What Celebrities Do Beachbody Workouts?

With all the popularity of Beachbody workouts like P90X, Body Beast, T25, Insanity, Asylum and others you can be certain a celebrity or two has tried one of them. When I hear of one doing any one of them I will update it here.

Celebrities That Do P90X

Iron Mike Tyson: said on his Twitter status 30 days ago that he is going to do P90X. I’m sure that if he sticks with it that he will be able to punch through brick walls. He has not uploaded his Day 30 pictures yet but hopefully he will get those up for everybody to see.

It looks like he is still in decent shape from looking at his before photos. At 44 years old and with a history of doing strenuous workouts in the past I’m pretty confident Mike will be able to show all of us that he can still get into amazing shape.

Michelle Obama:

You’ve might of heard people talking about how Michelle Obama has such great looking arms and how she stays in shape. Turns out that Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler and President Jon Congdon found out her secret the other night. After getting a chance to meet President Obama and introduce himself as the creator of P90X, the President turns and says:

“P90X! My wife does that. Man, I can hardly keep up with her!”

Sounds like Carl and Jon had a interesting time meeting the President. One of the body guards who we can assume is a Secret Service agent told them that pretty much the entire White House staff is doing P90X.

Must have been a awesome moment for Carl and Jon knowing that the company they created has worked its way into the White House. To read the entire article just go over to Carl’s Blog.

Jim Rome: I laughed my ass off listening to Jim Rome describe P90X Plyometrics. Describing how much he hates Tuesday’s now because of Plyometrics is hilarious. Referring to Tony as Doc Horton was awesome.

Some of my favorite quotes Jim said describing P90X are:

“Never had a problem with Tuesdays before until now. Its because its Plyo Tuesdays.”

“You know when you know Plyo X is going to beat your ASS? Its in Doctor Horton’s intro.”

“I knew it was going to be an issue when the Doc told me to get a bucket.”

Jim Rome also did a little blip about Yoga X. Some of his quotes are:

“Thursday is P90X Yoga X day. Also known as about 8 hours of downward dog.”

“You know what I’m talking about..that crane pose..Doc Hort says bag it, you frankly have to rock back and forth on your head.”

Paul Ryan: The Republican Congressman and Speaker of the House of Representatives makes health and fitness a priority into his busy schedule with P90X.

Paul Ryan P90X Tony Horton
Paul Ryan and Tony Horton Bringing It

Pink Does P90XPink: She was on the cover of Womens Health Magazine for Jan 2010 and was asked what she does to stay in shape. Here are some of her answers.

“Ever hear of P90X? My brother and his wife are both in the Air Force; they do marathons and triathlons. I went [to visit them and she’s doing P90X]. I couldn’t keep up with her — and she’d just had her first baby four weeks ago. I was like, This is bullshit! I will perfect this thing! So usually, I wake up and do an hour of cardio, then an hour of P90X or yoga, then a half-hour of warm-up [during show rehearsal]. I do that six days a week.”

Pink acknowledged the fact that she has “man abs,” telling Women’s Health, “I get a lot of flak for it. That’s where the masculine thing comes in, people saying it’s not normal for a girl to have [those]. But I’m OK with it. I think it’s because I was a gymnast for eight years, from ages four to 12. My body was made before my bones were fully grown. Gymnasts are short, stocky, muscular powerhouses.”

Pink stays fit on the road by doing “an hour of cardio, an hour of P90X or yoga, and then a half-hour of warm-up [during show rehearsal]” six days a week. As far as a day off, she said, “I try to make it a show day so I’m still getting cardio. I have to be able to run up those stairs as many times as I do and be able to sing at the same time. I’m an asthmatic. I have to be on that treadmill singing to get my lungs right.”

All of this, and no trainer. “I don’t work well with trainers. [Air quotes] ‘Does not work well with others.'” she told the magazine. But it’s not hard to stay motivated without one. “I like results,” she said. “I like feeling strong. It keeps my mental floor higher.”

She was recently on the Oprah Winfrey show talking about how she uses P90X to get in shape for her tours.

She would go on to say that she gets a little bulky doing it because she was a gymnast when she was younger so those muscles are still there. Oprah asked her about the “man abs” she got from doing it too.

Sheryl Crow: Sheryl Crow was doing a interview at the Grammys with the E Channel. Near the end of the interview she was asked how she got into great shape. I couldn’t believe it when she said P90X. Actually I could but it was cool to hear that one of the greatest singers of all time was using P90X and not some high paid fitness instructor. For those of you ladies out there who think they are too old to get into shape you should know that Sheryl is 46 years young. Here is the interview.

Jennie Garth: People Style Watch reported Jennie and her husband Peter Facinelli did it to get in shape for her upcoming season on the New 90210. She was interviewed by them and was asked what she did to get in such great shape (sounds like a familiar question that most P90Xers hear).

