Insanity Asylum Workout Review: I Got Ripped

Insanity Asylum Workout ReviewBack in the good old days of 2011 I had finished my first and only round of Insanity: The Asylum and its also when I originally wrote this review. Its 2018 and its time to update this review.

When I did my first round I was 31 years old and in very good shape. I’m 37 years old now and still in decent shape.

I have not done another round of the Asylum since 2011 and it’s because of a couple of reasons. For one, I injured my elbow a week after finishing The Asylum which took six months to properly heal. And two, I started lifting weights with Body Beast in 2012. And three, The Asylum is really tough. I just haven’t had it in me to try it again.

By now you probably know that Insanity: The Asylum is a 30 day program developed by Shaun T to improve your speed, coordination, agility, and strength with sports specific moves pro athletes do. I was expecting Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1 to be a lot like the original Insanity workout but to my surprise it was not.

Let’s get into it. I prefer to post my before and after photos at the top with the details below.


Insanity Asylum Results Before Photos
Insanity Asylum Before Photo
Insanity Asylum Results After Photos
Insanity Asylum After Photo

This is easily the most ripped I have ever been in my entire life. None of this would have been possible without the numerous rounds of P90X and Insanity I did before The Asylum. Saying all that it’s still impressive how much my body changed in just 30 workouts.

Forgot to take a picture of my calves but man did they get ripped. All of the jump roping and agility ladder work did a number on them.

I did do about 20 miles of mountain biking and played double-header softball games on consecutive nights weekly during my 30 days of Insanity Asylum. I work out of the house so my bike is my means of transportation.

I took a gander at the Insanity Asylum meal plan but kept up with my tradition of not following it. I did like how it was much simpler than other Beachbody meal plans. I would give myself a B+ on the meal plans. Usually have 1-3 cheat meals a week like Buffalo Wings, couple slices of pizza, or my weakness…french fries.

Yes, I do have a beer or two or more on the weekends. It probably would have made a subtle difference in my results if I completely cut alcohol but I’m not trying to make the cover of a magazine.

I took Shakeology daily and the P90X Recovery Drink after every workout. Would have a P90X Protein Bar every other day. Shakeology has made a big impact on my overall health and fitness since I started taking it daily two years ago.

Started on April 19th and finished on June 24th taking me 67 days to complete the Insanity Asylum workout. It took longer than 30 days because of double-header softball games twice a week and my stupid left knee. If I worked out on both days and played softball I would be gassed.

Would rather workout one day, rest the other, and have energy to play the games. My knee was the other issue. Occasionally I would skip a day or two of Asylum workouts and ride my bike to get a workout in. All of the lunges, jump roping, and running the bases put a toll on my knee in the beginning forcing me to rest.

Insanity Asylum Workout PackageWhat Did You Like Most?

The first day reminded me of field day back in elementary school. Not because the workouts were easy but because of the variety involved with the exercises. Never used an agility ladder or jump rope to workout with. Those two pieces of equipment pushed me because speed and agility are both of my major weaknesses.

Still not as fast or agile as I want to be but definitely faster now then when I started. I lost a lot of upper body strength from not doing pull ups in the Insanity workout so it was nice to see the pull up bar used. Workouts were under an hour and most were 45 minutes. Exercises were a mix of strength, cardio, and core work so there was no need for 15 minute ab workout.

What Did You Like The Least?

The Insanity Asylum workout is hard as hell. I guess that’s a good thing though. Kind of wish the Relief Workout would have been a little longer and involved more Yoga moves. Kind of hard to be critical in this review when I know The Asylum kicked my butt.

Should People Who Play Sports Do The Insanity Asylum Workout?

Yes. I probably had my best softball season since I started doing Beachbody workouts 4 years ago (I’m 31 years old and am in better shape now then when I was 27). The Asylum workout focused on sport specific moves which carried right over into moves I would make playing softball. Noticed a bigger burst of speed on the base paths and while fielding ground balls.

Footwork improved from the jump roping and arm strength from the Strength Workout. It made it easier to get to ground balls and throw people out from short stop.

Should Overweight People Do The Insanity Asylum Workout?

Overweight or out of shape people can have success with the Asylum workout if they follow the plan and focus on form but I would not recommend starting here. The pace Shaun T sets is ridiculous. If you are very out of shape you are either going to be pressing pause a lot turning it into an hour workout or letting it play and only getting in 10 minutes of working out in.

