P90X Workout Review: A Life Changing Workout

P90X Workout ReviewAlmost a decade has past since I finished my first round of P90X. Knowing that, it means a bit of updating is needed to bring this review of P90X up to 2017 standards. A lot has changed in the last ten years but I am keep my original before and after photos up along with pictures from my third round of P90X.

Looking back on it, P90X started my fitness transformation. Without P90X I believe I would not be anywhere near the shape I am in at 37 versus 27 when I started P90X.

In 2007 a friend of mine told me he was doing P90X to get into shape for basic training. He was training to go into the Marines via Officer Candidate School. It was not until half way through P90X did I start to notice the infomercials. He was doing P90X to get into shape before heading off and told me I should buy it, start on my own, and when we had the same workouts on a particular day to go to each others house. That is what we did.

By now, you probably know P90X is a 90 day workout program based on the concept of “Muscle Confusion.” You do 12 different workouts over a 90 day period. During those 90 days you will do a set number of workouts the first 30 days, the next 30, and the final 30.

My friend undersold P90X and told me nothing more than “its extreme”. What “extreme” means could mean a number of things. Six months prior to starting P90X I ran the Detroit Marathon and thought that was extreme. When I went looking to buy P90X I viewed the P90X infomercial on Beachbody’s website. Did I see people doing pull-ups?

P90X Workout Results

I have included two sets of before and after photos with my photos of round two first. Round one before and afters along with my original review is below it.

Edit: 10/11/2010: Its been 2 years (man, I’m 30 years old now) since I completed my first round of the P90X workout and to be honest after looking at my original P90X results I don’t think they give P90X any justice. I was very happy with my original results but to get the most out of P90X you really need to follow the meal plan and that was something I did not do. So I decided it was time to post my new P90X results.

P90X Workout Results
After Round Two Of P90X. Age: 30.

I have a lot more definition now then after my first round of P90X. It should be noted I did a round of Insanity and various Tony Horton 1 on 1 workouts in-between rounds of P90X.

What is interesting to know is many of my reps (pull ups & push ups) along with the amount of weight I could lift were slightly higher. The biggest factor came from following the meal plan 90% of the time along with using Shakeology everyday. What a difference it made. I felt better and it was the one meal of the day where I knew I was getting all the vitamins, proteins, and other healthy stuff into my body.

Original Post from 10/17/2008 Below

You will have to excuse my picture taking. Clearly I did not do a good job with lighting and editing as some pictures are different sizes. Forgot to take a day 30 picture too. Could have done a better job of documenting P90X. Never intended to put before and after pictures up in the first place. Please read the entire post and not just look at the photos as I go in depth about my first round of P90X.

Round 1 of P90X. Age: 28

I can see from these photos that my upper body got bigger. From day 1 to day 60 I can see the V shape coming from my shoulders to waist. My forearms look bigger too. Probably could of gone without the flash on the camera for the Day 90 photo and not stuck out my chest either.

It looks like my chest and shoulders got a little bigger in this photo.

I can definitely see that my back, shoulders and arms got bigger and there is some definition now. I contribute a lot of this to doing chin ups and pull ups. I think all of those pull ups made me a little wider so I now have more of a “V” shape.

My back looks a little meatier now.

Either I had a little gut and no chest muscles when I started or I lost the gut and now have chest muscles. My arms and shoulders look bigger now too. I can see the outline for my oblique ab muscles now too.

Sorry about the photo sizes. Day 1 photo looks dumb. What was I thinking? What’s up with the beard? I can see from when I started that I was skinny with little muscle definition. At Day 60 my arms, chest, and shoulders started to take shape. Chest and stomach look a little more defined even from this side angle photo. Arms and shoulders look bigger too.

Before starting P90X my workouts for the previous two years consisted of running 20 miles a week. After each run I would do about 50 push ups and chair dips with 100 sit ups. Six months before starting P90X I completed the Detroit Marathon. I was in good cardio shape but did not have a lot of muscle because of all the running. I would say that I was “skinny fat.” I’d give my diet a B- up to starting P90X.

P90X kicked my butt those first 90 days. Here I am thinking that I’m in phenomenal shape from running a marathon and then I can barely do 2 pull ups the first time I do Chest & Back. It was an eye-opener.

The first week resulted in soreness like I had not felt since practicing 5 days a week for soccer when I was growing up. It hurt to walk, lift my arms, or do just about anything normal I used to do. The first month was a real challenge as I still struggled to do pull ups. Was barely able to do 3 at one time at the end of 30 days. I did however feel myself getting stronger.

After the first recovery week I felt re-charged and ready for month 2. Reps and weights used started gradually increasing every week. Started to get that burst of energy where I’m thinking about doing more reps of whatever instead of hoping I could just do a couple. Definition started to show all over.

Month three was a lot of fun. I was not as sore anymore. Was really starting to put up some serious numbers in regards to reps. The first time I did P90X Legs and Back I was only able to do 3 total pull ups. At the end of the 90 days I did 82 through out the workout.  The first time I did P90X Chest and Back I could only do 75 push ups and 2 total pull up / chin ups. At the end of P90X I could do 220 push ups and 52 pull up / chin ups.

Started at 165 pounds and ended at 175 pounds. Body fat percentage went from 13% to 11%. I was surprised with this as I thought it would go up based on how skinny I was. Turns out I was wrong. All the resistance training with P90X burned away the fat and turned it into muscle.

Not Seeing Results With P90X
Shut Up Tony

I did not follow the P90X meal plan during my first round and I wish I would have taken a peek at it. While I did have ripped 6 pack abs they were hidden under a thin layer of fat. One of those “have to be in the right light” type of poses to make them pop.

I started P90X in the beginning of summer and went out on my buddies boat almost every weekend that entire summer partying my ass off. We only get a couple months of sunshine here in Michigan so if you can get out on the lake, you do it.

I know I was feeling a little bloated from all of the beer I drank so of course its not going to show off the abs. They are there, but hidden under a thin layer of beer.

If I would of not partied every weekend that summer, my P90X results would have told a different story. Just being honest here as I’m sure your looking for real P90X reviews. After the weekend was over I pushed myself as hard as I could during the week with P90X trying to burn through those empty calories I consumed the previous weekend.

P90X Beer
Tony, you’re no fun.

So yes, you can get results with P90X if you drink beer (liquor, wine). I drank beer almost every weekend during my first round of P90X. My guess is I’d drink 2000 calories in beer those weekends. It was a fun summer going on the boat.

As I’ve shown in my before and after photos you can see I was skinny before starting P90X and put on weight. Maybe all those calories from the beer helped me put on some mass. For me, P90X transformed my body. The only results I did not get were “visible” ripped 6 pack abs. Oh, my abs were ripped from Ab Ripper X. They just were not cut.

What you have to ask yourself when starting P90X is what kind of results do you want? If you want those ripped 6 pack abs showing off how cut you are then do not drink beer for the entire 90 days.

It was not about getting ripped 6 pack abs my first round of P90X. It was just about doing something new and challenging. Thats it. Changing my eating and drinking habits were not a thought those first 90 workouts. Just don’t ask Tony Horton to have a beer with you.

P90X Results Round 1
Round 1: Drank on weekends.
P90X Results Round 2
Round 2: Drank half as much beer as round 1.

It took me about 100 days to finish my first round of P90X. Missed a couple of days here and there with work and other sports I play. Put on 10 pounds of muscle and dropped my body fat by 2%. All of the running I did prior made me skinny fat. P90X built up my muscles and cut the fat.

My chest, arms, shoulders, and legs were much more defined and visible. On rounds 2 and 3 of P90X I took the nutrition aspect a little bit more serious and the visible results have shown up more.

Friends and family were telling me I looked different after my first round of P90X. In a good way. All of them had never seen me with muscle before, especially in my arms and shoulders. This continued on through my third round of P90X.

The only downside to getting into great shape with P90X was I had to buy a new wardrobe. None of my old clothes fit anymore. My “runners body” clothes were now obsolete. Some would be happy to buy new clothes after going through a positive body transformation. Not me. It was expensive.

During my first round of P90X I used a Whey Protein Powder from GNC. After hearing Beachbody sell me on why I need to take the P90X Recovery Drink a hundred times after each workout I went and bought it for round two. Results I noticed from taking it was soreness did go down.

I continued to buy the P90X Recovery Drink and P90X Protein Bars for round two. At this time, Shakeology was introduced I took it every day. My best guess is Shakeology did more for me than the other two did.

I would highly recommend somebody giving P90X a go. If you’re a gym rat then take 90 days off from the gym and do it at home. The gym will be there when you get back. I bet you’ll be surprised how much you get out of it and catch yourself doing P90X moves when you go back to the gym. If you’re a beginner or out of shape then follow what Tony Horton has to say.

P90X opened up my eyes into what kind of results you can get working out from home and what fitness is truly about. My base level of fitness has been elevated to a whole new level due to P90X. I enjoyed all 90 days of the pain and soreness that came with it.

Sports And P90X

I play a lot of sports and will continue to do so for as long as I can. Here are some results I noticed with the sports I play after finishing my first round of P90X.