Jennie Garth P90X

“Every day is different,” she says. “One day is really hard yoga. Then arms and shoulders, legs, then karate. His program is made to confuse the muscles so you don’t plateau. I feel better now than I ever have.” This proves that anybody can do P90X. Jennie is 37 years old and as the photo shows is in very good shape.

Erin Andrews Does P90XErin Andrews: ESPN reporter and Dancing With The Stars contestant Erin Andrews says she does the P90X workout to stay in shape when she’s on the road. I came across the article in the US Magazine that my girlfriend has sent to our house.

I can’t stand the magazine because I feel dumber when I’m done reading it (more like flipping through the pages). Somehow I flipped to the exact page with her on it and P90X jumped out of the article at me. Here is what she said.

“I also did P90X [an exercise DVD set combining plyometrics, martial arts and yoga] with the ESPN guys on the road,” adds the nondieter, who has even begun indulging in desserts and regular Coke (“because it has more calories!”) to stop shrinking. “

Isaiah Mustafa: (The Old Spice Commercial Actor) Do you enjoy watching those Old Spice commercials with the guy on the horse talking about what its like to be a real man? You know “Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now BACK TO ME! …I’m on a horse.”

Have you ever noticed how ripped that guy is? Turns out that he is a big fan of P90X. So much so that he gets to workout personally with Tony Horton.

The actor’s name is Isaiah Mustafa and he used to play in the NFL for a couple years before turning to acting. I heard he was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week and answered the question how he stays in such great shape. That whole diet plan Tony makes up is crazy. I would fail on almost all of the things Tony says to follow. I saw Tony eat the same thing for the entire week when we were on the Top Coach trip in Hawaii. Here is the clip.

Brett Favre: Being a lifelong Detroit Lions fan it really, really, really, really, really, really bothers me to even write about this. I mean really, really, really bothers me to the point that I cannot believe I am doing this. Logged into my Beachbody Coach site this morning and there was an update saying that Brett Favre is now doing P90X. I went to his Twitter page and there it was saying he did P90X Chest and Back that morning.

Brett Favre Twitter P90X

Now, I am not sure that is the real Brett Favre as there are a couple different Twitter pages in his name. After doing some searching I found three other accounts claiming to be him but lets assume for now it is.

Congressman Aaron Schock: We’re are finding out he does P90X because he used campaign funds to buy P90X. He put down the purchase of P90X as a “health care” expense.

Congressman Aaron Schock P90X

Rob Dyrdek: After our morning workout on the third day of the Top Coach trip Tony Horton told us a story about getting approached on the plane ride from California to Hawaii by a guy in a hooded sweatshirt and dark sunglasses. Tony said this guy came up to him and was like “Are you Tony.” “Yes,” says Tony. The guy continues on with something like “I’ve got my whole crew doing the P90X workout and its awesome.”  Tony did not know who this guy was until he introduced himself as Rob Dyrdek. Here is Tony talking about meeting him.

I’m guessing Tony does not watch Fantasy Factory or he would of known who Rob was. I watch it when ever I can and would love to get on the tennis ball launcher sometime. I really enjoy how he turns the fun he has with his life into a business.

We heard that Rob was in Kauai with Laird Hamilton shooting some upcoming episodes for Fantasy Factory. They were trying to teach skaters how to do tow-in-surfing. From what I saw when I was there I don’t know how good the waves were for that. I only remember one day where I saw jet skis pulling people into waves and those were not that great from my view. Robs Twitter account and Lairds website confirm the lack of waves.

On our last night at the St. Regis a fellow Beachbody Coach told me that Rob was in the restaurant eating with Laird and that he got his photo with him. I walked down to the restaurant with Andrea to take a look and sure enough he was there. Rob was eating already and I decided to not interrupt making me an A-Hole. Being rude is not my style. So I snapped this photo instead. Its not a great one but you can see him. The wall got in the way blocking Laird.

Jerry Stackhouse & Kenny Smith: Jerry Stackhouse came out of retirement to play again and finish his career on his own terms. Jerry and former pro basketball player Kenny Smith both said “that thing works” while Jerry was giving the cross arm “X” that Tony Horton does in all of the videos. After not playing for half of the season his coach Scott Skiles said he could not believe the shape Jerry came back in. After another minute of talking hoops Kenny Smith said it was Yoga night for him. So there is another athlete praising the benefits of P90X.

John SalleyJohn Salley: I was checking my Beachbody Coach online office this morning and I saw a video about how John “Spider” Salley started doing P90X. Since I grew up and still live in the Detroit area it brought back some memories of watching the Detroit Pistons play. I remember going to a game when they played at the Pontiac Silverdome. After watching the clip I did some digging around on the interwebs trying to find some classic John Salley and Motor City Bad Boys gear.

