Dixon Golf Ball Review

One upon a time in the month of June in the year of 2018 I did a Google search for eco-friendly golf balls. Or maybe it was environmentally friendly golf balls. I cannot remember exactly which one of those phrases it was but it was one of those for sure.

And I also cannot remember why one of those phrases popped up in my head. What I do know is Dixon Golf Balls presented itself as the top search result for whatever phrase I typed in.

Dixon Golf Ball Review

With me heading further and further into my quest to find the best golf ball one could play I was thrilled to have found them.

Playing around on the Dixon Golf website you can tell they take the whole eco-friendly thing very serious. Everything about them is “recycle this and re-use that”.

As I read more about their manufacturing process they claim most golf ball companies use heavy-metal pollutants like tungsten, cobalt, and lead. Dixon suggests over 300 million golf balls find landfills in the United States every year.

This does not include the hundred or so shitty shots you hit into rivers, burns (if you’re in Scotland), ponds, lakes, oceans…basically any body of water. When golf balls end up there they start to break down and those metals get released into our bodies of water which is no bueno.

During my teenage years I used to go into the Clinton River behind my house and pick up golf balls in the summer time. Rammler Golf Course is on the other side of the river. I probably picked up 750+ golf balls. Some I played. Some I sold. Most of which are still sitting in a tub in my parents garage some 20 years later.

Many of the golf balls I found were crap. They had been in the water too long and lost their performance.

And while they were chilling in the river they were breaking down and releasing pollutants. I’m sure each golf ball does not have a lot of pollutants but when you start adding them up by the tens and hundreds of thousands you get a problem.

Heavy Earth salts are used as the core for each Dixon golf ball. And the cover is an elastodynamic polyurethane material which under some magical process allows a thing called polymer to break down organically. Heck, their packaging is made out of 100% recycled Kraft paper.

Dixon takes this environmental shit fo real. And while their golf balls are not biodegradable they are many times less harsh on the environment then other golf balls.

Well I’ve got to try them now. Especially since Dixon says they plant a tree for each item purchased online.

Dixon makes four golf balls appropriately named Earth, Wind, Fire, and…um…Spirit. They should rename Spirit to “&” or “And”. You know why.

Dixon sells a Signature Pack where you can mix and match sleeves of each. Basically, it’s a sample pack which is exactly what I was looking for. So that’s what I bought. Thankfully for me it was during father’s day and they had a coupon code for 30% off. Lucky me.

Dixon Golf Invoice

And this is where we get into the meat and potatoes of the review. I play one 18 hole round at Rackham Golf Course near my house in Huntington Woods, MI.

Knowing how I thoroughly enjoy and have seen in concert the band Earth, Wind & Fire I will play them in that order with Spirit being last.

Dixon Earth Golf Ball Review

Rackham Golf Course. 7-20-18. 80 Degrees. Cloudy. Some rain.

Dixon Earth Golf Ball Review

Dixon makes some hefty claims in that the Earth golf ball outperforms the Titleist ProV1 and a couple other popular golf balls. I am a fan of the Pro V1. It took awhile to get used to spending $4 on a golf ball but once I saw it did make a difference I have not looked back. So the Earth has set the bar high before I even put it into play.

We already know its eco-friendly. And Dixon says it’s designed for golfers with a swing speed under 100 mph and handicaps from 5-25. Basically, the Earth golf ball is Dixon’s working mans golf ball. Just about everybody should feel comfortable playing it.

It conforms with USGA and R&A rules which makes it the first conforming golf ball I’ve played in over a month.

Dixon also says it should provide a medium trajectory, soft to medium compression, and medium spin.

All of those sound like they should work just fine with my game. But the one thing that stuck out was the 92% approval rating from PGA Tour Partners. That’s pretty good. Especially from people who are around golf all the time.

I was contemplating playing today as it looked like there might be a brief shower. Before deciding to go I noticed it was raining (Friday’s round) at The Open in Scotland. To honor golf I decided a wee bit of rain wasn’t going to stop me. Its golf time.