  • Golf – Before starting P90X my average drives were around 230 yards and was a bogey golfer. After finishing P90X my average drives went up to 260 yards with the occasional 280+ yard  drive. Was astounded how far I was hitting the ball. Courses I have played my entire life were now different as I was hitting into spots I had never hit from before. Went from hitting 4-6 iron into the green on 420 yard long holes to hitting 7-9 irons. Started “going for it” a lot more now. Scores may have improved a little. There’s that whole putting thing still. Was stronger everywhere and balance improved from P90X.
  • Running – The five years preceding my first round of P90X I ran the 10k Bolder Boulder in Colorado and the Detroit Marathon (4 hours: 21 minutes). Upon starting P90X I scaled back my weekly running from 15 miles to 3 miles. I remember being hesitant about going for a 5 mile run after completing P90X as it had been four months since I had last done it. Surprisingly my 5 mile time dropped by 2 minutes while carrying around 10 extra pounds of muscle.
  • Softball – Before starting P90X all I could do was hit line drives and try to beat out ground balls. Played second base and didn’t have to have all that great of an arm to make throws. The following season I had just completed my first round of P90X and the results were instantly noticeable. Strength, agility, flexibility, and overall power was up. Immediately started hitting line drives in the gaps that either rolled to the fence or hit it. Played short stop most of the season and now had the strength to make sharp throws to first. Never hit one over the fence (300 feet) but came close a number of times. P90X made all the difference that season.
  • Swimming – During my first round of P90X I did not go swimming once. Really wanted to see what I could get out of P90X so I saved my energy for it. Was I ever surprised how much faster I was in the water the first time back in the water. Shaved nearly five minutes off my mile time from 50 minutes to 45 minutes (freestyle stroke). There was new found strength everywhere and it made quite a difference.
  • Mountain Biking – Again, during P90X I did not do that much outside of P90X. The time P90X demands is extensive. Throw in regular life activities and there isn’t much left over. Similar to what happened when I went for my first run I noticed a lot more strength pedaling. All of the core and legs work from Ab Ripper X, Legs and Back, and Plyometrics really made a difference. Throw in the fact my endurance went way up to made longer rides much easier and I could stay in higher gears on my Specialized Rock Hopper much longer.
  • Skiing & Snowboarding – Coinciding with the completion of my first round of P90X was my annual ski trip with my buddies. We decided to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Previous trips included Colorado, Utah, and the Alps when I lived there. Being in ski/snowboarding shape is not new to me. What I did not expect to happen was the endurance I gained from P90X. I still remember the first run at Jackson Hole and how steep it was. Upon reaching the bottom we all kind of looked at each other like “that run was a burner”. P90X was all the difference on that trip. Legs and core were in much better shape from Plyometrics, Yoga, Ab Ripper X, and Legs & Back. Made it through all four days without having to take too many breaks.

Needless to say but if you play sports than P90X will get you in better shape for all of them.


I have been asked a number of questions about P90X and I’ll do my best to answer them here.

What You Need To Do P90X

What Do You Need To Do P90X?

Many people ask me what you need to do P90X so here they are.

  1. P90X DVDs
  2. P90X Pull Up Bar
  3. Resistance bands or dumbbells

I bought the P90X Results Package. Its a package deal and you save on shipping costs.

P90X Peak Results PackageP90X Results Package

P90X DVDs, 3 Resistance Bands, Pull Up Bar, P90X Recovery Drink, Chin Up Assist, & 2 Free Bonus Workouts. Normally $309.50.
Save $39 with the P90X Results Package for $269.70.

P90X Challenge PackP90X Combo Pack
12 P90X Workouts + 2 Bonus Workouts
30 Day Supply Of Shakeology
$205 ($35 savings + FREE Shipping)


P90X Workout DVDP90X DVDs

12 Intense Workouts.
Comes with P90X Workout Guide & Meal Plan.

P90X Workout

What Comes With The P90X Workout?

Disc 1 – Chest & Back – Targeted chest and back workouts.
Disc 2 – Plyometrics – Jumping athletic performance cardio routine.
Disc 3 – Shoulders & Arms – Extreme press, curl, and fly movements.
Disc 4 – Yoga X – Strength, balance, flexibility, physique and mind.
Disc 5 – Legs & Back – Squats, lunges, and pull ups.
Disc 6 – Kenpo X – Punch & kick to improve endurance.
Disc 7 – X Stretch – Athleticism, prevent injuries, and avoid plateaus.
Disc 8 – Core Synergistics – Condition your core.
Disc 9 – Chest Shoulders & Triceps – Intense upper body workout.
Disc 10 – Back & Biceps – Build the biceps and back muscles.
Disc 11 – Cardio X – Low-impact fat burning cardio routine.
Disc 12 – Ab Ripper X – Sculpt your 6-pack abs.

P90X 3 Phase Nutrition Plan
P90X Workout Guide Book
Free Online Support Tools

Any Other Items You Need To Do P90X?

  1. Shakeology – Shakeology simplifies the meal plan.
  2. P90X Recovery Drink – Great tasting after workout drink.
  3. Push Up Bars – Takes the stress off your wrists when doing push ups.
  4. Yoga Mat – Soft mat to cover your hardwood floors or carpet.
  5. Yoga Blocks – Helps with balance moves and stretching when doing Yoga.
  6. Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbbells – These are what I have.

Buy P90X Cheap

Buy P90X CheapIt seems like everyday I receive an email from somebody who is looking to save a couple dollars when buying the P90X DVDs, P90X pull up bar, and resistance bands.

Beachbody On Demand is live. For $99 a year you can view P90X and every other Beachbody workout ever made. This is by far the best deal available.

If you absolutely want to buy the P90X DVDs then the information below still holds true.

Before we get into how to buy P90X for cheap we need to understand how much P90X costs and what discounts are offered from Beachbody.

  • P90X = $119.85 + S&H at the Beachbody Store: Buy P90X directly from the source with a 90 day money back guarantee. The safest way to get P90X.
  • P90X = $108 + S&H for Beachbody Club members: Save 10% on anything you buy from Beachbody (supplements, Shakeology, etc) and a discount on shipping. Costs $42 every quarter. Includes customized meal plans, advice from personal trainers like Tony Horton, fitness tools, and recipes. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • P90X = $89.89 + S&H for a Beachbody Coach: The best way to buy P90X is to sign up as a coach first. Its like being a “VIP” with Beachbody. You get 25% off all Beachbody products and a discount on shipping. You also get a website from Beachbody where you can promote their products and earn money. Nothing required of you when you sign up. I’d say 90% of people who sign up do it for the discounts. Beachbody started the Coach program because people who did buy P90X would get questions from friends, family members, co-workers, etc about how they are getting into such great shape. Instead of sending your friends to Beachbody to buy P90X you can now send them to your personalized site and earn a 25% commission on whatever they order. The discount adds up when you buy everything you need for P90X. I am a Coach and apart of the Club.

Can You Buy P90X In Stores?

No. Beachbody does not sell the P90X DVDs in retail stores. Beachbody does not have agreements with any major retail stores to sell their products. They keep all of their products inside warehouses that they ship out of directly. The only places you can buy P90X from is the online Beachbody store or from a Beachbody Coach.

Buying Used P90X DVDs

Beachbody does not sell “used P90X DVDs.” When you buy the P90X DVDs new from Beachbody you get a bunch of bonuses such as a free mini website to track your results, cash prizes up to $1,000 a day just for working out, the P90X Nutrition Plan, and P90X Workout Guides.

I would not recommend buying a used P90X DVD because typically the workout guides and P90X meal plan are missing along with a DVD being scratched. In most cases you can get a new P90X DVD set for the same price as a used P90X DVD when you take the 10% discount with the club membership or the 25% discount with the coach account and you’ll see prices including shipping being within $5 – $10. What you have to ask yourself is if the $5 – $10 you are saving by buying used P90X DVDs on eBay or meeting someone via Craigslist is worth it.

If someone is basically giving the P90X DVDs away for free on Craigslist and they just want something for the real copy they bought then by all means go get it. You can always sign up for a Free Beachbody Account and access the exact same things available (workout guides, workout sheets, tips, etc.) to those who bought P90X from Beachbody.

Buy Replacement P90X DVDs

If a P90X DVD is scratched or not working and you bought P90X from Beachbody or a Beachbody Coach and are within 30 days of purchasing then Beachbody will replace it for free. Sometimes Beachbody will replace broken discs within the first 90 days.

Let’s say a friend gave you their old P90X DVDs and all but two of them work or you lost one. There is an option to buy single workouts. One of my only complaints with Beachbody is they don’t offer single DVDs of the original P90X workout. You can however buy single workouts for $20 from the P90X One on One series or what used to be called Tony Horton’s One on One workouts.

The workouts are all done at Tony’s house hence the One on One title. The camera guy, Mason Bendewald (Mason Twists from Ab Ripper X)  is the only other person in there. It makes for a little different setting than P90X without the cast members. Instead of trying to keep up with somebody in the background you now have to pace yourself against Tony. Here is a list of the workouts.

