Bridgestone Golf Balls Review

Continuing on with my un-scientifical effort to find the best golf ball on Earth I have these reviews of Bridgestone Golf Balls.

Before today I have never bought Bridgestone’s before. Typically I would play one I found. These balls I bought brand new.

Like with all of my golf ball reviews I play at Rackham Golf Course in Huntington Woods, MI.

Bridgestone Tour B330RX Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone Tour B330RX Golf Ball ReviewRackham Golf Course

8-11-17 – White Tees

75 degrees. Partly Sunny.

I was intrigued by the design  of the Bridgestone Tour B330RX as the dimples have a dot in the middle of them. Felt the <TOUR B330RX> printed on the side looked a little cheap though. A different font may look better.

These are the third most expensive golf balls Bridgestone makes with a claim to be designed for Accuracy, Distance, and for people whose average score is under 90. Lets see if its true. $12.26 a sleeve or $4.08 a ball.

Off The Tee – Found five fairways. Hit zero draws. Sliced twice. Pushed just about everything right today. On the sleeve it says the B330RX is 7.7 yards longer than the Pro V1. Maybe in a testing facility but not today. I was underwhelmed with distance off the tee seeing how Bridgestone says its longer. The Nike Mojo was longer in my opinion.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – Sadly, I was using my hybrid to chip a good portion of the day as my drives were landing under trees. Did chip well with the hybrid but did not do well with woods or hybrids all day. The B330 RX just did not have that get up and go I am used to with the Pro V1 or Vice Pro Plus.

Irons – Had one good iron shot all day. Other than that the ball did not compress well off the club face.

Wedges – Zero spin on every one of my chips. Not once did the B330RX check up or stick and I was hitting wedges and chip shots all day.

Putting – One putted four times and three putted twice. Made two putts over 20 feet. Does not have the soft feel you want with a golf ball though.

Durability – Sadly I lost my ball on the 16th hole which is very tough to do. Hooked one into the tall rough some 40 yards left of the green. Before losing the ball it appeared to be as good as new though. Finished the round with another B330 RX.

Bridgestone Tour B330RX Golf Ball Durability
After…um…three holes. I do apologize.

Score – 88

GIR – 5

Putts – 34

Fairways – 5

Penalty Strokes – 1

Bridgestone Tour B330RX Golf Ball Score

In defense of the Bridgestone B330RX I did not have my best stuff with me. May have rushed the round due to possible T-Storms and felt sluggish. Was just not feeling my normal chipper self on the course. At the same time, thats golf.

I did not feel the B330RX was more accurate and produced more distance. I don’t think I’d buy these again. Too bad as they look kind of cool.

Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball Review8-18-17. Cloudy. Windy. 76 degrees.

Rackham Golf Course – White Tees

Last week I played a Bridgestone so I figured I’d play another. Picked up a sleeve of Bridgestone e6 Soft golf balls and went to work. Tough weather day for the e6. Temp was great but man was it windy. Might have been one of the windiest days I’ve ever played Rackham. Typically there is wind on the back nine as its more open but today it was the entire course. My guess is there was a steady 15 mph wind with gusts up to 25 mph the entire day.

Off The Tee – I absolutely loved the Bridgestone e6 Soft when hitting driver. On the sleeve it says the e6 Soft has “Straight Distance” due to its flight stabilizing dimples, soft armor cover, anti-side spin mantle, and straight soft core. Sure, agreed.

I hit some of my biggest drives ever with e6 Soft. I’m talking ever. Yes, with a strong wind behind my back I know I hit one over 300 yards and many were going 280 yards. My drives get high up in the air and thats what the e6 Soft did. Most of my drives maybe roll out 15 yards. As soon as I looked for it after contact it was way up in the air and heading straight.

Sliced one drive on #11 and had two low drives which rolled out to 250 yards. Had 3 big drives with the slightest of draw. The sound it made today was something else. Maybe it was because I went to the Chiropractor yesterday which got me straightened out. I am not sure, but the e6 Soft might be one of my favorite golf balls to hit with driver. The compression off the club face and sound were awesome.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – Excellent distance with the fairway woods. Had to hit a number of these today due to the winds. Did not hit any awesome shots with them and if being honest I mis hit them. Even with that I was still getting considerable distance with the 3 and 5 wood. Did not hit a hybrid today.

Irons – Sorry Bridgestone e6 Soft but today was not the day for irons. Windy as hell and with me hitting bombs off the tee it put me in situations where I was between clubs or needed an extra two clubs because of the wind.

When I could take a full swing the e6 Soft just went. Compression was ok. No back spin on any iron shots and when I did hit the green it bounced a couple of times. Only had four Greens In Regulation today and out of those only two were because of irons. At the same time I did have a few shots hit the green and bounce over or land right up on the first cut of rough on the fringe which made for a tough putt.

Wedges – Could not get a feel for the e6 Soft around the greens. Its in-between a soft and hard ball. I know it says soft but its not Pro V1 soft. Nor is it Nike Mojo kind of hard. Got up and down for par once. On two of the par 5’s I almost made it on the green in two leaving me with chip shots of 20 yards. Put both within 10 feet and missed the birdie putts.

The e6 Soft didn’t check up once nor did it give the feedback I thought it was going to give with it being a soft golf ball.

