Insanity Workout Review: A Insane 60 Day Workout

Insanity Workout ReviewOccasionally I step into the past and update posts when things or me changes. And thats what I’m going to do with my review of the Insanity workout.

When I finished my first round of Insanity in 2009 I published this post. At the time I was 29 years old. Fast forward to 2018 and I’m 37.

I decided to keep most of my original post together as I journaled much of it. This way if you decide to do 60 days of Insanity you will have an idea what to expect.

Since 2009 I have not done another round of Insanity. From time to time I will do the first 30 days or pick specific Insanity workouts to mix in with a hybrid workout.

I do not know if I’ll do another 60 days of Insanity again but if I do I’ll be sure to update it here.

Going back to 2009 and after watching the Insanity infomercial I knew it was going to be much different than P90X which I had just done for a year straight.

And with all of my reviews I like to post my before and after photos first as I am sure you already have an idea of what the Insanity workout is about and are just looking to see results from people who have done it. All of the nitty gritty detail stuff is below the pictures. So here you go.


Insanity Workout Before Photo
Insanity Workout Before Photo
Insanity Workout After Photo
Insanity Workout After Photo

The changes I see are subtle. My front photo tells me I am leaner. Middle photo backs that up as the bottom of my belly is in. Back photo shows more definition and my arms look a little bigger.

Insanity Workout Side After PhotoProbably the best photo I took of my results was one I took from the side where it shows more muscle definition in my arms, chest, shoulders, and abs.

My girlfriend and I have been following the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan to a T and I cut back on the beer. The combination of eating better, laying off the beer, and following the Insanity workout plan has helped me drop almost 2% body fat from 10% to 8%.

I was in pretty good shape before doing the Insanity workout as I did three rounds of P90X. Two weeks prior to starting Insanity I was able to do 15 chin ups and 12 wide grip pull ups. Both were my max numbers during the P90X Legs and Back routine and P90X Chest and Back.

It took me 70 days to finish the Insanity workout. It was summer when I started doing Insanity and I play double-header softball games twice a week along with doing other outside activities like golfing. There are only so many good weather months here in Michigan. I’d rather take an additional rest day or two instead of being tired at softball.

I used the P90X Recovery Drink after every workout and typically had a P90X Protein Bar everyday too. Both were sent to my house on auto-ship every month and I’m guessing they helped out.

You burn so many calories doing Insanity. Sweat is flying everywhere and your heart rate stays elevated for a good 30 minutes after each workout. It almost didn’t matter what I ate as I burnt through the calories so fast.

Even with the Insanity workout being a workout where you only use your body weight for resistance didn’t mean I didn’t put on muscle. I put on a lot. Particularly…everywhere. I’m not joking.

Speed, agility, and flexibility noticeably improved which says something as i was in very good shape already from P90X. My biggest takeaways from doing Insanity after P90X is it filled in the gaps that P90X could not hit.

Theres not much more to say about the Insanity workout besides it being awesome.

And after saying that I’m going to turn things over to the bits and pieces of the Insanity workout plus my journal.

Fit Test

Insanity Workout Fit TestThe first step was to take the Insanity Workout Fit Test.  With it being an intense cardio workout you track your progress by taking the fit test 5 times during the 60 days.

Seems simple enough. How the Fit Test works is you do 8 different exercises for a minute each doing as many reps as you can.

Insanity Fit Test Results #1
Switch Kicks 125
Power Jacks 45
Power Knees 84
Power Jumps 31
Globe Jumps 8
Suicide Jumps 13
Push Up Jacks 25
Low Plank Oblique 50


I was jumping so hard at one point doing the Fit Test that a pan fell in the kitchen. You can probably hear it along with how squeaky my wood floors are.

This was a lot tougher than expected. I was dripping sweat after doing the warm ups. I had to stop a couple times with each workout. After taking a look at my results I have decided that I want to increase each number by 20%. This is what I am pushing for.

Insanity Fit Test Goals
Switch Kicks 150
Power Jacks 54
Power Knees 100
Power Jumps 37
Globe Jumps 10
Suicide Jumps 16
Push Up Jacks 30
Low Plank Oblique 60

The Insanity workout is looking like it is going to be a very challenging workout for the next 60 days. Hopefully all the P90X I have been doing over the past year will help me power through it. Lets get started.

Day 1 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Insanity Day 1 PlyometricsPlyometric Cardio Circuit was tough. Shaun T is crazy. Insanity works like this. You do 4 or 5 exercises at a decent pace during a 3 minute span doing as many of them as you can. Then you get a 30 second break.

Then you repeat those same 4 or 5 exercises at a faster pace doing as many as you can followed by the 30 second break. To end it you do those same 4 0r 5 exercises as fast as you can in 3 minutes.

You do this 3 separate times throughout the workout with a 3 minute stretch after the first round and a 5 minute cool down stretch at the end.

I am in pretty good shape but had to take breaks during it. It’s really tough. Beachbody was not kidding when they said “you will be working out in a pool of your own sweat.”

Insanity Sweat Pool
I can assure you sweat is everywhere.

Look at how red my face is. I don’t think my face got that red when I did the Detroit Marathon a couple of years ago. My girlfriend said it looks like I took a bath in K-Y Jelly. Gross.

Sweat was flying everywhere. While doing a punching motion some of it flung off my arm and hit Shaun T on the TV. I was slipping on the wood floors because of the sweat. I almost pulled a groin.

Oh well, this is what I signed up for. I’ll probably have to mop every day for the next 60 days.

Day 16 – Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Just gross. Sweat was all over the place. Skin was glistening. Cats were trying to lick me. Hit the TV with sweat. All in an air conditioned house.

Took a picture after Pure Cardio and am already starting to see definition in my abs these insane workouts. Looking trimer.

Insanity Pure Cardio
Shiny and stuff

**I did not take many pictures or keep results in the first month since that is not how Insanity is designed. Keeping up with Shaun T is your job and that’s it. If I was to take pictures they would look like the three above. Sweaty me and sweaty floors.

Day 30 – Insanity Fit Test #2

At day 30 you are required to take the second fit test and compare how you did to day one. Yes – we painted the room a lighter color in the last 30 days.


 Fit Test #1 Fit Test #2 Goals
Switch Kicks 125 134 150
Power Jacks 45 53 54
Power Knees 84 95 100
Power Jumps 31 38 37
Globe Jumps 8 10 10
Suicide Jumps 13 16 16
Push Up Jacks 25 32 30
Low Plank Oblique 50 64 60

There are two very positive things that have happened here. I did not get worse at any of them for one. The other is I already hit my goals for 5 out of the 8 exercises. Did I set them too low? Is Insanity such an awesome workout program that the results came quicker? We will find out in the next 30 days when I take my last fit test. I was so close to hitting the goals for the other ones.

I have been putting in the effort with Insanity. Not only am I doing the workouts, I am also following the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan. Doing these two has helped me drop my body fat percentage from 10% to 8% in only 30 days. That is pretty crazy. For the first time ever I can see my oblique muscles. Who knows, maybe I’ll have ripped 6 pack abs in 30 days.

Day 31 – 60

Month two of Insanity is very tough. In my eyes it’s a little overkill. Rarely did I make it through an entire workout in month one without taking a break. All of month two’s workouts are 10 to 15 minutes longer than month one. Every workout in month two starts with the word “Max” so you know what Shaun T is asking for.

At the end I did not write down or take another video of my last Fit Test either. Could have done a better job of documenting the end but my photos up above show my results.

What Is It

The Insanity Workout is a 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program which might be the hardest workout program ever. Shaun T will push you past your limits with 10 workout discs packed with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab/core training moves.

The secret to the Insanity workout is MAX Interval Training. Shaun T took traditional interval training and flipped it on its head. You perform long bursts of maximum intensity exercises with short periods of rest. Each Insanity Workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your MAX. It’s common to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour and get the most insane body in only 60 days.

What separates the Insanity workout from other workouts is you are pushing yourself by only using your body weight. At the end of 60 days you will get a true representation of what your body should look like. Many people who do the Insanity workout will get results like:

  • Increased Speed
  • Better Agility
  • Muscle Stamina & Endurance
  • Lean Muscle

Results vary from one person to the next but these are the top ones. Beyond just trying to stay in shape to look good and live a healthy life the Insanity workout will improve your athletic performance. Many of the exercises directly relate to many moves done on any athletic field. Who doesn’t want to be faster, stronger, and leaner? You won’t get bulky doing the Insanity workout as you’re not lifting heavy weights. Picture yourself having “pound for pound” strength.

Like Most About The Insanity Workout?

Even though Insanity is crazy it’s still a very simple workout. It’s all about giving everything you’ve got with only what you’ve got. Try and keep up with Shaun T and everything else will take care of itself.

Like Least About The Insanity Workout?

The second month was a bit much. Maybe one day I’ll be able to finish a workout without taking all the breaks.

Who Should Do Insanity?

If you play sports then you should do Insanity. I cannot think of a sport that does not involve endurance or strength and that is what Insanity targets. A bit more speed cruising around the base paths was noticeable to me and my teammates. There was definitely more pep in my step. This made playing the game more enjoyable.

Even though you are only using your body weight for resistance does not mean you will not get stronger. I saw and felt strength gains everywhere. Push ups and squats are your new friend and those will tone up and build muscle everywhere.

Who Should Not Do Insanity?

People who are really overweight or who have knee issues or both might want to look somewhere else. There is a lot of jumping which may put stress on the knees. Overweight people can have success with Insanity but it may take longer. A common thing I heard was it was too much too soon and its best to start elsewhere unless you have an athletic background.

What Do You Need

What Do You Need For The Insanity WorkoutOne of the great things about doing the Insanity workout is you don’t need that much equipment for it. Heck, you really don’t need anything besides the Insanity Workout DVD. Shaun T teaches you how to get the most out of a piece of equipment you already have. Your body.

It doesn’t mean you absolutely do not need anything but to get to most of Insanity you could use a couple of extra things.

You will find out after the Insanity Fit Test that you will be burning a ton of calories. It’s very important to be eating right but also making sure to be eating enough. There have been times where I did the Insanity Pure Cardio routine and burned over 800 calories. The Insanity meal plan will tell you what you need to eat and how many calories. It even says you may find out that you need to eat more.

Supplementation with Insanity is something you should think about due to the amount of calories you burn with Insanity. A scoop of Shakeology every morning with some fruit added in will help along with healthy snacks through out the day. Believe me when I say it felt like I was still burning tons of calories an hour after finishing a workout.

If you have hardwood floors like I do then the Beachbody Jump Mat or Plyometrics Mat will take a lot of pressure off your knees and wrists when jumping or doing push ups. Its one of those things I wish I would have bought from the get go to use with Insanity.

How Much Space Is Needed For The Insanity Workout

How Much Space Do You Need For The Insanity Workout
Thinking about doing Pure Cardio tires me out.

If you are thinking about buying the Insanity workout but are concerned if you have enough space then I hope this picture helps.

You need enough space around you to be able to fall and not hit anything. Just saying, it might happen. Insanity tends to push people and you might be wiped out and take a tumble.

I’m about 6 foot tall and I don’t have Go-Go Gadget Arms. Most living or family rooms will have more than enough space to do the Insanity workout in.

The room I am in is 12 X 14. There is more than enough space for me to do the Insanity workout in by myself after I move our coffee table and one of our chairs into another room. My girlfriend and I can do one of the Insanity workouts in that room together even with our couch that is about 2 feet behind my head in the picture.

What If Your Feet Hurt Doing Insanity

A friend of mine came up to me and said his feet were killing him while doing the Insanity workout. He was excited to have lost about 20 pounds by day 45 but was having to skip days because of the pain. He isn’t the first one to have told me this. His brother who deals with Plantar Fasciitis actually told me the same thing when he was going through it.

If there is one thing that Insanity will do is challenge your feet and knees. He was dealing with a couple of the issues I have to deal with when working out at home. The only space he has available to do it in is a area with hardwood floors. The constant jumping and lateral movements during the workout put a lot of pressure on the bones in the lower body.

His brother told me he loved the concept behind the workout but wished there wasn’t so much jumping or one less day a week of leaving the ground. This way the lower body has a chance to recover and doesn’t lead to future injuries. I agree.

What Can You Do To Stop Your Feet From Hurting?

  • Buy New Shoes – You would be surprised how quickly shoes get worn out. Especially when they look like they still have 6 months of life to them. I have made this mistake a number of times. I guess Im still looking for the perfect shoe.
  • Do More Walking – Do you get enough steps in every day? Its important to stand up and get the body moving.
  • Don’t Go From Sitting To Insanity – Its admirable you want to get your workout in after sitting at your computer for 4 hours but you’re probably stiff. Get loose doing something.
  • Go Barefoot – Walking around barefoot will strengthen the bottom of the feet. Do this walking around the house. Don’t do this when doing Insanity unless on carpet.
  • Workout On Carpet – If you have to move some stuff than do it.
  • Workout Outside – Weather permitting of course. I did almost all of the Insanity Asylum workout on the grass. I have to because my house is small and there just isn’t the space.
  • Beachbody Jump Mat – This thing has been a savior for me. I use it in almost every workout I do now. Its easy to roll up and put away along with providing just enough padding to protect my knees from being hurt. For $60 its the least you could do for your knees. Sometimes I’ll put my yoga mat under the jump mat for a little bit extra cushion.
Beachbody Jump Mat
Fall on this and the wood will stop you.

The best thing you can do to prevent injury when doing Insanity is to practice good form. This way there will be less force applied to your knees, ankles, and the rest of your body as your muscles are now picking up the slack. I made that mistake the first time through Insanity. You get so focused on trying to keep up with Shaun T that you forget to pay attention to what you’re doing. When you go slower and learn the moves it forces you to do it correctly. As your strength builds up so will the speed.

How Long Are Insanity Workouts?

One thing I liked about Insanity is most of the workouts are under an hour long. Shaun T developed the workouts so you are doing different dynamic moves that incorporate multiple muscle groups. This way you’re not working on just one or two muscle groups at one time but instead three or more. It’s a contrast to what is done in the P90X workout where you have an hour long workout followed by a 15 minute ab workout.

How Long Are Insanity Workouts

First Month Of Insanity

You do Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power & Resistance, Cardio Recovery, and Cardio Abs. Each one of these workouts is 30 to 40 minutes long. The Cardio Abs workout is 17 minutes long and is only done after Pure Cardio three different times. Even with the additional ab workout you will still finish all of your month one workouts in under an hour and more often around 40 minutes.

Recovery Week Of Insanity

You only do the Core Cardio & Balance workout six days that week. It’s about 38 minutes long.

Month Two Of Insanity

You do Max Interval Plyo, Max Cardio Conditioning, Max Recovery, Max Interval Circuit, Cardio Abs, and Core Cardio and Balance. The “Max” workouts are about 50 minutes long. The first time you attempt them you’ll probably be saying “10 more minutes of this stuff. You’ve got to be kidding me.” Those max workouts do a lot of the same moves as in the first month but you are going for a longer time. It really is a challenge.

What really makes the Insanity workout a great program is it puts everything together in a short time period. Those times also include a warm up and cool down period.


Are you borrowing or lost your calendar from the Insanity workout and need to know what order you do the Insanity workouts in? Here are pictures of my Insanity workout calendar to show you what day to do the workouts in. Hope this helps. Make sure you create a free Beachbody account too.

Click on the “Get Fit” tab after you create the account and you’ll see where you can print off other Insanity workout sheets.

Insanity Workout Calendar Month 1Insanity Workout Calendar Recovery WeekInsanity Workout Calendar Month 2

Please take a couple seconds to create a free Beachbody account before you print off or write down the workouts you’re supposed to do. You’ll see free tools to help you through the Insanity workout.


Insanity Workout StreamIts 2018 people. Who buys DVDs anymore? What you want to do is stream the Insanity workout. And how you do that is with a Beachbody On Demand Membership.

