LazerDrive Review

Can some goo help fix a slice or hook?

Can that same goo help you gain distance on your drives?

As I was about to place an order for a piece of home fitness equipment I noticed LazerDrive in my shopping list.

Oh yah, I remember adding this to the list now. It was one of those days where I was looking for non-conforming golf balls and LazerDrive popped up as an item I might like. So I added it. And decided to buy it with my home fitness equipment order.

LazerDrive Review

LazerDrive says their coating will “eliminate slice on the first drive”. It also claims to be anti-slice, anti-hook, gain distance, and reduce spin.

That’s a lot to claim.

It even has a refreshing grass scent and looks like roll on deodorant.

They go into how using LazerDrive will lower scores because of accurate drives and fewer lost golf balls. You’ll also be able to tell where on the club face you are making contact which is very important.

So this is what I do when I test a product like LazerDrive. I play one round at Rackham Golf Course near my house in Huntington Woods, MI. A course I’ve played at least 75 times in the last 6 years.

A Titleist ProV1 will be the golf ball I use as its been my go to golf ball the past five years. I’ve played 30+ rounds with a ProV1 at Rackham. This way I’ll be able to compare results with the LazerDrive and spots I normally end up at. I’ll even keep score. I used a regular plastic one for the front nine and a TRUETEE for the back nine.

LazerDrive Testing Equipment

Ok, its golf time.

Instructions are simple. Apply LazerDrive to the face of your driver before you use it. So that’s what I did to my Callaway XHot Driver.

LazerDrive Callaway XHot

1st Hole – Par 5. 515 yards.

LazerDrive 1st Hole Rackham

LazerDrive 1st Hole Drive

Not dead center but close. And the result was excellent. Anytime I’m near the drainage ditch is a very long drive for me. Has to be around 260 yards.

Said “what the hell” and put the LazerDrive on my Callaway XHot 3 Wood and gave it a go.

LazerDrive Callaway XHot 3Wood 2nd Hole Rackham

It looks like I caught it near the heel and took a chunk of dirt to boot.

LazerDrive 2nd Shot Rackham 1st Hole

There have been less than five times I have been this close to the green on the 1st hole. Typically I’m 50 yards behind this shot after two. This is every bit of a 220 yard 3 wood which is decent for me. We don’t need to talk about how I chipped on and four putted.

2nd Hole – Par 4. 315 yards.

LazerDrive 2nd Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 2nd Hole Rackham Drive

So I kind of duffed the tee shot. I missed it so bad. Barely made it past the Ladies Tee Box for a whopping 70 yard drive. Let’s throw this one away.

3rd Hole – Par 4. 365 Yards.

LazerDrive 3rd Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 3rd Hole Rackham Drive

Just missed hitting it dead center and a little high. But the result was a booming drive where it went through the dogleg. I’ve maybe done this three times.

4th Hole – Par 4. 348 yards.

LazerDrive 4th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 4th Hole Rackham Drive

Hit it dead center which resulted in the drive going through the dogleg. I’d consider this a miss but still very good distance.

5th Hole – Par 3. 153 Yards.

What about LazerDrive on an iron? Lets try it. Applied a layer to my Ping G15 7 Iron.

LazerDrive Ping G15 7 Iron Rackham 5th Hole Tee Shot

LazerDrive Rackham 5th Hole Tee Shot

It appears I hit the tee shot dead center but I’m not entirely sure. What was interesting about this shot was it hit on the down slope of the fringe and jumped forward which tells me there was little spin.

6th Hole – Par 4. 311 Yards

LazerDrive 6th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 6th Hole Rackham Drive

I wrote it down as a fairway hit. Don’t like it? Too bad. This is a very good drive. Probably in the 260 yard range.

7th Hole – Par 5. 502 yards.

LazerDrive 7th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 7th Hole Rackham Drive

This might be one of the best drives (position + distance) I’ve ever had on this ever so gently bending dogleg left hole. Let’s say its a 265 yard drive.

Typically I’m on the right side of the fairway with 245 yards to the hole. This time I’m on the left with a realistic chance of hitting the green in two. Put another layer of LazerDrive on my 3 wood and gave it another go.