Buy Single P90X DVD

Don’t have P90X Yoga X? Then get the “Fountain of Youth” or “Yoga MC:2”. Missing P90X Chest and Back? Then get “30/15 – Upper Body Massacre”. I have done the 30/15 workout and will say its one of the hardest workouts Tony has come out with. Its 6 or so sets of 30 different pushups then 15 different pull ups for an hour. My arms were on fire. Tony even has to take a break.

Missing P90X Ab Ripper X? Then get “Killer Abs”. Thats one of my favorite ab workouts. Tony combines some of the Power 90 and Ab Ripper X moves into this one. My abs are sore for at least two days after this. Those workouts and a couple other ones came in the original Tony Horton 1 on 1 Volume 1 series that I own. Most of the workouts titled P90X One on One are actually P90X2 workouts.

I’m sure you get how this goes from here. Find something that’s similar in name to the disc that doesn’t work/is scratched/broken/lost and buy one that has a similar name.

Buying P90X DVDs On eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon

If you are a savvy internet shopper than you have probably found yourself comparing prices at a online retailer, getting the price and then heading over to eBay to see if you can save a couple dollars. I don’t blame you, I do it to. What I want to do is tell you why not to “Buy P90X DVDs on eBay.”

The P90X DVDs you are finding on eBay *might* be frauds that are bought over from China and listed for sale. These replicas do not come with the nutrition plan, workout calendar, or fitness plan. Many of them are low quality and some are not even in English. There have been a number of reports where people have paid for P90X through their PayPal account and never got the DVD. It then became a hassle to get their money back.

There are people who bought an original copy of P90X and are now selling it on eBay. What I have found in these cases is these people never did P90X and are outside of the 90 day money back guarantee. All they want is to get some money back. In this case, go ahead and buy if it is a good deal. Make sure it says in the listing it was original bought from Beachbody or a coach.

Beachbody Coaches are not allowed to sell P90X DVDs on eBay or Craigslist. Beachbody does have a merchant account with Amazon and sells on there. The prices are the same there as at the Beachbody store. Coaches who do try to sell anywhere outside of their coach account will be contacted by the legal team from Beachbody and have charges brought up against them.

I recently talked to a guy who was buying the P90X DVDs from China and listed them on eBay. He was contacted by Beachbody and told to stop or risk getting sued. They took it one step farther and contacted eBay and had his account suspended. He did not know he was doing anything wrong.

Original P90X Packaging
What P90X package looks like from Beachbody.

So now since you are a informed consumer you know that it makes sense to buy from Beachbody directly. Back to the matter at hand. I can’t make you not buy P90X on eBay. If the listings do look like the photo above just be careful. Its very easy to photo shop a picture and sell you something different.

You might have seen random websites selling P90X for less then $119.85. Be aware that there are a lot of scams going on and people are getting ripped off. All of the links on this site send you to Team Beachbody. Better to buy P90X from the real site instead of gambling on a fake site and not getting anything.

If you really want to take the risk of buying a fraud or a inferior product I must say that you are missing out. If you think you are getting a great deal then you might as well take it one step farther and sign up for a free Beachbody account.

Does P90X Work?Does P90X Work?

With millions of before and afters posted all over the internet I think we can unequivocally say P90X works. What needs to be asked is who does P90X work for?

Elite Athletes – These are people who get paid to play sports to those who run ultra marathons. These are countless stories of athletes using P90X in the off season along with Iron Man participants using P90X too.

In Shape People – I fall into this category. Not overweight or out of shape. Just not in P90X shape. This group of people is usually surprised with how in shape they get from P90X.

Out Of Shape People – Those who are 10 – 30 pounds overweight but have a history of working out, playing sports, or being active but have been out of the game for awhile. These people tend to lose the weight and get the “kick in the ass” they’ve been looking for.

P90X Success Story Overweight PeopleOverweight People – People who are 50+ pounds overweight, have never worked out, are far removed from their “playing days”, and are at a point where they know they need to do something fall into this category.

There are success stories (Tommy, Jeremy, Richard)  from overweight people who have done P90X. What I have heard from people who are overweight is P90X is too much too soon. Tony Horton does a great job showing how to modify moves but even those might be too much. Those who have had success with P90X have had to do two or three rounds before they reach a normal weight.

Does P90X Work Overweight People

I tell every overweight person asking about P90X to pass and start with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset followed by the Power 90 workout and then P90X. Going in this order will start working on breaking old bad habits and replacing them with new good ones. The Ultimate Reset gets you started on a 21 day eating plan that will probably drop 10+ pounds and inches everywhere off your body.

Get a handle on the eating then start working out with Power 90. Workouts range from 20 – 35 minutes long. Its challenging but not too challenging. Then move onto P90X. You’ll have a much better grasp on the eating, built strength, dropped weight from Power 90, and be ready for the crazy hour long P90X workouts.

P90X Bodybuilding

Does P90X Put On Muscle?Many people wonder if P90X builds muscle and the answer is absolutely. The kind of muscle you put on with P90X will be lean muscle. The majority of P90X workouts will work your muscles to failure while using your body weight for resistance. This cuts down on the fat and you get “pound for pound” strong.

This is what happened to me. I put on 10 pounds of lean muscle doing P90X. My weight went from 165 to 175 over the 90 days. Body fat percentage dropped too.

If your goal is to bulk up, Tony Horton shows you what to do to achieve those results in each workout. Your not going to be doing bench presses 3 days a  week so you look like one of those guys at the gym with a huge chest and chicken legs. Instead you will be working each major muscle area once a week.

Can Bodybuilders and Powerlifters Get Results With P90X?

Since I started writing about P90X I have had a number of guys contact me saying P90X is weak. It might because my P90X results don’t show a guy who can bench press 200 pounds or squat a ton of shit. Well, I don’t do either of those workouts so of course I’m not going to look that way. That does not mean that P90X is weak by any means. Its all about you.

Recently I had the best comment ever left on my site. Here is what the guy said. (This is him in the photo bench pressing.)

“thanks, Just a note. My beautiful girlfriend and I started p90x yesterday WOW, I am a competitive powerlifter 5′10 235lbs. I bench 430 lbs. deadlift 640lbs. also I have a 36″ waist I’m not one of those potbelied power guys, and after the workout yesterday not only was I sweating like a motherf#@$%^ but I puked, rather explosively. This program rules.”

I laughed my ass off when I read that. I think the last time I puked “explosively” did not involve working out but only involved drinking too much back in college.

What this should show everybody is P90X is not all about lifting tons of weight to put on as much muscle mass as possible. This is about getting into shape. Here is a guy who is two, maybe three times as strong as me saying he’s getting his butt kicked with the P90X Chest and Back workout.

Richie has definitely set the bar. Anything less than explosive puke while working out with P90X is considered failure.

Another comment I received about a guy using only P90X to train for a bodybuilding contest.

Let me add…P90X if followed by the proper diet and supplement regiment on it’s own can and will get you ready for a bodybuilding contest(natural)on at least the local and state level. There is a guy who placed top 5 in the Mr. Trenton contest and trained at home with P90X and resistance cables only. He was however averaging 500 reps of pushups on the chest days and 200 reps on chins. Horton may not be ever popular among the “hard core” bodybuilding groups and maybe bodybuilders and powerlifters in general don’t agree with P90X. The program benefits everyone…that includes bodybuilders, strength trainers, MMA guys and fighters.

While P90X may not be the bodybuilding program that Body Beast is it does not mean people who lift heavy or are into bodybuilding can’t get results with it.

Can’t Do Pull Ups In P90X?

Cant Do Pull Ups
Tony Horton Makes It Look So Easy

Pull ups are one of the most intimidating exercises for people to do. It’s the one move which shows how strong you are from head to toe. It’s really easy for people to give up after not being able to do one pull up on the first day of P90X. We’ve all been there.

The good news is you will be able to do them the more you try. Nobody is expecting you to go from 0 pull ups to 20 pull ups in a week. Be patient and keep showing up. You’ll be surprised how fast you go from 1 to 3 to 8 to 15. If you want results you’re gonna have to understand it will take time.

Ways To Get Better At Pull Ups

  • Use A Chair – This takes some of the weight off the bar so you can focus on doing the move.
  • Workout With A Friend – If you are doing P90X with friends or family then have the other person spot you. I remember my first time doing P90X Chest & Back and not being able to do any. Had my buddy Joe there to spot me through 15 reps. My biggest issue was finding the strength at the very bottom of the rep to start upwards. After 2 weeks I could do a couple on my own and increased from there without any help.
  • Resistance Bands – Wrap one of Beachbody’s B-Lines resistance bands around the P90X chin up bar or something else in your house and do what Tony Horton tells the people in the workout to do. This is an easy way to start building up your strength. $40 for three resistance bands.
  • Chin Up Max – Has three resistance bands and a foot strap that clip onto your P90X Pull Up Bar. Put your foot into the hole and use the momentum for the bands to assist you with the pull up. As close as you can get to doing unassisted pull ups. $40.
  • Door Attachment Kit – Known as the B-Lines Bands Upgrade Kit is simply a loop you wrap around a door hinge or put a resistance band through it. $10

I use all three of them. My favorite would be the Chin Up Max because you work so much more of your body. The Door Attachment Kit is nice to have if you don’t have a lot of energy that day and is easy to put in a suitcase when traveling. If doing unassisted pull ups is a ways away yet then get the door attachment kit. If you can do one pull up or are not that out of shape then you will want to get the P90X Pull Up Bar because you will be doing pull ups in no time.  Here is how I have them set up at my house.

