Off To Cancun Mexico

I’ll be heading down to Cancun, Mexico for the next week with my folks and my girlfriend. I love the snow because I ski and snowboard. Unfortunately, here in Michigan, the mountains are hills and not that enjoyable to somebody who has lived in Colorado and been to places like Heavenly, Kirkwood, Vail, Jackson Hole, Whistler Blackcomb, and Mt. Hood to name a few. The weather has been really cold the last two weeks. A change from this:

My Back Yard

To This

Cancun Mexico Beach

for a week should not be all that bad. I spend most of my time in the ocean boogie boarding. I should be in good enough shape from doing P90X all the time to handle the waves again this year. There is a strong under tow right in front of our resort and it takes a lot out of me every year. Swimming in the ocean for 7 days, doing some running on the beach, and a round of golf will be my workouts for the week. Hopefully I don’t blind anybody with my non tanned Beach Body. Bring on the Mexican food, cervezas, and Margaritas. Will probably be a week until I update the site. Don’t miss me.

Cancun Mexico


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