This is by far the best way to do Insanity now. Beachbody even gives you a 14 day free trail. After the 14 days are up you will have to decide if you want to pay $40 every quarter, $60 for six months, or $99 for the year.

You could just do the quarterly membership and finish all 60 days of Insanity and cancel your membership. Than renew when you want to do another round.

Your Beachbody On Demand membership includes all Beachbody workouts. Not just Insanity.

One of the benefits of the Beachbody On Demand membership is the ability to view the Insanity workout offline with a special access key. As long as you have an active membership you can download the Insanity workout and use your encryption key.

If you want to go backwards in time than…

Buy Insanity Workout

Buy The Insanity Workout For CheapThere are a couple different Insanity workout dvd packages to choose from still in 2018. If you would like to buy the Insanity workout for cheap than you have to sign up as Beachbody Coach like I did first.

With your coach account you get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products. It really makes a difference if you buy Shakeology or the Beachbody supplements.

Insanity Workout

Insanity Workout

10 Insanity Workouts + Fast & Furious Bonus Workout


Insanity Challenge PackInsanity Challenge Pack <—–*BEST DEAL*

10 Insanity Workouts + Fast & Furious Bonus Workout
30 Day Supply Of Shakeology
$205 ($35 savings + FREE Shipping)

Insanity Workout Deluxe Package BonusInsanity Deluxe with Mat & Bonus Workout Package

10 Insanity Workout DVDs + 3 Bonus Insanity Workouts
Comes With Jump Mat & Body Fat Tester

Insanity Deluxe WorkoutsInsanity Deluxe Workouts  – Discontinued

3 Insanity Workouts
MAX Interval Sports Training + Insane Abs + Upper Body Workout.

Insanity Workout DeluxeInsanity Deluxe Package – Discontinued

10 Insanity Workouts + 3 Bonus Workouts
MAX Interval Sports Training + Insane Abs + Upper Body Workout.
$164.70Insanity Workout DVD


What Comes With The Insanity Workout?

Everything that is listed below still comes with the Insanity DVD package if you really want to buy it. Beachbody packages it the same way in 2018 as the way mine was in 2009 when I bought it.

Otherwise you could do yourself a solid and get a Beachbody On Demand membership and access everything below online whenever you want.

Insanity Workout
No. My face is Insanity.

Disc 1 – Dig Deeper & Fit Test – Shaun T see’s what you are made of.
Disc 2 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit – Lower body plyo and cardio.
Disc 3 – Cardio Power & Resistance – Strength training moves.
Disc 4 – Cardio Recovery – Shaun T goes easy on you once a week.
Disc 5 – Pure Cardio & Abs – This nonstop cardio workout is extreme.
Disc 6 – Cardio Abs – Explosive cardio and core moves.
Disc 7 – Core Cardio & Balance – Recovery week workout.
Disc 8 – Max Interval Circuit – The most intense interval circuit ever.
Disc 9 – Max Interval Plyo – Push your legs ’til they beg for mercy.
Disc 10 – Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs – Push your cardio limits.

Insanity Workout Elite Nutrition Plan
Insanity Workout Fitness Guide
Insanity Workout Fit Test Tracker
INSANITY™ Calendar
FREE Online Support Tools

The Insanity Workout DVDs Have A Warning Label

“We don’t just call it INSANITY because these workouts are intense. We call it INSANITY because in 60 days, you’re going to get results that are simply crazy. But don’t open this box thinking you can pretend your way through this. We need you to be prepared to DIG DEEPER than ever before. Get ready for a transformation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This is INSANITY.”

Translation: You might puke.

Insanity Workout DVD Cover

Insanity Workout DVDs Book

What impresses me the most with all of the Insanity Workout packaging is its hard cover book. Gives it a real professional look and feel to it. Has that “new book smell” too. Have a feeling Beachbody put in the extra work to help limit the amount of frauds that can be produced.

I can’t see somebody putting the time and effort into trying to copy a hard cover book like this. If somebody is trying to sell you Insanity Workout DVDs that do not come in a hard cover book then you’re scam alert should be going off.

Insanity Workout Calendar

Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan

The Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan is very informative and easy to follow.

Insanity Deluxe Workouts

After I completed my first round of Insanity I bought the Deluxe workouts which include…

  • Max Interval Sports Training – A very hard hour long workout.
  • Insane Abs – Would you guess that this ab workout is insane?
  • Upper Body – You follow Shaun T around a gym lifting weights.

I did all of the deluxe workouts a couple of times but never included them into my regular routine or even used them in a hybrid plan. Shaun T talked a lot more through these workouts and they didn’t have the crisp pace of the regular Insanity workouts. I kind of forgot about them.

Is The Insanity Workout A Ripoff?

Insanity Workout RipoffBack in 2011 somebody filled out my contact form and sent me a message I did not expect to see. Usually its somebody just trying to get a hold of me but this one was entirely about someones disgust with the Insanity workout.


**Good news. Its 2018 and you can view the Insanity workout for 90 days for $40 with a Beachbody On Demand membership.


Download Insanity Workout For FreeAre you trying to download the Insanity workout for free? You sort of can.

Beachbody On Demand is now a thing. You can view Insanity and every other Beachbody workout online whenever you want for $99 a year ($8.33 a month).

Beachbody does make you pay for it up front. If you are not happy with it within 30 days they will refund your money. They also offer a 6 month option for $60 or a free 30 day trial.

With your Beachbody On Demand subscription you have the ability to download the Insanity workout to your phone, laptop, computer, etc and view it offline.

The only catch is you have to keep your subscription active as each file has an encryption key which recognizes if your active or not. Technically speaking, you can download Insanity but you still have to pay. Beachbody does not offer a torrent for the Insanity workout. You can however view it online with your Beachbody On Demand subscription.


The Insanity workout is no joke. Its the sort of workout you do when you need to work on your overall cardio, strength, and in some cases when you need an attitude adjustment. Insanity challenged me in ways that I can only compare to when I was playing sports in my teens and would have 90 minute practices where all we did was run and play.

We were playing so it was fun but we were getting in shape. Thats how I feel about Insanity. Insanity brings it all together and doesn’t let you favor a particular body part. Everything gets challenged.

With it being 2018 now I am not sure if I will be doing anymore rounds of Insanity. I am a bit bulkier from doing Body Beast the past couple of years and I don’t know how well my knees would hold up to it. I did do two weeks of it last summer and it was just like how I remember. Sweat was flying everywhere and it gave me a ton of energy. I just can’t push as hard as I used to.

I could go on and on about the Insanity workout and how much I liked it but Ill end here with letting you know just that, I liked it…a lot. Its still in my top three workout programs of all time.

If you have questions about Insanity feel free to leave one below.

About the Author: Brad Gibala

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  1. I started the Insanity program last week. I think i’m going to restart it this week because I skipped some days. This is a knock-you-on-your-butt workout! Something you really need is an exercise mat. We’ve actually got two that lay alongside each other so there’s a little more room. Get one of the thicker ones, not a cheap little yoga mat. If you’re sweating on that, it’s not as slippery. You really don’t want to hurt yourself doing the jumps and stuff.

  2. i am going to start this insanity program and try to stick with it, i am overwieght but i am very serious about wanting to get healthy. im going to invest and try my hardest to get into shape not just for the looks but for the health point of view. i hope i get some good results….. wish me luck……

  3. What’s the diet like for Insanity (esp compared to p90x?). I’ve heard it’s 200 calories max per meal. Is that true? The recovery drink alone is more than that.

  4. @rp

    The meal plan calls for 5 300 calorie meals a day for somebody who works out 3-4 times a week. For me it said I need to be taking in almost 3000 calories a day.

  5. 3000 calories a day? I’d have to eat a couple of Big Macs, then. I understand the need for increasing calories as the workouts increase in intensity. I’ve noticed that when I kept the lower calorie diet in the last phase, I wasn’t able to push as hard as I wanted to (or when I ate more).

    Thanks, I think I’m going to start Insanity on January 1st (and maybe make it a yearly thing – Insanity Jan/Feb, p90x/+ – Jun/Jul/Aug – with One-on-One in between).

    Did anyone get the weights workout with Insanity (deluxe package, I think)?

  6. Can’t wait for my insanity to arrive tomorrow. I used to be a lean mean muscle machine 10 years ago. I cannot deal with this fat any longer. I am just glad Shaun is easy on the eys, hoping that will help me stay motivated. Bring it baby

  7. Dear insanity I want this and I cant even do one push up I have let myself go and I want to do this I feel I can do all the other stuff Im a 5’4 255 lbs I was alway skinny when I was young and I have allow crap to I know I want I am willing go the distance .
    I want to take the challange and I want to keep going till I get back to the person that I have trapped in all this fat.

  8. I’m looking to start the insanity workout or the P90x…which would you all reccomend and also I do a lot of my own working out (running about 8 miles 3-4x a week, as well as doing a ton of spinning and boot camp lifting classes). Can I do the insanity (or P90x) workout and keep my own workout regimen going?

  9. I am currently on the Recovery week part of the workout. To be honest i feel great after starting the workout. When i miss some days i would just cross off the “free days” and continue workingout. I was wondering if i should be seeing early results, or expect to see them in the month 2 protion.

  10. @ Kasey

    You should be seeing or at least feeling results now. I am at the recovery week now and have dropped almost 2% body fat and can almost finish the workouts now without taking a break.

  11. I have seen both of these programs advertised on tv and have seriously considered trying both of them. I am 5’8″ and I weigh 220 lbs. I am 27 years old, I used to play sports in high school but stopped after I broke my arm in a weight lifting accident almost ten years ago in 11th grade. I have periodically started working out at times but can’t seem to stick with it. When I start either of these programs will I be continually motivated? I know either of these will require a LOT of stamina and personal commitment, but I think I’m ready to try. I want to do this for myself, but I also want to do this for my wife. We are on a budget, but if I get results, I think it will be worth it. I don’t look fat, just husky and as a correctional officer, I think buff is where I need to be. WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR ME?

  12. @ Brian

    If buff is what you want then P90X is the way to go as you can use heavier weights when doing the workouts. If lean muscle is what you want then Insanity is the answer.

    If you think you are over weight right now then I would go with Insanity first to tone up the muscle and burn fat. Once you complete Insanity then do P90X.

  13. @ Brad

    Thanks for the insight. This was the way I was leaning, but I felt I should get a second opinion. I’m going to order right now!

  14. I have completed p90x twice and I am doing P90-plus. On good days, I can complete the plyometrics and interval training without much effort now (it was hard at first). However, I still have more body fat than what I want, specially arround the middle. I want to do insanity, but I have two questions. (1) How does it compare to plyometrics and interval training (2) will I loose the muscle mass that I have gaind doing P90x?
    Thank you for the site and all your valuable insight.

  15. @ Mac

    Sounds like you and I had the same results. I put on 10 pounds of muscle with P90X but never got that ripped ab area. I blame it on my diet and adult beverages.

    In the 30 or so days of doing Insanity I have dropped almost 2% body fat. Even though you do not do pull ups or use weights with Insanity I have still retained my strength from P90X. You use your body weight for the resistance with Insanity. Every thing feels tighter around my mid section. I think I am going to do Insanity one more time then do P90X after.

  16. @ Steff

    After the 60 days are up you could either do Insanity all over again, pick a new workout like P90X to do, or take some time off and focus on why you were working out to begin with. Many people do Insanity and P90X to train for a sport or activity they do. They get into great shape with the workout and now get back into their sport.

  17. I have been 65 pounds over weights for almost 10 years now. I have tried everything in the book, but this workout is the hardest and the best. I still get to eat good food and I seem to NEVER be hungry. I encourage anyone who may have struggled like me to get into “INSANITY”! It works……all you gotta do is DOIT!

  18. Hi. I’m a college student and i actually have the P90X program and i use to love working out, but i have stopped working out for a while due to my busy schedule both at work and school. I was able to lose about 10 pounds and some body fat percentage through 30 days of the P90X program but since then i had stopped, i gained about 20 pounds and havent maintained the diet, so i really feel bad about myself. Im really hoping to start working out again soon

    I became interested when i saw the Insanity infomercial and was wondering that maybe i could do this program to burn off some pounds of fat and probably get back to my P90X routine for muscle building once i am on my ideal weight. So would it be a good idea to start the Insanity workout first to burn off fat and then get into the P90X program for muscle building?

  19. @ George

    Since you know P90X works making Insanity work will be easy for you. Insanity is kicking my butt right now and I have lost almost 2% body fat. It would be perfect to do Insanity now, shed the fat, and then do P90X after. Its what I am going to do.

  20. Thanks that makes sense.
    Another question i have is about diet. Is it possible to follow another portion control diet besides the Insanity or P90X nutrition plan and also achieve results? There is this new food program called: “Food Lovers Fat Loss” in which you are able to eat your favorite food such as carbs, but you eat it in a way with other food groups (such as protein and veggies) that makes you burn fat and lose weight and totally restart your metabolism. So i dont know whether or not it would be a good idea to mix that with my workout regiment.

    And also, would you reccomend taking Creatine with the workouts? I have heard mixed reviews about creatine, both positive and negative. Thanks!!

  21. p90x Results and Recovery Drink has “trace amounts of creatine.” At least that’s what the videos and packaging say. I don’t know what “trace” amounts to, but it’s in there. I have noticed that my sweat is sure stinkier since I started drinking it. 🙂

    How is Shaun T during the Insanity workouts? I know he does Hip Hop Abs and I think it may be a distractor to have someone yelling hip-hop slogans at me while working out. Then again, I’m not that bothered by Tony’s quirkiness.

    Has anyone bought/used the upper body weights workout (Insanity Deluxe Package)? How does that fit in? What equipment is needed (I assume dumbbells).

  22. @ RP

    I have not tried the Insanity Deluxe Package with the weights. Shaun T is not as “silly” in Insanity as he is in Hip Hop Abs. I tried Hip Hop Abs once and it was not for me. Insanity is tough.

    I have been using the recovery drink a lot lately and your comment about the sweat might have cleared up some questions of my own. I can usually use my gym shorts two times before a wash and now I can hardly stand to be around them. I wonder if it is the recovery drink.

  23. I got the Insanity a while back, but I haven’t started it yet. I think i’m going to give it a go on Monday. You’re supposed to start on Monday, right? I work out 6 days a week already. 3 with my trainer and 3 on my own. I want to keep my training sessions up, so I’m wondering if I’ll be able to do Insanity and a training session on the same day…

  24. @ DJ

    You are supposed to start on a monday so its easier to track. You might be doing some over training with Insanity and a training session on the same day. Give it a go and let me know how it works for you. I workout once a day five times a week and its good enough for me.

  25. I just purchasaed Insanity today, and based on what I’m reading here I can’t wait to get started! I’m looking forward to getting in to better shape.

  26. I started Insanity a little over a month ago (August 20th to be exact). I started out the program not being super fit, but actually underweight for my height. Another thing to note is that I had a bit of a gut.

    I’ve been sticking to the program religiously (6 days on, 1 day off, never missing) until I hit this 6th week. These 1 hour long exercises are hard to get motivated to do more so than the earlier ones. I definitely feel more in shape now and can probably finish the early exercises without stopping, but these “max” workouts are killer. The first day back from the recovery week where you do the Fit Test and then Max Interval Circuit are what screwed me up a little bit. I was too exhausted after going all out on the fit test that I didn’t feel like doing the MIC that same day. Instead I put it off till the next day. I ended skipping another day this week too, but I think I’m back on the plan now with no more skipping.

    As far as results up to now go, nothing too dramatic. I don’t have as much of a gut anymore and I’ve actually put on a bit of weight. I’m currently 6’1 175lbs~ now where as I was hovering around 165 before hand. I’m confident that if I can make it through week 6 – 9 that I’ll start seeing big results in my abs and general fitness, because these workouts challenge the heck out of you. That and I’ve started taking whey protein every day 😉

  27. right now i am about 255..260ish, 68″ tall. 10 years ago i was same height but 185lbs. with a BMI over 30% what would be best to start? insanity or p90x? i want to get fit an get back in the military an be able to run the 2 mile an mile like i used to.

