Focus T25 Workout Review: I Guess Its Ok

Focus T25 ReviewThis Focus T25 workout review is probably going to be a little different than most of the other reviews you’re going to read in so that its not a good one.

I have started T25 two times and can’t get any farther than the second week of month two (Beta Phase). Reason being is T25 kind of bores me. For this reason alone there will be no T25 results or before and after photos from me.

Its not that Focus T25 is not a great program. There were many times the first month where I couldn’t get through a workout or two for sure. My issue comes with me already completing other Shaun T workouts like Insanity and The Asylum. Focus T25 is no where as close to being as intense as those workouts. Let me break it down for you.

Alpha Phase (Month 1)

Even not doing that much cardio the 6 months prior to starting T25 I was able to do almost 85% of the moves at the same pace Shaun T and the crew behind him were going at in the first week. By the end of week 2 I was able to do almost everything. I guess the muscle memory of all those rounds of Insanity and Asylum years prior showed up. Rarely did I get sore and most of the times I was just getting warmed up by the time it was over. If anything, I was ready for the workout to begin at the end of 25 minutes.

Beta Phase (Month 2)

This is when T25 starts to become a workout. The pace picks up and you start using dumbbells or resistance bands. But again, even not being in what I would call cardio shape I was able to keep up nearly 80% of the time. I’d build up a bit more of a sweat then the Alpha phase but I’d still be wanting more at the end of the 25 minutes.

After not seeing or feeling any real results or changes at day 45 of T25 twice I ended up quitting. I didn’t really see the point of spending anymore time doing T25 without getting the results I normally can feel or see at that point of  any Beachbody workout I had ever done. Still not trying to give up on T25 all together I decided to buy the Gamma Phase.

Gamma Phase (Month 3)

The Gamma phase of T25 does move faster and is well put together. I’d say this is what T25 should be about right from the get go. Started sweating in less than 10 minutes and could only do about half of the moves at Shaun T’s pace. When I think of a Shaun T workout the Gamma Phase is what I think of.

Why I’m Not Liking T25

For me the workout is over before it really starts. Its not that the first 15 minutes aren’t challenging its just that for me it takes those first 5-10 minutes to just get warmed up. Plus there isn’t that second half of the workout to look forward to where it usually starts getting much harder.

But the real reason why I’m not fond of T25 is because I’ve already done Insanity and Insanity: The Asylum. T25 comes nowhere close to the intensity and overall workout efficiency that Insanity and The Asylum come to. The Insanity Fit Test at 15 minutes long is a tougher workout than any Alpha Phase workout (Month 1) of T25.

I understand the push from Beachbody to develop new programs to serve different fitness niches. But if you’re somebody who is already use to working out for 45 to 60 minutes and can do it well then why would you scale back to do just 25 minutes? You’re just not going to get any new results from working out in half the time while doing what are essentially the same moves that are in Insanity at half the speed.

The only way I could see people getting better results from T25 over Insanity or The Asylum is if they were 100% spot on with the diet. Thats it. Otherwise it is my opinion that you are going to be doing nothing more than a maintenance program or giving yourself a break from hour long workouts.

I could also see T25 being a good filler program between Insanity and another Beachbody program. Reason being is T25 is not as high impact and will give your joints some time to heel up from the beating they take during Insanity. I’m not saying that Focus T25 is a bad program. What Im saying is that people who have completed other Shaun T workouts should continue doing those and getting better at them.

What I Do Like About T25

Is that its 25 minutes and you do not need a lot of equipment. From a workout program point of view, T25 is great as it fills a niche. For me, I am conditioned to longer workouts with a warm up and cool down period.

Seeing how you just need some dumbbells or resistance bands laying around for month two is nice too. Most people who have completed other Beachbody workouts have those in the house for sure.

Who Should Do T25

Focus T25 is best suited for people who are just starting their fitness journey or really have no time to workout (lets be honest – if you’ve done other Shaun T workouts then you know how to make time for them). I can’t see people who play sports or are looking for a program to get them in shape for their activity getting anything more out of T25 then they could with Insanity or Asylum. Those two workout programs are very performance/athletic focused and T25 is more general health and fitness.

Download T25

Download T25 WorkoutAre you looking to download T25 for free? Well, you sort of can.

With Beachbody On Demand you can view T25 and every other Beachbody workout ever made for $99 a year or $8.33 a month. If you are not happy with it within 30 days they will refund your money. They also offer a 6 month option for $60 or a free 30 day trial.

When you subscribe to Beachbody On Demand you are given the ability to download T25 and every other workout onto your mobile device, laptop, or computer.

As long as you continue to subscribe to Beachbody On Demand you can access your downloads. They have a key code which recognizes your account as active or not.

Technically, you cannot download T25 for free nor does Beachbody offer a T25 torrent. In my opinion the Beachbody On Demand option is awesome as you can view it online or via the app.

Final Thoughts

I do think that Focus T25 would be a great program to be doing a hybrid with. And when I say hybrid I mean doing it along with another workout every day. Not T25 one day and something else the next day. Im talking two workouts every day. T25 and Body Beast everyday sticks out in my mind. This way you’ll be done in about 80 minutes.

Shaun T – If you are reading this please do not take it the wrong way. I get it, Beachbody is trying to fill niches now and T25 does just that. Working out at home and working out in person with you are two different things.

Certainly a live T25 workout with you would be a great workout because of the intensity in the room. I have worked out with you in person a number of times and its always crazy. At home following along is a different thing.

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