Sending Driver – I immediately knew the Earth was going to be a good golf ball from my first shot. There is a distinct “crack” sound and soft response premium golf balls make when hitting driver. And that’s what the Earth did.

So good in fact that it ended up on the other side of the drainage ditch on the first hole. It wasn’t in the fairway but was a good 10 yards further than anything I’ve ever hit. There will be more about Hole #1 in the fairway woods section.

Cleared the right side fairway bunker on the short Par 4 second hole by a good twenty yards. It’s rare that I do that. This is around a 260 yard drive.

Dixon Earth Rackham 2nd Hole

Made it to the middle of the fairway of the left dogleg Par 4 3rd hole which is a typical landing spot. Another 260 yard drive. Anything short or left from here and you have no chance at making the green.

Dixon Earth Rackham 3rd Hole

I don’t know what I’ve been doing lately on the dogleg right Par 4 4th hole as I’ve hit some excellent drives lately where I clear the trees near the tee box and those that crowd where the fairway turns but man did I hit one far and accurate here. Has to be my best drive ever on this hole.

My previous longest and best drive ever on this hole happened a couple of weeks prior with the FOO-KING-LONG. You can’t see the fairway bunker to the right in this picture that you can with the FKL. Has to be around a 270 yard drive on this 348 yard long hole. Hit a 3/4 Pitching Wedge with my second shot for the first time.

Dixon Earth Rackham 4th Hole

Two holes later on the Par 4 6th I hit the furthest drive I’ve ever hit on this hole. And that’s a couple of weeks after I hit two of “my longest drives ever” on this hole with both Bandit golf balls. This is every bit of a 280 yard drive on this 311 yard long hole.

Everything about this drive was perfect from the moment it left my drivers face. The sound. The feedback. The flight. Perfect.

I could not see where it ended up but I knew I cleared the trees which guard the dogleg and that’s never happened. Damn near bounced into the tall grass. Not in the fairway but its out there and I have a shot at the green. I don’t think it would have made the green if I tried but it would have been close.

Even the guy I was golfing with said “damn, is that your drive?” As a matter of fact…

Dixon Earth Rackham 6th Hole

And had a decent drive on the very next hole ending up in the middle of the fairway. Not my furthest drive but solid.

Dixon Earth Rackham 7th Hole

Almost made the drainage ditch on the very long 442 yard Par 4 10th hole too. Been doing this a little bit more frequently lately with non conforming golf balls but the Dixon Earth is conforming.

This is around a 250 yard drive which is good for this hole as the tee boxes are above the fairway. From about 20 yards behind me the fairway slowly rises making this 200 yard shot play like its 225.

Dixon Earth Rackham 10th Hole

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – My second stroke of the day came with my 3 wood on the 515 yard Par 5 1st hole. After what is probably the longest drive I’ve ever hit on this hole I was left with a legitimate chance to reach in two.

Ok, not really, because 90% of the front of the green is protected by bunkers meaning I’d have to carry it around 240 yards which is tough. And while I did not carry them I did go just right of them. This is every bit of a 230 yard 3 wood which is big time for your boy.

Dixon Earth Rackham 1st Hole 3 Wood

Distance, flight, feedback, and sound were outstanding hitting fairway woods with the Dixon Earth. Didn’t use a lot of fairway woods this day for reasons I’ll explain later.

Irons – A super most premium excellent golf ball to hit irons with. And I’m talking super most premium. The Dixon Earth exploded off my irons. Contact was firm and the sound was awesome.

Put up 5 Greens In Regulation on the front nine and if I wasn’t on I was over. Which is another story. Backed this one up with an 8 iron on the 153 yard Par 3 5th hole.

Dixon Earth Rackham 5th Hole 8 Iron

And decided to hit 3 iron on the very long 204 yard Par 3 13th hole. Typically I hit 5 wood with no wind and 3 wood if its blowing.