Check out that flat top the Spider had back in the day. That is fly. What I really wanted to find was the T-Shirt that was made for each player on the 89-90 Detroit Pistons roster that has a cartoon of them. If you grew up in Detroit you probably had one. Funny thing is that I did have the John “Spider” Salley one. My favorite was the James “Buddha” Edwards one where he was driving the “Buddha Train.” Unfortunately I could not find one and I don’t have the T-Shirt anymore.

Motor City Bad BoysWhat I did find though was the classic Motor City Bad Boys T-Shirt. There is a even higher probability that you owed this shirt. I think every body in my family had one and I believe I saw my dad doing some yard work in it last year. John was one of my favorite players back in the day along with Isiah, Joe D, Lambs, The Microwave, and The Worm. They were a great team.

Going back to the interview with John he says a couple great things. He mentions how nice it is to be able to do a tough workout at home so nobody laughs at you when you make a mistake. Basketball players need to listen up as he says this workout is so good that he recommends players trying to get into the NBA should do this after practice. That’s a strong recommendation from a guy who won 4 NBA Championships. Then on a every body level he says after just a week it made his 45 year old body feel like he was 35 again. If a former NBA star gives a thumbs up for P90X then what are you waiting for?

Bruno Mars: Can’t confirm or deny if Bruno Mars actually does P90X but its funny hearing P90X mentioned in popular songs.

“Tomorrow I’ll wake up, do some P90X. Find a really nice girl, have some really nice sex. And she’s gonna scream out. This is great.” Bruno Mars – “The Lazy Song”

Julianne Hough – She said when she is not dancing she does P90X from time to time to mix things up.

Darren Rovell – While interviewing Tony Horton on CNBC about the success of P90X and Team Beachbody Darren said he had made it to day 30 of P90X.

Garrett Hartley – New Orleans Saints – Kicker : Loses 25 pounds in the off season doing P90X.

Kevin Pereira – Tony Horton stopped by the G4TV studios the other day. The host, Kevin Pereira, is a big fan of P90X. Turns out the guy threw a P90X Christmas Party (P90XMas). Kind of neat to see G4TV ask Tony to talk about health and fitness when they are predominately a video game / tech show.

American Idol Contestants – Season 9 contestants were doing some P90X with Tony Horton. You can see Adam Lambert and Allison Irahetain in this photo with Tony Horton as they take a look at the P90X workout guides. I’ve even read that Season 7 contestant David Archuleta has Twittered about using P90X.Tony Horton American Idol

Workaholics: Cant say if Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, or Anders Holm do P90X in real life but there sure is a lot of P90X paraphernalia in the background of their show.  Workaholics is about 3 buddies who just graduated from college that live and work together. They want to keep their partying ways and do a bunch of random things. Every episode so far has been hilarious. One thing I did notice while watching is they have random P90X things in a couple different episodes. So far I have noticed a tub of the P90X Recovery Drink sitting on the desks in their cubicle and a couple P90X Back and Biceps posters on the wall.

P90X Recovery Drink Workaholics

P90X Poster Workaholics

P90X Back and Biceps Poster on Workaholics

P90X Back and Biceps Poster

I did a little bit of research on the show and it turns out that they film the house scenes from their actual house. Knowing that, they could be doing the P90X workout at home. That is the tightest of tight buttholes. If you don’t get that then you need to watch the show.

Celebrities That Do T25

Missy Elliot T25 Workout

Missy Elliott T25 Twitter

Miss Misdemeanor (Missy Elliott) posted her 30 Supa Dupa pound weight loss to Twitter and revealed her secret to be eating better and working out to T25. She also posted how she does Insanity from time to time. Basically she’s all about Shaun T’s workouts and why wouldn’t she be. His workouts get results.

Missy Elliott was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid glands, which has been part of the reason why she hasn’t released a lot of music lately. She knew she had to make an effort to live healthier and its nice to see T25 and Insanity helping her get there.

Celebrities That Do Insanity

Tyra Banks did Insanity once. Well, more like a couple of moving push ups. Does that count? Shaun T was on the Tyra show showing off how intense the Insanity workout is. Good job Tyra on your moving push ups.

Celebrities That Do Body Beast

I honestly wish I didn’t know who The Bachelor was for any season but since I was told it was a guy who was in the Body Beast workout I figured I’d show you. I just thought Sean Lowe some guy behind Sagi doing the Build – Chest and Tri workout. I can say with 99% accuracy that the only thing I’ll be watching Sean Lowe in is these workouts.

