What Do P90X, Mitt Romney, & Barack Obama Have In Common?

Tony Horton Mitt Romney Barack Obama
Looks like Tony Horton has his work cut out for him.

I guess we could start off with how Mittens VP pick Paul Ryan and BO’s wife Michelle both do P90X. That’s cool that they understand the importance of health and fitness. But lets get into what the three really have in common.

Jobs & Healthcare – Huh?

Every debate has one or the other saying how much better their plan is for job creation. Mittens doesn’t really have a plan and since BO is the sitting President one can only assume he has the ability to fudge the Labor Department stats saying that unemployment is down. If you don’t believe unemployment is near 20% and not the 9% that’s being reported then go out to a bar near me in Detroit on a Friday night and ask how many people are working. Or better yet, go door to door and ask how many have to stay in now due to not having any money at all. Like, not even happy hour money.

Then there’s that whole Obamacare thing. I like how BO is basically blaming Mittens for the whole thing due to the ground work of Obamacare being passed in Massachusetts. Well played sir. I think. The question that nobody in the media, the debate moderators, or you – yes you – has asked is should the federal government be involved in healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, Health Insurance, etc.) in the first place. I’ll give you a hint. The answer starts with N and ends with O.

So How Does P90X Tie Into This?

The thing about Obamacare is that it doesn’t solve anything. What the hell is it about anyways? Best I can figure out is it’s about getting privately ran health insurance companies rich by forcing people to buy a product they might not otherwise buy (Under 35 crowd) but will due to a gun being pointed at their head by the IRS. But again, what the hell is the problem?

The problem is 30% OF THE U.S. IS OBESE and its costing $147 billion a year to deal with obesity related illnesses. Does health insurance address this issue? NO! All health insurance does is cover some/most of the cost of walking in and out of the front door of a hospital/Drs. office. Thats it. The Dr tells you whats wrong and what you need to do to correct the problem.

In the obesity epidemic the Dr would answer that you need to exercise and eat right. This is where the disconnect happens. Many don’t exercise at all, don’t know what to do, and don’t know how to eat right. (Insert P90X).

Then there’s the job issue. How can we take them seriously? If either mentioned closing the IRS (flat tax of 0%) and eliminating minimum wage laws (both of which will result in the single largest influx of jobs and wealth the country would ever see) then maybe we could listen to them.

We know BO won’t do it because he’s already the President and didn’t do it. So we know that there is a huge issue (no pun intended) with the obesity epidemic. Isn’t there usually opportunity where a problem persists? (Insert Beachbody Coach).

The Real Problem Solvers In The Healthcare And Jobs Debate Are…

Carl Daikeler Barack Obama Jon Congdon
Carl and Jon meeting up with President Obama

Not Mittens and BO but people like Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler, Jon Congdon, P90X creator Tony Horton, and the 90k+ people (and growing) who signed up to be a coach. All of them have one goal in mind and that is to end the trend of obesity going on in the U.S.

We were very lucky to have Carl and Jon create this opportunity so we can earn money sharing the same products we use (P90X, P90X2, P90X+, Shakeology) to get in shape/drop weight with others. It doesn’t stop there. The support that each coach gives to that person is what bridges the disconnect between a Dr. and their patient. P90X covers the “How” and a coach reminds you “Why.” I doubt a Dr. would be willing to offer the same kind of motivation and support that a coach is willing to give for a one time commission of $30.

No matter how much Mittens wants to repeal Obamacare and how much BO wants to keep it in place neither of those actions do much to help end the trend of obesity. P90X has been around for 8 years now and has contributed more towards tackling the obesity epidemic and providing an opportunity to earn a very nice income for people who are willing to work at it. Instead of debating how much Obamacare is awesome/not awesome.

How about you put in 90 days of P90X and then tell me what you think is a better health care plan. Maybe afterwards we can talk about getting you a job (its not a job) as a Beachbody Coach and helping out.

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