Putting – I didn’t like the e6 Soft nor did I hate it when putting. Sound it made coming off the putter was closer to a Pro V1 than a cheaper golf ball. I did not putt all that well today and I think some of it had to do with my chiropractor visit yesterday. When I get all straightened out it messes up what I’m seeing versus what my body remembers.

Three putted four times and one putted six times. Some of those one putts could be two putts as at least four shots were taken from the fringe which are technically chips.

Durability – So…um…yeah…my only poor tee shot of the day happened on #17 ( a short par 4) and I hooked it left into the tall grass…and…lost it. Most embarrassing. And to be honest kind of pissed me off. Was driving the ball so well today. What I can say about the ball before I lost it was there was zero scuff marks on it. Would have no issue playing a few more rounds with the Bridgestone e6 Soft.

Bridgestone e6 Soft Durability
After 1.5 holes. Most embarrassing. So sorry.

Score – 89

GIR – 4

Putts – 34

Fairways – 7

Penalty Strokes – 1

Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball Score

I enjoyed playing the e6 Soft much more than the Tour B330RX. It just felt like a better ball all over. Sadly, it lost in the score battle which is all that matters. But I would buy the Bridgestone e6 Soft again.

Bridgestone Tour B330S Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone Tour B330S Golf Ball Review10-19-17  –  Windy  –  65 Degrees  –  Sunny

Rackham Golf Course  –  White Tees

Two months have passed since I played a Bridgestone golf ball. And for this round it is the Tour B330S that goes into the best golf ball challenge.

Bought a sleeve of them at the golf course before heading out to play. Forgot I was out of golf balls to test and these were available.

My previous experiences with Bridgestone golf balls were not so good as I had bad scores with them. The Tour B330S is designed for golfer whose swing speeds are above 105mph which I think I’m close.

High swing speeds are needed as the Tour B330S is designed with a “Tour Core” and “Tour Compression” for tour swings and center strikes. Basically, don’t suck.

Driver – It was very windy today which took a lot of distance off of tee shots. Outside of a drive on #4 that the wind pushed right on this right dog leg I did not notice that much more distance. Even on the few holes were the wind was behind my back the tee shots were landing 10 – 20 yards behind the e6 Soft.

Zero draws, a few pushes, and no slices. Hit 5 fairways which is average. Every good tee shot went straight which is ok. Zero roll out. A number of my drives were landing with back spin even though I was hitting them lower than normal from teeing it lower. I don’t get it.

Bridgestone Tour B330S Driver Backspin
Both with driver. Both landed around 250 yards in the fairway.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – With it being windy it meant I hit a lot of these today. Sadly, I was not impressed with the Tour B330S and these clubs.

Flight was ok and I didn’t slice or hook and shots with these clubs. But distance was lacking. I thought I was going to get on the Par 5 7th in two for the first time but was shocked when I saw it 30 yards short of the green. And thats with a 20mph wind behind it.

Most telling was on the Par 5 14th. Hit a very good drive to the 250 yard marker. Had the same shot to the green as I’ve had with the Nike Mojo and Crush Extreme and Slazenger Raw Distance which either landed pin high in the air off the green or were short and bounced up there.

I smashed the Tour B330S and it was heading right at the flag. With the 20 mph wind behind me I knew it was making the green. And then I saw it hit 40 yards short of the green, take two bounces, and stop 20 yards short. Most disappointing. The other golf balls did not have the wind at my back like the Tour B330S did and those almost all carried to the green.

Irons – Had five greens in regulation which is below average. The wind had something to do with it. The Tour B330S did not have great compression at contact for me. Maybe its because I don’t swing over 105 mph with my irons. I tend to take more club and use a three quarter swing in most cases.

Outside of one approach shot with an 8 iron that landed on a down slope causing it to backspin, everything else landed and rolled out.

Bridgestone Tour B330S Backspin
7 Iron. 8 Iron. 9 Iron.

Wedges – Surprisingly I thought this was one of the Tour B330S’s bright spots. Found myself chipping a lot today from the golf ball landing in odd spots due to the wind. Had three separate instances where I chipped it from 20 to 40 yards away and the ball hopped twice, checked up, and stopped.

Up and down for par three times which is above average for me. Was very close to getting up and down six times.

Putting – Three putted only once which is new for me and one putted five times. Did not make any birdies today. Had 32 putts which is above average. The Tour B330S is one of those golf balls where I didn’t notice any feel at contact with the putter. It did not “clink” like a Pro V1 or “clunk” like a Nike Mojo.

Durability – Outside of one sand trap I kept the Tour B330S out of harms way. Did not hit a tree, fence, or cart path today. I could definitely get a couple more rounds out of the Tour B330S.

Bridgestone Tour B330S Durability
After one 18 hole round.

Score – 84

GIR – 5

Putts – 32

Fairways – 5

Penalty Strokes – 0

Bridgestone Tour B330S Score

Bridgestone golf balls and myself are not getting along. I shot 84 which is not bad considering how windy it was. Had to hit driver on the Par 3 16th (215 yards) today and just barely went over the green. Thats how windy it was.

But the Bridgestone Tour B330S did not really impress me. It lacked on distance with driver and fairway woods. Did not compress well with the irons. Good chipping made for an above average putting day but I’d rather have the distance and compression to give me more chances for birdie and tap in pars. I do not see myself buying the Tour B330S again.

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