What Do You Need?

What Do You Need For Insanity Asylum WorkoutTo do the Insanity Asylum workout you’re gonna need a couple of pieces of equipment. If you’ve done other Beachbody workouts then you probably have some of the items.

Insanity Asylum Workout DVDBeachbody includes the agility ladder and jump rope when you buy the Insanity Asylum workout. With the Asylum workout being extremely challenging you’ll find yourself probably struggling with some of the moves.

When I went through my first round I only used the pull up bar for one move as the pull ups they were trying to do were ridiculous. I did the dumbbell move Shaun T said to do instead.

When I saw the ladder I kept thinking it was going to be like field day in elementary school. Speed has always been a weakness of mine so the jump rope and ladder are going to suck for the first couple of weeks but I know I’m going to get a lot out of it.

The Insanity Asylum workout I received was the basic package. There are other packages that come with an extra band. I won mine through a Beachbody Coach contest that’s autographed by Shaun T so I’m gonna have to buy the band.

What Is The Hardest Insanity Asylum Workout?

Hardest Insanity Asylum Workout

This is a trick question. All of the Insanity Asylum workouts are hard. If you haven’t started Asylum yet and are looking toward an off day then this isn’t the workout for you. Anyways, the list below is from my experience of doing Insanity Asylum.

  1. Gameday – At 60 minutes it’s the longest Asylum workout. You only do it 3 times in the program as it’s designed to incorporate a lot of the moves from the other workouts. Its miserable.
  2. Speed & Agility – I feel this workout is the basis of the entire program. Every move you do is meant to be fast. Pushups, rope jumping, squats while jump roping, and shoulder taps going through the agility ladder.
  3. Strength – The dumbbell progression sequence in the first 10 minutes is my favorite. Shaun T does so many combo moves with them that you’re hurting everywhere. If you’re in good enough shape you’ll be able to use the pull up bar for some of the moves. I was dead tired by then and could barely do 1 so I stuck with the weights. This was my favorite Asylum workout.
  4. Vertical Plyo – Jump rope, jump, push ups in the agility ladder, more jump roping, more moving push ups, and more jumping.
  5. Fit Test – While it’s designed to asses where you’re at physically, the fit test is no joke. The 9 moves are tough with very little time in between to catch your breath.
  6. Back To Core – The warmup gets the heart pumping which leads into a tough lunge with pulse sequence. This workout is more about using your core to maintain stability in the moves.
  7. Overtime – It’s probably not fair to put this 15 minute workout so low as you only do it twice in Asylum and its after the grueling Game Day workout. On its own this would be an ideal total body workout to be done when you’re short on time.
  8. Relief – Here comes your easy day. This workout is only 25 minutes long and you stretch for the majority of it. Pretty much what the title says.

It was a toss-up between Strength and Vertical Plyo as I have a knee injury which limited me in how hard I could push myself with all the jumping. In the end all of the Insanity Asylum workouts are hard and there really are no off days.

How Much Space Is Needed For Insanity Asylum?

The Insanity Asylum workout keeps up with the trend from Beachbody where you don’t need a lot of space to workout in. I had a little bit of a problem in my small family room with the agility ladder so I went outside. It was summer so it was not a big deal.

My issue inside was I didn’t have enough space to jump the length of the agility ladder which limited me in how much speed I could get going. I also had an issue jumping rope inside as my ceilings are low. If you have a room in your house that’s 3 feet wider and longer than mine and tall ceilings then you’ll be ok. Otherwise you’ll only be able to do the Back to Core and Strength workout inside.

Space Needed For Insanity Asylum Workout
Doing The Strength Workout Inside
Insanity Asylum Workout Space Needed
Doing Speed & Agility Out 

Fit Test

Insanity Asylum Workout Fit TestBefore starting the Insanity Asylum you have to do the Fit Test. Shaun T calls the Fit Test the Insanity Asylum Athletic Performance Assessment. Don’t know why Beachbody had to go with such a long name.

The Athletic Performance Assessment is 25 minutes long and has 9 different exercises in which you have to do as many reps as you can with good form in about a minute. Here is how I did.