Beachbody Chin Up Max     Beachbody Door Attachment Kit

Hardest P90X Workout

Hardest P90X WorkoutHow about all of them. What I like most is you really can’t half ass any of them. Each exercise pushes you. It comes down to how you feel that day and where your intensity level is at.

Since I consider myself an expert in the P90X field. I decided to make a list from hardest to the not as hard (not easiest) workout. My factors in deciding these are based on what is going through my mind when I pull the DVD out of the booklet and how sore I feel the next day.

P90X Plyometrics

P90X PlyometricsI have been doing P90X for almost a year now and Plyometrics still kills my legs. Of course this is the workout that does the most for me as I am a big skier/snowboarder and runner. My legs have never been in better shape. The next day my legs are on fire and my ass hurts from all the lunges and squats.

The P90X Plyometrics routine is the real calorie burner of all the P90X workouts. It does not matter what sport or activity you do it will help you. The interesting part of this workout is that it is a high impact workout. Over the past couple of years there has been a move to low impact workouts to prevent injury.

What Tony Horton stresses is if you do not work on those muscles that are suppose to take a beating than you actually are prone to injury faster. A good example would be people with knee injuries. If you never work on the muscles that surround the knee you have nothing that can support you if you were to get hit or make a weird pivot while running.

Plyometrics is commonly called jump training. During this one hour workout you will be doing a lot of jumping around so be sure to give yourself some space. You will not need any weights when doing Plyometrics because you are using gravity and your body weight to provide the resistance. This is beneficial because you need to be able to get your own body weight around first before you start incorporating free weights.

Some of the exercises involve jump squats. What this entails is you jumping as high as you can and coming down to touch the floor. This will go on for about thirty seconds non stop. Oh yeah, you do this exercise and its variations about four different times. Your legs are going to be burning and those are just the first fifteen minutes of the workout. Lunges will work on every muscle in your leg and it doubles as a balance posture. Your quads and calfs will get the brunt of the workout and all of those little connector muscles around your knees.

What Kind Of Moves Are In P90X Plyometrics?

The P90X Plyometrics workout will get you doing some side to side lunges and run stance speed squats. By getting off of the ground you are training your body to get comfortable in the air and working on your balance. Your whole body has to work together on these moves to make sure you do it properly. You will be twisitng and moving for the whole thirty seconds and then you switch it up to work on the other side of your body.

Practical Results From Doing P90X Plyometrics

Plyometrics will give you some of the biggest results out of all of the P90X workouts. You may not be able to see the results when you strike a pose but when you get out on the field, court, dance floor, mountain, or whatever you do your legs will thank you for doing P90X Plyometrics.

After a couple weeks of doing Plyometrics I was able to hang and it actually became one of my favorite P90X workouts to do. My legs were in great shape with more strength every where. It helped out greatly when I went skiing this past winter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

My friends had not been working out before the trip and I was doing Plyometrics twice a week. After the first run at Jackson Hole I was feeling fine and my friends legs were on fire. The runs are a little steeper in Wyoming than in Colorado and other places we have gone.

It does not matter how many times I do P90X Plyometrics as I know I am going to be sore for two days. Going up and down stairs becomes a chore and walking around is funny. But the results are worth it.

To show you what P90X Plyometrics is all about I made a short video showing some of the moves involved. Do not try to replace my video as the workout is about an hour long and each move is about 30 seconds. Plus, you’ll miss out on Tony Horton’s training tips.

P90X Chest & Back

P90X Chest and BackPush Up, Pull Up, Push Up, Pull Up, Push Up, Pull Up, and then repeat. Really? Is that chain of events necessary. Tony Horton does not like us. With so much emphasis put on those muscles it really is a killer. My arms are on fire and veins are popping out. Guaranteed to be feeling it the next day.

The P90X Chest And Back routine is one of the hardest P90X workouts. It focuses so much on the chest and back muscles that if you do not feel sore the next day you did not do this routine correctly. With so much effort put on doing push ups and pull ups your upper body is going to get the workout of a lifetime. The P90X Chest And Back routine goes like this: chest, back, chest, back until your done.

What Moves Do You Do In P90X Chest And Back?

The chest part of the routine involves doing standard push ups, military push ups, diamond push ups, wide fly push ups, dive bomber push ups, and decline push ups. You will do all of these workouts twice through out the one hour. Tony Horton demands you to go all out for each push up routine for at least one minute. You are working on so many different areas of your chest during this time period.

The back part involves lots of pull ups. The variety of pull ups and chin ups are wide front pull ups, reverse grip chin ups, and closed grip overhand pull ups and you do these twice. Your pull up bar gets a lot of use here. A couple of other back workouts are “lawnmowers” which is where you get into a lunge with a weight of your choice and pull it up like your trying to start a lawnmower.

Back flys are where you get a weight and sit on the edge of a chair with weights behind your heels and you bring the weight up pinching your shoulder blades together at the top. Heavy Pants refers to a workout in which you have one foot forward with bent knees and you lift the weights up in a motion like you are trying to pick up your pants.

My first time doing P90X Chest and Back I was able to do 8 total pull/chin ups during the entire workout. Before P90X my form of exercise was running and the only upper body workout I did was push ups. Usually I would do about a 100 total after a 3 mile run. The chest muscles were there so during my many times of doing P90X Chest and Back my push up reps stayed about the same as I was in good shape there already. My biggest gains were with the back muscles. First time I did “lawnmowers” I used a 30 pound dumbbell and did 10 reps. After my 90 days were up I was using a 52 pound dumbbell and doing 15 reps. Doing pull/chin ups became my favorite exercise. I was able to do 53 total pull/chin ups one time. That is quite a big gain going from 8 to 53.

After my 90 days were up I took a video of me doing P90X Chest and Back. In this video you can see how many push ups and pull ups you will be doing. I had to edit some of the workouts to make it fit in the 10 minutes given to me by YouTube. In this one I did 48 total pull/chin ups. It was not my best performance as I was a little tired that day but still very good.

P90X Chest and Back is in my opinion one of the hardest P90X workouts. With so much emphasis being put on the upper body you are definitely going to be feeling a little sore tomorrow regardless of how hard you pushed. It should not be long before you start seeing results. The P90X Chest And Back routine will push you past your comfort zone and give you a amazing upper body workout.

P90X Back & Biceps

Pull Ups, Curls, Pull Up, Curls, Pull Up, Curls, and repeat. My arms are dead after doing this. Switching from the pull up bar to dumbbells and going at a quick pace always keep me on my toes. There is no way that you are not going to build up some strength and muscle when doing Back and Biceps.

When you break this workout down it really is a simple old school workout. This use to be a workout I hated to do when I first started doing P90X but it really helped me in all levels of my fitness. The P90X Back and Biceps workout has 24 different exercises. I hope you like using your P90X pull up bar and the Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells because you are going to use them.

P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Push Ups, Shoulder Press, Tricep Extensions for an hour. There are different varieties of those exercises. I have never finished this workout without feeling exhausted after it. My arms are destroyed when I am done. What is most surprising about this workout is it is mostly body weight you are using for it. Tony Horton does a pretty creative job of getting you to blast these muscles.

Sliding push ups, chair dips, and everybody’s favorite one arm pushups. I presently struggle with doing one of those. Anyways, this is one of the harder P90X workouts for a reason.

P90X Shoulders & Arms

Lots of shoulder presses and curls along with some tricep work. I struggle with this one because my right shoulder has a small injury I got when I was younger. It does feel good to stretch out those shoulder muscles even if I have to use a lighter weight.

P90X Shoulders and Arms is one of the longer workouts. It takes about an hour and it moves pretty fast. I catch myself having to hit the pause button a lot to write down my numbers then go and switch the weights around on my Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells. My arms are always dead after doing shoulders and arms.

P90X Legs And Back

P90X Legs And BackThe P90X Legs and Back workout is one of my all time favorite P90X workouts and I was debating about putting it up higher on the list. Before I started doing P90X I never did any kind of legs or back workout. It was not that I did not want to work those out but never knew how much both of those muscle groups are so important to my everyday fitness.

I filmed myself doing the P90X Legs and Back routine after my 90 days with P90X. When I first started I could barely do 15 total chin / pull ups during this routine. While recording this video I did 77 total chin / pull ups. There was one time where I did 82. The rest of this article goes over each exercise shown in the video.

Personal Chin Up Records During P90X Legs And Back

When I first started P90X I could do 1 chin up and 0 pull ups. My numbers climbed as I kept with it. End Of Round 1 the most pull ups and chin ups I did was 59.

