TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball Review

TaylorMade Golf Balls Reviews

It is time to see what TaylorMade golf balls can do in my un-scientific test to find the best golf ball on Earth. I have never really played TaylorMade balls…

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Best Golf Balls

Best Golf Ball Leaderboard

Welcome to the most important leaderboard in golf. A leaderboard so important that to get on it you only have to try once. In what could be the most scientificy…

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Nike Mojo Golf Ball Review

Nike Golf Balls Review

I have been playing Nike golf balls for a number of years and its time to put them into the fray of the best golf ball challenge. Just like with…

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Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball Review

Titleist Golf Balls Review

In keeping up with my search for the best golf ball on Earth it is time to review a staple in every golfers bag. Titleist golf balls have been around…

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Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone Golf Balls Review

Continuing on with my un-scientifical effort to find the best golf ball on Earth I have these reviews of Bridgestone Golf Balls. Before today I have never bought Bridgestone’s before….

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Boombah Golf Shoe Review

Boombah makes golf shoes? Yes, Boombah make golf shoes. If you play softball than you have heard of Boombah. Over half of the guys I play softball with own the…

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