Agility Heismans – 7 sets

In & Out Abs – 24

Wide Grip Pull Ups – 10

Mountain Climber Switch Kicks – 39

Agility Shoulder Taps – 3.5 sets

X Jumps – 24

Moving Push-Ups – 3 sets

Agility Lateral Shuffle – 12.5 sets

Agility Bear Crawl – 7 sets

I’m pleased with the strength tests but not so much with the speed ones. I already know that speed is my weakness and is the thing I need to work on the most.

I expect these numbers to go up dramatically over the next 30 days. Hopefully the weather will warm up a little bit here in Michigan so I can do the next fit test outside. As you can tell by the video my house is not all that big and it was kind of cramped.

Day 1 – Speed & Agility

Insanity Asylum Speed Agility WorkoutDay 1 gets started with a 45 minute Speed and Agility workout. Both of which are my weak points. I think its been about 15 years since I’ve picked up a jump rope and or used an agility ladder. The “warmup” was a little much and I had to take breaks through out the entire dvd. As you can tell from the video I took that space is a premium in my house so I kept hitting stuff with the jump rope or almost hitting my head on the entertainment center doing push ups. I still can’t get over the pace that Shaun T sets. Its ridiculous.

While I think I did ok with the Insanity Asylum Fit Test I can already tell that there is going to be a whole lot of areas I’m going to improve on. Its disheartening sometimes when you start a whole new program and it feels like your starting over with your fitness. I thought the same things when I did the first days of P90X and the Insanity workout. Oh well. Bring on day 2 of the Insanity Asylum workout.

Day 2 – Strength

Insanity Asylum Strength WorkoutAs usual, Shaun T has created a variety of moves that I would never make up on my own. Some of my favorite moves include the ones where you do a curl, squat, drop down, push up, spider push up, another push up, and finish with 8 mountain climbers. The “Pyramid Push Ups” were brutal.

There where a couple moves where you have the option of using the P90X pull up bar or dumbbells to do a move. At first I thought I could do the pull ups but I could barely do one so I had to use the dumbbells.

I get the feeling that the Strength Workout is going to be one of my favorite Asylum workouts the more I do the program.

Day 3 – Back To Core

Insanity Asylum Back To Core WorkoutShaun T once again found a way to work all of the smaller muscles that are apart of the back and core. Lots of pulses while in a lunge position along with plank work. I had to wear a knee brace during this one as it was hurting from the day before. Glad I did because it lessened the pain during some of the lunges and jumps.

My favorite moves from the Back to Core workout are the planks at the end where you have to hold yourself up and do leg extensions. My abs, arms, and legs were killing.

My back and core are telling me that this particular Asylum workout is going to be the one that sneaks up on me and keeps me sore for a day or two longer.

Day 4 – Vertical Plyo

Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo WorkoutJust from looking at the title of it I knew this was going to be a hard workout for me. My knee does not do so well with all of the jumping and that’s usually what Shaun T specializes in.

So I put on the knee brace and got to work. I really enjoy using the jump rope and agility ladder but I have a limited space to workout in so it makes it kind of a pain in the butt to do these workouts.

Its like I can’t get any momentum going because I might hit the TV or hit the lamp that’s behind me. The cold and rainy Michigan spring we have been having has limited me to staying inside. I kept having to pause the dvd to switch things around. Any move Shaun T thought of that used the agility ladder destroyed me. The “Speed Skaters” and “Reverse Jumps” in and out of the boxes tested my knee and cardio.

With it being my first time doing the Vertical Plyo workout I knew it was going to be a little rough on my knee. I’m hoping my knee is a little stronger the next time I do this Insanity Asylum workout.

Day 5 – Rest Day


Day 6 – Speed & Agility

Insanity Asylum Workout - Day 6 Speed and AgilityThis was my second time doing Speed and Agility. Still getting used to the moves. Bear Crawls are killing me. I seem to run out of energy when those come around. Had to wear the brace as the knee was hurting a little bit today.

Getting a little bit better with the jump rope but still have a lot to improve on. Penalized myself a couple of times by touching the agility ladder. Shaun T says its 5 push ups every time you touch it. Whatever he says goes.

Also, I am not a Cleveland Cavaliers or Lebron James fan. That stupid “Witness” shirt was given to me when I used to work at Quicken Loans. The owner of Quicken, Dan Gilbert, owns the Cavs and gave everybody a shirt. It will probably be used as a rag sometime soon.

Day 7 – Strength

Insanity Asylum Workout Day 7 Strength WorkoutThe Strength workout is becoming one of my favorite Beachbody workouts. It has a little bit of everything in it. Legs, upper body, core, you name it, your working it.