LazerDrive 7th Hole Rackham Callaway XHot 3 WoodLazerDrive 7th Hole Rackham Approach Shot

I have never been in that bunker in two. Oh so close. Made contact closer to the heel of my Callaway XHot 3 Wood and sent it left. There is no way it didn’t hit some leaves as it fell from the sky. Four yards to the right and it’s probably on the front of the green. Anyway you look at it that’s 502 yards in two shots which is rare for me.

8th Hole – Par 3. 150 Yards.

LazerDrive 8th Hole Rackham Ping G15 6 Iron Tee Shot

LazerDrive 8th Hole Rackham Approach Shot

Pulled out my Ping G15 6 Iron and sent this one pin high to about 25 feet. Again, you can’t really tell where I hit it on the club face but the result (right side of picture) says I made good contact. Just like on the fifth hole it didn’t back spin. This one rolled out a good six feet.

9th Hole – Par 4. 387 Yards.

LazerDrive 9th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 9th Hole Rackham Drive

Didn’t even make contact with 15% of the golf ball and still hit an excellent drive. The 150 yard maker is directly to my left. Tee boxes are to the right of the fairway so where I ended up is very good.

10th Hole – Par 4. 442 Yards.

LazerDrive 10th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 10th Hole Rackham Drive

Back to back holes where I missed some of the golf ball. This time hitting it closer to the toe which pushed it right of the fairway. This is a typical mis-hit on this hole. (Friendly reminder I switched to the TRUETEE for the back nine)

11th Hole – Par 4. 418 Yards.

LazerDrive 11th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 11th Hole Rackham Drive

It’s hard to tell where I made contact on this drive but it looks like I severely mis-hit this one. No part of the golf ball hit the center of my Callaway XHot Driver and yet the result was ok. It looks like I made contact near the toe and still hit the fairway. Distance was not great as I’m typically ten yards behind the 150 yard marker.

12th Hole – Par 4. 333 Yards.

LazerDrive 12th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 12th Hole Rackham Drive

Would appear I decided to actually hit the golf ball where I’m supposed to this time. And the result was a super most premium excellent drive. The sprinkler head says 73 yards on it which makes this a 258 yard drive. That’s good for your boy.

13th Hole – Par 3. 204 Yards.

LazerDrive 13th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

Pulled out my Callaway XHot 5 Wood which I typically hit on this very long Par 3. Proceeded to just about miss the golf ball entirely. What is that? Like 50% of the golf ball made contact with the face?

I did not take a picture of where it landed because it went left and nearly into the beginning parts of the 12th fairway. Had to wait for guys on the 12th to tee off before hitting my second shot and didn’t want to hold up my group any longer. Still had good distance as it was pin high just way left.

14th Hole – Par 5. 511 Yards.

LazerDrive 14th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 14th Hole Rackham Drive

On this Par 5 the tee boxes are 40 yards left of the middle of the fairway. Made decent contact but pushed it right. Typically when I end up over here I am short of this hill. It’s too bad because this was a decent drive distance wise.

15th Hole – Par 4. 369 Yards.

LazerDrive 15th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 15th Hole Rackham Drive

Dead center. And the result is very good. Tee boxes are a good 45 yards left of the middle of the fairway on this hole. I did not mis-hit this one. Just wasn’t lined up correctly and hit it through the fairway. If I’m lined up right it probably goes further than the Srixon Z-Star I hit on this hole.

16th Hole – Par 3. 215 Yards.

LazerDrive 16th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 16th Hole Rackham Approach Shot

Pulled out my Callaway XHot 3 Wood as I normally do on this long Par 3 and hit the green. Got most of it in the center but am seeing a good 15% didn’t even hit the club face. Damn thing dropped from the sky and nearly plugged. Hitting this green is tough. We don’t need to talk about how I three putted from here.

17th Hole – Par 4. 299 Yards.

LazerDrive 17th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 17th Hole Rackham Drive

Almost got all of it and the result was another super most premium excellent drive. Every bit of a 265 yard drive. Probably a top five drive for me on this short Par 4. And your boy birdied it too.

18th Hole – Par 4. 431 Yards.

LazerDrive 18th Hole Rackham Tee Shot

LazerDrive 18th Hole Rackham Drive

Could not keep the three hole streak of hitting in the center of the face alive. Pushed it right and into an area where most of my mis-hits end up. Decent distance on this long uphill Par 4. Your boy magically scrambled for par.

Thanks Brad. Will you actually get onto the review?