  28. @ Jeff

    I feel the same exact way as you do about the Max Interval Workouts during the second phase of Insanity. I really enjoyed the first 30 days with the 45 minute workouts. These 55 minute ones are killer. I have also lost motivation to complete these.

    That’s crazy you put on 10 pounds of muscle. I felt like I have lost a little because there is not that much resistance training besides the push ups. I started adding in P90X for resistance training twice a week to maintain my mass while I build up the cardio with Insanity.

  29. @ Robert

    If you’re goal is to lose weight so you can run 2 miles then I would start with Insanity. Its 90% intense cardio. I dropped almost 2% body fat from this in 30 days and did not have that much to lose. Went from 10% to 8%.

    Once you get done with Insanity then you should do P90X. Its 70% resistance training. This will build on your upper body so you can do lots of push ups and pull ups for the military.

  30. I did P90X last year and put on 10 pounds in the first month. I thought that it must be muscle, but the fat test at my gym indicated that I actually gained 2% fat! I was VERY discouraged because I am a woman and already workout pretty heavily everyday, so I was hoping to just get more cut, but now my clothes are still tight, and I can’t get back to my pre-P90 weight. I asked in one forum if I was doing too much with 2 workouts a day and maybe retaining fat due to lack of calories, and I was told that I just wasn’t “bringing it” enough. Not the response I was looking for and very much not the case. I would like to start Insanity to drop my fat %, but I still want to do my weight training during the day to keep my strength and tone. Would this be advised if my main goal right now is to drop weight?

  31. @ Tiffany

    Did the gym measure your body fat before you did P90X? Does your body feel tighter from doing P90X? I never focus on how much I weigh but how I feel.

    With you working out two times a day you might need to eat more to drop the weight. With less calories your body retains those and does not burn them off. I ate almost 3000 calories a day doing Insanity and dropped 2% body fat.

  32. Yes, it was measured before P90 and after the first month when I gained the weight so quickly. We measured again at the end of 90 days, and it was still up 2%. Despite what so many things say about women having a hard time gaining muscle, I will bulk up pretty quickly…even if I don’t want to. So after P90, my arms, back, and shoulders were bigger and more defined, which is fine, but my abs (an area where I really didn’t have any problems!) got softer. I actually lost definition there and in my legs. I was definitely feeling heavier than I’ve ever felt! This is why I think that I may not have been eating enough. I have also been a vegetarian for 12 years, and trying to adapt the meal plan, especially for lunch at work, was a little tough. I have always been pretty savvy about combining foods for complete proteins, so I am perplexed about the whole result. My husband, who doesn’t work out at all and doesn’t really eat all that great, noticed some pretty good changes. Maybe I’ve just plateaued. I feel like the more I do to work out and add variety, the harder it gets to drop the few extra pounds to lean myself out. I love cardio though, so hopefully Insanity will do the trick. I don’t need any more muscle 🙂

  33. I’ve read a few comments about the diet plan that goes with both Insanity & P90X, but it’s usually not mentioned at all in the ads on TV. I’ve been intrigued by P90X for awhile, but recently saw the ad for Insanity – and although it sounds tough, the results are what I’m after (get leaner, lose weight, drop BF, increase stamina, etc). My question is: how much of the results of either program is tied to the diet plans that go with them? I know I need to get more ‘athletic’, and increase my cardio & stamina, but I wonder what kind of the other results I’d get if I just followed either (or any) diet plan – without changing my current workout pattern. Or, on the flip side, what if I did the Insanity workout, without religiously sticking to the diet plan? I see the goofy ads for various machines that are supposed to work out your AB’S and reduce inches, etc., but I’m betting their success is largely due to sticking to a regimented diet. You can probably guess I’m telling on myself – that I’d be less intimidated about strictly following an exercise regimen that I would a diet! I hear the workout is a killer….how hard is the diet??? Thanks.

  34. Hi! I’ve been doing P90X and P90X plus for a year now. I got really buff gained over (25 lbs of muscle), but I still have some fat around the mid section. Bench 250 lbs, squat 400 lbs curl 130 lbs. I can run sub 5 minute miles, and I have a 4 pack showin, but there is still fat. Will insanity help me lose that body fat so I get the whole 6 pack. Will it take away some of the amazing strenght now? I was thinking of doing insanity and going to the gym twice a week to maintain my strenght and muscle mass and eating more. Will this help?

  35. @ Chukie P

    I ate decent before doing P90X and Insanity. The meal plans take it to another level. To be honest I would say I did it at 50%. The workouts are tough enough where you are going to burn through the fat.

    I did follow the Insanity Nutrition Plan for two and half weeks including no beer (which is hard for me as I like wheat beer). My body fat went from 10% to a little over 8%.

    Either I need to lay off the beer or the plan is just that good.

  36. @ Sergio

    First off – you’re an animal. Sub 5 minute miles and benching 250.

    My P90X results were similar. I put on 10 pounds of muscle and got a 4 pack. The 6 pack means cutting out beer and other minor things. I’m just not that committed to go that extreme.

    I finished Insanity and went from 10% to a little over 8% body fat. I could feel the strength in my obliques now. However it felt like I lost a lot of the muscle I put on when doing P90X and I was right. I did P90X legs and back the other day and did 55 total pull/chin ups for the whole workout. The last time I did it some two months ago I did 81.

    So yes, going to the gym twice a week to maintain would not be a bad idea while you work on the cardio with Insanity. I am starting to mix in P90X with Insanity.

  37. This is exactly what I’m afraid of in starting Insanity. I think the idea of such super cardio is exciting, but not at the expense of losing the muscle gains I’ve made. I thought about a hybrid where I do 3-4 days of Insanity and 2-3 days of p90x or One-On-One or just not doing insanity but going hardcore on the days I do Tony’s cardio stuff. With the latter, I don’t think the motivation is there (on the disks) to go as hard as Insanity pushes me.

    Has anyone created a hybrid program? I figure I could get rid of the Cardio Recovery, the repeated program and perhaps one more and throw in some weight training.

  38. I think that is what I’m going to do. Insanity + gym to maintain my strenght. And I am also going to eat a bit more. I don’t want to be too bulky, my goal is to be strong and have lots of endurance, just like my grandfather who benchend 200 kg at 72 kg weight, could deadlift 350 kg, and could run sub 5 minute miles a couple of times in a row.

  39. I am just finishing up my last week of P90X. I’ve lost a total of 18lbs. but I can’t seem to drop these last 10lbs. I know I’ve put on some muscle, but it seems like the workouts aren’t helping me lose weight anymore. I ordered INSANITY last week, I’m going to start it on Monday. I’m hoping I can shed these last few pregnancy pounds and get that flat stomach I’ve been dreaming about before my cruise in February. I don’t want to lose the muscle I’ve gained through P90X, should I continue lifting weights or do you think the INSANITY workout has enough resistance incorporated into the cardio? I am 5’6″ and weigh 140 lbs., I want to get down to 130 lbs., what is your opinion? I don’t want to be too muscular or bulky either.

    Hmm, this Hybrid program sounds interesting.

  40. Upon completing both the 60 days of Insanity and 90 days of P90X, what kind of workouts from both programs would you use to maintain strength and fitness levels?

    Also, i currently weigh about 210 lbs after i gained about 25 lbs when i stopped my workout routine. I am about 5’7″, what would you say would be the ideal body weight for a person of that size to have a low body fat percentage, say around 8%?

  41. im all set to star insanity from day 1, starting next monday but i have watched all the videos to see what im gona face and i do have a bad back from a auto accident years ago, 1999. when i was fit an slim it didnt bother me much but now im over 30% BMI with a “gut”. should i exercise caution when doin insanity? so i do not do more harm to my back. its deep muscle damage nothin with nerves or my spine.

  42. @ Diana

    Congrats on losing 18lbs with P90X and I guess a baby?

    Insanity is a lot of cardio and the only resistance you use is your body weight. I’m thinking the hybrid program would be good to maintain the muscle. Maybe do the first 2 weeks of Insanity then 1 week of P90X and 2 weeks of Insanity and so on.

  43. Brad would you recommend some one do this hybrid program starting out or should they do one or the other first? You said i should do insanity first so i can get fit for runing in the military then do p90x AFTER so i get the muscle for push ups an other PT.
    i’m looking for quick results on strenght an stamina BUT in a safe timely manner, thats why i am askin about hybrid.

  44. This is what I’m doing. I decided not to do Insanity but to incorporate it into P90X. So P90X is still the same except where I switch Plyometrcis with Max Interval Plyo and Kenpo with max interval circuits. I also do ab ripper x twice a week (mo and fri) and insance abs once (wednesday). I also switch up max interval circuits with max interval sports training. I think this program should help me rid excess body fat, and get me stronger and faster.

  45. Sergio, I’m planning on something similar. I’ve done a few of the Insanity workouts and I can’t tell ’em apart. Seems like there’s a lot of similarity between them, and doing 60 days of that over and over may get a bit monotonous.

    I’m making a One on One / Insanity hybrid. Similar to what you’re doing, instead of chest and back I’ll do 30:15 (with some arms thrown in), insanity for plyo, shoulders & arms would be Just Arms (with some shoulders thrown in), etc.

  46. for the p90x …”areas” where a pull up/chin up bar is used, what if theres no where to hang one? yeah i have door frames but there all solid an smooth, nothing to grasp on.

  47. ok so i did the numbers to see how many calories i will need. im 28, 68inch tall and about 260lbs. i come up with 3607 cals per day, figure 5 meals a day that’s 720 cals per meal. i then look at each meal most i can kick up to is about 500 cal or so.
    did i mess up my numbers if NOT how can i count for so much cal’s per meal.

  48. Brad,

    Real quick a little background on myself. I’m 25, 165-170lbs, 5’11” and a fairly lean guy with very little muscle definition. Before I invest in INSANITY I have some questions for you.

    1. How long did it take you to see results?

    2. Did you find it difficult to stay on a routine diet of portion control and eating certain foods? In the past that is what always got me. Whenever I’d be out with the guys or on the go I could never stick to some sort of portion control or eating a particular food mainly because it wasn’t around or wasn’t as convenient.

    3. How much time per day do you devote to INSANITY? What happens if you miss a day due to some sort of family event or some other outing? Do you just jump back on the horse the next day and do double time or just pickup where you left off? Have you found it difficult to stay with it is my question?

    4. Any other advice for someone like me that wants to not necessarily be a ripped muscle head but more of a lean, toned and muscle defined guy. I’m an active guy going on backpacking trips, rock climbing and any sort of outdoors adventure I can get my hands on, I just want my body to reflect that I guess is what I’m looking for. I’ve never seen my body have a six pack or incredible muscle definition and that is my goal.

    Thanks for all your help Brad!

  49. @ Brandon

    You and I have almost the same exact weight and height so these should be some easy questions to answer.

    1. I started feeling results on week 2 and seeing them on week 3.

    2. I eat pretty good and followed the Insanity nutrition plan about 85% of the time. I do give myself one day a week to have something else or I would go crazy. You and I must have the same friends. Beer is my enemy and motivation. All those empty calories. This is why I give myself that one day a week. I bust my butt off during the week working out to have that 1 day on the weekend I can do what I want.

    3. I work out for 1 hour a day 5 or 6 times a week. If I miss a day then I miss a day. That stuff happens. Very seldom do I double up the next day to get back on track. I look at it as a non scheduled recovery day. I then skip my upcoming recovery day. Its very easy to stick with it because I can do it in my house. No driving to the gym, waiting for equipment to open up, etc.

    4. You and I live similar lifestyles. I play sports, go skiing, and snowboarding. Insanity only uses your body weight so you are not going to get bulky. You will get great results. To get a 6 pack you will need to be conscious of what and how much you eat. My core area is much stronger now and I do have a visible 4 pack. To get into 6 pack territory I’d have to stop drinking beer as much and to be honest its not going to happen.

    You should look into becoming a Beachbody Coach like I did. I dont go to the gym anymore. I let Beachbody make up my workouts and I do them at home. Its been life changing.

  50. Ive been doing research on both P90X and Insanity for quite a while now… my question to you is which one should i do first im fairly new to working out but am learning alot day by day..

    im currently 188lbs 5″’11 in high school i was 155-160 and was the best shape in my life. i would like to be around 165lbs idealy so should i do insanity first to build of the old cardio and strip myself of all unwanted body fat, and then use p90x to build my core and upper body? i feel this is the better way to go, any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!

  51. Hey Brad congrats on Insanity! I just have a couple questions….

    1) What “equipment” do I need for Insanity? (Example: Dumbells? Skip Rope? etc…)

    2) What how big of a room would I need for insanity (including height)? I saw your youtube video and it looked like you were jumping in a square.. as well as jumping while raising your arms.

    Thanks a lot for your help!


  52. You don’t need much room either, for Insanity. Pretty much a “square.” If you have more room, you can use it (some moves you do move around), but if you don’t have it you can modify it to fit your smaller space. Of course, I’d move all coffee tables and things with sharp edges away just in case.

  53. Just a quick question..

    Once you have completed the 60 days of Insanity and you have the results you desire, can you (or do most people) go back through the DVDs and continue to do these workouts to sustain or even build more muscle and fitness? Or is there something else that you do now that you have gone through the entire workout plan? If i were to invest in this, i would like to be able to use it for more than a 2 month span.

  54. @ Kyle

    You can of course go back and redo it. Its all about pushing yourself harder now. I am doing a P90X / Insanity hybrid workout now. I have taken the hardest of both workouts and mixed them together. I’m sore all the time now.

  55. Kyle, I would think it’d be a bit difficult to maintain this daily. You can use it several times a year, but I would take some time off in between. Much like p90x, I do those in spurts, then use the One on One (or whatever activity you like to do – b-ball, hiking, biking, etc) in between.

  56. @ Michele

    It depends on what your goals are. Both will deliver similar results. If its an issue about buying extra equipment like a pull up bar, resistance bands, or dumbbells then go with Insanity. Insanity workouts are about 40 minutes and P90X are an hour. Like always, I recommend becoming a Beachbody Coach before signing up so you can get the discounts.

  57. Brad,
    I just started Insanity. Wow! I almost got P90X after I saw the results some friends got, but don’t have a place for a chin-up bar yet. I’m working on that. Here’s my question(s)…

    Can you outline the P90x/Insanity hybrid workout you are using? Are you incorporating the entirety of both programs for a 150 day workout, or just using a core portion of the programs and no time limit? Also, did you go for the Insanity 3 bonus disks and if so are they worth it?

  58. @ Schrese

    Insanity is something you can do but you will have to take it slower than people who are in shape. It will take you much longer to get the results you want with it being a tougher workout. I would look at Power 90 and even P90X because the moves can be modified.

  59. Hey Brad,

    I have P90X and am thinking about getting insanity. My problem is that I find myelf never wanting to do yoga because I feel it takes too long and it seems like I’m not getting as much out of it. Can I replace yoga with anything or am I getting results from yoga that are just unfelt?

  60. Ok here is my story. I’ve always had some muscle tone, I’m 5″10 about 175. Just as college went on I’ve gotten out of shape. I watched the the fit test for insanity and went along with it but was out of breath a lot and as I got to like the 6th exercise I just stopped. I feel Insanity would be the program for me because I want to lose the beer belly. Do you have any advice on how I can maybe build some stamina going into Insanity or should I just do Insanity and a slower pace?

  61. @ Steve

    You and I are about the same height / weight. Start out slow with Insanity. I dropped 2% body fat in the first 30 days. It does get better you just have to put some effort into it.