One of my favorite sequences is when you do the bicep curl, squat, drop down into plank, do a push up, run it out, jump in and do it all over again. Shaun T makes you do 3 variations going from easiest to hardest. Did a little bit better than the first time I did the strength workout.

My results from the Asylum workout are starting to show up at my softball games. Noticed a different level of quickness and endurance.

Day 8 – Back To Core

Insanity Asylum Day 8 Back Core WorkoutWasn’t feeling all that great today. My knee was hurting again so I had to wear the brace. Plus, I was tired as hell. Had late double-header softball games the night before. The sandbags under my eyes and my stupid hair remind me how tired I was. Felt like everything was sore and my energy was low. Still managed to push through the Back To Core workout as best as I could.

Had to take breaks here and there and even kicked off my shoes. Something about those Nike Free running shoes that I really don’t like. There just does not seem to be enough padding in the soles for me. Makes my knees hurt more sometimes.

Those lunges where you hold the pose and move your arms are killer. With my knee hurting already it made it a little bit harder today. You don’t see it in my YouTube video but I had to stop multiple times because my knee acted up before my legs started to burn. The tendons in my arms feel like they are going to rip out of my body when you do the reverse plank move while bringing your legs in.

Day 9 – Vertical Plyo

Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo Workout Day 9I pretty much knew how Day 9 of the Insanity Asylum workout was going to go from the beginning. My knee was hurting a little before I even started Vertical Plyo and I knew it was probably going to act up.

Had to wear the knee brace again but it did not do that much for me. There were so many times during the workout that I had to stop the dvd or do a modified move because my knee could not take the impact from jumping or a deep knee bend. Did one-legged squats to still do something similar to the move Shaun T wanted us to do.

It also did not help that I missed two days prior helping a friend move and ate like crap. Still amazes me how one day of eating not so well can make that much of a difference in your energy level while working out.

You can see in a couple of the clips how I struggled with some of the moves. Sometimes my knee feels good and other days it hurts like hell.

Day 10 – Relief

Insanity Asylum Relief Workout Day 10Nothing crazy about the Relief workout. It’s nice to have an easy day every week and Day 10 of the Asylum workout is a great place for it. Most of the moves Shaun T has you do involves stretching and a little bit of balance poses. The relief workout flies by because its less than 30 minutes long.

My cat enjoys these workouts because she can bother me the entire time without worrying about being stepped on or kicked. Yes, that has happened before and she did not like it at all. Its only somewhat annoying because I think cats enjoying licking sweat. Well, at least my cat. She’s weird. Sometimes I have to push her away or she would lick me for as long as she wanted too.

I’d say the relief workout is one of the easier recovery type workouts from any Beachbody program I’ve done. It fits in nice with the Insanity Asylum workout as the other workouts are intense. Should be well rested for Day 11 now.

Day 11 – Game Day

Insanity Asylum Game Day Workout Day 11First time doing the Game Day workout and it did not go so well. A couple of things I struggled with were not knowing most of the moves and this one needed a lot more space then the other Asylum workouts.

Kept having to move the agility ladder around to make room for the long jumps or just to get it out of the way. Became kind of annoying about half way through.

The moves were very tough. Each time there was a second round of it I had to modify them because my energy was low and I was out of breath. Shaun T definitely has some creativity when he comes to his moves though. The surfer move was different along with the jumping baseball swing at the end. I never would have thought of those.

Very much enjoyed this workout and am looking forward to the next time I do it. Gonna have to do it outside the next time so my small house does not limit me from doing the workouts.

Day 12 – Back To Core

Insanity Asylum Back To Core Workout Day 12Getting much better at the Back to Core workout. Those poses where you need to hold a lunge while doing pulses still kill me but I can last a little longer than last time before taking a quick break.

The swimmer moves work so much of the core, shoulders, and lower back. I don’t really feel how much it all hurts until a day or two later.

The one thing I really do like about this workout it that it’s not long and its very effective. Plus, it’s not an intense jump around one. Body needs an easy day from time to time. I still have to wear my stupid knee brace doing these workouts. It bothers me from time to time knowing I have to wear it but it does help.

This was my third time doing Back to Core from the Asylum Workout. Starting to see and feel improvements in how I can perform the moves. My arms hurt right around the elbow area from doing those reverse planks. Stretches out the muscle so much trying to do those moves for around a minute. It’s like Shaun T knows what to teach.