Middle Of Round Two

First Time         Second Time

Reverse Grip Chin Up :                         12                            12

Wide Front Pull Ups:                              7                              5

Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups:         11                             8

Switch Grip Pull-Ups:                            8                              8

Totals:   38              +             33 =   71 chin ups/pull ups

Middle Of Round 3

First Time          Second Time

Reverse Grip Chin Ups:                           15                      12

Wide Front Pull Ups:                               8                        4

Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups:          12                      10

Switch Grip Pull Ups:                               8                       8

Totals:         43         +           34 =    77

You do not even know how excited I was when I got done. To see that I did 6 more pull ups than I did in a weeks time is a big gain. The one result that really stuck out the most was when I did 15 reverse grip chin ups. I do not know what got into me but as soon as I hit 12 I felt like I still had some more left in me and I cranked out 3 more.

End Of Round 3


Reverse Grip Chin Ups:                                      26

Wide Front Pull Ups:                                          15

Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups:                      24

Switch Grip Pull Ups:                                        17

=      82

Hitting 82 pull ups and chin ups was a big deal seeing how I started at zero a year prior.

What Moves Do You Do In P90X Legs And Back?

The P90X Legs And Back routine starts out with a set of “Balance Lunges.” This is where you put one foot on a chair and do lunges with one leg while trying to balance. You do both of these for 25 reps. After that you get into some “Calf-Raise Squats.” Adding weights is the way to go with this workout. Again, 25 reps here. To finish off the first three exercises you do a set of “Reverse Grip Chin Ups.” More than likely you will start to already feel a burn in your legs and now your arms and back muscles are going to start getting into it.

What I like the most about P90X Legs And Back is the variety of leg workouts without using dumbbells that much. I only use my Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells or resistance bands for 3 exercises throughout the whole workout. The next three exercise set is “Super Skaters” which are 25 reps of pretending that you are ice skating on one leg at a time. Next is “Wall Squats.” Wall squats are becoming a favorite of mine because I like to ski and snowboard. For this one you are pressing up against a wall for 90 seconds. My legs are always shaking like crazy during and after this. To finish this off you do “Wide Front Pull-Ups.” These are probably the hardest pull ups to do as you are using so much of your upper body to do them.

The next exercise is going back to the legs. If you have not noticed, in P90X Legs and Back you do 2 leg exercises followed by one back workout and you keep repeating until you are done. “Step Back Lunges” are pretty simple. You are taking a step back while in a lunge and you do 15 reps for each leg. “Alternating Side Lunges” are fun to do. Its a quick one where you do 24 total reps where you do lunges to your left and right. “Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups” are next. Here you have your hands in closer than shoulder width. You use a lot of your arms and shoulders in this one. Everything stays in pretty tight and you will probably feel your abs kick in to help you get your head over the bar.

“Single-Leg Wall Squats” are ridiculous. Changing every 10 seconds for 1 minute you have your back against the wall with one leg in the air. This is great for people that need to build up strength around their knees and thighs. I hated single leg wall squats at first but now am excited to see how high I can get each leg in the air. “Deadlift Squats” sound easy to do and are if you have great balance. You do 20 reps for each leg and all you have to do is bend down and touch the ground while standing on one leg. Back to arms with “Switch Grip Pull Ups.” This one is kind of tricky but you can change it up to make it work for you while building up your strength. What you do here is start out doing a chin up and after 2 reps you hold onto the bar and switch it to close grip over hand pull ups while hanging from the pull up bar. A good piece of advice would be to start by doing 2, dropping to the ground, doing 2, and repeat until Tony Horton says time is up. I struggle doing this one not because I can’t do them but I swing my feet around when trying to switch to the next grip. This causes me to hit the ground because I do not have that much space on my door frame.

The “Three Way Lunge With Two Kick Option” is another balance move. You stand in one place and do deep lunges to the side, an angle, and straight ahead. After each lunge you do a kick into the air. “Sneaky Lunges” will burn up your legs. You will get up onto your toes and drop into a lunge while putting your hands up into the air and then dropping them behind your back. Your heels cannot touch the ground until you finish all 20 reps. Tony Horton threatens you if you let your heels hit the ground. Back to “Reverse Grip Chin Ups.” This is the second part of the back routine. For P90X Legs and Back you repeat the 4 different kinds of chin up routines. This is where you need to dig down and “Bring It.” Try to get as many as you did the first time or more. You will probably feel a little gassed at this point with P90X Legs and Back but suck it up and do your best.

With no time to spare after reverse grip chin ups its right into “Chair Salutations.” Picture sitting on a chair with your arms in the air and then taking that chair out from underneath you while holding that pose for 30 seconds…twice. If your legs have not give up on you yet its time for “Toe-Roll Iso Lunge.” Get into a lunge stance and then just rock back in forth while holding the lunge pose for 20 reps for each leg. You are going to feel this burning up every part of your lower body. Now comes the fun part, its “Wide Grip Pull Ups” again. Again, do as many as you can during the time allotted. Doesn’t P90X Legs and Back sound like a fun workout?

We are almost at the end of P90X Legs and Back. Its time for the “Groucho Walk.” Imagine Groucho Marx walking back and forth for 45 seconds. You will be doing this just like him. Legs wide apart in a lunge stance just burning up your thighs. After that you get to have some fun doing “Calf Raises.” Here you should use weights. During this exercise you will point your toes out, then straight , then inwards. For each workout you do 15 slow reps followed by 10 fast ones. The last set with your toes inwards are going to burn up your calves. If your calves are not hurting then you are not trying hard enough. More “Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups” next. Dig down and do as many as you can.

Only two more exercises to go in P90X Legs and Back. The “80/20 Debbie Cybers Speed-Squats.” Have fun with this one. What you do is put one leg kind of behind the other in a normal standing position. Put 80% of your weight on the leg that is most forward and 20% on the other. Then go as fast as you can doing squats over that front leg for 15 reps and then 15 more while getting airborne. Do this on each side. There is no way that your legs are not going to be burning after those. last move coming up. Finish off the whole P90X Legs and Back DVD with “Switch Grip Pull Ups.”

P90X Yoga X

I never realized how much I would get out of doing Yoga until after I did it a couple times. The only weight involved is your body weight. All of the poses and balance postures put so much emphasis on those little in between muscles. The stretching really loosens me up. I have noticed a big difference in my softball and golf swing from doing Yoga. It sounds easy to do but when I am done I still break a sweat.

I have stretched before playing sports but nothing like Yoga. It had never dawned on me to ever do Yoga. It looked silly to begin with and I wondered if I was going to get anything from it.

Rewind back to when I first started doing P90X and the P90X workout guide said there was going to be Yoga day. Staying true to the P90X workout program I put the P90X DVD in and begun. What you will learn during P90X is you don’t skip yoga day.

Even though I am in better shape now then when I was in high school I was still pretty flexible back then. The “V-Stretch” was the only thing I could pass with flying colors in the “Presidential Fitness Test.” If I remember correctly I could stretch out some 13 inches past my heels.

Going back to my first experience with P90X Yoga X. The first thing that shocked me was how long P90X Yoga X is. The little counter on the bottom said 1 hour and 20 minutes. I guess it is about the same as the other workouts if you add P90X Ab Ripper X to the original workout.

What Poses Do You Do With P90X Yoga X?

After going through the first sequence of poses which included the “Runners Pose,” “Crescent Pose,” and all of the variations of the “Warrior Poses” I could definitely feel my body stretching out. I started to enjoy the transitioning between the poses. It made for a very fluid routine.

When the “Warrior Poses” were over it was time to move into “Triangle Pose” and “Twisting Triangle.” The hardest yoga moves are next. “Standing Splits” and “Half Moon to Twisting Half Moon” are by far the hardest poses you will do in P90X Yoga X.

You are bending over at the waist with one hand up in the air, one foot straight out pointing backwards, and one hand touching the ground while holding this for about 30 seconds. This move is working on all of those connector muscles through out your whole body. When Tony Horton talks about “Yoga Strength” he is really talking about those two moves. So much emphasis is put on balancing your body which in turns builds your whole body strength.

Its interesting how Tony Horton makes you do these moves first. I believe it is because they are the hardest ones to do in P90X Yoga X and you might as well get them over with first. You then bust out a couple balance postures called “Tree, Royal Dancer, and Standing Leg Extension.” All are pretty tricky postures because you are standing on one leg while holding your ankle or toe straight out for 30 seconds.

After the balance postures it is time to hit the floor. The one stretch I have trouble with is “Crane.” This involves putting your legs on your elbows and trying to keep your toes above the ground. This takes a lot of upper body and ab strength. Even after doing Yoga X for 9 months I can barely keep my toes off the ground for 7 seconds. Its hard. “Frog” is up next. First time I did this it felt like my groin was going to rip out of my leg. It still hurts and occasionally I get a popping sound from that area.

My favorite P90X Yoga X move is the “Plough into Shoulder Stand.” This involves getting your lower body in the air and resting on your shoulders while supporting with your hands. You then take your legs and move them in every direction finishing by bringing them down around your head. Picture bringing your legs all the way up and over your head while your knees are touching your ears. Talk about a back stretch that looks funny as hell.

The “Yoga Belly” part is a quick ab workout. It is very similar to the “Ab Ripper X” routine with a couple more exercises. I still get a burn doing the “Touch The Sky” move. The last couple of stretches are more of a cool down period. My favorite is “Happy Baby”. This is when you grab your ankles or feet and rock back and forth like a baby. This really works on the legs. Tony Horton does do some “Ohhmmms” at the end but for the most part I skip them. By that time my “Chi” has not been interrupted and I am ready to be finished.