Dixon Earth Rackham 13th Hole 3 Iron

Chipping – Chipped that 3rd shot on the first hole from 40 yards away to 8 feet and made the birdie putt. And chipped my 3rd shot on the Par 5 7th hole from 50 yards away to 8 feet and made that birdie putt too! YIPPIE!!

The Dixon Earth was an excellent ball to chip or to take half wedge shots with. It created just enough spin to check up and stop. What I liked most was the feedback at contact.

Putting – Five 1 putts and sadly two 3 putts when I was putting for birdie. Balls. The Dixon Earth wasn’t Pro V1 soft at contact but very close. It was good enough that at contact I was not thinking it was a POS golf ball.

Because those golf balls do exist and the Dixon Earth is not one of those.

Durability – Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Score – MDF.

Dixon Earth Score

So I kind of lost all three Dixon Earth golf balls I took to the course. It’s not my fault. It’s the golf balls fault. Like, for real. I finished the round with a Bandit SB.

It all started on the Par 3 8th hole. Tee boxes were back further than normal and pin was in the middle left side of the green. Took out a 6 iron which is one to four clubs more than normal.

I tattooed it. When I looked for it all I could see is it heading dead straight toward the pin. And then it kept going. Last I saw was a bounce on the back of the green. Couldn’t tell if it stuck or not but thought it was on the back of green.

Nope. Could not find it anywhere. It should have been there. I even asked the people who were on the 9th tee box which is directly behind the 8th green if they heard it.

Nope. Oh, I dropped one but did not take a penalty stroke. It should have been there.

On the short Par 4 12th hole I pushed my drive right but had a shot from the 11th fairway. Pulled out my 8 iron from 135 yards and crushed it…left…long…and saw it bounce into some tall grass that I’ve never hit into before. Spent 5 minutes looking for it but could not find it. Ridiculous. I saw it bounce three times.

Here I am with one golf ball left and six holes to play. Two holes later I hooked my drive on the Par 5 14th hole where it magically went through three 80 foot tall Oak Trees clearing the 20 foot tall fence ending up on someones lawn (probably). I thought at worst it would have hit the fence but nnnnnooooooooo. I didn’t see it anywhere.

And sadly, the Dixon Earth doesn’t earn a score. It gets a MDF. If you’re not familiar with MDF its a term golf tournaments use on Friday for golfers who make the cut but since there were so many players making the Friday cut they have another small cut on Saturday. Players who don’t make it to Sunday get a MDF. Made Cut Did Not Finish.

Dixon Earth Golf Ball Chilling In Fairway

It pisses me off because I really liked the Dixon Earth. It was a super most premium golf ball. I do not know if I was making better than average contact from my morning P90X2 Yoga session I did which loosened me up. Or if it was in fact the golf ball.

What I do know is I hit the Dixon Earth long and straight with every club. And it performed like every bit of a premium golf ball. I could see myself buying them again for sure.

Dixon Wind Golf Ball Review

Rackham Golf Course. 7-26-18. 80 Degrees. Sunny. Windy (Of all the days)

Dixon Wind Golf Ball Review

Fresh off an embarrassing performance losing three golf balls in a round it was time to take the Dixon Wind for a spin.

Promising “Extreme Distance”, the Wind is designed for all swing speeds and is best for those with a 20+ handicap. It has medium trajectory, a firm compression of 110, and low spin.

Dixon might be the first golf ball company to admit who Distance golf balls are really for. They are for those who are not all that good at this silly game called golf. I never thought about it like that. Golf ball companies are doing everything in their power to make a ball to help the average schmo get it out there further.

My many amounts of testing so far is showing distance golf balls do tend to go a little bit further with every club in the bag but severely lack performance when hitting into the greens with irons, chipping, and even putting.

At least Dixon is being honest about it.

And now its time for golf.

Sending Driver – First tee shot of the day did not impress me much…Oh-oo-oh. Could not resist a Shania Twain reference. But yes, it did not. All sorts of regular distance on the first shot.