Day 13 – Strength

Insanity Asylum Strength Workout Day 13Starting to feel like I’m making progress with the Insanity Asylum workout. Only took a couple small breaks while doing the Strength Workout today. Used a little bit more weight when doing the curl, squat, drop down, push up, spider move thingy, and run it out. Paused one time during the last set to make sure I did get in all 5 reps.

Still had to wear my knee brace but it was not hurting me as much. Thinking that with practicing good form since the beginning that the muscles around my knees are strengthening up. This is good news. When I watched my YouTube video I can see much better form through each move and a little quicker pace.

Felt a lot stronger at the end and nothing hurt. Was sweating like crazy but that’s a good thing. Really liking the Strength Workout.

Day 14 – Relief

Insanity Asylum Day 14 Relief WorkoutKind of like it when the easy day comes around. It was my second time doing the Relief Workout and I’m glad it came after two consecutive days of double header softball games. If it would have been any other Asylum Workout I might have passed on it as I was feeling beat up today.

The moves are not that hard and Shaun T takes it easy on you during this workout. Most of this workout involves stretching and breathing. I’ve been tracking my progress with the workouts and how I do them with videos. This is the full Relief Workout sped up. Did not want to do a whole lot of editing because its such a short workout.

Almost done with week 2 of the Asylum workout.

Day 15 – Speed & Agility

Insanity Asylum Speed Agility Day 15 WorkoutDoing the Speed and Agility workout inside is getting kind of tough. There just is not enough space for the agility ladder. I probably spend a minute during the workout moving it around. Hopefully the weather will break here in Michigan soon so I can do this outside (It was May when I did this workout. Not August when I originally published this in 2011).

Getting better at the moves. Those in and out ab moves are still tough. I can get about half of them before I have to go back to the first box to complete them. Better off getting as many moves in with good form then doing sloppy moves just to say I almost did it. Did not have to wear the knee brace today. Feel like my knee is starting to get strong enough where I don’t have to wear it.

Day 16 – Vertical Plyo

Insanity Asylum Workout Day 16 Vertical Plyo WorkoutHad a real tough time doing the Vertical Plyo workout today. My knee was acting up today so it made over half of the moves really hard to do. Probably modified most of the jumping moves to nothing more than a lunge or squat. Better than doing nothing.

Seeing improvements with the jump rope as my foot work is getting better and I’m able to do each move a little bit longer than last time. Still have a ways to go before I can do each jump rope move without stopping or messing up.

It bothers me when I can’t do any entire workout because of a nagging knee injury. The knee brace helps a little mainly because it warms up the joints around it. Here is a clip of me doing my best today.

My video shows how many times my knee acts up through out the workout. Pretty much every time Shaun T is doing something involving jumping or a complex move you’ll see me having to do something very simple just to fell the burn. Plan to do better with tomorrow’s Insanity Asylum workout.

Day 17 – Strength

Day 17 Strength Workout Insanity AsylumHad one of my best showings with the Asylum workout today. The Strength workout is becoming not only one of my favorite Asylum workouts but one of my favorite Beachbody workouts. Was able to get through most of the workout while only stopping to take two breaks.

Kept a good pace and used heavier weights for most of the moves. Went up to 25 pounds with my Bowflex dumbbells for the curl, squat, drop down, push up, spider move thingy. Still stuck with the 15 and 20 pound weight for the jumping move.

Starting to see the changes from doing the workout and drinking Shakeology daily now. Had a lot more energy to complete the strength workout and felt like I really powered through it.

Day 18 – Relief

Relief Workout Day 18 Insanity AsylumAlways enjoy an easy day. Lots of working out and softball this past week. Needed a day to just chill. The Relief Workout is only about 30 minutes long and mainly involves stretching. Nothing intense at all.

Was sore all over so this was much needed. I like how this is before the Game Day and Overtime workout tomorrow. Did not do so well with those last time so hopefully I’ll be better rested and prepared to improve upon my results from last time. Think I heard my bones crack and pop over 30 times doing the Relief Workout.

Day 19 – Game Day & Overtime

Day 19 Gameday Overtime Asylum WorkoutIt was my second time doing the Gameday workout and first time with Overtime. That was quite a bit. Gameday is hard enough on its own and then adding another 15 minutes of tough working out right after was brutal. I did have to take breaks going through both of the workouts.

