My First Post

Well, it’s not really my first post to the on world as I’ve done hundreds to the other sites I run over the past 5 years. After creating and developing all of these different sites I kind of figured it was time to bring the best stuff I’ve written over the years to where I should have been writing to all along. Here. Especially since most of the stuff I’ve written is about me anyways.

Probably should have started this site a couple of years ago as a lot has changed in my life since starting my first site. Not sure exactly what direction I’m going to take with the site just yet but I’m probably just going to talk about the things I like to do and the businesses I’m involved with.

I have lots to share about internet marketing, network marketing, building a full-time Beachbody Coach business, traveling, along with some political stuff mixed in. Not sure how much into politics I want to go as I pretty much exhausted all of that energy trying to help Ron Paul get elected during the last two Presidential elections. It truly is an uphill battle to get people to read and think about the other…other side of the story.

Another reason I decided to start the site is because I don’t feel like I’m able to share my complete thoughts, opinions, etc. on Facebook or Twitter. I have no problem sharing my thoughts on those sites but I’d rather write it out here and share it there. This way I can always go back and take a look at what I’ve done and said. Those features are nearly non-existent on social media sites.

That’s it for now.

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