That changed on the second hole. In regards to accuracy and distance this might be the best drive I’ve ever had on this 315 yard Par 4. Every bit of a 265 yard drive.

Dixon Wind Rackham 2nd Hole

Made the dogleg on hole #3 off the tee box but pushed it just off the fairway. This is a typical mis-hit for me here. Not bad because I still have a shot at the green.

Dixon Wind Rackham 3rd Hole

Not anywhere nearly as far or as accurate as the drive I hit with the Earth on the 348 yard Par 4 4th hole a couple of days prior but a very good drive as I cut the corner on this dogleg.

Dixon Wind Rackham 4th Hole

On the 333 yard Par 4 12th hole this drive ended up in a typical location around 75 yards from the green.

Dixon Wind Rackham 12th Hole

And I hit an above average drive on the 511 yard Par 5 14th hole. I’m still 255 yards away but this 256 yard drive was perfect.

Dixon Wind Rackham 14th Hole

There were a couple other long drives but those had the benefit of a 15mph wind. The ones above were a mixture of into and with the wind.

Only hit 5 fairways with the Dixon Wind. You would think there would be more with it being windy out there. And it being the Wind and all.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – Lets just say there is only one shot from this category to talk about and it happened on the 418 yard Par 4 11th hole. After pushing my drive into the 12th’s hole fairway I was left with 212 yards to the green and of course it was into the wind.

Hit a perfect 3 wood that started left of the green and was pushed back to the right from the wind. I could not see where it ended up but I knew it was heading towards the green. As I made my way to the green I was the utmost pleased to see this. Just don’t ask me if I made the birdie putt. Because I didn’t.

Dixon Wind Rackham 11th Hole 3 Wood

With it being so windy today I spent most of the day advancing the Wind down the fairway. Outside of that one super most premium excellent shot it was a rather boring day hitting fairway woods. And it didn’t start all that well with those as I duffed two 3 wood shots on the first hole.

Irons – One thing about distance golf balls I’ve found is they are not so good approaching the green. They tend to bounce off and not check up unless you hit it perfect or in the middle of the green.

Hit 6 iron into the green from 160 yards on the 3rd hole and it bounced way off the back.

Dixon Wind Rackham 3rd Hole 6 Iron

Dropped this one in from 110 yards on the 4th hole with Pitching Wedge.

Dixon Wind Rackham 4th Hole Pitching Wedge

And got this guy to stick on the 6th hole with a Pitching Wedge from 90 yards. Magic is what made it backspin.

Dixon Wind Rackham 6th Hole Pitching Wedge

And my shoot the boot iron shot of the day happened on the tricky 369 yard Par 4 15th hole. Had a solid drive that went right of the fairway leaving me 130 yards uphill to the green. Dropped this 8 iron in from the right side rough. You should know your boy birdied this hole for the first time ever.

Dixon Wind Rackham 15th Hole 8 Iron

Only had 6 Greens In Regulation and one was with a fairway wood. This is below average. With it being so windy today I hit more fairway woods than normal which meant less irons hit.

The Dixon Wind didn’t have consistent performance into the greens and outside of a couple of close shots I wasn’t all that impressed.

Chipping – Lots of chip and three-quarter approach shots with it howling out there. Up and down for par three times due to chipping. Not bad.

The Wind didn’t check up once and performed best when there was a little bit more distance to run it to the hole. Results were mixed.

Putting – Took a whopping 33 putts with the Dixon Wind which is no bueno. This seems to be the case with distance golf balls. They just don’t have a soft feel coming off the putter.

7 one putts and 4 three putts. All of those one putts were from very good chip or approach shots within 6 feet. But the three putts were a disaster. Two times I was putting for birdie. There was just no feel with this golf ball.

Durability – The good news is I did not lose any golf balls today. But the Wind took a bit of a beating today. Hit at least four trees today. It’s really showing those blemishes.

Dixon Wind Golf Ball Durability

Score – 91. GIR – 6. Putts – 33. Fairways – 5.

