P90X Pull Up Bar Review

When you do the P90X workout you will need the P90X pull up bar. Beachbody has patented the P90X Pull Up Bar to be done by people doing P90X or for somebody looking for new workout equipment.

P90X Pull Up BarP90X Pull Up Bar

300 Pound Maximum Weight.
Fits Doorways Up To 32 Inches Wide.

Why Is The P90X Pull Up Bar The Best?

With the P90X Chin Up Bar you will be able to workout your shoulder, back, and arm muscles with this heavy gauge steel pull up bar. It comes with a patented 10 grip handle design to help you do wide grip, close grip, reverse grip, and others. It has rubber handles to protect your molding from getting damaged. The P90X Chin Up Bar is quick and easy to assemble. You do not need to nail the P90X pull up bar into the wall as it the door frame to stay in place. It takes just seconds to remove when not in use.

Get 25% off the P90X Pull Up Bar as a Beachbody Coach or 10% when you join the Beachbody Club.

P90X Pull Up Bar Demonstration

Here is a video of yours truly using the pull up bar and the many things you can use it for. I could have done more but YouTube will only allow a certain amount of footage and there was not enough time to do 130 of them. Just kidding. That’s crazy.

You can order the P90X Pull Up Bar by itself or along with the P90X DVDs as a package. If you already have a pull up bar or are borrowing one then take a minute to sign up for a Free Beachbody Account. You will get alerts when new products, workouts, supplements, and cash prizes come out.

P90X Pull Up Bar Alternative

If the P90X chin up bar will not fit in your doorway or you do not have the money then I would recommend you buy the resistance band upgrade kit.  It wraps around your door hinge and you loop a resistance band through it. Going this route will save you some money and help you build up strength. This is a great alternative for people who know that there is no way they will be doing pull ups anytime soon.