Boombah Review: Very Good Athletic Gear

Boombah ReviewWhen somebody is wearing a shoe, shirt, or jersey that looks pretty cool from a brand you’ve never heard of you might find your way into asking who makes it.

This is what happened ten years ago at a softball game. I noticed two guys on my softball team wearing shoes with a B on it. Since I had never seen that B before I asked them what it stood for. Boombah they replied.

I went to the Boombah website the next day and bought a pair of turf shoes. And since that first pair of shoes ten years ago I have bought a number of shoes, T-Shirts, and pants. The Boombah brand slowly made its way around the softball fields I’ve played on until it became the brand everyone was wearing.

Here’s the thing. I like writing reviews. And I’m sure you are excited to see pictures of old dirty shoes. But instead of writing separate reviews about dirty shoes and for all of the Boombah products I’ve bought over the years I decided to put them all on one page. When I buy something new I will update it here. In no particular order.

Turf Shoes

I have bought at least four pairs of Boombah turf shoes over the years. I don’t have the first couple of pairs with me to review anymore so this is what I’m going with.

Showstopper  I bought these turf shoes in 2014 and was still wearing them at the end of our 2017 softball season. These were the most durable pair of Boombah turf shoes I have owned. Outside of them starting to tear near the pinky toe on my left foot they would probably last another season.

Boombah Showstopper Turf Shoe Review

I did not play during the 2015 season but in 2014, 2016, and 2017 I played double headers once a week for the spring and fall seasons including an entertaining 7 games at the Octoberfest Tournament at Total Sports. Lets say these shoes have 150 games on them. I do not know what the Micro Weld Technology does but it held these shoes together.

Boombah Showstopper Turf Shoe Bottom

When I bought the Showstoppers they cost around $50. Too bad they stopped making them and also that they don’t have my size in their clearance area. If you can find your size then you cannot go wrong for $25. Mine were the Royal Blue/Black combination.

Other turf shoes I’ve owned include the Flash and Resistance. Both of which are old styles but can be found in the clearance. The Resistance were cooler looking but I preferred the Flash.

Training Shoes

Boombah started offering training shoes after I bought my third pair of turf shoes so I figured I give them a try. I’ve bought two pairs.

Phaser – These are very lightweight shoes which I used to play racquetball in. Comfort was average and they looked decent.

Boombah Phaser Training Shoe Review

My only problem with these was quality. The blue four square thing you see on the soles ripped off the first time I played racquetball in them. I made one cut and there was this blue thing dangling off my shoe. I ripped it off and kept playing.

Boombah Phaser Training Shoe Bottom

When I got home I contacted customer service and told them about what happened. They made me send a picture to them. After looking at the picture they told me to keep those shoes and that they would send me a new set for free. That was nice of Boombah.

The picture you are seeing is of the second pair of shoes. The first ones are long gone. And yes, they were turned into yard work shoes after the soles wore out. You can still buy the Phaser in the clearance area for $25 but I’d recommend one of their newer shoes as the soles gave way pretty fast on these.

Softball Pants

Boombah C-Series Pipe Softball Pants ReviewC-Series Pipe Pants – I bought these pants in 2014 and have been solely using them. They’ve been washed a few times and are starting to show some wear but I’m thinking I can get another couple of seasons out them.

I’ve predominately played 1st, than 3rd, with some occasional 2nd base and catcher mixed in. Rarely do I dive for a ball and even more rare do I slide. I’m not saying it has to be a Championship game or something for me to do those. Its more of a “the jet has lost a step or two and I know instantly if I’m going to make it or not” sort of thing.

This is why the pants in the picture still look brand new even though they have over 100 games use on them. The quality is great and they are comfortable as hell.

With 8 different color combinations to choose from you’ll probably find one that matches your softball teams colors.

For $30 you really can’t go wrong with the C-Series Pipe Pants.

Boombah C-Series Venom Softball Pants ReviewC-Series Venom Pants – These were my first pair of softball pants bought from Boombah. If I remember correctly I bought these in 2010 and used them up until 2014. One of my teams (Jim Kelly & The Bills) decided to get jerseys made up so I had to get something with blue in them.

I kept these Venom pants for my other team but preferred the Pipe ones more. The pants you see in the picture probably have close to 200 games on them and there are no rips or tears anywhere. And when I was wearing these I would slide or dive occasionally.

It says something about their durability. I could use them this upcoming season in 2018 if I wanted to.

The C-Series Venom Pants style has been updated a little since I bought them and they are a little bit more expensive at $40 a pair. Basically, you’re paying for some more style with these versus the Pipe pants.


Boombah Sweep T-Shirt ReviewSweep T-Shirt – Before the teams I played on decided to put some money together and buy jerseys of our own I figured it would be best to pick up something that resembled a jersey.

And sure enough the year after I bought these our teams bought jerseys. So this T-Shirt only has one year of use. Maybe twenty games total.