Dixon Wind Score

Things did not start all that well for the Wind when it put up a 9 on the first hole. I can’t remember the last time I shot over 50 on the front nine. Just horrible. Got things turned around on the back nine with a 40 which is pretty damn good.

Dixon Wind Golf Ball Fairway

It was a little tougher than normal with it being windy but if there is a golf ball that should do well in the wind it would be the Dixon Wind. To give you an idea on how windy it was out there I hit Driver on both Par 3’s on the back nine. Both of which are over 200 yards and where I typically hit 5 and 3 wood into.

Not today. Put it pin high but just off the green and left on #13 and scrambled for par. Went just barely over the green and under a tree on #16 and doubled.

I’ve hit Driver a couple of times on #16 but never on #13.

And that’s the thing about distance golf balls. They can be fun to hit but from 150 yards out they really struggle with performance. The Wind was no different. This is a fancy Nike Mojo. I don’t see myself buying these golf balls in the future.

Dixon Fire Golf Ball Review

Rackham Golf Course. 8-2-18. 82 Degrees. Sunny. Breezy.

Dixon Fire Golf Ball Review

Out of all the golf balls I received in the sample pack it was the Dixon Fire that I was most interested in playing. And the reasoning is quite simple. They are a $6.25 golf ball.

HOLY GOLF BALLS!! A six dollar fricking golf ball. And people complain about a Pro V1 being $4. Up to this point the most expensive golf ball I’ve played is the XXIO at $5 a piece. But $6. WOW.

Dixon says the Fire is for someone with a swing speed over 100 mph (80-90 for me) and preferably a single digit handicapper (I’m a 10). Borderline greatness.

There are a few added technologies in the Fire that the other golf balls don’t have in that this one has an “Elastodynamic urethane cover” and a “High-Intensity GreenCore with Ignite Technology”. You see, many technologies.

But a $6 golf ball? I mean, the Fire has a lot to live up to on price alone.

Needless to say but I was actually excited and intrigued to see what I could do with the Fire. So much so that I even did some P90X3 Yoga before heading out to make sure I was all stretchy and stuff.

Its golf time.

Sending Driver – Things started out very average with my first drive. Middle of the fairway and a 230 yard drive.

Dixon Fire Rackham 1st Hole

And they got a little squirrely after that. Kept pushing the Fire right and coming up shorter than average drives. It wasn’t until the 9th hole that I hit the fairway again with another average distance drive.

Dixon Fire Rackham 9th Hole
How’s the weather over there 150 yard marker?

Got it back into the fairway on the Par 4 11th hole with average distances.

Dixon Fire Rackham 11th Hole
I’m not trying to avoid you 150 yard marker. I promise.

Back in the fairway on the short Par 4 12th too with average distance again.

Dixon Fire Rackham 12th Hole

Had my best drive of the day on the Par 5 14th. Even though it hit the fairway I’d say its a good 30 yards short of the drive I hit with the Wind a week prior. Zero chance of making on the green in two.

Dixon Fire Rackham 14th Hole

And the last fairway I hit came on the very long Par 4 18th. Yes, its in the middle of the fairway but man does that 150 yard marker look a mile away. This is a good 65 yards behind the drive I hit with the FOO-KING-LONG three weeks prior.

Dixon Fire Rackham 18th Hole
I lied. I am trying to avoid you 150 yard marker.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – With me getting all sorts of average to below average distance with the Fire it left me with a lot of 3 and 5 woods. No hybrids though.

And because I was so much further away from hitting any sort of special shot with these clubs it was merely about advancing the ball down the fairway.

There is really only one shot to talk about and thats the 3 wood I hit on the Par 5 14th hole. Remember that good drive I mentioned early and how I had zero chance of hitting the green in two? Well, I still didn’t hit the green but got much closer than expected.

Dixon Fire 3 Wood Rackham 14th Hole
It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.

This is every bit of a 230 yard carry with some backspin to boot. It was the only shot of the day with some sort of wood that the Fire impressed me with. Damn thing left the club like a rocket.

