Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review: A Waste Of Time

Brazil Butt Lift Workout ReviewThere are times in a mans life where he needs to get over being a man and doing man things. There is no need to make any sort of list describing things that are not manly. But can we all agree that the Brazil Butt Lift workout is not targeted towards men.

Brazil Butt Lift has been sitting on my shelf for seven years. Andrea bought it when it was released in 2010 and made it through two weeks before stopping for some reason or another. I did two workouts with her and mostly remember laughing as Leandro Carvalho would say something funny.

Of the two workouts I did I do remember the ab workout being tough as hell. This is after me being able to breeze through P90X Ab Ripper X.

Why Brazil Butt Lift?

Its my legs. They are getting skinnier and skinnier every year. The sitting is catching up with me. And with that I can’t shake the injury bug.

It started with a hyper extended right knee playing softball last summer. I took it easy for as long as I could and gave it the winter to heal up. It felt good this spring and into late summer before I hurt my knee again after making an abrupt stop rounding second base. Its this light nagging pain that will not go away. I needed a low impact strength training leg workout.

Browsing through all the Beachbody DVD’s I’ve bought over the years and even through the Beachbody On Demand library. I stopped, left, and came back to Brazil Butt Lift four times before saying like it or not this is what you’re looking for. Fine, fine, fucking fine. Lets do it. I can do this for 60 days.


Day 1 – Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck

Bum Bum was a very good 30 minute workout. Just as I expected, my balance was all over the place and I could not keep up with Leandro and the girls. But man were my legs burning. It was basically squats and lunges the entire time. Heart rate was up for the last 10 minutes. I am going to be sore tomorrow for sure.

Brazil Butt Lift Shake Your Booty
Yes. I Did Shake My Booty.

And then there was Tummy Tuck which was much harder than I remembered. My abs were screaming within five minutes of this 20 minute ab workout.

How the hell are the cast members (especially the women) smiling? There is nothing to smile about. One arm planks? You are a genius Leandro.

I guess I did half of the workouts with ok form. Making it through the entire Tummy Tuck workout will be an accomplishment.

Between these two workouts I can guarantee soreness from my abs down tomorrow.

Day 2 – Cardio Axe & High & Tight

The good news is I was not sore at all from yesterdays workout. Maybe its because I was only able to do half of each workout with good form.

Today’s workout started with the 30 minute Cardio Axe. I will not be doing this workout again. I was 12 minutes into it and stopped. Too much choreography. And I do not like choreography workouts. Cardio Axe did not capture me and I felt silly “sweeping the sand” and “banging the drums”.

High & Tight is a 35 minute workout which I really liked. My takeaway is its the kind of workout a physical therapist would put you through if you had hip problems (which I kind of do). We have a few “booty bands” laying around which made it tough.

I made it through half of each exercise with good form but was screaming trying to finish. Its the sort of workout where you don’t move a whole lot but work on those little muscles in tough positions. My hip flexors were stretching like crazy. I feel like I am going to like this workout.

Day 3 – Sculpt

Had a feeling Sculpt was going to be harder than expected and I was right. Bicep curl into a shoulder press ending with a squat into a curtsey. This was one of the sneaky workouts where I was struggling with 10 pounds using my Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells and had to drop down to 5 pounds.

Didn’t help that I was feeling sore in the abs from day 1 today. Is it ok to say I like this workout? And how the hell are the women smiling?

Day 4 – High & Tight

Not feeling sore today but High & Tight went after my problem areas. All the booty band exercises got me today. You’re a clever son of a gun there Leandro. The “Clam” to “Clam Tempo” to “Clam Short” moves got my hips and hammies burning today.

After High & Tight I did a 20 minute routine on the Slide Board Pro and then went for a mile swim in the afternoon. Had some good energy going after the morning workout.

Day 5 – Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck

Feeling light today. Did a lot yesterday. Still struggling with Bum Bum. Yes, I just said that. Balance has a way to go. Tummy Tuck is still hard as hell.

Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum Dance Time
Its Party Time.

Day 6 – High & Tight

Had a very good workout. Followed it up with 30 minutes on the Slide Board

Day 7 – Rest Day

Went to the Lions game. Ate a bunch of food and had some beers.

Day 8 – Missed

Was supposed to do Cardio Axe & Sculpt but got busy with the kids and felt sluggish from the food and drinks from Saturday night and all day Sunday.

Day 9 – Sculpt and High & Tight

Was still feeling sluggish. Its amazing what going off Paleo does to me now. Did two workouts to try and keep pace. Were not my best workouts.

Day 10 – Missed

Day 11 – Missed

Day 12 – Missed

Day 13 – Missed

Day 14 – Rest (LOL)

Day 15 – Tummy Tuck & Bum Bum

Last week was rough. Was not feeling well after day 9 and life got in the way. I almost quit Brazil Butt Lift as I am teetering on this workout holding my interest. Oh, and my booty band broke. Worst thing ever!