What Results Did You Get From P90X Yoga X?

Even after being flexible to begin with I can see that improvements my body has had from doing P90X Yoga X. My golf and softball swing are a lot more fluid. I just feel better all around after doing. My body feels loose and stretched out. All of those in between muscles really got a workout. Its all of those connector muscles that really get worked.

Picture the shoulders, the hamstrings, lower back muscles, groin (don’t want to rip that thing), and abs. I now look forward to P90X Yoga X day. Its like starting over and getting the body ready for the very next intense workout. I felt sore the day after doing Yoga for about a month. Now it just helps me get refreshed mentally and physically.

“I can’t do a lot of pull ups and push ups because I workout on a pull up bar all day. I can do a lot of pull ups and push ups because I do Yoga.” – Tony Horton

Do I Need A Exercise Or Yoga Mat For P90X Yoga X?

The answer to if you need one is up to you and your comfort level. If you workout on hard wood floors then you are probably going to want an exercise mat. No need injuring yourself while trying to do yoga or ab ripper if you do not need too.

I have carpeting in my house so I don’t really need either but I do use an exercise mat when doing P90X Yoga X as I slide a little bit on the carpet. This is due to me building up a sweat and drifting when I am doing the “Warrior Poses.” The exercise mats give me a little bit better friction so I do not slide anywhere. Beachbody’s Jump Mat is what I have and use for yoga along with P90X Plyometrics.

I have a yoga mat and an exercise mat and I prefer using the exercise mat when doing P90X Yoga X. Its heavier which keeps it from moving around. The yoga mats I own are flimsy and started to fray after a dozen uses. For me, the exercise mat works best in my house.

What About Yoga Blocks?

Yoga Blocks
Look at me! I’m stretching.

During my first couple rounds of P90X I did not use yoga blocks. Decided to buy them after many of the moves in P90X Yoga X became a little too easy to do.

There are only a couple of poses where you can use them and in most cases its about helping you balance. Those poses include “half moon”, “reverse half moon”, “single hamstring stretch”, and “double hamstring stretch”.

Yoga blocks are not necessary for P90X Yoga and are really only needed if you need some help with the balance poses or wanting to get a deeper stretch.

Doing P90X Yoga X And Other Workouts On The Same Day?

There have been a few times where I have done P90X Yoga X and another workout. Typically I do non Beachbody workouts like swimming, mountain biking, or going for a run. Something about staring at the TV or computer screen for another hour does not really do it for me.

Doing another workout on the same day as yoga was entirely dependent on how much energy I had after yoga. Was not going to do another workout just to workout or to catch up with a program. Scheduling P90X Yoga X in the mornings on days I had softball at night seemed to work out. Enough to get a workout in but not too much to tire me out.

Yoga is great for people with back problems and for athletes. Many professional athletes do Yoga to add years to their playing careers. Yoga is also a great way for older people to stay fit. Many senior citizens muscles are so tight that there bodies start hunching. Yoga keeps this from happening. I highly suggest to anybody looking for a great workout to incorporate P90X Yoga X into their lives.

P90X Kenpo X

P90X Kenpo XThe P90X Kenpo X workout is more of a high intensity complete body workout focusing on a lot of balancing. For the better part of an hour you are throwing punches and doing kicks. It really is a fun workout because Tony Horton gets you throwing “Upper Cuts,” “Jabs”, and “Hooks” as if you were fighting somebody.

My favorite moves are where you are doing punches and throwing an occasional kick in there. Speed is one thing that you will gain from doing P90X Kenpo X. I have noticed better balance and an overall awareness of what my body can and cannot do. What I mean by this is by doing a martial art type of workout I have started testing out my reflexes, speed, and strength all at the same time. This is not some normal workout where you are working the same muscle. Here you are using all of them and working on getting faster with your kicks and punches.

The P90X Kenpo X workout always seems to fly by so fast. You will enjoy the P90X results you get when doing Kenpo X. I highly suggest doing P90X Kenpo X with a friend if you can. Its kind of a funny workout with Tony Horton running the show. This way you can have a few laughs with a workout partner while kicking some butt.

After you have done P90X Kenpo X a couple times you might not feel like you are getting much out of it. While it is a great workout, P90X Kenpo X is designed to be a cardio / recovery workout. More or less something to keep the body moving and having fun but it comes at the end of the week after doing lots of hard resistance workouts. To make it more intense try doing it with weighted gloves, a weighted vest, or both. I have done it using just gloves, the vest, and both. My back is always sore from throwing punches with the gloves on. Add the vest into it and the legs get worked out a little more.

All in all, P90X Kenpo X is a fun workout. This is more of a fun workout to me than anything. Lots of kicking and punching going on. When I started using weighted gloves it felt like a workout again. That little bit of extra weight makes a differnce when throwing punches as it now forces the core to work. You will work on your balance, cardio strength, and even a couple karate moves. This does not mean you’ll be able to defend yourself in a fight so don’t go trying it.

P90X Core Synergistics

P90X Core SynergisticsTo be honest, I have only done this workout a couple of times. It’s probably because it fell on the recovery weeks and I was too focused on the other workouts to enter it into my routine.

Most P90Xers dont know that much about this one. I have a lot of friends that have done the P90X workout from start to finish and have never done it once. The reason behind this is that its not in the routine manual until you get to doing the P90X doubles.

What is unique about Core Synergistics is the variety of exercises you do. Start out by doing push ups with feet stacked on each other and your hands staggered. Next one is the Banana Roll in which you roll onto your stomach and back engaging your abs. There are some very goofy looking routines. The Sphinx push up is one of the them. Picture lying on the ground looking the Sphinx in Egypt and doing a push up. Plank to chatarunga run is tough. You go back and forth from a plank position bringing your legs to your head in a push up stance and then dropping to the ground for ten seconds while still bringing your feet as high up as you can. This takes strength from your shoulders down to your hip flexors to be able to complete this one.

Another favorite is the prison cell push up. If you ever see any coverage of inmates at prison yards you will see this push up where they are standing up then drop to the ground, do a push up, bring their right knee to their head, push up, left knee to head, push up, then jump to their feet. Repeat this process for a minute. Its kinda fun because you are engaging so many different muscles and the name is catchy.

P90X Core Synergistics is a nice workout to switch things up here and there if you are getting bored with P90X Ab Ripper X. It is also a great cardio workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat. Its not a very long workout and it moves by very fast.

P90X Cardio X

A workout you only do a couple times during the 90 days of P90X. The first time you see the Cardio X workout is after the

first 3 weeks. Tony Horton gives you one week off to do more of a cardio week. No weights, just a lot of stretching and high intensity cardio workouts. Cardio X is a quick little workout which will get the blood going. It is a great workout to do in the morning or if you just do not feel like going outside or lifting any weights.

Tony Horton will push you in the workout. It is very similar to the Plyometrics workout but you are not jumping around as much. You will be doing a lot of lateral moves and push ups. Some of the exercises are kind of goofy looking. I like to think of the P90X Cardio X workout as a tune up for Plyometrics.

If you cannot do Plyometrics then you need to build up your endurance and strength by doing P90X Cardio X. You will not do the Cardio X workout that much during the 90 days you do P90X but you will gain a lot by doing it.

P90X Ab Ripper X

P90X Ab Ripper XI must be crazy right? Abs at #11. Ab Ripper is tough. I am not denying that. My take on it is that since it is right after the toughest workouts it makes it harder to do. The few times I did Ab Ripper without doing anything else made a big difference. I was able to complete the whole thing with no problem. I still felt the burn but not as much as if I was trying to do a ton of pull ups for an hour and then do abs.

The P90X Ab Ripper X workout comes on at the end of the P90X workout that you did. The only workouts that P90X Ab Ripper X does not come on are the Plyometrics, Cardio X, Kenpo X, and Yoga X. The reason why is because those workouts use a lot of the ab muscles already and just as Tony Horton says, “you don’t workout abs everyday.”

At the end of the workout comes a intense 15 minute ab workout. I have had some friends of mine call this “thigh burner x” because you do use your legs a lot. The benefits of using the legs and thighs so much is that you really get a chance to work on your core muscles. These are the muscles from your knee caps to your pectoral muscles. Anything in between there is going to be worked out.

How Many Moves Are In P90X Ab Ripper X?

There are 11 different exercises that are done during P90X Ab Ripper X. Each of them consists of 25 moves that usually take about 30 seconds to do. Stick with it while you do the workout. It took me over 60 days to be able to finish the workout completely. There are still times when I need to take a quick in between break because I am just so exhausted.

I took a video of me doing P90X Ab Ripper X and put it on YouTube. This video was taken after 90 days of doing P90X. Before I started P90X I could not finish Ab Ripper and now I can. I had to edit some of the “easier” ab exercises so the video would not be too long and kept the harder ones unedited so you can see how challenging it is.

