Is Team Beachbody The Best Free Online Dating Site?

Internet DatingSomething occurred to me the other day while I was looking at my buddy pictures in my Team Beachbody account. There are a lot of people showing off a ton of skin and really being honest about who they are as a person. While the whole goal of Team Beachbody is to promote living a healthy lifestyle I started thinking if this could be the best free online dating website. Get a Free Beachbody Account right now to know what I’m talking about.

While I was not looking for a date as I have a girlfriend, but you can’t not look. The before and after photos people put up about themselves from using a Beachbody workout program like P90X are awesome. Even better is reading their story why they decided to get in shape. The reasons are all different but you get a real feel for the person.

I have not used a dating website myself but from what I hear the biggest complaint is that people put up other, more attractive people’s photos to get you to contact them. Then when you go to meet them they look nothing like the photo and there you are in a awkward situation. If you do decide to stay you get to know that the person also lied about what they do for a living, if they have 7 kids from different dads (or moms), and then you end up being the a-hole if you decide to leave early.

With Team Beachbody you do not want to lie about anything on your profile. Why is that? It’s because your photos can be submitted by any member for having the best body transformation. If you win, a employee from Beachbody will be sent to your house to interview you on why you decided to get in shape and to get to know you. If they show up at your door and you are not the person in the photos then good bye prize. The monthly prize is $1,000 and they have a quarterly $10,000 prize. Even better is all of those people who won are entered into a $25,000 annual prize given away at a big event. I hope you see why it only helps to tell the truth.

Then you have the people who are a Beachbody Coach like myself. These are the people who have signed up for the 25% discount on products and for the opportunity to earn money while getting in shape. The last thing these people want to do is lie about who they are, what they do, and if they are using the Beachbody products or not. They do not want Beachbody showing up on their doorstep to give them the Top Coach of the Year award and your photos and everything you say about yourself is false. Hopefully Beachbody has some guidelines that say if you are a fraud they do not have to pay you the $10k prize, give you a trophy, and send you to Hawaii for the grand prize trip.

So how is this a dating website? Well, it really is not a dating site but it is a place for people to connect with others who are trying to get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Don’t we all want that? To be able to check people out you need to get a Free Beachbody Account. After signing up, go and look around in the member gallery under the “Connect” tab. You can search by gender and age. Once inside it is just like any other social networking site like Facebook or MySpace. You can make friends, comment, or send messages. Don’t get creepy though as you can get blocked.

While people are not pre-screened to see if they match any of their 29 dimensions of compatibility you will at least know what they look like. Maybe while you are inside you realize that you should be getting your butt in shape like the people you are checking out. Beachbody has tons of home workout programs available for every person regardless of your fitness level.

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  1. So the way how do you refine search for TBB member gallery by age, gender and location? My TBB page doesn’t show how to refine the search.


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