buy another pair as I golf more than 15 times a year. Some years I play 30 rounds or more which means I would be going through two sets of Boombah golf shoes a year. It would make sense for me to buy a more durable shoe but I would still recommend these shoes.

With Boombah being a direct to consumer company you are best to buy them via They also sell via their Boombah Amazon store but I did not see any golf shoes available at this time.

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