Am doing well with the jump rope moves but anything that involves a deep knee bend or jump was a little too much for my bad left knee. Still need a bit more space to do either of these workouts. My living room is just too small. Can’t really get up to speed when I have to move the ladder around so I don’t fall into the couch.

Why is Shaun T wearing spandex shorts in the Overtime workout? I know he’s in great shape but normal gym shorts would be better. Did much better with the Gameday workout this time and my results are starting to show a lot more through Insanity: The Asylum workout.

Day 20 – Vertical Plyo

Vertical Plyo Day 20 Insanity Asylum WorkoutFinally had a nice day to go outside and workout. Getting better at the jump ropes and can do most if not all of the moves without messing up. The agility ladder moves are still tough for me because of my knee.

No brace today but anything that involves landing on one knee while jumping puts a bit of strain on the knee. This was the first time I felt like I gave it my all.

Had a lot more space to do the moves without worrying about hitting something. Kind of wonder if I would be farther along the Asylum workout if I had been working out in a much larger space. In my video I say that I had a terrible workout and most of it was due to the agility ladder moves. I’d say I did better than terrible but I still had to take breaks in most of the moves.

Since I touched the agility ladder 6 times during the Vertical Plyo workout I had to honor Shaun T’s demands of doing 60 push ups. Did those at the end of the workout along with 100 extra jump ropes.

Day 21 – Back To Core

Back To Core Workout Review Day 21 Insanity AsylumDid very well with the Back To Core workout today. Held the lunge positions for a longer period of time while doing the pulses. Still had to take a couple short breaks because my back and legs were burning up. The swimmer moves were not as hard and I kept my legs up for the entire time.

Only downside to doing the Back to Core workout outside was the mosquitos. As I’ve said previously, my house is too small to do some of the workouts so when its nice I prefer to go outside. Probably should have cut the grass.

Day 22 – Rest Day

Not really. Had double header softball games at night.

Day 23 – Speed & Agility

Insanity Asylum Workout Review Day 23 Speed AgilityStruggled a little bit today. Had to wear the stupid knee brace again. It’s the only way I can get it warmed up in time to be able to do these types of workouts. Probably need to walk away from my computer a little bit more when I’m working from home to stretch the legs out.

Did not do that much better than the last time I did the Speed and Agility workout and I think it’s because my knee was not feeling right. I guess that’s what happens.

Day 24 – Strength

Insanity Workout Asylum Day 24 Strength WorkoutWorked out inside today. Too much of a hassle to roll the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells outside. Was a little bit tired doing the Strength workout because of double header softball games last night.

Took a couple longer breaks to catch my breath. Form was getting a little sloppy so I prefer to hit the pause button instead of doing a bunch of reps with bad form.

I feel like I get more out of the workout when I do it this way. The warm up is a workout on its own. Keep trying to challenge myself to use more weights but I can barely get through the 1 minute of each exercise Shaun T makes you do.

Day 25 – Game Day & Overtime

Insanity Asylum Game Day Overtime Day 25 WorkoutThis was my second time doing the Game Day and Overtime workouts in the same day and it was tough. My left knee acts up the second Shaun T asks us to do any type of jumping, lunging, or squatting.

Most of the time my knee acts up because of the pace Shaun T sets. I have to slow down and it’s probably a good thing because it makes me focus on form.

Doing the workouts outside has been a big plus as I can do all of the moves. Put on my Boombah Trail Resistance softball shoes and they helped out a lot in the grass and making cuts.

My calves have started to take shape. My brother made a brotherly comment saying how nice my calves looked after making a play at softball last night. I would agree with him. Must be all the jump roping and agility ladder training.

I still had to take a bunch of breaks along with modifying the moves. Some of the exercises are at the peak of my fitness level. I could probably do them if my knee was better and or those hard moves were not in the middle or the end of the workout. The Overtime workout was tough. Took a 2 minute break from the Game Day workout and went at it. I’d say I only did half of the moves Shaun T wanted asked us to do and the others had to be done with a slight modification.

Day 26 – Vertical Plyo

Day 26 Vertical Plyometric Workout Review AsylumFinally had a great workout from beginning to end. My stupid left knee felt strong today allowing me to push a little harder than I normally do. I think it has something to do with the 90 degrees weather outside. Was able to do more push ups, squats, jump lunges, and anything else Shaun T asked of me.

