Elbow Inferno Wrap Review

Elbow Inferno Wrap Review
Time To Fire Up The Elbow

The Elbow Inferno Wrap is a product I used to help recover from a tennis elbow injury in 2011. When the injury happened I searched Google for anything to help recover quicker. The Elbow Inferno Wrap by MendMeShop.com kept showing up so I bought one.

MendMeShop.com makes different Inferno Wraps for specific parts of the body – elbow, knee, back/hip, leg/arm, shoulder, plantar/spur, and wrist. I bought the elbow one.

Recovering from a tennis elbow injury takes time due to the elbow bending in normal day-to-day activities. To heal properly the area around the elbow needs blood flow. The Elbow Inferno Wrap is designed to get more blood flowing through Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy.

The body does a good job of providing blood flow after an injury and stops when it feels its healed itself enough to survive. Thats great and all but what most people want to do more than just survive. Greedy humans we are.

After receiving the Elbow Inferno Wrap I read through the instructions and put it on. It is comfortable to wear and provides flexibility to move your arm. The hottest setting of the three was the one I used most often. I never felt the hottest setting was going to burn my arm.

The Elbow Inferno Wraps selling point is it’s a heating pad that wraps the entire elbow and not just the surface of the elbow. It penetrates more area this way as the elbow is an awkward area to put a heating pad on. How many times have you used a heating pad and tried to wrap it around a body part? Like every time. The Inferno Wrap simplifies heating pads downfalls.

Elbow Inferno Wrap Pouch
Fire It Up To Level 3

The Elbow Inferno Wrap takes 5 minutes to heat up and stays the same temperature the entire time. There are no warnings saying to take it off before a certain time. The Inferno Wrap was comfortable and sometimes I would forget I had it on.

The Elbow Inferno Wrap helped speed up recovery and reduce pain in the months following my injury. I used the Inferno Wrap for up to an hour every day for 6 months when I was on my computer. It kept my elbow loose and warm so I could type for hours.

One thing I should have done is wear it when my elbow was not hurting. When the elbow hurts it is inflamed and needs ice, not heat. Made the mistake of wearing the Inferno Wrap when it was hurting and should have put the Freezie Wrap on instead.

In Summary

With my injury healed up I mainly use the Elbow Inferno Wrap for preventative maintenance. I still keep it near my computer and throw it on occasionally.

I believe the Inferno Wrap helped me recover faster from tennis elbow. The injury will never completely go away but I feel it worked in helping to alleviate pain. When your options are do nothing and take pills or use the Inferno Wrap I feel going the wrap route was best. I could not stand the thought of taking pills everyday to mask the pain. I would rather do everything with my non-dominant hand than needlessly take pills.

This is what happened for the first couple of weeks when I was figuring out how to heal the tennis elbow injury. Since the injury happened to my dominant right hand I had to do everything left-handed. Using the mouse and even cooking were a pain in the butt. I had to learn a new way to do everything with this injury. Thankfully the Elbow Inferno Wrap could be worn anywhere near a plug which is what I did.

Not designed for the knee but I wrapped my knee with the Elbow Inferno Wrap. A two for one if you will. I have been dealing with knee injuries longer than my elbow so its nice to know I have another tool available to heal if need be. This saves me more money from not having to buy the Knee Inferno Wrap down the road.

The Elbow Inferno Wrap is not cheap at $150. They had a bundle package with the Freezie Wrap at the time for $150 total. You can buy the Elbow Inferno Wrap directly from the manufacturer on MendMeShop.com or at the MendMeShop Amazon Store. They sell out quickly and are not in stock occasionally. You may have to go on a waiting list or try to find a used one.

I bought directly from MendMeShop.com as there were no listings on Amazon at the time. Due to MendMeShop.com being headquartered in Canada you may receive a call from your credit card company suspecting fraudulent activity like I did. I told them it was not fraud and to proceed with the order.

At the time it shipped from Canada and orders over a certain amount had free shipping. Thats why I bundled the Freezie Wrap. It did not take long for my order to get to me since I live in Michigan. They ship from Pennsylvania now but returns go to Canada and you are responsible for the return shipping cost. It’s best to have the mindset that you are not returning anything you buy from MendMeShop.com. Hopefully my review gives you what you’re looking for in a decision one way or the other when deciding to buy or not buy one.

My Inferno Wrap is 6 years old and still works well. It has done everything it said it was going to do. My elbow feels much better and I can play softball and golf with no pain. Typing for hours on my computer does not hurt nor does simple things like lifting up grocery bags.

All three settings heat up and there are no tears in the material. It is pricey at $150 but you can get many years out of the Elbow Inferno Wrap as you nurse your tennis elbow injury back to good health.

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