P90X Plus Workout Review: Not What You Expect

P90X Plus WorkoutIs Tony Horton serious? I received an email about the P90X Plus workout routine. Is TH trying to kill us? I took a look at a couple of the new workouts and was in shock. First off: How Does He Come Up With These Workouts and Secondly: Why?

I must say that TH(Tony Horton) must really love his job and wants to see every body get into mad crazy shape. I get the feeling that he is truly there to help people and is concerned about everybodys health. But really Tony, these workouts are ridiculous.

I remember looking at the P90X infomercial one late night and was like that stuff looks pretty challenging to do. I tell myself with anything that I do to just stick with it and that its going to take time. This is what has helped me get through P90X to begin with.

What Is P90X Plus All About?

P90X Plus is is the continuation of the P90X workout series. There are five new workouts involved with P90X Plus. They are “Interval X Plus,” “Kenpo Cardio Plus,” “Upper Plus,” “Total Body Plus,” and “Abs/Core Plus.” All of these workouts are designed to take someone who has completed P90X to the next level. It is guaranteed to be a challenege. You will need to “Bring It!”

More than anything, P90X Plus should be looked at as a couple of new workouts to mix up your workout routine. P90X Plus is not a 90 day workout program or something similar. Do these workouts when you want.

Can You Mix P90X Plus With Regular P90X?

Yes. You will get a new workout calendar showing you how to mix P90X Plus into your P90X workout calendar. This is meant to get more life out of normal P90X. The workouts you will be doing move at a faster pace than normal P90X so you will notice less break time in between moves.

Final Thoughts

I have done all four of the P90X+ workouts and find them ok. Outside of “Upper Plus” the other three are mostly total body workouts which are ok but I prefer workouts that target specific muscle groups. A change of pace from time to time is nice but if you have done P90X then you may get bored with P90X Plus.

My initial reactions to hearing about P90X Plus were more P90X but it did not turn out that way. Its no big deal but I don’t really see myself grabbing for any of the P90X Plus workouts to do a hybrid or even when I am not doing a program and want something nostalgic.

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