My Butt Is So Sore It Hurts To Walk

Yesterday I did the P90X Legs and Back dvd. It had been a couple of weeks since I did that P90X DVD. I have been doing a lot of swimming lately instead of doing P90X. I can tell when its time to pull out a P90X workout while I am swimming. Even though I know I am getting a great workout in the water my arms do not feel as strong. The legs and back dvd always helps me get back into the groove with all of the pull ups that you do. I was able to finish the whole workout with no problem. My results were pretty much the same as they have been which is nice to know that I can maintain those muscles with out working on them for a couple of weeks.

 Well, today I can barely walk. My back is a little sore but not so bad. My ass and legs are so sore that it hurts to move from room to room. Even though the leg workouts don’t seem all that extreme at the time I guess they do the job. Its got to be all of those lunges. Who would of thought doing a workout with no weights can put a guy in so much pain the next day. I’ll probably be sitting on my couch all day today watching football so I guess I can recover doing that. Hopefully it won’t hurt as much tomorrow as I plan to go swimming.

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