P90X Plus Workout Review

P90X Plus Workout Review: Not What You Expect

To bring things up to date I like to go back into time and freshen up old posts. And that’s what I’m doing with this review of P90X Plus. I…

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Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Workout Review: I Got Huge

Occasionally I like to revisit a post and update it with new information. And that is what I am going to do with my original review of Body Beast in…

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Insanity Workout Review

Insanity Workout Review: A Insane 60 Day Workout

Occasionally I step into the past and update posts when things or me changes. And thats what I’m going to do with my review of the Insanity workout. When I…

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Me Max Sleeping

Why We Don’t Finish Workout Programs

Since becoming a parent in 2014 and again in 2015 my working out looks nothing like what it was prior to kids. From 2008 til 2014 I pretty much did whatever…

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Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review: A Waste Of Time

There are times in a mans life where he needs to get over being a man and doing man things. There is no need to make any sort of list…

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What Is The Best Workout

What Is The Best Workout?

There are a lot of workout plans out there. And I mean a lot. You cannot go a day without seeing a new workout plan pop up in an ad…

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