I bought this T-Shirt in 2010 and its 2018. It’s basically brand new as I haven’t worn it since. I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear it golfing next season. It is very comfortable.

This is an older style but you can still buy the Sweep for $13 in the clearance area.

Boombah Explosion T-Shirt ReviewExplosion T-Shirt – Along with my purchase of the Sweep T-Shirt I picked this one up too. After wearing this one twice I figured it would be a better idea to wear the other one. Wearing a black T-Shirt in the middle of the summer on a hot day was not a good idea.

It was a comfortable shirt. I just made an idiot decision in buying it in black. And by the time the fall season came around I’d just wear long sleeve shirts.

And then where the white is on the shirt it some how picked up some pit stains. I don’t know how as I only wore this shirt a couple of times but it did.

The Explosion shirt is an older style but can be picked up for $4 in the clearance area assuming you can find your size. Just buy any color combination different from the one I bought.

Golf Shoes

Verve – Boombah makes golf shoes? Yes, Boombah make golf shoes. I was on the Boombah website in 2015 looking to get a new pair of softball shoes when I noticed a tab for golf shoe.


At first glance they reminded me of the Boombah turf shoe. The soles looked almost alike and for being a golf shoe they looked cool. I was not planning on getting golf shoes at the time but was in need of a pair. Decided to buy the Showstopper Turfs for softball and added the golf shoes for $49.

This is what the Boombah golf shoes look like after 35 rounds of golf in the past 2 years.

Boombah Verve Golf Shoe Top

What I liked most about the Boombah golf shoes was how comfortable they were. You could go from the golf course to the softball field in them and not know the difference.

What I liked least about the Boombah golf shoes was the short length of the soft spikes as they don’t dig into the grass enough. There were a couple of times where I slipped on the follow through due to the short soft spikes.

Boombah Verve Golf Shoe Tread

Just like most Boombah shoes I’ve owned there is a durability issue. The soft spikes would wear down where I put the most pressure in my golf stance which caused me to slip.

I’m glad they had leather on the front of the shoe and not mesh. Half of the shoes I’ve bought from Boombah wear down so much that by the end of the season there would be a hole in it. There is some wear to the leather but otherwise pretty good considering the amount of rounds I played in them.

I’d like to tell you if the Boombah golf shoes were waterproof or not but I don’t go out of my way to step into puddles nor do I play golf in thunderstorms. What I can tell you is in a light mist with no standing water on the course your foot will stay dry.

Sadly, these golf shoes will not make you a better golfer. What these golf shoes will do is attract attention from people who are golfing with you.

What kind of golf shoes are those?

They’re Boombahs. You know, like the softball shoes.

Boombah makes golf shoes?

Yes, Boombah makes golf shoes.

Man, those are kind of cool looking. How much are they?


Really? That’s not bad.

That’s what I said.

That same Q&A happened every time I was paired up with someone. It happened 100% of the times I golfed with my softball buddies.

The Boombah golf shoes would be ideal for somebody who plays golf less than 15 times a year and is not overly serious about golf. For $50 you really can’t complain. They look cool, are very comfortable, and if you buy the Boombah softball shoes you’ll enjoy how they feel.

For somebody who plays more than 15 times a year you might want to look elsewhere if you’re concerned about durability. Most brand name golf shoes are $80+, last longer, and have longer interchangeable soft spikes.

Boombah golf shoes are an all in one shoe which means when the soft spikes wear down you cannot change them. What you have remaining are shoes you wear to do yard work in. But again – for $50 – not bad.

I am not sure if I’ll buy another pair as I golf more than 15 times a year. Some years I play 30 rounds or more which means I would be going through two sets of Boombah golf shoes a year. It would make sense for me to buy a more durable shoe but I would still recommend these shoes.

You can still pick up the Verve style golf shoe I bought in the clearance area on their website for $40. Otherwise you could pick up the new Verve 2 which looks pretty sweet.

Where To Buy

With Boombah being a direct to consumer company you are only going to be able to buy items at You might be able to find somethings at the Boombah Amazon store from time to time. But it appears they rarely stock the Amazon store and Boombah is not available for sale at retailers like Dicks.


When I bought my first pair of turf shoes in 2010 two things became apparent. Boombah made cool looking comfortable shoes at a reasonable price that had durability issues. It was common to hear how you could only get one season out of a pair of turf shoes regardless of how much you played. And for $50 you really didn’t mind. Fast forward a couple of years and it appears durability is going up with their shoes at least.

I don’t know if I’ll buy jerseys or T-Shirts from them again as the teams I play on typically get jerseys made up from a friend of ours. And unless I start playing tournaments and double headers three days a week again I’ll probably get many more years from their pants.

Customer Service was lacking a little in the beginning but when I needed them to correct something they did. Even sending me a pair of shoes for free.

I can’t speak about their other products but you really can’t go wrong with their shoes. Prices are very reasonable, they look cool, and are very comfortable.

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