Irons – Had four Greens In Regulation with the Fire and that is a bit below average. With me hitting so many fairway woods it didn’t leave many chances to hit irons. It did start out ok with a full 9 iron into the first green for a Green In Regulation.

Blob Shadow

And I hit the green on the Par 3 5th hole.

Dixon Fire 7 Iron Rackham 5th Hole
Again. Not bragging as I backed it up.

Outside of those there wasn’t that much to talk about. I just could not get a good feel for the Fire. It tended to tail off a lot and distance was average.

Chip – Since I couldn’t hit greens with any approach shot I was left with a lot of chip shots.

Used my new 48 degree Cleveland wedge on the short Par 4 6th hole from about 100 yards for a Green In Regulation.

Dixon Fire 48 Degree Wedge Rackham 6th Hole

Was able to chip onto the Par 5 14th for a Green In Regulation with a wedge. Scrambled for par twice using a wedge but that’s it.

The Fire didn’t check up or provide any sort of crazy spin with wedges. I’d say it was very average to chip with. Just get it in the air and hope it rolls out.

Putting – Three 1 putts and two 3 putts for 35 total putts. And of course both 3 putts happened when I started putting for birdie. Balls.

The Fire was all sorts of average on the greens. It didn’t have that nice soft feeling at impact or give that “clink” sound a Pro V1 does.

Durability – I have tested over 30 golf balls before playing the Dixon Fire and I have never seen one less durable. The cover (above the D) has already chipped off. It’s already starting to show its age and its only 1 round old.

Dixon Fire Golf Ball Durability

And this was on an odd day where I did not hit one tree (I’m good for at least one), hit from just one bunker, nor did I hit a cart path. And the course was soft from a heavy rainfall two days prior. No bueno.

Score – 86. GIR – 4. Putts – 35. Fairways – 6.

Dixon Fire Score

As you can probably tell I was not impressed with the Dixon Fire. Everything about this golf ball was very average to me. It reminded me of playing a hard to hit Titleist NXT Tour. Which isn’t a bad thing for a $3 golf ball. But that is not what the Dixon Fire is. It’s a $6.25 golf ball.

Could it be that my under 100 mph swing speed limited me from getting the most out of the Dixon Fire? Possibly.

Dixon Fire Golf Ball In Fairway

I made similar remarks when playing the Pinnacle Gold Long Drive in that it felt like I needed to swing much faster to even get the ball going.

In the end I just do not feel the Dixon Fire lived up to its price tag. I do not see myself buying these golf balls ever again. Good news is I didn’t lose one.

Dixon Spirit Golf Ball Review

Rackham Golf Course. 8-23-18. 80 Degrees. Sunny. Light Breeze.

Dixon Spirit Golf Ball Review

Last but certainly not least in the Dixon golf ball lineup is the Spirit. Its like pretty and stuff with its Crystal Pink Eco-cover.

Are you really going to play a women’s golf ball? Yes. Yes I am. And I’m perfectly ok with it.

If you do not know what the difference is between a mens and woman golf ball is then let me briefly explain. It all comes down to compression.

Men typically have faster swing speeds then women which allows them to compress through the golf ball. A higher compression could be looked at as a “tougher golf ball” that can take a beating. Lower compression the opposite. Spirit has a compression of 65 while the Dixon Wind has a compression of 110.

People with faster swing speeds can lose distance with low compression golf balls as they basically hit through the ball. Too slow of a swing with a high compression and the golf ball deflects off the club face losing distance and control.

My expectations with the Spirit are low as I was thinking I’d be hitting through the ball. I had also missed three weeks of golf from a pretty bad cold I got (“A Hot” since it was in August) that drained me of energy. Jokingly I thought it had been a month since I worked out that maybe I lost some of that swing speed and it would work with the Spirit.

But all that you really need to know about the Spirit is in the description.