And then of course it was Tummy Tuck. I guess I did ok except for the plank portion. And then I was like, fuck it, lets do Bum Bum too since I was warmed up. Did much better with Bum Bum being all warmed up. Still can’t do those curtsey lunges so I modified with more squats. My guess is I probably did 200 air squats.

Brazil Butt Lift Booty Drums
Bang Those Booty Drums

Day 16 – Sculpt

Feeling a little better today. Made it through Sculpt fairly easy. The dumbbell routine sneaked up on me. Switched from 5 pounds to 10 pounds halfway through and it was no big deal. I struggle with the curtsey lunges so I do a squat instead.

After finishing Sculpt I went and swam a mile.

I do not know about Sculpt moving forward. Its one of those workouts where I feel I need to be warmed up before I start. There is nothing in it that gets me moving and wanting to push harder. Ill give it one more chance.

Day 17 – High & Tight

Felt good from the swim yesterday. Don’t know if Sculpt did anything for how I feel. Made it through High & Tight easily. Wore the ankle weights the entire time as my booty band is no more.

And That’s It

I made it 17 days (10 workout days) and that was all I could take.

Brazil Butt Lift just could not get me motivated to workout anymore. This workout blows. It just does. The thought of doing another two weeks of Brazil Butt Lift made me cringe. And there is no way I’m making it to day 60. There will be no before and after photos showing off my newly sculpted butt. I know your sad. Its what you wanted to see.

I was really hoping this workout would help me with my legs since the butt is attached to those. Not so much. Rarely did my legs feel like they were getting a workout. Oh, and my butt felt nothing.

I would never recommend Brazil Butt Lift to anyone. Not once did I break a sweat nor did I wake up sore the next day. And I am someone whose legs could use a serious workout.

Bum Bum

A 35 minute workout were you do a lot of lunges and squats. I did not mind this workout as it moves at a decent pace. After doing Bum Bum three times I felt like I had mastered almost every move. I could possibly get better at keeping up with Leandro and the girls but thats about it.

Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum Squat Touch

Tummy Tuck

Just as I remembered. This is a very tough 20 minute ab workout. I could possibly be the hardest ab workout produced by Beachbody. But even saying its tough doesn’t mean I like it. Tummy Tuck does not flow well. The moves are really good but Leandro is all over the place.

Cardio Axe

A 30 minute highly choreographed workout that is kind of boring. Choreography type workouts bore me and its why I only did it once. I felt Cardio Axe to be one of the least cardio type workouts I’ve ever done from Beachbody.

High & Tight

I did not mind this 35 minute workout. What I liked about it was the entire workout was done using a “Booty Band” or ankle weights. You stayed in a balance pose or stationary position and worked out all of the butt muscles from different angles. And as a result of working those you also worked the legs and core.


I was expecting a lot more from this 50 minute resistance training workout. The dumbbell sequence is good. But besides that I was not impressed. I was hoping to be really struggling through Sculpt but that did not happen. And I even increased the weight to make it harder.

Where To Buy?

Why on Earth are you thinking about buying Brazil Butt Lift? Just don’t. Let’s do this. Go and get a Beachbody On Demand membership and if you feel like sampling a few workouts from time to time there than fine.

But do not buy the DVDs now as they will find themselves sitting on your shelf for seven years like mine were.


I will never do Brazil Butt Lift again and I recommend you do not either. If all you care about is working out your butt than do the High & Tight workout every other day which is what the Brazil Butt Lift workout calendar has you doing anyways.

Circling through the same five workouts for 60 days is going to get boring especially when the workouts themselves are boring. But I just can’t see how anybody would want to do more than two weeks.

I would not recommend doing any sort of hybrid workout with Brazil Butt Lift either. There was nothing about any of the workouts that got me thinking about working harder and trying to outdo myself.

I know people will say this isn’t Body Beast or P90X where its designed to challenge you. But I think that lets Brazil Butt Lift off the hook. It is a workout plan and has other non butt workouts in it. There needs to be some challenge.

This isn’t a knock on Leandro. The man is in shape and he knows what he’s doing. It also appears he’s having a helluva time doing what he’s doing. Beachbody was looking to fill a niche in the “butt workout” genre and thats what Leandro gave them.

If you are in shape or just a little out of shape than stay away from Brazil Butt Lift. There is no reason for you to go here unless you want to be the only person submitting a Brazill Butt Lift success story to Beachbody so you can win a cash prize at the Coach Summit.

I have seen before and afters from in shape people who allegedly did BBL and submitted their results. I call shenanigans. You know you did something else to get those results but you know no one else is submitting results for BBL. Well played.

If you are really out of shape and overweight I’d recommend starting with something like T25 or Power 90. You will be challenged but it will not be over the top crazy.

But damn. I should have known better. Brazil Butt Lift did nothing for my legs and even my ass. You may have read in my journal how I was using Hockey Shot Slide Board Pro while doing BBL. Now thats a butt workout. Go ahead and do thirty minutes of sliding back and forth and tell me how your lower body feels.

If you feel the need to make fun of me for admitting I tried Brazil Butt Lift than feel free to do so below.

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