  62. @ John

    I know Yoga is kind of goofy but I think its one of the hardest workouts with P90X. I got a lot of it. My core is much stronger and my balance is better. I know its a long workout so maybe try X Stretch instead.

  63. I’ll just add my 2-cents to the great advice Brad always gives: Steve, whichever program you choose, eating healthy will be the best investment. There’s this great video on youtube called “Craig vs Pizza,” this guy eats as much of a pizza as he can while another runs on a treadmill to see who burns/consumes more calories. Pizza wins by a landslide. I love that video. John, yoga will also discipline and calm your mind eventually – you really have to stop thinking fast. I love it now… even 90 minutes of forever-taking p90x.

  64. Hi Brad,

    My boyfriend and I have been looking for a workout to do to lose weight, were not really “fat” but we have gained weight since high school and we would like to get fit, and he wants to tone his body after wards. So do you think insanity would be good or should we do P90X first?

  65. @ Peyton

    Both P90X & Insanity will help you hit your goals. I tell people to make your decision on which one to start based on time and money. Most Insanity workouts are under 50 minutes while P90X including Ab Ripper X are 1 hour and 15 minutes. For P90X you need a pull up bar and dumbbells while you only need the dvds for Insanity.

  66. @ Charles

    There’s only one way to find out. Your legs should be in good shape to handle a lot of the cardio parts. Be prepared for a lot of quick movements including jumping and then dropping to the ground and doing 8 push ups.

    I try not to base anything on age as Tony Horton is 51 and can out push up and pull up me on any day.

  67. I plan on starting the insanity program very soon but my concern is i prefer to workout usually when i wake up before i eat breakfast because i feel a little discomfort when i eat breakfast before working out. i am aware that Insanity is very phsically demanding so i would like to get some advice on this before i start. So what would you reccomend would you say its ok to eat on a empty stomach or should i eat one of the five meals first? what was your eating and workout schedual daily.

  68. I finished p90x 3 months ago, and I am in the last month of Chalean now. Trying to decide a program to do next. I was thinking about the insanity but don’t think my knees could handle it?? Plus, I work out upstairs and all the jumping might cause some issues. Any ideas. Need to lose some fat still. Definitely stronger now, but need to lose more belly fat. I also tie in a lot of running to my programs as my goal is to run a half marathon in the spring. Any ideas on which program to start next?

  69. I am 56 and have recently quit smoking (1 1/2 years ago)…I was doing a boot camp for awhile and walking about 10 miles per week. I have had five children.
    #1…will I EVER have tight abs again…I mean 2, 4 or 6 pack
    #2…Is this too intense for me?
    Boot camp allowed us to work at our own rate…can I do that with Insanity?

  70. @ Ryan

    Go with a banana or apple before the workout. Something light that will give you some fuel to burn through. I workout about an hour after I eat so I don’t get cramps.

  71. @ JennLT
    You and I have the same problem when it comes to the belly area. Ab ripper works but it all comes back to what you eat. I eat very well but beer is my problem. If I could cut that out all together I would have a 6 pack. Problem is that I like to live a little and having 6 pack abs is not a priority for me.

    Have you looked at Rev Abs yet? I have a friend of mine who is doing Rev Abs and she has lost 3 dress sizes in 40 days. From what I’ve seen its not as tough as Insanity but still very good.

  72. @ Heather

    Congrats on quitting smoking. Insanity moves at a fast pace so going at your own rate might be tricky. You can go at your own rate but the goal is to keep up. If you are in decent shape right now then you could do it.

    The other options you should look at are P90X, ChaLean Extreme, and RevAbs.

  73. Hi, I am ordering the Insanity tommorow, I am 22 years old i weigh 198, I am looking to lose 50 pounds but at least 30-40 pounds by May 20 for my trip, is that possible? If so can you advise me on which work out would be best for me?

    Thanks in advance

  74. i just finished day one of th workout….i was wondering, do you always use just the left leg for the power knees? if so, why is that?

  75. I just bought Insanity for my 16th birthday and I’m wondering about the diet part. If I follow it 75% of the time will my results not look as good? I don’t exactly have the money to eat the healthiest and my parents aren’t willing to pay anymore money to better my health and fitness.

  76. @ Tee

    Its possible to lose that weight but it will take a big commitment from you. Insanity will help you lose the weight but eating right is the other part of the equation. The Insanity Elite Meal Plan is simple to follow so it comes back to you putting in the effort.

  77. @ Nicole

    Happy Sweet 16!! I followed the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan about 60% of the time and got great results. Try to pick some of the meals in the plan you can make and maybe eat those more often instead of eating junk food.

  78. Hey Brad, I have been doing P90X for over year now and quite frankly I am getting bored. It is really easy to miss days and get un motivated. I thought about getting insanity but I really enjoy the muscle buildup in P90X. Do you have any suggestions about how to get that old spark back in me. BTW, I have seen tremendous results and don’t want to lose any of the gain that I have. Any thoughts would be cool. Maybe I should be a coach?

  79. Hey Brad, i just started the Insanity workout.. didn’t do so good on the fitness test but into day 3 of my workout on it.. but some of the moves in the workout videos I think it’s called the V where your in a V shape and u do pushups.. another but I cant remember what i’s called.. but I’m 5’1″ 33yrs and bout 185lbs.. yes i know i’m big for my height.. and my belly is well it looks like I’m prego but I’m not.. so it’s a little hard to do those.. should i do something else then go back and I”ve read it’s also what u eat too.. but I’m not rich and most of the $$ goes to bills and well put it this way.. we have barely enough to get groceries.. so i gotta make due w/ what i have.. so my question is what would u recommend? i guess.. or start out doing lol and i should note I was a beer drinking bout almost daily.. but i have it cut down to just the wknds.. well friday and saturdays that is.. so any help/advice would be appreciated!! thanks in advance!!

  80. @ Cynthia

    The fitness test is a workout on its own. I know what you’re talking about. It will get better so stick with it. You might have better luck with a program like Turbo Jam which you can find at the Beachbody Store. Its tough but not as fast paced. Have you taken a look at the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan yet? Most of the meals are pretty simple. Beer is a issue of mine too as I like to party but only on the weekends. Cut down to just the weekends and you’ll probably see the pounds start falling off. I started drinking those Bud Select 55’s a month ago and I’m getting use to them. They don’t taste as good but I don’t feel all squishy the next day.

  81. @ Gabriel

    I hear you on that one. I did P90X 3 times and starting peaking on my numbers. Give Insanity or P90X Plus a try in the mean time. I highly recommend signing up to be a Beachbody Coach. The discounts are great and staying up on the new workouts help too.

  82. Hi Brad,
    I own P90x and didnt complete it because I felt the workouts were longer than I had time for. They were also extremely diffucult. How long are each of the insanity workouts?

  83. i only have 3 days a week to work out at home. (family and 12 hour shifts) would you recomend p90x or insanity

  84. @ Adreon

    I know what your saying about P90X. You should take a look at Power 90 in the Beachbody Store. Its the one before P90X. Insanity workouts are about 45 minutes.

  85. Hi Brad, I am a 45 year old who has been away from fitness for quite a while. I would love to try Insanity! I know its probably not really for beginners, but I just wanted to see what your thoughts are. Could I work my way into it, or do you think I would just get discouraged? It looks tough, but fun!

  86. @ Mary

    Insanity is tough. If you’ve been out of fitness for awhile it might take you longer to start seeing results with it. You’re basically trying to keep up with a track star the whole time. I’d recommend something like Turbo Jam or ChaLean Extreme where you can build up your strength and then move onto a advanced program like Insanity. You can view them in the Beachbody Store.

  87. So does anyone know what happens after the 60 is complete, meaning you get into great shape when you are working out an hour everyday for 60 days, but what happens when you stop? Do you gain all that weight back as soon as you stop?

  88. @ Sarah G

    That is a great question. You can get the Insanity Deluxe workouts to add into the mix. Another option is to go out and buy another workout from Beachbody. They have years of tough workouts like Insanity including P90X. I recommend signing up as a Beachbody Coach like I did so you get 25% discounts on all of their products. Life is so much easier. Beachbody makes new workouts and you do them. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and am in the best shape of my life while working out at home.

  89. I just recently watched an infomercial about INSANITY. I loved what I saw. With me being a college student I have a busy schedule, but I can always squeeze in the time to do INSANITY. Would you recommend this be a workout for college students, and will the results help increase my energy? Another thing is that my school doesn’t always serve the healthiest foods, how will that affect my results? I’m just curious because the fitness room is always filled, and I want to get fit for Spring Break. I find this to be a good alternative for me and friends.

  90. @ Derek W

    Insanity is a great workout for anybody. If it does not help increase your energy then you’re not trying hard enough. You’ll get the meal plan that comes with it and it will show you what to eat. Thinking back to my college days and what’s in the meal plan you’ll be able to find food that will work. I know what your saying about the gyms at school. My college’s gym was not big enough for the student body and it was packed all the time. It sucked. The only time you could use it without wating for equipment was before 8am. Insanity would be a good workout to do right now for Spring Break because it gives you about 2 months before you go. Where are you heading to? Get your friends doing Insanity with you as it will be more fun that way.

  91. I have Insanity and I find that I can’t do the workout if I even have the slightest of really anything in my stomach, water included. Has to be almost 3hours after a meal to even attempt to do the workout. I also tried to do the workout once I woke up in the morning but felt so stiff that I didn’t feel I was doing all I could do. So proceeded to do it late at night once my body was up and running from the day. Did you find you could do better at a certain time better than another?

  92. What would you recommend for the meal plan if some of the items on the Insanity meal plan aren’t available at my college?

  93. Hey Brad–I’m in Wk 3 of Insanity for my first time. Really enjoying the program (-12 lbs already, another 38 to go in the long run) but I’m almost viewing this first 9 wks as just getting in shape enough to really give it a harder go the second time through. Generally hitting the wall/failing with about 5-10 minutes left in the workouts, and now that Cardio Abs has been added onto the Pure Cardio workouts and the Max workouts are on the horizon I feel like the train could be leaving the station without me. (I can barely do any of Cardio Abs after finishing Pure Cardio). Was thinking of re-doing Wks 3 and 4 after Recovery Wk 5 to sort of catch up. Do you think that is a good idea, or just plow my way through the 9 wks and start the cycle over? Thanks

  94. @ Russell

    Good job on the loss of 12 pounds. I seem to always have to redo each workout too. I did Insanity twice all the way through before I felt like I almost mastered it. I’d keep doing it until you feel like you can’t get anymore out of it.

  95. Hi Brad. I really want to get started on P90X and Insanity workouts. The down side is that I will be new to fitness and saw that is recommended to start with Slim in 6 or Power 90 first. Which would you recommend the most? If not starting with one of these is there another workout I should start on?

  96. hello my name is jacob, im in high school as a sophomore and i got the insanity workout for my birthday i started it on the first of february but im concerned because i barely have any of the healthy foods that it has in the elite nutrition i dont know what to do, would you recommend anything?

  97. @ Jacob

    Try to get your parents involved. Show them the meal plan and tell them you want to start having these types of foods in the house. A lot of the foods are simple changes like instead of beef start getting turkey.

  98. Brad,
    I’ve been doing great by jogging and going to Zumba at my gym. I’ve lost about 60 lbs. I have, however, hit a plateau that I have not been able to really break past since Christmas. I still like I have another 35 lbs to go. I have not been doing muscle work at all; just cardio. Would you recommend Insanity to me? Could I do it 3X a week so that I could still do Zumba and jog? I’d like to do a 10 K on March 20 and wouldn’t want to give up jogging as I think it would hurt my run.

    Also, I’ve recently given up almost all dairy and meats (including fish and chicken). I eat them about once a week. Would the elite nutrition be beneficial?

    Thanks for any advice,

  99. Hi Brad, I purchased P90X a while ago but can’t seem to get through the entire 90 days in a row. Do you think that if I try Insanity it will be easier because of the shorter workouts and because it takes less time?

  100. This may sound a bit silly, but it’s a legitimate concern of mine. I live on the 3rd floor of my apartment complex and am worried that the intense movements of the Insanity workouts may make too much noise for the tenants in the apartment below me. Is it possible to do the workout without creating this problem, or is there another program you can suggest that doesn’t require such aggressive movements?

  101. @ Janet

    Eventhough the Insanity workouts are shorter it does not make them easier. Insanity is a advanced program. I still can’t finish it without taking breaks. Have you looked at P90X Plus? You can mix these in with your current P90X DVDs. Cool thing is that they are about 45 minutes long.

  102. hey brad. my dad and i go running every morning. i want to start doing insanity but also want to keep jogging in the morning with him. would it be bad to do both? go running in the morning and then do insanity later like at night sometime?

  103. @ Lee

    You make a great point. There is a lot of jumping so unless you can land like a cat it might get a little noisy. If landing softly is a issue then I’d recommend P90X. The only workout you’ll be doing with any intense jumping is Plyometrics. Hopefully, your neighbors won’t mind you jumping around one night.

  104. @ Elizabeth

    Congrats on the 60 pounds of weight loss so far. Insanity is a advanced program and might not be a good workout to pick at the start. I’d recommend ChaLean Extreme as most of it is weight training. This way you can build up your strength and burn some fat off. When you get done with ChaLean then try doing Insanity. You should also look at becoming a Beachbody Coach too because of your success with losing weight already.

  105. Hi Brad, Ive been looking into Insanity quite a bit lately and from the reviews to the excercises, I am going to put myself to the test and try it. I have one question for you though, from watching the DVDs yourself do you find that you need a lot of space to perform these workouts? Thanks

  106. Hi Brad. You have such great info on here. I am a new mom ( 7 month old baby boy) and did a lot of reqular exercise prior to his birth. I have always done a mix of workouts, including some other beachbody stuff. Since his birth, I have returned to working out but on a much lesser scale. I would really like to develop a routine and get great results. My question is should I wait a while longer and continue to build up my strength or go ahead and start this workout. My baby has recently started sleeping about 11 hrs a night!! I feel like I would be able to give an hour of my day to exercise. Currently I am working out for about an hour 2 to 3 times a week. My thoughts are that having a “program” will get me back on track.

  107. OK.. been out of exercise for a long time…so your saying someone like me can’t do the Insantity workout? If I give 110% of what I got into the workout wouldn’t that be something? maybe I wouldn’t get the results as advanced ones but I would get some results..right?

  108. Hey brad, I started doing Insanity today, I have been out of fitness for about a year, and hardcore fitness for about 3 years. I had to take quite a few breaks during the fit test. Would you reccommend that I continue through the workouts doing as much as I can and then going back through them after 60 days or doing the same few workouts in a weekly rotation until I master and them and then moving on to other workouts in the Insanity program?

  109. Hey Brad. I am 45 years old. I went through P90X twice, with awesome results. I am on week 8 of Insanity, and I love it! I do it everyday at 4:30 am before I go to work , and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons I do the P90X uppers (arms, shoulder, chest and back) so I don’t lose the gains I made. I also do cardio abs at least 4 times a week as well. When I finish Insanity next week, should I start it over again from the start, or just stick with the max workouts? Thanks.

  110. I wanted to get insanity, but after reading some of the comments i may think it could be too hard. I am 23 and weight 370 pounds so is there something else i can do that can help me get to the point the i can try insanity?

  111. Hi Brad, I’ve got a question. I started insanity today. Did the fit test. No comment 🙂 But, my question is about the calorie requirements, and the nutrition. My calculation came out to be about 2,009 calories needed per day. But that seems extreme to me. I’m sure I’m already eating that much since I’m overweight, but when I am tracking what I eat I tend to stick to about 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day. Did I use the formula in the Elite nutrition guide correctly? Could it really be 2,009 calories a day? It just seems like a lot, especially when I’m trying to lose weight. Would appreciate your feedback. I’m 5’6, 178lbs, 31 yrs old. Thanks!