I did not get a 6 pack from doing Ab Ripper and that is my own fault. The only way anyone will get 6 pack abs is by following a strict diet plan. I eat well but sometimes I over eat and I’m not gonna lie to you and say that I don’t endulge in a couple high calorie adult beverages from time to time. Depending on the lighting (LOL) and what I ate that day I can see a solid 4 pack. The only way for me to get to 6 pack ab land is to cut out a good percentage of the carbs I consume. It will be hard.

The moves are pretty simple to do and the results you are going to get with P90X Ab Ripper X are going to amaze you. Sometimes I will just do the P90X Ab Ripper X DVD after going for a run or if its late at night and I just want to burn a couple calories before I go to bed. Tony Horton does not give you that much time in between each move so be prepared to be moving and grooving. It goes by pretty fast and after doing P90X Ab Ripper X it will feel like it was done in no time at all.

What Are The P90X Ab Ripper X Moves Called?

The names of the moves are “In & Outs,” “Seated Bicycle,” “Seated Crunchy Frog,” “Crossed Leg Wide Leg Sit Up,” “Fifer Scissor,” “Hip Rock & Raise,” “Pulse Ups,” “V-Up Combo,” “Oblique V-Up,” “Leg Climb,” and the “Mason Twist.” The Mason Twist or “Kayak” is probably the hardest and of course it is the last. You will hate it at first but in time it will become your favorite. All of the different kind of core/ab workouts really burn deep into those abs. Your overall fitness needs ab workouts and P90X Ab Ripper X is the best.

P90X X Stretch

This is a tamed down version of Yoga X. The workout is under an hour where Yoga is near an hour and a half. I like it but not as many balance poses. P90X X Stretch does not even come into play until the recovery week.

If you already do the P90X Yoga X DVD you are going to notice a lot of similarities. The only difference between the two is the X- Stretch workout does not include all of the “Warrior Poses” which are in the P90X Yoga X DVD. The X Stretch workout is about 30 minutes shorter than yoga. Sometimes when I really do not feel like spending a hour and half doing yoga I will throw in the P90X X Stretch DVD. All that I am really giving up is the warrior poses. I do not get as good of a stretch but it does the job.

X Stretch is a nice workout for people that maybe do not have the strength yet to do Yoga. I have done Yoga with my parents to help them with their flexibility and they really struggled. I gave them the X Stretch DVD to help get them loosened out and build up the “Yoga Strength.” It has helped them a lot and now are able to do yoga.

This list could change at a moments notice as they are all pretty tough to do. I feel pretty confident about numbers 1-7. These workouts always kick my butt. Even after doing them each dozens of times I still “feel the burn” the next day.  If one of these particular workouts decides to attack me then I will redo the list and award it the #1 position. In the mean time these are what I feel to be the hardest P90X workout.

Space Needed For P90X

Space Needed For P90X
Just enough space to do P90X.

As you can see from the photo there is not a whole lot of space that I workout in. Its actually the second floor landing area at the top of the stairs outside my bedroom. The photo was taken from the doorway of another room in the house. I would say that this area is about 7″ x 10.” In the photo you can also see that I have all of the things you need to do P90X with. This way you know that I am showing you everything.

Its not the greatest place to workout but it works for me. A lot of the workouts done with P90X don’t involve a lot of moving around anyways. Plyometrics is the only workout I do not do in that area but its not to say that I couldn’t. Its just that the ceilings here are about 8 feet tall and I would be touching them every time I jumped.

I do plyometrics in another room with taller ceilings. I keep all of my workout equipment like the pull up bar, resistance bands, dumbbells, push up stands, and P90X DVDs in my room. They take up very little space. The Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells are on a stand which makes them easy to roll around but I usually just walk over to the weight rack in between exercises to get a new weight without having to stop the DVD. I use my laptop to play the DVDs so I am not stuck to one area of the house on a TV.

So don’t feel like you need a lot of space to do P90X with. As you can see from my “home gym” you can get by with just a small amount of area. If you live in an apartment, have small rooms in your house, or a college kid living in a dorm, I am sure you can find the space to do the P90X workout.

Getting Started With P90X

Tony Horton P90X Day 1Of course you should get started with P90X as soon as you get it. But there are a couple of things you want to do before you get at it. If you fail to do these then you might not not see the results you want or realize you messed up and feel like you have to start over. These should take no longer than an hour to do.

Read The P90X Workout Guidebook – Tony Horton and the people at Beachbody put this book together to give you the knowledge behind P90X. You’ll learn what each move is called, why the meal plans are important, what equipment you need to do P90X, and most importantly what version of P90X (Lean, Classic, or Doubles) to do.

Put Up The P90X Calendar – This way you see it when you walk in or out of your house everyday. Cross off workouts as you go so you feel like your making progress.

Read The P90X Meal Plan – Over 70% of your results will come from what you eat. The P90X Nutrition Plan is a in-depth plan that tells you exactly what you need to be eating to provide the right balance of fuel your body needs to get through P90X. I thought I ate right before starting P90X so I didn’t read it. While I did get much stronger in my first round of P90X I didn’t see the definition I was expecting. Went through the guide, made some small changes in my diet, and what a difference it made. What worked for me was picking a few meals I could easily make and stuck to those.

Follow the P90X Workout Schedule – Too many people make the mistake of grabbing whatever P90X workout they feel like doing or jumping right into a hybrid workout. Do not do that. At least not during your first round. Commit to a version of P90X (Lean, Classic, Doubles) and follow the schedule from Day 1 to Day 90.

Workout Clock
8:22 is P90X time.

Schedule Time To Do P90X – What time of the day you do P90X is less important than setting aside the time. The biggest complaint from people (especially parents) is how P90X is an hour long and making the time is tough. Hardcore P90Xers would call those excuses but they need to be addressed. While you are doing P90X for you, you are also doing it for the people in your life. They will be getting a better version of you at the end of P90X.

  • Split Up The Workouts – Going from an hour long P90X Legs and Back routine to 15 minutes of Ab Ripper has a tendency to mess up people’s psyche. Do the long P90X workout in the morning and then the 15 minute ab ripper at lunch or before you go to bed.
  • You Just Don’t Have An Hour – Do 30 minutes of the resistance workouts with ab ripper. That 45 minutes of working out will still kick your butt. You’ll probably be wanting to do the entire P90X workout in no time because your body will be ready for more.

P90X Fitness Test

P90X Fitness TestBefore you get started with the P90X workout you need to do the P90X Fitness Test. Its going to tell you where you stand right now and give you something to compare to after you finish your 90 days. It’s also going to tell you if you should even do P90X right now or instead do something like the Power 90 workout to better prepare yourself.

It takes about 40 minutes to complete and be sure to do the exercises in order. If you bought P90X you can find the instructions on how to do the P90X Fit Test in the workout guidebook. If you lost the book then here is everything you need to know.

What Do You Need For The P90X Fitness Test?

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Body Fat Tester
  • Tape Measure
  • Scale
  • Chin-Up Bar
  • Timer

What Are The P90X Fitness Test Moves?

  • Resting Heart Rate – If you don’t have  a heart rate monitor than take your pulse by counting the beats on your neck or wrist for 30 seconds than multiply by 2.
  • 10 Minute Warm Up – Jumping Jacks or a light jog in place. Enough to build up a sweat.
  • Pull Ups – Do as many wide grip pull ups until failure. Men should be able to do 3 and women 1. If you can’t do any which is common for a lot of people than use resistance bands instead.
  • Rest 1 Minute
  • Vertical Leap – Put your arm straight up against a wall and record the height. Then take one step back and jump up. Record the differences between the two to get your vertical leap. Men should have a leap of at least 5 inches and 3 inches for women.
  • Rest 4 Minutes
  • Push Ups – As many as you can do to failure. Men should be able to do 15 and 3 for women.
  • Rest 4 Minutes
  • Toe Touch – Measure how far you can reach past (or not) past your toes. No less than minus 6 inches for men and women.
  • Rest 4 Minutes
  • Wall Squat – Record how long you can stay in a chair position pressed against the wall. Should be able to do at least 1 minute.
  • Rest 4 Minutes
  • Bicep Curls – Do as many front facing bicep curls as you can. Should want to select a weight you think you will max out at 10-15 reps. Men should be able to do 10 curls with 20 lbs and 10 curls with 8 lbs for women.
  • Rest 3 Minutes
  • In & Outs – Raise feet off the ground. Bring knees in towards your chest and then straighten them back out. Do as many as you can without touching the floor. Should be able to do at least 25.
  • Rest 4 Minutes
  • Heart Rate Maximizer – Jumping Jacks for 2 minutes non stop with the last 30 seconds being as fast as you can go. Record your heart rate immediately after, 1 minute after, 2 minutes after, 3 minutes after, and 4 minutes after. You should be able to complete the 2 minutes of jumping jacks.

Write all of your numbers down as you will record them on day 90 also. This is the best way to compare how far you’ve come with P90X. If you did more than the minimums for each then you are ready to get started with P90X. You only need to figure out if the Lean, Classic, or Doubles routine is best for you.

If you were able to do more than the minimum on most of the moves then you’ll be able to get started with P90X. It’s normal for most people to not get a couple of them. If you did not hit the minimums on any of them then you might want to look at doing Power 90 to build up your strength and then come back to P90X. There are people who will power through and do well with P90X even though they don’t do well with the P90X Fit Test. Keep in mind that the first month or two will probably be very challenging.