“The World’s first 100% eco-friendly golf ball designed for her. Spirit is the nexus of style, performance, environment – the elements of golf.” Basically, they are describing a very hot and athletic lady Brad Gibala.

Its golf time.

Sending Driver – It took me a couple of holes to get used to the Spirit. Distance was ok but I was pushing it right ever so slightly.

Made a slight adjustment in my stance on the 4th hole and things started to get interesting. Not as far as the Wind or Earth drives I had on this dogleg right Par 4 but very respectable.

Dixon Spirit Drive Rackham 4th Hole

Sent one right down the middle on the 502 yard Par 5 7th hole. Every bit of a 245 yard drive.

Dixon Spirit Drive Rackham 7th Hole

Two yards to the left on the 387 yard Par 4 9th and this is probably a top 10 drive for me on this hole.

Dixon Spirit Drive 9th Hole Rackham

Sent one of the prettiest drives (because its Pink) I’ve ever hit on the 511 yard Par 5 14th hole. Every bit of a 250 yard drive. Muy bueno.

Dixon Spirit Drive 14th Hole Rackham

And to finish off the round I absolutely sent this one to a distance of at least 265 yards.

Dixon Spirit Drive Rackham 18th Hole

I only hit 4 fairways with the Spirit which is just under average. Is it ok to admit I actually enjoyed hitting it with driver? Like, a lot. Didn’t hit any draws nor slices. And I did not feel like I had to swing hard. Smooth gas all day. Ball flight was lower than my normal mid to high trajectory.

Fairway Woods – Following the easiness of hitting driver the Spirit was just as so with fairway woods. Distance was on par with just about every premium golf ball I’ve tested. It took me a couple of holes to adjust to the Spirit but when I did it performed quite well.

I only hit two fairway woods on the front nine which were both on the Par 5’s. Both of which were just about advancing the ball with zero chance of hitting either green in two.

On the back nine is when the course lengthens. Hit an amazing (it’s because I impressed myself) left to right 5 wood from 200 yards out into the 11th holes green that somehow rolled over it.

Sent another very pretty 3 wood at least 235 yards on the Par 5 14th hole with some serious spin. Left me 40 yards to the hole for my 3rd shot.

Dixon Spirit 3 Wood 14th Hole Rackham

I did not have any GIR’s with fairway woods or hybrids which is ok. Again, distance was better than expected. Ball flight was low to medium. Contact was awesome. Felt effortless.

Irons – What a truly splendid day of hitting irons it was. Did I just admit again I enjoyed hitting a golf ball designed for her?

It started on the Par 5 1st hole when I hit my 3rd shot with a 9 iron from 115 yards out.

Dixon Spirit 9 Iron Rackham 1st Hole

Put this one on from 140 yards out on the Par 4 4th hole with an 8 iron.

Dixon Spirit 8 Iron Rackham 4th Hole

And another GIR on the short Par 4 12th hole when I hit a 9 Iron from 125 yards out.

Dixon Spirit 9 Iron 12th Hole

All together I had 8 Greens In Regulation with the Spirit when hitting irons. Distance was about the same as “manly golf balls”. Trajectory was my normal mid to high. Contact was awesome. You could feel the compression. And the Spirit landed soft almost every time.

Chipping – If I was not on the green then I was barely off. And again, I was impressed with the Spirit here too.

It did not matter if I was using my Pitching Wedge, 52 degree, or 60 degree to chip with. On almost ever chip the Spirit checked up on either the first or second bounce. Nothing bounced and stopped but the check up was just enough to slow it down. Something I never do on purpose.

Scrambled to save par three times because of good chipping.

Putting – Zero 3 putts and five one putts. 29 total putts. Again, very surprised with how the Spirit performed.

Technically the birdie I had on the Par 5 14th was a chip in even though I putted it in from a yard off the green. Left that 40 yard approach just a bit short. Outside of that I was not able to make any birdie putts. Was close enough to tap in for par a number of times which is alright with me.

Rackham’s greens are not that fast which means you have to be comfortable giving it a little extra on any flat or uphill putt.