  112. A group of friends and I are taking on INSANITY starting next week Monday. A few questions came about as we planned for this 60 day journey. Just to make sure we’re doing this program correctly, have there been any serious injuries reported from doing this program? Also, our school is in New Orleans, and its traditional way of cooking revolves around high sodium seasoning and saturated cooking oils. How would you go about arranging a nutritional meal plan around this?

  113. Is the Insanity workout recommended for women who want to lose 20-30 lbs? It looks like the women on the infomercial are already in pretty good shape, and that they are more toned after. I really want to lose weight then tone. What do you recommend?

  114. @ Therese

    Insanity is a advanced program. If you are not already working out I would not recommend starting with Insanity. Instead you should look into doing ChaLean Extreme. My girlfriend did is and dropped 10% body fat in 90 days. After finishing ChaLean then look at doing Insanity. You’ll be better prepared.

  115. @ Derek

    I have not heard of any injuries with Insanity. Lay off the sodium. I use to work with a guy who was very obese. His Dr. made him go on a low sodium diet. In less then a month he dropped 30 pounds without working out. Follow the meal plan that comes with Insanity. Its easy and the meals are simple.

    Congrats on the Super Bowl win.

  116. @ Miguel

    I would advise against trying Insanity at your current weight. I would instead advise starting with Power 90. It will help you build up your strength and start losing weight. After finishing Power 90 Insanity might still be one more workout away. You might want to do P90X second and then Insanity. You can do it and I would like to see you succeed with the program. There are lots of stories out there of people in your situation who did Power 90 and dropped lots of weight. Feel free to ask me more questions.

  117. @ Antonia

    Fit Test was brutal huh? The meal plan said I had to take in 3,000. I was shocked too. It does seem like a lot. To be honest, I don’t count calories. Instead, I follow what meals they say to eat on what days. If you feel exhausted after working out then you need to increase the food you eat. Keep up the good work. You will start seeing results by the second week.

  118. @ Bren

    If you give it all you’ve got, then yes, you will see results. You might be spending the first 60 days getting in shape to actually be able to do Insanity the next time. This has happened to a lot of people including myself.

  119. @ Kedren
    Since you worked out before having your baby (congrats) you should be able to do Insanity. There will be a learning curve with it as it is a advanced program. It is under an hour so it would fit into your schedule. The other workout I would suggest is ChaLean Extreme. The workouts are about 40 minutes long and its a lot of strength training. My girlfriend lost 10% body fat doing it. Many women have chosen to do that one and then do Insanity so they are better prepared. Since you are familiar with Beachbody you should look at becoming a Beachbody Coach.

  120. Hey brad…well I am tryn to get back into shape after having A Baby..4yrs agO I had A c-section and develop A pregnacy pouch…I am 28 I have 1 child…and I used to be very active and in shape played all sports up until I was 23…and I am tryn to find A program that will help me get back right and tight…thank u

  121. I purchased Insanity a few days ago and since then I’ve read several reviews on it. It appears that most people believe if you haven’t been working out regularly, this program isn’t an appropriate one. I will be the first to admit I haven’t worked out in a long while. However, I have a class reunion in May and am determined to be in shape by then. I am probably wrong, but I see this as a “mind over matter” situation meaning that if I am determined and have the will power to stick to it, I should be successful. I have about 20 lbs to lose and would love to just be more fit, active, and feel better about myself. So, with the aforementioned information, do you think I will be able to complete this program with some decent results?

  122. Site has lots of great information. I just finished P90X and started Insanity this week. I’ll be comparing our numbers! 🙂 Great stuff!

  123. @ Christa

    If you are willing to push yourself then you will get the results you want. It might take you a little longer then people who are already in shape but so be it. Do Insanity twice if you need to. Stick with it and you’ll lose those 20lbs in time for your high school reunion in May.

  124. I was thinking about purchasing insanity workout is this a good product or not? How is it compared to p90x?

  125. Great to see a lot of independent reviews on this, but I have a question for anyone else out there using this video. I started using this last week, and thought I had decent cardio ability. Boy was I wrong. I’m 5’9 215 lbs, hardly fit and trim but I play hockey regularly and feel rather healthy, again boy was I wrong. With that said I’m finding myself unable to get through the first actual workout video in its entirety. I get to the point of sheer exhaustion and have to stop. I came up with the idea of doing the same video daily until I can get through it and move on. Would anyone object to this thought? I know I shouldnt over work the same areas but I really don’t want to move on until I can complete one segment. What say you all?

  126. @ TynanT19

    I know exactly how you feel. Insanity takes it to another level. I just started doing the Insanity Deluxe workouts today which included the Insanity Sports Training DVD and Insane Abs. I thought I would be ready for this as I just got back from 7 days of skiing and snowboarding in Park City Utah. My legs felt great and I actually lost a pant size doing it.

    However I found myself barely able to get through half of the moves. There was a point when I was doing Insane abs where my legs hurt so much that the emotion to cry started building up with the pain. I felt like one of the contestants on “The Biggest Loser.” I stopped and regained my composure.

    Insanity is the real deal. I still can’t finish an entire workout without taking a break but I have been able to still get great results. I just show up, yell at Shaun T, and keep on pushing myself. There is no way I would of been able to ski or snowboard for all 7 days without getting in shape first with Insanity.

  127. Hi Brad:

    I’m thinking of buying the insanty program. I love the fact that it uses my own body weight for resistance. But, I’m no spring chicken (on the south side of 50). I am in good shape for my age. Unfortunately at this age, I find myself prone to injury and having ankle, knee and hip problems from years of running. What have you learned from other users about this plan and any effect on old injuries?


  128. I am really overweight and out of shape..I am ashamed to say..but I am committed to get things back the way it was…I am worried I am too out of shape to start the Insanity program..does it have a “beginner” kind of mode to ease back in to a fit way of life?

    The workout looks very intense and I am not afraid of the work just biting off too much too soon.



  129. @ Meg

    I’ve had a nagging knee injury from snowboarding a couple years ago and did not feel any pain while doing Insanity. If you don’t do the Insanity workouts right then you will put a lot of stress on your joints. If you do it with good form then you’ll be working your muscles. I did not do any running during the 60 days of Insanity and when I finished I did a 8 mile run 2 minutes faster than my previous time. I think its cause I worked on all of those supporting muscles in my legs.

  130. @ Annie

    Don’t be ashamed. You have recognized that you need to make changes and thats the first step. Unfortunately, Insanity has no beginner modes. Its all advanced moves. The pace is what makes the workout ridiculous. I would recommend doing one of two workouts first before doing Insanity. P90X and ChaLean Extreme. P90X is still advanced but it shows you beginner moves. The workouts with ChaLean Extreme are not as long as P90X so its easier to start with this program. My girlfriend dropped 10% body fat with it and really enjoyed it.

  131. Hi Brad,

    I’ve recently purchased the Insanity Program and can say this is by far the most intense workout i’ve ever done period. I’m close to finishing up my first month, and was wondering if it is normal to have shin pain. For example, when i’m doing power jumps or hurdle jumps, i feel a sharp pain in both of my shins. I’ve tried icing it but nothing seems to work. What do you think i should do? I really don’t want to stop this workout because of this slight pain, so far i’ve been having good results.

    Thanks Casely!

  132. Hi,

    I’m a 19 year old student and out of shape. I’m about 5’1 and weigh 130 lbs. I haven’t worked out in a while but I’m ready to change that and be in the best shape that I can possibly achieve. Do you think the Insanity program will be too hard to stick with?

  133. Hey am doing the insanty workout and am uploading pics daily to track my results and see the changes day by day. check out my blog

  134. Dude you are doing your switch kicks WRONG! Bring you legs higher and don’t just bring them up like you are a part of an Irish dance group. You have to act like you are kicking. So, bring up and push outwards.

    Also, go back into the squat position when you are doing your high jumps. “jump from the bottom” as Shaun T says.

    Anyway, if this is your first time your mistakes are understandable (as were mine).

  135. Does this stuff really work, i mean i work out 4-5 times a week as is, and i know its hard to get a body like that, that quick i’ve been trying and feel like im getting no where.

  136. My wife & I are considering getting either the Insanity or P90X workout DVDs. But we’re kind of concerned about:
    1. Both being over 50. I’m 53 & she’s 52.
    2. Both being WAY out of shape.
    We are worried that this regiment of exercise might be more than our bodies can handle. Ever commercial we see on TV shows people in the 20 – 35 age bracket and most are just a LITTLE out of shape compared to us.

    Is there cause for concern/injury to us?

  137. @ Joyce

    Sticking with it means showing up every day. If you can commit to doing it every day you will be able to do it. It might take you a little longer than people who are already in shape but who cares. Do the Insanity workout as best as you can and don’t get frustrated if you can’t keep up at first.

  138. @ Joe

    I use to workout 4-5 days a week on my own thinking I was getting in shape. After doing P90X and Insanity I realized that I did not know what I was doing before. There is a science behind these workouts and its why millions of people are getting great results.

  139. @ Nelson

    I would not recommend Insanity for you in your current shape. I still can’t finish a Insanity workout routine without taking a break and I’m in very good shape. I would suggest you start out doing the Power 90 workout instead. This way you build up your strength to be able to do workouts like P90X and Insanity in the future. More importantly it gets you in the habit of including fitness into your daily schedule as the workouts are around 40 minutes long.

  140. I know PX90 has a lot of pull-ups and other back work. It seems that most upper body strength work in Insanity is based on push up variations. Does Insanity have any direct back/bicep work?

  141. @ Mike
    You are right as Insanity involves more variations of push ups. I noticed my biceps did get a little smaller at the end of Insanity then they were with P90X. Its mainly because you don’t use weights and pull ups. What you can do to involve bicep and back muscles is get the Insanity Deluxe workouts. They are tough.

  142. I have been 10-15lbs from my goal weight a year now. I workout 5-6 times a week for about 45-60min. I’ve been at a plateau and I’m ready to “step it up!” I’ve borrowed a few P90X dvds from a friend and LOVE the legs and back and the plyometrics one! Anyways…..I’m debating between purchasing P90X or the Insanity series. I want to lose my last 10-15lbs ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! I also want to tone and build muscle, especially in my legs and arms. Which do you recommend for quicker results???

  143. @ Mandi

    Both P90X and Insanity will help you achieve the results you are looking for along with proper eating. I would go with Insanity as its a lot of leg work and you do a lot of push ups which will strengthen your arms too.

  144. Hi Brad-
    I’m quite impressed that you answer each message you receive. I’ve just spent the last 45 minutes reading past posts and feel a little more educated and motivated… I’m on day 5 of Insanity, and am finding myself a little paranoid. I’ve been working working out regularly 4-6 days a week at the gym for about 5 years now, and have definitely plateaued (even though i felt great when i left). I was switching each day between weight lifting and cardio. In addition I walk/run my dog for a minimum of 3 miles 4-6 days a week. Thus, my worry is if Insanity is enough exercise to get the results I’m expecting? Are you doing your Insanity workouts in addition to other athletic activity? Please let me know! Thanks!

  145. to be specific: i realize that you are mixing beach body workouts at this point in your routine, but are you sticking to ONE a day, and doing no other athletic activity? no weight training, etc?

  146. @ Kwynn

    It depends on the season. Its almost spring here in Michigan right now so my softball league starts back up soon. Sometimes I’ll work out in the morning of a game day. For the winter I do a lot of skiing and snowboarding. I use the Insanity workouts to get me in shape for those. You can read about my 7 days of skiing in Utah. Primarily over the winter I do a lot of leg work for skiing and snowboarding. Going into summer I’ll do weight training with P90X to be able to improve on my softball and golf swing.

  147. @ Kwynn…again

    I do my best to answer every question as best as I can to show my readers how serious I am. These workouts changed the way I look at fitness and I want people to feel comfortable giving it a try like I did. The only reason why I still have a gym membership is because it has a pool and I like to go swimming a couple times a month. Living in Michigan makes it hard to swim outside for 9 months out of the year. If I lived in a warmer climate I would just do the workouts Beachbody comes out with.

    How are you liking Insanity so far? It kicked my butt. I still can’t finish a workout without taking breaks.

  148. Hi! I’m considering buying the Insanity program, but I want to make sure that it’s right for me. I’m looking to get into shape and get lean, but not get huge muscles. I already have huge calves and I’m looking to tone them down slightly… or at least not make them bigger, plus get the rest of me into shape. From what I’ve seen online, other women who used the program didn’t bulk up incredibly, but I want to make sure..
    So does Insanity give you lean muscle, or huge bulky muscle?

  149. @ Celsey

    You only use your body weight for resistance so your not going to bulk up. I lost a little bit of my muscle mass I gained with P90X when doing Insanity and ended up building more lean muscle. The Insanity workout will get the rest of your body in shape as your doing a lot of push ups too. With you being a soccer player (I’m guessing cause the word soccer is in your e-mail) it will strengthen your legs up more.

  150. Wow just started today.. This workout will without a doubt let you know how out of shape you are. Myself and a co-worker did it lunch it was really intense. In fact i almost threw up it was kind of funny though.. but i will continue to push through it!!!!!

  151. When you say “eat right” do you mean the diet plan they recommend? I’m actually thinking it’s my diet mainly that’s keeping me from reaching my goal weight. I’ve been told I’m not eating enough for the amount of excercise/activity I have in my day, so my body “stores” the fat instead of burning it AND that my body has adapted to my workout?? I have a young family so it makes it hard to follow the EXACT meals recommended by P90X. I think the P90X and/or Insanity workout series will jumpstart my metabolism again, but I do want to fuel my body correctly so that I can make it through the workouts, tone/build muscle AND lose that last 10 pounds FOR GOOD!!! Any suggestions or tips?

  152. Hi Brad,

    I have started insanity 2 days back and my entire body is really really sore, which I expected. I have been doing TKB actively for sometime now and needed something more challenging. However, I take many frequent breaks as the work out is too hard and I am sore from my previous workouts. Will this program work with frequent breaks??

  153. Well day 2 went much better… Body is a little sore but i feel much better. This workout is the best one i’ve done.. Like it says you really need to dig deep to pull it out of yourself!!!! My goal is to lose 20-25 pounds and this sure will do it…..

  154. @ Mandi

    I would agree. You need to eat more. The Insanity Meal Plan said I needed to be eating around 3000 calories a day. That’s almost double what I normall do. Turns out they were right. I felt more energized for the workout and I started burning through body fat. P90X and Insanity will be able to hit your goals for sure.

  155. I’m eating about 2000 calories a day was wondering if that will be enough. I got through day 3 less sore than yesterday. I’m just gonna power through it to hit my goal.

  156. My bf and I were planning on ordering Insanity. I know he can get through it but I’m concerned about myself. I was using swimming as my workout, but I had to stop this was November. I want to try and loose about 25lbs to reach the “beach body” look before my b-day mid June. 🙂 What do you recommend? What’s your input? Do you think this could be too intense or would I still be able to get through it?

  157. @ Karina
    Insanity is a advanced program. If you were active before then going into the program will be ok for you. I completed it and still have to take breaks as the pace is ridiculous. If you have to stop the workout to catch your breath than do it.

  158. Thanks i really appreciate you taking the time to answer questions. We are still at it today was day 4 i’m feeling it let me tell you. But i feel much better than i did before i started… I’m using muscles i never knew could be sore!!!!!!!! i’ve lost almost 3 pounds since monday so i know it’s working. I do what i can if i need to rest then i do, no shame in that though because they go at very fast pace.. Once again thanks for answering all the questions

  159. i pulled a muscle right below my calf. i have been trying to work through it and stretch it out but it has been a struggle. any suggestions on how to remedy this. i am starting my 3rd week and don’t want to stop now. i am starting to get nice results

  160. I have the Insanity package with the upper body workout cd included. How often should I rotate that in each week, and which cd should i switch it with?
    Thanks for all the info!

