My P90X / Insanity Hybrid Workout Results

P90X And InsanityFor awhile now I have felt like some thing is just missing when it comes to my workouts. Been sticking to the Insanity workout program pretty much to a T. There have been a couple days where I started a workout without the energy needed to finish it or at least give it my full effort. I would get 15 minutes in, stop, and come back to it the next day.

I was very impressed with my Insanity results as I did get leaner and more defined. The workouts have been getting harder but I feel like I am losing some strength. Getting skinnier is not one of my goals. Before starting Insanity I was at 10% body fat and am hovering between 8%-9%.

A lot of the muscle I put on doing P90X is not gone but I can feel it going away. It really stuck out at my last three softball games. My hits have not been jumping off the bat like they did when I was doing P90X. It has been awhile since I hit one off the fence. I might be a little bit faster but not that much. My golf swing does not feel as powerful either.

Before I started Insanity I was already in very good cardio shape. Running and biking are things I do on top of working out. Last week I decided to throw in P90X Chest and Back to see if the strength was still there. Surprisingly much of it was.

I was able to do more push ups then the last time I did P90X Chest and Back. Form was much better too. I think its from all of the core work done with Insanity. Pull ups and chin ups however were not so great. Was only able to do 7 wide grip front pull ups when last time I did 10. All of my previous numbers dropped by 2 to 4 for each pull up or chin up exercise.

When I was all done my arms were screaming as it has been almost two months since I had done a pull up, used a resistance band, or weight. I kind of missed it. It got me thinking that I need to not finish the last two weeks of Insanity and start incorporating it with P90X.

Its Time For A P90X – Insanity Hybrid Workout

So that’s what I am going to do. I am going to work up a routine where I mix in Insanity workouts along with P90X ones. This is kind of what I have been looking for all along. With 22 workouts to choose from I do not see how I am going to get bored at all. It will give me the balance I am looking for.  Intense resistance training with P90X and crazy cardio workouts with Insanity.

P90X Insanity HybridP90X Insanity HybridP90X Insanity Hybrid


I recently finished a P90X Insanity hybrid workout that I put together. My goal was to combine the hardest workouts of both and really challenge myself. What I did was the normal P90X workouts and switched in the cardio days with Insanity and only did Yoga X once a month instead of every week.

The reason why I made this workout was I enjoyed the P90X results I had by gaining 10 pounds of muscle along with my Insanity results where I toned it up and gained a lot of cardio strength. After finishing Insanity I felt like I lost a little bit of strength because you don’t use any weights besides your body weight. The pull up bar was missing with Insanity as P90X got me addicted to it.

What Kind Of Results Did You Get From The P90X Insanity Hybrid Workout?

When I started the P90X Insanity hybrid workout my pull ups and chin ups dropped to 48 reps in the P90X Legs and Back workout from my high of 82. This means I lost almost half of my pull up strength during the couple of months of Insanity. At the end of the P90X Insanity hybrid workout I was able to get back up to 64. This is pretty good seeing that I was not doing P90X Legs and back every week.

Push up totals went up by 12% as compared to my time with P90X. You do so many push ups with Insanity and P90X that its like you do them everyday with the hybrid workout. With all of these push ups I put .5 inch on my chest.

My arms look bigger in the side photo and I’ve had people tell me it looks like I’ve put some muscle on again. I do see a 4 pack in my ab area but no 6 pack and my obliques are not as defined. I was doing the workout over the holidays and ate a ton of food and drank a lot of beer. Neither of which help show off the abs.

To me, the biggest gain came in the definition of my back muscles. I can clearly see a lot more bumps and lines in my back, shoulders, and lats. My weight was at 175 when I started and is now at 180 pounds. I’m guessing its a combo of muscle and weight gain from all the shit I ate and drank over November and December. Plus, I’ve been drinking one Whey Protein shake almost every day which is adding to my size.

After starting P90X almost two years ago and signing up to be a Beachbody Coach I have put on almost 15 pounds of muscle. Body fat percentage hovers in the 8.5% – 9.5% range. It would probably be lower if I could cut back on how much I eat at meals. I eat very well but portion control is a problem of mine. Then there’s that partying thing. I don’t rage out of control during the week but on the weekend anything is game.

Would You Recommend The P90X Insanity Hybrid Workout?

If you’ve been thinking about doing P90X or Insanity and live your life the way I do already then these are results you can assume to get (assuming your a guy). I followed the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan about 50% and use most of the P90X Supplements along with some of the nutrition products.

If you can do better than me in regards to the eating portion you can expect 6 pack abs and more definition. Both P90X and Insanity work its just how hard do you want to make it work. I would grade my effort with the workouts at 100% and eating at 75%, so a 87.5% grade or B+.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do next but I’m think about getting P90X Plus and the Insanity Deluxe workouts and doing them over the next 60 days. In the mean time I think I’ve got all I’ve could out of the P90X Insanity hybrid workout for now.

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  1. I am just curious if have the schedule you used. I would like to see it and compare it to the other hybrid p90x/insanity workouts there are.

  2. @ Matt

    All I really did was do Insanity on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and P90X on the other days with Sundays off. Once a month I would do Yoga X on Thursday.

  3. @Brad
    This is great! My son and I did the P90X for his Eagle Physical Fitness badge for Boyscouts and then started on Insanity….we were just talking tonight about putting Insanity and P90X together because we miss the weight training but love the cardio! Booyah! Glad to see we were on the right track!

  4. I really want to do p90x..but the thought of doing pullups jjust kills me!!..Is there another exercise I can do to take the place of the pullups, that will get me good results??

  5. Yes. You can use a chair to help you or buy the door attachment kit at the Beachbody Store. It comes with 3 resistance bands and a loop that wraps around your door hinges.

  6. I’m trying to decide between insanity or P90X. I’m athletic but I have gained a gut I want some kind of muscle definition. Should I start insanity to lose the fat and gain the lean muscle then P90X to bulk up??? Someone help

  7. It really doesn’t matter which one you start with as both will help you lose the weight. Its more of a time and money issue. Pick one and go.

  8. i did both of these insanity and p90x staight after each other,
    no problems but finding it difficult to get these programms in.
    with working long days and early starts your just to tired to do a workout when you’ve been working 10 + a day

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