Bachelor Sean Lowe Body Beast Workout
Sean Lowe on the Meet The Cast Body Beast DVD
Sean Lowe Beachelor Body Beast Workout
Sean Lowe doing Build – Chest & Tri workout

Celebrities That Do Insanity: The Asylum

Hope Solo Workout Insanity Asylum
Hope Solo doing Insanity: The Asylum

Carl Daikeler posted a photo to Facebook with him in one of the U.S Speed Skating uniforms with Apolo Anton Ohno at Beachbody headquarters. Apolo had been using the Insanity Asylum workout to get into shape. At the Coach Summit in Las Vegas last week we found out that Apolo is either going to be in Vol 2 of Asylum or in an infomercial for it. He was doing some of the moves and wearing an Asylum t-shirt so I’m going to lean towards both. Kind of cool to see an Olympic athlete of his caliber using the same programs as us common folk.

Apolo Anton Ohno Insanity Asylum
Apolo Anton Ohno & Carl Daikeler

Celebrities That Do P90X2

Phil Mickelson P90X2 WorkoutPhil Mickelson: Phil is basically doing the P90X2 workout. Being the golf fan I am I always read articles about my favorite pro golfers and Phil is one of them. I came across this article the other day talking about how Phil has lost 10 of the 20 pounds he is trying to lose this offseason following the Paleo diet and working out four days a week with his trainer Sean Cochran. The overall goal for Phil is to regain club head speed.

Sean laid out his four-day a week 75 minute workout plan which has 6 steps.

  1. Myofascial release exercises (foam rolling)
  2. Static stretching
  3. Dynamic warm-up (total body moves like forward and reverse lunges that get the body ready to move)
  4. Power training (plyometrics, medicine ball work, squat jumps)
  5. Core training (using an exercise ball to work the body)
  6. Total body strength training (combining lower-body strength exercises with an upper-body move, like dumbbell squats and horizontal rows).

This is P90X2 to a T. Here is the most recent photo of Phil Mickelson with his brother on Instagram showing his weight loss.

Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg & Doug Gottlieb: Tony Horton stopped by the ESPN offices and worked out with Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic from the Mike & Mike Show along with Doug Gottlieb who has his own ESPN radio show. Those guys did the original P90X workout and were lucky enough to get Tony to stop by and show off some of the new P90X2 workouts.

Mike & Mike ESPN P90X2

Celebrities That Do Hip Hop ABS

Shaun T stopped by the Dr. OZ show and showed him how to “tilt, tuck, and tighten.”

Chris Pratt: When Chris dropped by Conan O’Brien he mentioned using Hip Hop Abs to get into shape for his role in Moneybag. Shaun T was asked to come on the show to show Conan the moves.

Celebrities That Do Rev Abs

Tanya Rivero – Brett Hoebel stopped by Good Morning America to show off some of the Rev Abs moves.

Celebrities That Do 10 Minute Trainer

Tony Horton was talking to Dr. Oz about his popular 10 minute trainer workout program and his 90 / 10 eating rule. They showed some success stories of women who lost over 100 pounds. They even used some of the interview to do a 10 minute workout.

Do Celebrities Endorse Beachbody Workouts?

With all of the popularity behind P90X you would be thinking that there has to be some celebrity endorsing it. There are famous people out there who talk about doing P90X to get into great shape but you never see any of them on the P90X infomercials. Why is that?

On the Top Coach trip in Kauai, Hawaii I was able to get to know a couple of Beachbody’s employees. They went on the excursions video taping us ziplining, surfing, and doing workouts. Pretty sweet perk of the job to say the least. I’m not a employee so I had to earn my way out there.

P90X Celebrities
Two real celebrities. Thats a lie. Just one celebrity.

I was talking to this guy named Loren about P90X and Beachbody in general. I asked him why I don’t see any celebrities endorsing P90X. He told me that they have lots of celebrities stop into the Beachbody corporate offices and his desk is in a perfect spot to see who walks in. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Emmit Smith, one of the Kardashians, and a couple others have popped in.

He told me Beachbody will not partner up with celebrities to endorse P90X or any other Beachbody products. This confused me a little bit at first because I’m so accustomed to seeing celebrities pushing everything. Loren told me Beachbody does not do this is because the second a celebrity endorses a product it now appeals to a smaller crowd. P90X is a workout for male, females, young and old. If you were to have somebody like Emmit Smith push it then everybody would think that P90X is only for elite athletes and would not even consider it.

With Beachbody relying on their advertising, word of mouth, and the results from the millions of people that did P90X is why it appeals to a large group of people. This makes sense. People are going to believe a non celebrities statement more than any celebrity. Its because we are wired to believe that the famous person is doing it for the cash and not because the product actually changed them. This is why you see normal people talking about their P90X results on the infomercials and banner ads going around the Internet from Beachbody.

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