Ok Ok. Maybe I was a little too detailed. That’s how I do things.

Did LazerDrive help remove a slice or hook?

I don’t really slice or hook the ball. My misses are either a push or a pull which means the ball flies in a straight line left or right of the fairway. I setup to hit a draw and in most cases when I make good contact it goes straight.

So I can’t say it removed a slice or hook but I can say I didn’t do either of those the entire day. What I can say is do not expect to hit a draw or fade with LazerDrive. Expectations should be straight drives only.

Did LazerDrive help reduce spin?

Yes. As I turned to look to the sky after making contact with my first drive I broke out in laughter. All I saw was a Titleist ProV1 knuckelballing over the fairway. It was like this the entire day.

It’s as if the LazerDrive brought it back online one and a half second after leaving the club face. When it started heading left the ball magically came back right. Same so for heading right.

What stuck out to me was the ones I hit high. My drives tend to land and stop. Not so with the LazerDrive. It seemed to magically drop and re-start on a new, lower trajectory. It was hilarious.

Reminded me of playing shortstop in softball when our pitcher would throw a knuckelball and it would come off the bat back at me knuckelballing. All I’m thinking is get the hell out of the way and do some sort of “olé” with the glove and hopefully knock it down without getting hit in an unfortunate place.

Drives and fairway woods rolled out a couple extra yards as did those few iron shots I hit into the greens. Nothing checked up.

Did LazerDrive help gain distance?

Probably. I can’t say definitively but it did appear when I made good contact the shots were ending up 5-10 yards further then my average drives. And the mis-hits seemed to get out there too. But those two Par 5’s where I came so close to reaching in two tell the story.

Did LazerDrive help lower my score?

One of the other claims LazerDrive makes is by getting rid of your slice or hook and adding distance that it will lower your score. Makes sense.

LazerDrive Anti-Slice Score

Score – 81. Greens In Regulation – 9. Fairways Hit – 6. Putts – 35.

No lost balls. No penalty strokes.

I seem to shoot an 81 every time I play with a Titleist ProV1 now. Don’t get me wrong, 81 is a fantastic score for me. Especially since I double bogeyed two holes.

Hitting 9 GIR is above average and hitting the fairway 6 times is a tad above average too.

Damn those 35 putts and double damn the four I took on the first hole. Putting for birdie and end up with a double bogey. Balls. So close to breaking eighty.

If I could check the replay it wouldn’t surprise me to see some LazerDrive caked into the dimples over the first three holes. Went a little overboard applying it and I’m sure I smashed a thin layer onto the ball causing it to roll different. Good in the air. Not on the ground.

How does LazerDrive taste?

I’m pretty sure I ate some LazerDrive. During the many times of applying it to my clubs faces I’d barely touch its remnants with my hand or golf glove. It wasn’t a big deal until I went for my apple after hitting my tee shot on the 10th hole.

Noticed a distinct “Refreshing Grass Scent” taste going on in my mouth. When I touched  the apple with my glove and hand it transferred to the apples skin.

It lasted for a solid six holes. Good news for me is almost a month later I am still here. Thankfully its non-toxic.

What did I learn from using LazerDrive?

In the end I think LazerDrive is a damn good training tool. Sure, the other things are great and appear to be true but you’re probably not going to apply LazerDrive every time you play.

Going back and looking through the pictures there were two things that stuck out. I don’t hit it in the center all that much. I’m really all over the place. Getting closer to dead center would have to help with distance and control.

Most importantly I noticed I make contact higher on the club face. People who play with me tell me I hit it high. LazerDrive told me I hit it high. I get it. I hit it high.

I get good distance and in most cases tend to be consistently further than people I play with and not that far behind longer hitters.

Maybe all I need to do is lower the tee a quarter of an inch more than I do now to get a medium trajectory that cuts through the air. I’ll be trying that for sure in the future.

On the LazerDrive companies website I found they make a four-piece and two-piece golf ball too. If I decide to buy and enter them into my best golf ball challenge I’ll be sure to review them here. But it seems what they do best and are known for is the anti-slice goo.

I don’t know if I’ll buy LazerDrive in the future as its going to take me awhile to go through what I have. Barely used 10%. You could probably get away with applying it every other drive and still get its benefits.

But it was fun to use and a great training aid. Perfect for a driving range session. And for $10 its worth it to try if you want to see where you’re really making contact.

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