  161. @ Shawn

    I would just pick a day and do it on that day. This way you don’t skip the other workouts. The other ones will just get pushed back a day.

  162. I’m so happy to have found your review!
    I also bookmarked this to see what your future reviews will be.

    I really want to try it, but it looks scary. lol

  163. getting ready to start week 4 today.. starting to see results though i haven’t lost much weight but it’s all starting to change shape. Plus i just feel better since i started doing this. I kind of slacked over the weekend but i’m still nursing a calf pull i did do a lot of walking and did one of my old ten minute trainer videos so it wasn’t a total bust i guess. But over all once you get past the initial shock your body has the work outs are spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Today was Day 1. Brutal…but I know it’ll be worth it. My worst ones are the suicide jumps and push up jack. I have no upper body strength!! Ive also been told by a physical therapist that I have severe muscle tention. So im working on stretching as well…thats some horrible pain there though. And well I need to go grocery shoping so I can start eating according to the nutrition guide.

  165. Well just about finished with week 4 of insanity. Down about 8 lbs. and about 2 inches off my waist. I feel great since starting this. Can’t wait to start the next 4 weeks after core cardio and balance. I tell you the first week was terrible getting through all the pain but it was well worth it. If your just starting out stick with it it gets better and if need to take a break do it….. Even Shaun T does and the people working out with him. Brad thanks for all the advice and tips they are really appreciated.

  166. My wife and I are just starting this coming monday. I am 6’2″ 274lbs. When i went into the Air Force 3 yrs ago I was 178 lbs. Will this help me that much or am I going to be dying from it and hurting myself more than anything? I have done tons of cardio and lifting trying to lose weight, to no avail.



  167. @ Matt

    What happened man? I’m surprised the Air Force would “allow” you to put on 100 pounds. I thought you had to run every day. With you having a background in cardio and weight lifting it will help you with Insanity. Stick with the plan and pay attention to the Insanity Meal Plan. If there is a move that’s too much for you then watch what Shaun T does to modify it. I bet that if you stick with this that you’ll drop 20 pounds in the first month.

  168. Sadly, no. Once you are out of BMT, you run 3 days a week in tech school. Then once at your base, you do not run except once every few weeks. I had Bells Palsy in Tech School, where I lost 40lbs in 2 weeks from not being able to eat, and then gained back about 60. The rest of the weight I gained was from an adverse reaction to Anthrax Shots. However, the military doctors were unwilling to consider this as a reason for my weight gain. Curious enough though, when i refused to get anymore Anthrax Shot series, I stopped gaining weight

  169. @ Matt

    I figured it had to be something unique. That’s just a big fluctuation in weight. I hope everything is ok for you now and that Insanity helps you drop the weight. Its tough. I think of it as 2 a day football practices wrapped up into 45 minutes. Let me know how Day 1 goes.

  170. I am on Week 4 of Insanity. I havent stuck through it the entire time because I do not have access to them on Saturdays, but I have seen major results in my stomach area. I havent lost much weight, but I know I have lost inches! It feels great to know that its working!

  171. I’m thinking about trying this work out I curently weigh 240# size 38 pants are little lose, but I can fit into 36 pants but there tight. I’m 5’6″ and 40 years old, the military says for my age I should weigh around 178#. Here is the question, I have hurt my lower back while in Iraq, and just reinjured it trying to run with all of my body armour on, just walking very far makes it hurt now. Will I be able to complete this training, I’m sure most of my back problems are from the big belly and extra weight. I would like to loose 40 to 50 pounds to start and get back down to 32″ pants.

  172. I am so excited about this program, and I don’t even have it. I hope someday I will be able to get it. Right now I just cant’ swing the cost. But I am bookmarking this site to keep me thinking about it for when the time comes I can go for it!

  173. Hello! Im in my last week of insanity and boy did it kick my butt! =) i find myself resting sometimes more than I should but Im pushing and doing the best i can. Im not sure if I see the change that i wanted to see (abs mostly) but I feel a little stronger than before. Im thinking of going through the last 4 week video one more time or maybe even do it for as long as i get bored with it.. =) i didn’t really like the first months’ wkout so i’m just sticking to the 2nd months’. do you think i’ll be able to see the ‘abs’ soon? sigh…………. hope so

  174. @ Clay

    Sorry to hear about your back. I have heard that many back injuries occur because of extra weight on the front side. It makes sense to me as the back has to support the extra weight. Insanity will help you lose the weight for sure but you will need to take it slow to not reinjure yourself. Do you do any stretching?

  175. @ Kimmie

    Congrats on making it through. I kept doing the workout until I hit my goals. Getting your abs to show also involved a strict diet. The abs are there, its just getting them to show. I have this problem because I like beer.

  176. Hi, I am on week two of insanity and so far the scale hasn’t budged but i do feel some of my clothes starting to fit a lil bit more loose. I have been following the nutrition guide to a tee except for once last week where i shared a plate of chinese food with the wife and lord knows i felt pretty guilty after the fact. Since then I’ve gotten back on track with the diet and look forward to mth 2. I believe in insanity and hope everyone gets the results they are looking for..I will be book marking this page and posting regular updates..thnx a bunch.

  177. Whoa, I thought I was in shape until I decided to start InSanity. Parts of my body that I didn’t know existed are sore. I cannot get through these DVD’s yet strangely enough I am looking forward to do the Pure Cardio tonight. How many weeks till I can get through this? Should I do some treadmill work to make up for the fact that I cannot get through these programs.

  178. My pure cardio and abs DVD does not work. What should I substitute for it until the new one comes?

  179. I’m in week 6 and have noticed a lot of changes especially in my abs and shoulders. I haven’t lost a lot of weight but i have lost inches. My pants are starting to get loose around the waist. I have been sticking to a pretty strict diet but had to increase the calories due to fatigue. My body was letting me know it needed more. But this has been the best workout i have ever done. My co-worker and me are going to try p90x when we are done with this……

  180. @ Vic

    I still cannot get through an entire workout without taking breaks. I would stick with the workouts and not worry about the treadmill. The reason is that you’ll need the energy.

  181. @ Gary

    Don’t feel bad about the food issue. Look at it as a reward. If I put in 5 days of P90X or Insanity then I don’t feel bad having a couple slices of pizza and beer on the weekend. Otherwise I’d go insane. You will probably start dropping more weight going into the second month. Its brutal.

  182. I am only on Day 3 of Insanity, but all I have to say is HOLY COW! I used to do Track, Soccer and Cross Country in high school. I dont remember my muscles hurting this bad. Is it ok to modify some of the exercises if I cant do them? There are a few that I cant do yet because I need to strengthen my knees.

  183. my name is elliot and i have been on insanity for about 4 weeks now. i am following the meal plain but i seem to be gaining weight and my pants are to small for me now. My abs do feel harder and my legs are bigger than they have ever been, but the thing im wondering about is that i have hard abs but you cant see anything you can only feel them, if i lift up my shirt i look like i did before i started, but if you feel my stomach they are rock hard. i use to be fat and lost weight do you think the extra skin that i have left could be covering my abs?

  184. Hello, i am doing the insanity for workout and i am on my fourth day. However im concerned i may lose my mass. I have real big arms and a nice strong big upperbody, i do want to get more ripped but im afraid i may shrink to much and just look really cut since your doing this program for 60 days straight, also i don’t have time to get into the gym jsut enough for this lol. I want to retain most of my size and get ripped…..what do you all think?

  185. started week 7 yesterday. since i started to eat more the weight is coming off. i’m down about 14 pounds now and feeling great. one of the biggest reason for doing this was number one to get in shape, but i have been on bp meds for over a year. since i started this it has dropped considerable. in fact i have to make a dr appt. to see if i can decrease them or come off of them. so if your just starting to do this workout stick it out it will be worth it in the end…….

  186. I just ordered Insanity and am really looking forward to it. I am curious though, I had herniated disk issues in my lower back for 3 years before they finally did surgery 1 October. I started back in the gym hard and heavy 1 February. Will this DVD help me strengthen my back and core and help me reach the goals I want, or will it do more damage? I am in the Military and have to keep up with PT standards. No standards no job. Any advice is appreciated.

  187. @ Jenny

    Insanity is all about core and legs. A strong core helps the back. I’m not a Dr so I don’t think its right for me to give medical advice. I suggest starting off slow to see if you can keep up without injuring yourself. If you can do it then pick up the pace.

  188. @ Aleem

    You might be the first person who does not want to get all cut up. If you are afraid of losing your mass then do Insanity 5 days and go to the gym for 1 day. I lost a little mass doing Insanity but somehow put a .5 inch on my chest.

  189. @ Elliot

    What I get from your comment is that Insanity is working right now. I also have some extra skin on my gut that I just cannot seem to get rid of. My abs are there but under a small layer of skin. Stick with Insanity. You still have another 30 days to go. My body went through more changes during those last 30 days.

  190. I’m looking into starting insanity but the main reason I want to do it is for the cardio aspect and to tone my muscles. I’m pretty thin and when I workout I do all weights to try and build muscle but I need to add a little bit of cardio into my workout. Do you think insanity is for me? I really don’t want to lose weight, I’d rather tone and increase strength.

  191. I just started Insanity with my Hubby this past Tuesday and I am feeling the burn. I have never really been in shape and honestly I cried during the workout last night but I kept pushing and finished. I had to take breaks and modify some things but I am determined to keep going! My biggest problem is the push-up positions. In order to help strengthen myself, I do 5 modified push-ups against the bathroom counter every time I visit the bathroom. I am going to make it through this program. I can tell you that it has helped doing it with my Hubby because he reminds me to keep going and does not let me quit.

  192. @ Melissa

    It sounds like Insanity will be the exact thing for you. It uses your body weight for resistance so you get a very lean toned look.

  193. @ Alli

    First couple times are brutal huh? You are doing the right thing in taking breaks and modifying. I still can’t finish the workout without taking breaks. Working out with somebody makes it much more enjoyable.

  194. I have completed the P90x lean workout and moved on to the classic, however I have a slight tear in the labrum of my right shoulder. It has caused me to do a lot more yoga and cardio. I love the weight training in the P90 series however I am not a fan of the cardio. The plyometrics always kicks my butt, but the rest I don’t care much for. My wife and I are thinking of getting the insanity workout program. Would you recommend mixing them? Sticking to P90, or switching to Insanity? Will I still get the weight training from P90 that one would get from Insanity?

  195. Starting insanity monday morning at 225 lbs and 5 10 im going to do this program to the T and see what it will really do . any beginner tips ?????

  196. Well good news went for a check up at the DR.’s and he took me off of the bp meds after 2 years. My blood pressure has dropped nearly 20 points since starting insanity. I have not felt this good in a long time. I know it’s brutal to get started and i nearly puked on the first day but stick with it. Next thing you know you’ll be finished and feeling great. I am on week 8 and getting ready to start p90x when this is finished. Good luck to all that are just starting out but believe me it is worth it in the end!!!!!!!!!!

  197. @ JRamey

    Try doing Insanity by itself and then mixing P90X in. I did it that way. Keeps it fresh and this way you can get the most out of the programs.

  198. Hi to all Insane people 🙂

    Wow, I just finished my 2nd workout on month 2 of Insanity. Oh My God !! It is really a workout and more. It is like breaking your body down in month one and then in month 2- you really get to build. These workouts have been really intense and I am looking forward in what month 2 will do. I know it will kill me. Love it though !!

  199. @ Felicity

    Month 2 is crazy. The first time I did it I was like “wait a second, there’s 10 more minutes of this…you’ve got to be kidding me.”

  200. Well in my last week of insanity!!! All i have to say is WOW!!!!!! this workout has been absolutely the hardest thing i have ever done, but so worth it in the end. Getting ready to start p90x next week.

  201. I was wondering since I am on the 2nd week of month 2- what comes next. Do people do the whole Insanity Program again, or do Month 2 again. I really Love month 2 even though it is a KILLER. I was thinking of doing month 2 again to maintain what I have achieved but I am hearing about P90X?

    Any suggestions?

  202. @ Felicity

    You can add in the Insanity Deluxe workouts along with month 2 of Insanity to get a little more out of it. Then go onto P90X.

  203. Well finished 60 days of insanity. Total weight loss was 17lbs. about 3 inches from my waist. Most importantly NO MORE BP MEDICATION!!!!!! I am starting p90x today and i can’t wait. For those just starting insanity stick it out it works……. This was the best decision to do this workout i have ever made.

  204. @ Pete

    Thats awesome. Congrats on the weight loss. I know you’ll like P90X. Its time for you to be a Beachbody Coach now and show people that anybody can do this.

  205. Hi All,

    I have finished 60 days of Insanity- Boy was it HARD !!. However, I am addicted to it, so I started Month 2 again this week.

    Question- I want to try P90X, how do I incorporate p90X with Insanity simultaneously? or not a good idea.

    would you suggest doing P90X for the entire program and then go back to Insanity?


  206. @ Felicity

    Congrats on finishing Insanity. I would suggest doing P90X on its own first. This way you get the entire benefits from the program. When you are done with P90X then go and mix Insanity. I replaced the cardio days of P90X with Insanity workouts. A basic schedule would be P90X on M,W, F and Insanity on T, Thurs, Sat with Sundays off.

  207. Hi

    Thanks so much for the advise- very excited to do p90x, as well as challenging the body in so many ways. Thanks so much for having people like you- BeachBody Coach. 🙂

  208. Started 2nd phase of p90x yesterday. So far i have lost 25lbs between this and insanity. We are doing a combo of p90x and insanity. It has been tough but it feels good to in shape again.

  209. I just finished P90X….did my Fit Test for Insanity yesterday, and my first real workout with Insanity today….OMG what a butt-kicker! I still have a lot of belly fat to lose so I am hoping Insanity will help me. I had to stop and start the workout many times to complete it as I was gasping for air LOL, but I completed it! I will not quit until I get the body I want! I am thinking about becoming a Coach because I really believe in the product…for anyone that is doing any of these workouts…good luck, and don’t quit…you can do it! 🙂

  210. Hi There,

    I now have all of my equipment for p90x, wondering if I should do the classic or the lean program?
    Any advise?

  211. @ Misty

    That’s the right attitude to have. I still can’t finish Insanity without taking breaks. I highly recommend becoming a Beachbody Coach because it makes you commit to the workouts a little bit more.

  212. I am in the middle of week 4 of Insanity. This workout is bananas, but so addictive. I have noticed a tremendous improvement in strength and endurance, in just 3 weeks. My best friend is a high school basketball coach and I have convinced him to have his team do Insanity as their pre-season conditioning program this year…and this is a very good team he has. Anyway, so far I have lost about 8 pds, and want 15 more to come off.

  213. @ Adam

    Congrats on the weight loss so far. You’ll definitely hit your goal in month 2 of Insanity. You and your buddy should look into the Beachbody Coach program.

  214. Hi there! I’ve started this program 6 days ago and i don’t see any difference what so ever. Before i started the program i cut down my eating from a lot to like salad, apple a day. So i did that for 5 days and i was 138 pretty much what i started from. Today, day 6th i worked out and then went on a scale i am 138 again? So i am frasturated, and i said what the hell i will eat what i want. Any suggestions?

  215. @ Sabina

    Two things. First off, you need to give it more time. One week is way to early be expecting results. Many people don’t start seeing and feeling the results until the third week. Secondly, you need to be eating way way way more food then a salad and apple everyday. You need to read the Insanity meal plan. It will show you that you need to increase your calorie intake to start seeing results. More importantly your body needs the fuel to push through the workouts. I had to increase my calorie intake to almost 2800 calories a day to make it through the workouts and my normal daily activities. It was weird at first but when I started eating more the results started showing.