Didn’t step on the agility ladder that much or at least not enough to get additional penalty push ups. My footwork with the jump rope has definitely seen improvements. Could barely do half of what I did today the first time I attempted the Vertical Plyo workout.

Are you jealous of my 6 inch vertical? You should be. Its serious. Thinking I could probably jump over the chair in the picture. That’s official. With my luck though I’d probably come up lame because of my knee, kick the laptop, break the screen, causing me to go out and buy something new to play the Insanity Asylum workout dvd on, and twist an ankle. That’s for another day. Probably burned over 600 calories. Was sweating like crazy at the end of the workout.

Day 27 – Back To Core

Insanity Asylum Workout Review Back To Core Day 27More reps and fewer breaks this time around with the Back to Core workout. Most of the exercises in the Back to Core workout involve doing a specific move for 30 seconds or longer so its more of a cardio workout then a resistance one.

I like it because it gives my knee a day off. After doing this workout a couple of times now I can see and feel the improvements.

You would not think this workout is a hard one in the Insanity Asylum workout because of its mainly body resistance moves but it is. Your arms and legs begin to feel like bricks 20 seconds into a move and Shaun T gets you to keep on pushing. The small connector type muscles really get a workout and in some cases a stretch. Doing the arm pulses in a lunge is brutal.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Relief workout. Feeling a little tired after all of the softball I’ve been playing and mountain bike riding I’ve been doing the last couple days.

Day 28 – Relief

I have gone over what entails the Relief workout above and decided to not take any videos showing my progress with this workout today.

Day 29 – Speed & Agility

Insanity Asylum Speed Agility Workout Review Day 29It was a little wet outside today but it did not stop me from doing the Speed and Agility workout. Noticed small gains doing the workout. More reps at a faster pace. Footwork is improving through the agility ladder and I can blast through most of the jump rope exercises.

I still have to take the occasional break or slow down but not as much as I had to when I first started the Asylum workout. Keeping up with Shaun T is a goal of mine but it is going to take a while.

My GoPro HD Camera did well recording in the rain. Had the case on to keep it from getting damaged. Can you hear the jets flying over, the train that’s a mile away from my house, birds chirping, and my neighbors dogs barking the entire time I did the 45 minute workout?

Besides my hands getting a little dirty from doing push ups on the ground and getting a little wet from the rain I can tell how much better I am at the Speed and Agility workout. My knee did not hurt today so I pushed myself a little harder than usual. Only one more day left of the Insanity Asylum workout.

Day 30 – Fit Test #2

The last Insanity Asylum Fit Test workout is here and I was ready for it. Put in a lot of effort over the past 30 days of the Insanity Asylum workout and am ready to see how much progress I have made. The Athletic Performance Assessment could be considered a workout on its own. The first time I did the Insanity Asylum Workout Fit Test I was dripping sweat at the end. Kind of unexpected for a 30 minute workout including warm ups and cool downs.

I recorded the Insanity Asylum Fit Test with my GoPro HD camera to track how I did. Edited most of the warm up and cool down and the small breaks Shaun T gives us between the exercises. Beachbody sent me an Insanity: The Asylum T- Shirt from a Beachbody Coach contest I qualified for. Figured I would wear it for the last Insanity Asylum Fit Test. Here is how I did.

Fit Test #1 Fit Test #2
Agility Heismans 7 Sets 9 Sets
In & Out Abs 24 33
Wide Grip Pull Ups 10 11
Mountain Climber Switch Kicks 39 45
Agility Shoulder Taps 3.5 Sets 5.5 Sets
X Jumps 24 30
Moving Push Ups 3 3
Agility Lateral Shuffle 12.5 11.5
Agility Bear Crawl 7 8.5

I am very pleased with my final Insanity Asylum Fit Test results. Did better in 7 of the exercises, stayed the same in 1, and did barely less in one of them. Of course the one I did not improve on was the one I needed to the most. Playing short stop on my softball team requires lateral movement to range out and pick up ground balls.

My legs do feel stronger and maybe if the Agility Lateral Shuffle was earlier in the Insanity Asylum Fit Test I would have tied or done a little better than my first score. Was happy with the amount of wide grip pull ups I performed. There are zero true pull up moves during the entire 30 days of the Insanity Asylum workout. It means the workout as a whole improves on and maintains what you previously have built up.