The Spirit seemed to glide over the grass. Maybe the crystal cover had something to do with it. And it seemed to wobble at the end of each roll as it came to rest. All I know is I liked how it felt at contact.

Durability – I need to make a confession. I lost one on the Par 4 6th hole. What you are seeing is one that made it through 12.5 holes.

Dixon Spirit Golf Ball Durability

There is one scuff mark on the ball which came from hitting a 3 wood into the very long Par 4 10th green from 230 yards out.

Was just off the right side of the fairway and smoked it left. Would have been pin high and 20 feet off the green had it not found the last four feet of cart path for the 11th hole. Damn thing skipped 60 feet leaving me 30 yards from the hole. Magically made bogey.

Other than the scuff mark it appears to be a very durable golf ball.

Score – 76. GIR – 8. Putts – 29. Fairways – 4.

Dixon Spirit Score

So yah. I shot the best round of my life with the Spirit. A golf ball made for her.

What does that say about me? Probably lots.

After hitting a 5 iron from 160 yards out into the Par 4 3rd green to 25 feet I started to think how much the Spirit reminded me of the Floater.

Decent distance. Soft on contact. Seemed to fall from the sky. Rolled out just a little on approach shots but in most cases took a hop and stopped. Checked up just a little on the green. And was soft at contact with the putter. Everything seemed to work.

So much so that this was one of the more boring rounds of golf I can remember playing. But isn’t that how golf is supposed to be when you’re playing well?

After playing the front nine by myself I caught up with three guys for the back nine. On the 11th hole one of them said “Does your lady know you’re playing her golf ball?”

On the 12th hole I told them the Spirit was the last of the Dixon sample pack I had bought but had yet to play. Told them about me being sick and missing golf. On the 14th hole they all said “well, you sure are hitting the shit out of it.” I agreed.

Dixon Spirit Golf Ball In Fairway

Does this round deserve an asterisk(*) because I did not take a penalty stroke when I lost a ball on the 6th Hole?

I’ll tell you this much. I refuse to take penalty strokes when I see a golf ball bounce into an area where there is no reason as to why you can’t find it. My tee shot bounced through the fairway and into the rough. There is no reason why I should not have found it. NONE.

I walked around for 5 minutes circling everything. Had to drop one as the group behind me teed off.

I still had plenty of holes to mess this round up. So don’t think I didn’t take a penalty stroke because I was butt hurt about losing out on my possible best score ever like it was on the 17th hole or something.

NO REASON as to why I could not find it.

Anyways. I absolutely loved the Dixon Spirit. What can I say besides it was the perfect golf ball.

And its a good thing for the Spirit that I was the one testing as there are so few men who could have pulled it off.

I could see myself buying the Spirit in the future for you know “shits and giggles” but mostly to play and tell dudes they better not lose to a guy playing a women’s golf ball.


If Dixon releases a new golf ball I will un-conclude my conclusion and test the golf ball on this page.

In the mean time I think it is admirable what Dixon is doing in creating eco-friendly golf balls. This whole pollution and using up of natural resources thing is a big deal. And its nice to see at least one company carving out their niche.

Throw in the fact that Dixon makes some damn good golf balls and what isn’t there to like? Well, maybe except for the Fire and its $6.25 price tag per golf ball. And that its made for the not me’s of the world.

I enjoyed the Wind. I really liked the Earth. Gonna have to buy another sleeve of those and try to keep them visible on the golf course. Again, so embarrassed I lost all three.

And then there’s the Spirit. My Crystal Pink golf ball made for her. It just had to be you that I play my best round of golf ever with. Word is already out too. My brother and a couple of my friends already know.

It would be nice if Dixon could make the Spirit in a Crystal White finish and say that its for “them” or “they”. That would make it easier for slow swinging misters like myself to hide the fact they are playing a women’s golf ball without the hoopla of playing a pink golf ball.

That’s it. That’s all I got. Well done Dixon.

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