  216. hey man
    What kind of results did this give you?
    I just started it, and though I can’t follow the meal plan, I hope to drop about 20 lbs, or atleast put a dent into my overweightness.
    Thanks for a reply

  217. @ Gerbile3

    I dropped another 2% body fat, toned up, put .5 inch on my chest, and my legs got much stronger. Losing 20 pounds with Insanity will be no problem as long as you stick with it.

  218. @Sabina

    Increase in weight gain is hardly something that low resistance and numerous repetitions is going to yield. If you want to gain weight, you need to follow a body building program, heavy weights with low repetitions. Also you should be more concerned with strength increase than body mass increase. Is there a steady increase in how many of these you can do? And if you are not concerned about a strength increase, then this is definitely not the workout for you. Go lift some heavy objects.

    @ Brad

    What did you use to measure your body fat %, calipers?

    And about this video in general, make sure to switch up the power knee leg usage (hitting the knees with the hands?). Next time anyone does a set, use the other leg.

  219. getting ready to start rond 2. looking forward to it. Was doing kind of a p90x/insanity hybrid with good results. But decided to go back to insanity felt better doing that

  220. im in my 3rd week of insanity after doing p90x. My starting weight was 230 llbs and body fat was 23% i am now 193 and 16% .Insanity is definitly insane but love it. Its very very challenging which makes it great. Im hoping to reach 185 and get under 15% maybe even 14% body fat is this obtainable? Also i am thinking of doing doubles three days a week with non cardio p90X and then insanity

  221. @ Chris

    Congrats on losing the weight so far. That’s awesome. Getting under 14% body fat is very attainable. Just stick to the plan and watch what you eat.

  222. I got a question, i want to put on some mass so i plan on increasing my food intake. would u recommend this video or the p90x series for that?

  223. Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know that I started doing the insanity workout program while 60 lbs overweight, and finished it at 38 lbs overweight. Indeed, this stuff works, so don’t worry if you don’t already look like the people in the videos, just keep moving!

  224. I bought P90X and started using but stopped when I got side tracked with getting married. Now that the wedding is done I’m going to start P90x again but I’ve also been looking at Insanity. I was thinking about getting it and doing Insanity in the morning and P90X in the evening. Is this a good idea, bad idea, or is it just going to put me 6 ft. under?

  225. Hi, I have a question about insanity. I’m on week two, changed food, particularly because I can’t eat all the foods.
    However, it’s more less the same, a lot of proteins and veggies.
    My question is about reduced calorie intake, I’m cutting around 600 kcal, in order to lose weight…
    What do you think about that? You think I can lose weight like this?
    Thanks a bunch for your time!

  226. @ Helena

    Do not cut calories. If anything you need to be eating more. Once I started eating about 500 more calories a day then before I was finally able to push through the Insanity workout. Then I started seeing changes.

  227. Thank you for the fast reply. Only, this sounds pretty strange to me… Specially because I have no problems in order to keep up with exercises even on calorie deficit.
    And I’d like to see that I’m actually losing weight…
    I have around 10kg of excess baggage, do you think it’s possible to take them off in 2 months + -, without deficit, and just insanity exercises?
    I apologize about the mess and all the questions, but people always say, in order to lose weight, you must cut on calories and do the exercises. Now I’m kinda lost… and scared. Scared for obvious reason, that I will not lose weight with just exercises.

  228. @ Helena

    Your really should contact your doctor as to your calorie intake. If you cut too much you won’t loose weight. It’s hard for anyone to tell you without knowing your height, weight and ativity level. Be safe and good luck!

  229. I’m 5’3 and weigh 193 pounds, feels like more so i think my scale is lying to me. Ive been looking at getting started on the Insanity workouts but Ive also been looking at P90x. I don’t see the difference except p90x wants you to use equipment and Insanity doesn’t. i just want to be able to fit back into my jeans i don’t want to be super skinny. i have tried the biggest loser workouts and i lost 5 pounds but put that back on so quickly. and ive also tried zumba but i have no rhythm and feel like im just making a fool of myself. what video would be your recommendation?

  230. @ Sandra

    Either of them will work. The only difference is the equipment so if you don’t want to spend more money on it then do Insanity. The weight all comes back to what you eat. I recommend you buy Shakeology and start using it.

  231. i really need to gain upper body mass mainly in my chest and arms which is better to use insanity or P90X

  232. Hey I was wondering what i should eat. I drink a protein shake after my workout, and have only a salad for the whole day but im not seeing any results. Am I doing something wrong or should i give it more time. Also i dont have the nutrition guide and i dont have time to eat a full meal so is there any substitutions that i can eat?

  233. I found that you take you reduced calorie intake and “earn” you extra calories for the day. so 1200 calorie diet (as i am on) + your workout (1000?)= your total calorie intake for the day 2200! try tracking on, its free and can tell you what your intake should be. It’s a great helper and has apps for android and iphones.

  234. Hello Brad, I have 2 questions.
    1. How much jumping is involved in Insanity? I am tall and do my workout in the basement so head room is limited even though i can modify and don’t jump that high, several knee surgeries see to that.
    2. I am resting my elbows due to tendonitis so my 2nd round of P90X routine is on hold, will the Insanity workout also aggravate my elbows?

    Gavin Cooper
    P90X grad

  235. @ Gavin

    1. Lots of jumping. You’ll have to modify it with squats.
    2. I don’t think you’ll have a problem as you don’t use weights. You will be doing push ups though.

  236. Is it possible to layer Insanity over the P90X program. For example, exchange the plyometrics, yoga and kenpo with some of the INsanity dvd’s to fiull out a six day workout schedule?

  237. @ James

    Hey bro! First off, make sure to drink protein shakes BEFORE your workouts. Also, by, “have a salad for the whole day”, I hope you don’t mean you only eat once a day.. Make sure to eat 3 big meals with snack in between and never, NEVER eat 2 hours prior to sleeping because then that food gets stored into fat. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Another thing to keep in mind is that most of these workout gimmicks involve you using/ buying some dietary supplements. If you’d like more advice, I’d say either go to your local gym or college and speak to a trainer/ teacher so as to see what best benefits your body type. Cheers!

  238. I just began the insanity dvd yesterday and it is very challenging. I am 5’6 at 180, and wanna lose 30 in this sixty days! Is that possible! And to get this straight…..I need to eat five times a day and this is supposed to boost my metabolism to burn fat? I have been doing oatmeal and juice for breakfast, fruit for snack, soup and salad for lunch, and fruit for snack and baked fish or chicken and veggies for dinner. Is this ok, I just wanna make sure Im on the right track! The biggest thing for me with losing weight are my eating habits!

  239. @ Gabrielle

    Have to agree with you about Insanity being brutal. I would think that you can lose 30 pounds in 60 days with Insanity if you follow the workout guide and meal plan. Those foods look good. I recommend you buy Shakeology and use that as your daily nutrition. It worked for me. You can buy it at the Beachbody Store.

  240. On my last week of Insanity, Started its at 190lbs, now I’m 148lbs! Incredible work out, Now Debating what to do when I finish it!

  241. @ Pete

    That’s awesome. You must feel like a whole new person. The Insanity Asylum workout comes out in a month. That would be a good follow up to Insanity. Probably time for you to look at becoming a Beachbody Coach and helping others get in shape.

  242. hello,
    Insanity will be the first workout program i’m going to do, since i dont have much experience with programs i was wondering if it came with an list of in what order your supposed to be using the dvd’s and how many times a day/week?


  243. I want to try Insanity for weight loss. I ran across your blog and really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I have a question/concern. I have been doing the research on what programs will be the best for me to start with since in the medical community I am considered to be an obese person. I’m 5’6″ and weigh 263 and my goal is to lose 100lbs. ( I know I’m not going to do that in 60 days!) But in doing the research all the material that I’ve read stated that you should already be in good physical condition BEFORE starting the program…Should I start the program or wait until I lose some pounds first? I’m very confused on what to do. I’m willing to put in the work and commit myself to fully and totally to this at this stage in my life. Please Advise on what should I do. I really don’t want to be discourage from trying it since I’m big already but I don’t want to overdue myself either. Thank you in advance!

  244. @ Blaque

    Your research is correct. Insanity is for people who are already active and don’t have that much weight to lose. I would recommend you do a program like Slim in 6 or Power 90 along with taking Shakeology every day to help you out with the nutrition aspects. You can view them in the Beachbody Store.

  245. Hi Brad itz me again! Just one more question. I looked up Power 90 and it has 2 different series an in home boot camp and a master series….What is the difference between the two?

  246. Hi i am 32 yrs female with 200lbs and 6 months ago I was admitted in hospital for my high blood pressure and currently I am on medication but blood pressure in under control. My doctor has told me to loose around 50lbs. currently I am not active at all….and job profile is 9 hours on computers

    I came across 90x and Insanity workout so just wanted your advise which one should I start with. I am planning to do the workout at home

  247. Pooja

    I would not recommend P90X or Insanity based on your current situation. I recommend you do the Slim in 6 workout along with taking Shakeology. Both products combined will help you burn weight off and probably help with the blood pressure. You can find both in the Beachbody Store.

  248. Hey Brad this is directed to you bro since you seem to know pretty much everything about p90x and insanity and a bunch of other workout stuff. I’m like 5’7 or 5’8. I’m 19 years old and back in high school less than 2 years ago i weighed close to 300 lbs.. I motivated myself and started workin out and i changed my eatin habits like i didn’t eat anything with alotta saturated fats, didnt eat fast food, just a bunch of stuff like that, I got down to 182 was my lowest.. My dream is to join the Air Force and be a UAV pilot, however I couldn’t pass their PFT physical fitness test. I tried so hard and failed it 3 times, I saw a infomercial not more than 15 minutes ago for insanity, and that guy said “I challenge you” and i FUCKING LOVE CHALLENGING MYSELF! I lost 100+ lbs before but didnt gain enough muscle.. I’m seriously considering buying insanity to get down to 150ish is what i want, to get muscle to pass the PFT and all the areas that the PFT covers seem to be in Insanity.. and honestly kinda feel like a fool for typin all this but idk, do you think it’s worth buyin in my case? I know i can do it for sure.

  249. Hey I am about 5’5″ and in pretty good shape, I dance hip hop 5 days a week, I am looking to lean up (not bulk) and drop about 15 lbs. I am 155 right now, but would like to be about 140. Do you think this workout is worth the money for someone like me? I was gonna chose this over p90x since that one seems to bulk more than lean.

  250. So I am 5’2″ and 260lbs… (although I darn sure don’t look it). I already have Insanity, and discovered that after doing the fit test that I needed to get my base fitness up prior to indulging in such high level fitness. That was 3 months ago. Now I am working out 5 to 6 times a week while working out twice a day on wed (45 min cardio/45 min spin class). Ive always carried weight even at my smallest (at least what the scale said). And I am wondering if I have allowed myself enough time for me to start with the insanity program. (P.S., I have noticed that I can wear smaller clothing within the past three months, but the actual total weight loss doesn’t really drop for me-is this normal).

  251. Hi I’m just starting insanity. I just completed my last season of football and I have some extra weight. I mean I’m 5’9″ about 200 lbs but I’m pretty muscular just not solid if that makes sense. I’m not worried about my weight but I want to become more lean and work towards a better body. Is this program going to help cut down fat and possibly help me work towards abs and tone.

  252. Hi, my name is Louis. At 1 point in my life I weighed 250+ pounds in Jr high. After high-school I started working out but it wasn’t until I was 20 did I take it serious. I went from 220 down to 180 just by running and working out daily in about 6 months. However, I fell off my routine and now I’m back to 205. I stopped eating healthy stopped running everything. That’s been about 7 months now. i went to the track and was still able to run 4 miles straight but it was a lot harder. Even at 180 though I was not cut. Would this program truly give me the abs and muscle fitness that I want? Would I truly be cut or just lean? Please let me know .

  253. April

    How long have you been doing hip hop for? Seems like you would be able to drop the 15 pounds you want to drop from that alone. How is your diet? That’s about 80% of weight loss. Insanity would be the way to go to lean up along with taking Shakeology every day to help with the weight loss.

  254. Hello,

    I’m a 42 year old male and I’m 5’10 and 250 lbs, and my blood pressure is kind of high. I want to get my weight down between 200 and 210. I’m a police officer by profession and want to get myself back in the best of shape. I’ve been watching the insanity and the P90X commercials and don’t know which one would be better for me.

    I need both strenth and cardio because they are both things that I need at work, I would just like to know which program do you think would be better for me.


  255. E. Lee

    Both P90X and Insanity will be work. I would recommend starting off with P90X first and then moving on to Insanity. This way you can build some muscle while burning the fat off. Then do Insanity after to burn off the rest of the fat with Insanity and lean up. Its very important to follow the diet as 80% of your results depend on the food you eat. You need to be using Shakeology on a daily basis with P90X. It takes care of the nutrition part.

  256. Louis

    Insanity will cut down on the weight only if you follow the program. The meal plan makes up for about 80% of your results. I learned this the hard way to. No matter how much stronger I felt, the visible results did not start showing until I started incorporating the meal plan. My biggest changes came when I started using Shakeology with the workouts. Big big changes.

  257. Cyn

    Nice work. Very impressive. I’m surprised you are not dropping that much weight. Are you following the Insanity meal plan? Most people don’t lose weight because they are still eating what they did before. What you need to be using along with the workouts is Shakeology. Best product Beachbody sells. You need to buy it and start using it daily. If you can already do that much cardio then give Insanity a try. Go slow and practice good form. You’ll see more changes with good form then by just trying to keep up.

  258. Naethan

    Its amazing how much weight you can lose just by changing your diet huh! The workouts only account for about 20% of the results people get. Nice work on making changes. You must feel like a whole new person.

    Interesting about the Air Force. My friend who went into OCS for the Marines at age 27 did P90X with me and finished in the top 5% of his class even though he was the oldest. He told me that there is more PFT things in P90X then Insanity. Insanity is lots of cardio. Yes, there are some push ups in there but with P90X you do lots of pull ups and lots of push ups. Throw in some yoga for flexibility with some two days of cardio a week and there is the PFT.

    I’d recommend you do P90X first and then do Insanity. P90X will build up the muscle you need to be able to do those PFT requirements.

  259. I’m a 30 yr old Mother of Three and I’m Ready to Change my Life and Get Healthy. Last time I weight myself I was closet 230lbs. I have been looking to start an in home workout program and I made my mind up on Insanity. Im ready to get Healthy 🙂 wish luck….

  260. Hi, I’m a 26 yr old female, retired collegiate swimmer/rower. While I still consider myself athletic, I know I’ve packed on some extra lbs that I need to lose, weighing in at 170 at 5’6″. I just bought Insanity and I’m very excited to get started, although, I’m a little nervous since Insanity is an at home work out program. Any tips to staying motivated?

  261. @ Ali

    Best advice is to just follow the plan. Insanity works. Focus on form and not trying to keep up with Shaun T. You’ll get more out of Insanity by going slow with good form during the first month instead of trying to keep up with poor form. I always recommend Shakeology with any workout program.

  262. hey Ali im 29 I thought the same thing as u “home work out” how do u stay motivated… I was about 200lbs 5’8″ I started with p90x and i couldn’t stay with it i decided to try insanity and I just “did it” turned my mind on to insanity. I’m 153lbs now I finished insanity stuck to the Entire work out and even started running on Sunday’s instead of resting I couldn’t have enough of it of having a body that basically was transformed I Have what is the beginning of a six pack never .in my life did I think I could have a body people are jealous of. I feel great every day. Just stick wit it turn off distractions and when your work day is coming to an end you will WANT to .go home and work out. Your gonna love the change.