Was hoping I could do the Insanity Asylum Fit Test outside today but the weather was not cooperating. Probably would have been a pain in the butt anyways because I do not have a place to hang my pull up bar outside and I really did not want to going in and out during the workout. My living room is small so I cannot get any sort of momentum going with the agility ladder workouts.

Might have been able to get another rep or two if I could have done it outside in the grass with more space to move. All in all I thought I did better with my final Insanity Asylum Fit Test.


Buy Insanity Asylum Workout CheapIf you absolutely want to buy the Insanity Asylum workout in DVD format in 2018 than you are in luck.

Beachbody makes a couple of package deals with equipment you can choose from or you can always just get the DVD


Insanity Asylum Workout

Insanity: The Asylum

Improve speed, coordination, and agility

Insanity Asylum Workout DeluxeInsanity: The Asylum Deluxe Kit

Everything that comes with the Insanity Asylum Workout plus a chin up bar, chin up max (to assist with pull ups), and strength bands for $179.70.

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The chin up bar, chin up assist, and strength bands to make the Insanity Asylum workout even harder for only $89.85

If you want to buy the Insanity Asylum workout for a little bit cheaper than retail price than you can sign up as a Beachbody Coach like I did and you’ll get 25% off.

What Comes With Insanity: The Asylum?

Six Crazy Workouts

  • Disc 1 : Athletic Performance Assessment – I’m guessing to show how weak sauce you are.
  • Disc 2 : Speed and Agility – To build “cat like reflexes and speed of a mongoose.”
  • Disc 3 : Vertical Plyo and Relief – Two workouts
  • Disc 4 : Strength & Strength w/Bands – Two workouts. One sounds a little harder.
  • Disc 5 : Game Day and Overtime – Two workouts. One to show how much you got and the other how much you got got.
  • Disc 6 : Back to Core – Ab / back workout.

Equipment and Guides

  • Insanity Asylum Workout Guide Book
  • Get Shredded Meal Plan
  • Insanity: The Asylum Workout Calendar
  • Agility Ladder
  • Jump Rope
Insanity Asylum Workout Guide Book
Insanity Asylum Workout Guide Book
Insanity Asylum DVD
Insanity: The Asylum DVD Cover
Insanity Asylum Workout Meal Plan
Get Shredded 14 Day Meal Plan
Insanity Asylum Workout Calendar
Insanity Asylum Workout Calendar
Insanity Asylum P90X Hybrid Workout Calendar
Insanity Asylum P90X / Insanity Hybrid Workout Calendar


Download Insanity Asylum WorkoutBeachbody On Demand is now a thing. You can stream Insanity: The Asylum and every other Beachbody workout online whenever you want for $99 a year ($8.33 a month). This is what you want.

Beachbody does make you pay for it up front. If you are not happy with it within 30 days they will refund your money. They also offer a 6 month option for $60 or a free 14 day trial.

Technically you cannot download the Insanity Asylum workout for free but when you subscribe to Beachbody On Demand you can download the workouts to your phone, laptop, and computer.

As long as you keep your subscription active you can access those workouts from the device you downloaded to. Beachbody has an encryption key attached to the files which recognizes if your subscription is active. Beachbody does not make a torrent for the Asylum workout.


When I first wrote this review in 2011 I thought the Insanity Asylum workout was the hardest workout Beachbody has ever made. And I still believe that to be true. It’s the only Beachbody workout where its required you do Insanity or P90X first.

You just can’t modify your way through The Asylum. This is one of those kinds of workouts you could probably do 2 or 3 times in a row before you master all of the workouts without taking breaks. It’s that tough.

It’s also my favorite workout they have ever made. Everyday was so challenging but the results were worth it. And the moves were fun once you got the hang of them.

It did take me 67 days to finish a 30 day workout. This is true. I would have finished it sooner if it wasn’t for all the softball I was playing. And you only get so many nice days here in Michigan.

Was so confident in my results that I even submitted them to Beachbody in the hope I might win a prize. This did not happen. It has to be my face that they just do not like. As a consolation they sent me an Insanity: The Asylum t-shirt which I guess will work.

I do not know if I’ll ever do another round of Insanity: The Asylum . I want to but I will have to commit to another cycle of Shaun T workouts to get my cardio up. Otherwise it will be miserable.

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