  263. I started Insanity workout today, after doing Fit Test yesterday. I am 29, mother of 4. I had 4 kids in 5 years…and I am ready to have my pre-baby body back. Which, in all honesty, wasn’t “ripped” – but I was confident in who I was. As a former high school and college athlete – I have always been in shape. I got to the point where I could run 4-6 miles 4-5 times a week fairly easily…but wasn’t seeing the weight come off like I wanted. Im at 200 lbs now, and would love to drop 20 lbs by the end of June. Im following the diet to the best of my ability – when cooking dinner for 4 kids and my husband…I have to cook something everyone will eat…so sometimes its difficult, but I’m making smart choices if I substitue something. Will Insanity help me drop unwanted pounds? And is there an alternative to the shakeology drink? Good luck everyone in reaching your goals!

  264. Hi, im a 30 yr old mom of 3. Im an accountant so i stay most of my days seated. I had a surgery on my back due to scoliosis when i was 15 so i havent been able to do any sit ups or crunches since then making it hard to keep a flat stomach. I always had backages and sitting in front of a computer made it worse. Today will be my 6 day on Insanity and even though im a little soar i already feel strong and havent complaint about any backages. I started at 140 lbs. I havent weighted myself yet but i feel insainly sexy just working out. Thanks!!!!

  265. Thanks for the advice Peter and Brad! I’m on day 4 and I’m feeling pretty good so far! I’m a little sore, but I’m sure it will pass.

    I know every person is different, and I shouldn’t expect to see changes too early…but when do most people start seeing changes after starting Insanity?

  266. Hey Ali, After about 2-3 weeks I started seeing results, More energy and the soreness will slowly decrease, I still get sore after workouts but its a good sore.

  267. Ali – What helped with the soreness was using the P90X Recovery Drink. Reduced it in half for me. Go to the Beachbody Store to buy it and start using it.

  268. Whitney – I’m not sure if this is an alternative to the Shakeology drinks, but I take Whey Protein (which I would think is similiar)… you can find it at any grocery store and there are a lot of flavors. I’ll make a smoothie with a little milk, yogurt, fruit and then add in the whey…it’s pretty yummy. Good luck with Insanity!

  269. Hi im 20 yrs old and wt 140lbs I am 5’2 am a I will like to loose some wt before I was110 lbs. I want to know what will help to stay on track with the program (im going to start tomorrow)

  270. I just started insanity and I am always looking forward to the next day. Shawn makes me feel like I can do better. It is difficult but I agree that I can do better

  271. Follow the Insanity Workout Calendar in order. Go slow with the workouts and focus on form. Its more important to do the workout correctly and build your strength that way then to go fast and do it sloppy. Buy Shakeology as it will help with the meal plans.

  272. P90x+ would be so much better if shaun t did it. More intense and way better for motivation. The other guy is kinda weird and jpkes around to much and does not seem serious about it

  273. Hey im starting insanity today…….. will i still see drastic results even tho i dont follow the meal plan. I Plan on eating 5 times a day like the the plan instructed to, with set times and not eating after 7. I eat a bowl of rasin bran for breakfast and a banana for breaskfast, a granola bar for 1st snack. A lean garmet or maybe even a sandwich for lunch, and for my second snack i might eat another banana or some wheat thins. For dinner i eat like some soup, or lean garmet….. and i also have my 8 cups of water a day…. will this still work?

  274. The meal plans is the thing that is hardest to follow. What your planning on will work. I recommend you buy Shakeology and use it everyday with the Insanity workout.

  275. im 34 and have been doing insanity for 5 weeks,just finished recovery week.i’ve lost about 20 pounds and my 36 jeans fall off me.i have stopped eating junk and drinking pop.i dont follow the meal plan but instead of fast food and junk i have started eating healthier and cut back on my portions.not sure about the second 30 days but the first thirty got easier each workout because of the endurance and strength i was gaining from working out and eating right.if you can stick with it and eat right i definately recommend insanity.

  276. Hey! i started insanity on Monday the first day made me want to quit it was so hard, day 2 i started in the morning before work got about 20 mins in and had to head to work so i started over when i got off work and only had 10mins left but i was hurting to much to keep going. day 3if i was not constantly moving my legs would get super stiff even today day 4 it hurts to walk around. just the drive home from work (25 min drive) once im out of the car my legs get stiff and hurt to much! i dont know what im doing wrong! i am having trouble keeping up with the workouts..i am loosing hope!

  277. Day 2 is to early to quit. Go slower and practice good form. Do not try to keep up with Shaun T. You are doing nothing wrong, its just that you’ve never done the Insanity Workout before and your experiencing how tough it is. The more you stick with it the better the results will be. Its better to go slow and do what you can do then try to go fast with bad form. I would recommend you buy Shakeology and start using it in the morning to help you get the vitamins you need to fuel your body for the day.

  278. Nice work Mike. Crazy how much of a difference it makes when you cut the junk food. You must feel like a new person from losing the 20 pounds. Have fun in the next 30 days of Insanity.

  279. i started saturday and the fit test kicked my butt! but i loved the feeling afterward. i did my second day and it was so hard but i stuck with it. i took breaks but was determined not to quit! i think that as long as you go at your own pace and youre keeping a good form youll be fine!

  280. I want to start, I’m a woman and almost 200lbs 5’7. I am 27 years old and really want to see myself push hard for something. My main question….. which one do I start first?? I wanna lose the fat before I start tuning things into muscle…. so what order should the program be done for fat women who want to get as skinny as they can and then beef up muscle from there??

  281. hello! i am 22 years old female and at about 210lbs 🙁 i have been overweight all my life but now i am finally commited to losing weight!. today was my first day of insanity and i must say its insane! i did it at my own pace but tried to do it well. and now my legs feel sore and tense i cant even bend them lol but im guessing that means its doing something! its my first day and even though im sore i wanna keep going and i really wanna complete this program. any tips are welcome or advice or anything!! we can do it! 🙂

  282. Jen – Insanity might not be the right program for you to start with. Its not that you cannot do it because you can. However, Insanity is a program best suited for people who are already in shape as it is very demanding. If you are not currently working out then your biggest obstacle is going to be your brain. I would recommend you do something else like Slim in 6 or ChaLean Extreme and drink Shakeology. Do those workouts for the next 90 days. You’ll be better suited to do Insanity as you’ll drop weight and have your body ready for the beating it will take with Insanity. I’d rather set you up for success and build a positive habit with a different workout then you try Insanity and quit in the first week. You can find Slim in 6 or ChaLean Extreme in the Beachbody Store.

  283. Elizabeth – That first day is brutal huh? Best advice is to stick with it. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep up with them because you will eventually be able to the more you stick with it. The meal plans make a huge difference and it will support your weight loss. I buy the Chocolate Shakeology and it has helped out a lot with my results. You can buy Shakeology at the Beachbody Store.

  284. Hey Brad,

    So I played competitive soccer for most of my life. But I stopped due to an Achilles tear right before signing my letter of intent with UNC. For the last two years, I’ve definietly gained weight, not to noticeable becuase I have a fast metabolism and decent body structure. Im 5’4. and weight about 125 pounds. I plan to do the insanity workout completely right, but may change of the nutritional aspect a bit. What kind of results can i expect? Also, a knee and ankle brace wont affect the workout to much will it? The joys of being am athlete 🙂

    Thanks alot,

  285. Sim – Damn achilles tendon. Much of Insanity is high impact stuff. So your gonna have to go slow with the braces on. If your not playing as much these days then I would recommend P90X. It will give your lower body a chance to heal up and to work on other areas of your body.

  286. i am 14 years old and doing insanity, i can kind of see little abs and my legs look and feel really great. I am done with my first month, should i have better results, or will they come in the second month?

  287. Hi, I am male, 16, I’m 5’6 and 140, not in the best or worst shape, I did the fit test a few weeks ago and forgot to take results, waited until yesterday to do it again… I can’t do much about the meal plan, except eating 5 times a day, 300-600 calories per meal.. I can keep up with the cardio stuff, but I’m nowhere near as sore as when I did it the first time… Anyways, what do you think of my fit test results, honestly, I’m just not sure how this is for my age…:
    Switch kicks: 65
    Power Jacks: 40
    Power Knees: 98
    Power Jumps: 25
    Globe jumps: 10
    Suicide jumps:11
    Pushup jacks: 19
    Low Plank Oblique: 27

  288. Hi! I’m a 14 year old female and I am 5’5 and weigh about 155 when I started Insanity yesterday I pushed myself to the limit and I was trying to keep up with Shaun T, but I found myself getting dizzy and lightheaded. I think I would be fine if i either took longer breaks or went slower, but I was wondering if I could still get amazing results by doing these things?

  289. Hello Brad,

    I started yesterday with the fit test. I’m sore, but willing to keep going. I have played soccer all my life, but stopped last year, so basically I’m out of shape. Is it safe to do the fit test for a week to get back in shape and then start the program a week after?


  290. Martin – You can keep doing the Insanity Fit Test for a week but you really should just dive into the plan. Write down your numbers from the Fit Test and start getting at it.

  291. Nitara – Focus on form first and speed second. Shaun T is in ridiculous shape and even he takes breaks. If you get dizzy then hit the pause button. No need to injure yourself or pass out. The results will come but it will take some time.

  292. Hey I am currently on week 3 of insanity I haven’t seen any results yet I am 5’3 ansd weigh 140 lbs…. Any help?

  293. Hey I started 7 days ago, and I am seeing results. Im sore and i love that when working out! But does anyone know how you do the dvds? As in which order, I got in from my mom so all the papers are missing I only have the dvds. I need to know how long you do each dvd and in what order! Please help!!!!

  294. Megan – Sign up for a free Beachbody account. Then click on where it says workout sheets. You’ll see where you can print off the Insanity workout calendar.

  295. I’ve started two (2) weeks ago. Today is my second fitness test. I believe I’ve improved. I’ve lost about 3lbs so far. I thought i would have lost a bit more but it appears it’s more muscle toning for me. I’m seeing the difference as my legs, butt, back etc. are more firm.

    The meail plan is really easy to follow. Though it’s difficult to remember to eat 5 times a day! lol! And beside that i’m from the Caribbean so I substitute foods.

    But in all, it’s going great.

  296. Hi Brad,

    i saw someone had already asked you, “in what order should you do the insanity workout?”
    i took your advice and downloaded a copy of the Insanity Calendar.. but on the calendar some of the workouts on the discs are missing. I have a disc with “insane abs” and “max interval sports training.” where do these come in..? please help.

  297. waiting for mine to arrive dvds that is.
    iam 5 f t8 done exersizes in the past , but dont no to what extrme iam gunna be pushed to , seen the vids n that , i weigh 265 lbs so quite big so lets hope it works lol

  298. Dylan

    If you read the fine print on the Insanity calendar it says if you have the Insanity Deluxe Package you can replace Cardio Abs with Insane Abs and Core Cardio Balance with Max Interval Sports Training.

  299. No offense, but you’re not counting your switch kicks accurately. 2 kicks = 1 rep, according to the directions. However, if you’re actually doing 250 kicks a minute you could probably beat up Chuck Norris. On the other hand, you’re not, because I watched your video and counted.
    Thanks for the post though, it made me feel better about where my fit test ranked on my first try (almost identical).

  300. I watched the video again and I counted the same 125 kicks. I wrote it up in kicks, not reps. So I guess I didn’t do that part right. Did it make you feel better because you’re a superior athlete like me from the get go?

  301. I’m 45 years old and while I used to work out religiously when I was younger I have become somewhat of a couch potato. While I’m only 20 pounds overweight I am extremely out of shape and have “old lady” aches and pains. I want to start the insanity program. Am I a good candidate?

  302. As long as you don’t have any severe underlying issues I say go for it! The nice thing about the BeachBody workouts (I’ve done the several P90X workouts) is that you can “go at your own speed”. The workouts you see them doing are going to be beyond what you can do starting out so you have a goal of what you want to be able to do. Just go slow, follow the warmups and be sure you pay attention to your body and don’t overdo it. My exercise group just finished P90X2 and we’ve started Insanity today. It will be hard but you can do it!

  303. Okay, I’ve seen this ad many times and am curious about possibly buying this program, but I’m still not sure! I’m a 5′ 8″, 41 yr-old woman; about 155 lbs, but I just ran 5 miles two days ago in under 45 minutes. ‘Was a competitive swimmer for 15 years (all the way through college), so I’m not a stranger to intense workouts. I like the idea of no bands or weights; I’d love to shed 20 lbs. and just get definition. Do you think I can do it? Also, did you have to diet intensely?

  304. I’m looking at the workout and trying to decide if this is something I can do as I have previously had a couple of knee operations. There appears to be a lot of jumping and would be interested to receive your thoughts as to whether this is a viable workout plan

  305. I’d suggest you do P90X instead of Insanity if you’ve had knee problems before. There is too many high impact moves in Insanity that will aggravate your knees.

  306. So I just seen Insanity on a infomercial earlier. I am 39 today, and am 5′ 3″ and I weigh 140. Now I have lost a lot of weight due to surgery, so I have a lot of lose skin. Do you think this will tone me up? I do have back pains sometimes and normal aches and pains, but I’m not in fit shape. I sit in a office for minnimum 8 hrs. a day and need to become motivated. I have a gym membership I don’y use and would like to focus on myself more so from home.. Mostly I nees to tighten up (without surgery) and maybe lose a few more pounds. What do you think?

  307. It will work but Insanity might be a little too much too soon unless you go slow. Id recommend something like ChaLean Extreme with Shakeology first to get you in shape and then move onto Insanity.

  308. I finished with insanity few months ago . I loved it !!!! I’m a 5′ 4.6″, 38 yr-old woman; about 131 lbs.
    I saw very good results especially since tone my legs and butt. I was taking the recovery formula.
    When I finished the program, I started again but at a lower intensity and only 3-4 times a week, and I started noticing cellulite on my arms and legs and feel that is not being as effective as it was at first. What do you recommend? Find other training? weights? Please help …

  309. I dont know anything about cellulite but you might want to look at doing the Insanity Asylum workout. Its probably my favorite Beachbody workout and its ideal to start right after finishing Insanity.

  310. I am 5’2 and 200 lbs yeah I know extremely overweight. I have been doing insanity goin to start day 3 today. I haven’t been doing the complete workouts but I push as much as I can through them and just stop when I can’t anymore. Is it ok for me to do that?

  311. I made the mistake of trying to keep up with the people on the video. Remember they have completed the workout at least once and have probably done other video workouts before this. The second week I decided to go slow with great form, maybe do half of the amount they do on the video. For instance, my weakest workout is high leg kicks during warm ups. I literally act like I am marching the first 2 sets and on the third set I am able to run doing them and get through it.

    By the end of the week I am able to get through about 80% of the workouts and am way quicker than I started. I am 5’11” and 228 pounds. I have found that all of my upper body weight wears me out pretty quick doing some of the exercises, but I feel a lot stronger each day.

  312. Yes – most of the people in the workout were in the Insanity test group so they have more time invested. I learned you need to go slow and focus on form to build up the strength. The speed will come if you go that route.

  313. Im 18 years old, 5’9 and 152 pounds. I have done sports (volleyball/track) as long as i can remember. I dont have the best cardio. conditioning cause i stoped running after track season ended about 2 months ago. do you think i would still be ok doing insanity?

  314. Hi I’m 5’3 and weight 160llbs… I was in a car accident 10 months ago and gained 30llbs due to steroids and injuries.. I desperately want to get back in shape and loose all this weight… I had rotator cuff surgery 3 months ago, and will suffer with back and neck problems for the rest of my life… What workout do you recommend me doing? I eat pretty healthy, but just can’t seem to loose the weight

  315. Sorry to hear about the car accident. I’d start off with doing the Ultimate Reset first to lose the weight and then go into something like Power 90 or ChaLean Extreme. Insanity will really test your back with all the jumping so I’m guessing you’ll want to strengthen it up first.

  316. I have been doing insanity for 24 days and I haven’t seen much results but I feel like I am losing some weight but my belly fat isn’t and I feel like It has gotten bigger I don’t drink or eat any junk or sugary food and I am working out every day following the schedule could it be because I am building muscle under there or what is your suggestion

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