What To Do After P90X?

What To Do After P90X?

This is a very good question and is one I asked myself. When I completed P90X I was so pumped with my P90X results I decided to go and do another round of it.

Mostly because I wanted to get more reps doing pull ups and did not want to lose what I had gained. There are a number of options to decide what to do after P90X. These are the best ones I have found.

Do P90X Over And OverDo Another Round – After completing round two, P90X was starting to become a part of my lifestyle. When completing round two I went on and did one more round. Yup, 3 rounds of P90X. It was embedded into my brain that I was doing it as I had grown so accustomed to it. The one hour workouts did not bother me anymore and I looked forward to doing them.

My body changed the most during the first 90 days and not so much with the following 2 rounds. My reps started to peak and I really couldn’t get that much more out of my body or the time alloted to do each program. When I could no longer get any more reps and Tony Horton’s jokes were no longer funny I moved on. Talk to anybody who has done multiple rounds of P90X and you know every word that is said in every P90X workout.

Take A Break – Lets step back to why you wanted to do P90X in the first place. Was it to lose weight? Get in shape? Train for your upcoming sports season? Whatever your “it” was you now need to go out and do it. Steve Edwards, who is a fitness/health guru employed by Beachbody, says that it is time to take a break and live a little.

Your body should be in such great shape now that you need to use it for the purpose intended. What Steve is saying is its time to go out for a hike, mountain bike, swim, walk, run, and any other physical thing you like to do besides working out.

Bodybuild After P90XBodybuild After P90X – You might think of what you just did with P90X as bodybuilding and in a way you’re right. Your body is now built up more than what it was when you started. At the same time, bodybuilding will challenge your muscles to grow in a completely different way then what you did with P90X. Yes, you could do P90X again and wear a weighted vest while doing every workout or only do 8 reps when you have to lift weights. But is that what you really want to do? Don’t you kind of want to take a break from all of Tony Horton’s jokes instead? What you should consider doing is taking a break from P90X and doing Body Beast instead.

Something New – The Insanity Workout was released after my third round of P90X and I moved onto it. Was perfect timing as there was little more for me to get out of P90X at the time.With Beachbody On Demand having every single Beachbody workout ever created you will always have something new to try.

Hybrid Workout – Do you have a number of Beachbody programs already? Mix P90X and another one up. I did a P90X – Insanity hybrid workout.

Can’t Finish A P90X Workout

Can't Finish P90X WorkoutP90X is a commitment. Its kind of like the Marines where “we don’t accept applications, we only accept commitments.” If you are not ready to embark on this journey to get into better shape than this is not going to work out for you.

I’m going to cover to areas that affect people the most if they can’t finish the P90X workout. There is the time when your half way through the P90X DVD and are just exhausted. And then there is the time when your life is just getting in the way.

P90X is a life changing workout. If you really get into P90X you will see results and will start to realize what your body is truly capable of. Upon starting, you will struggle with every move that Tony Horton throws at you. I mean who really does push ups and pull ups. I bet if you currently go to a gym and look at the pull up bar in the corner your not going to see anybody on it. The majority of people will be hanging out near the benches or the machines.

The reason why most people don’t finish P90X is because they usually workout 3 days a week and P90X demands 6. This forces you to make another 3.5 hours a week available in your schedule for your fitness.

P90X Is Hard Because The Moves Are New To You

Lets say that you are getting started with P90X Legs And Back. The first leg routines are pretty tough. You are doing those lunges and it puts quite a strain on your knee because you have never done this before. You are able to make it through and now its your first time ever trying to do a chin up.

Its pretty intimidating especially if you are doing this by yourself. Its always better to do P90X with a friend but if you must go by yourself just do your best. Get a chair to help you with getting use to the motion of doing a pull up. It might take you a month to do one without a chair and that is fine.

Taking Breaks With P90X Is Ok

Continue on with P90X as far as you can go. Don’t feel bad if you have to press pause to catch your breath. The people on P90X are all in great shape and can keep up. You can’t right now. Just do as many reps as you can and with time you will be able to do the full set.

Doing Half Of A P90X Workout Is Better Than Doing Nothing At All

The biggest excuse people have when doing P90X is time as many have an all or nothing approach to P90X. They know its going to take a little over an hour to do and don’t want to get started unless they know they can finish. Life gets in the way and while its best to set aside a designated workout time every day with no distractions it is still hard to come by.

At the same time its better to do 30 minutes of P90X, stop, and do Ab Ripper X then to do nothing at all. I would say that 30 minutes of P90X is the same as most people who go to the gym for 1.5 hours because of the pace that P90X goes at. Its better that you do something then nothing at all. You won’t get the ripped results as fast but who cares. Your body is moving and changing.

What If Your Very Out Of Shape And Overweight?

This goes back to the previous point. Do as much as you can and then stop. There are two ways to approach P90X and this also goes for people who are in shape. You can either play the entire P90X Workout DVD and do as much of each move as you can while missing a exercise or two to catch your breath or you make it a goal to do each move in sequence while pausing and catching your breath until you just cannot do anymore leaving the rest of the workout to do at a future time. These are both things to take into consideration if time is going to be an issue.

Personally, I recommend doing as many reps with good form in order, pausing, catching your breath, and only moving further into the workout as you get stronger. With P90X you are getting 1 hour and 15 minutes of blood pumping good old fashioned working out in the comfort of your home. Results will be showing in your body in no time. Its just you and Tony Horton getting at it to get into the best shape of your life.

Skipping A P90X Workout

Skip P90X WorkoutsWe have all been in the situation when you really don’t want to workout that day and skipping sounds like a better idea. You feel tired, work got you down, things around the house are crazy, its 10 pm at night, there is a big game on and you can’t miss it, etc. You give in and skip working out that day.

I’ve missed a day or two in the 4 rounds of P90X I’ve done since 2008. Those things happen. Sometimes your schedule is overtaken by outside forces that you cannot fight against.

In the winter I go snowboarding or skiing once a week and in the summer I play double-header softball games twice a week. Throw in a weekend tournament, round of golf, or the 40 miles of bike riding I do a week and that adds up. It takes a lot out of me but I enjoy doing those things.

As long as I’m being active then I don’t think its going to hinder my results at all through P90X or whatever program I’m doing. Tony Horton would probably agree. I workout to be able to enjoy those things. What’s key is to plan P90X around the things you like to do. Who cares if it takes you 120 days to complete P90X if you are being active during that time. You will still get results.

P90X InfomercialIf you are skipping P90X workouts make sure to eat healthy. Over 70% of your results with P90X (or any program) come from following the meal plan. Keep drinking Shakeology every day so your body is getting the nutrition it needs to properly function. This way you’ll feel ready for tomorrows workout.

Do everything you can to not skip workouts. If your playing sports, training for a 10k, or doing something else active then don’t kill yourself about skipping a P90X workout because in the end your really not. It’s all about living a healthy and fit life. P90X is just a plan to help you get there.

No P90X Results After 30 Days

No P90X Results
Of Course You Do

Too many people carry the “I want it now” mentality that our society has grown accustomed to over to P90X. I cannot tell you how many times people have emailed me complaining about why they are not seeing results with P90X in the first 30 days. Many give up because there isn’t instant gratification.

There is a little bit of science that goes along with P90X and the first 30 days are there to wake your body up. Its no reason to give up because the results typically start rolling in around day 45.

There are some things you can do to make sure you start seeing results in the first month and this is what I’ve found people are not doing to get them.

  • You’re Not Following A P90X Workout Plan – You need to pick the Lean, Classic, or Doubles routine. If you do not know what those are then it means you did not read the P90X Guidebook.
  • You’re Not Following The P90X Nutrition Plan – 75% of your results come from what you eat. You can power through the workouts like I did and get results but following the meal plan is better.
  • You’re Not Pushing Play Enough – Quite simply, if you are skipping a lot of workout then you are not going to see any results.

P90X Nutrition Plan

P90X Nutrition PlanAlso known as the P90X 3 Phase Nutrition Plan is a meal plan designed to help you get the most out of P90X.

  • Phase 1 – P90X Fat Shredder: The P90X Nutrition Plan begins with higher protein in Phase 1. This helps you begin to shed fat quickly while simultaneously strengthening your muscles.
  • Phase 2 – P90X Energy Booster: Taking your P90X nutrition to the next level, Phase 2 offers a balanced mix of carbohydrates and protein, and lower amounts of fat. You’ll get an extra energy boost for enhanced performance.
  • Phase 3 – P90X Endurance Maximizer: To fuel your workouts in Phase 3, the P90X Nutrition Plan provides an athletic diet centered around complex carbohydrates and lean proteins.

My take on the P90X Nutrition Plan is it is overly complicated. It assumes you already know how to cook and are familiar with a lot of different ingredients. It also assumes you will set aside the time to make the meals after doing a 90 minute P90X workout.

I took a couple of looks at this behemoth of a recipe book and tried it a few times. Its not that I could not make a few things its that the meals are too complex.

I’d recommend getting on Shakeology so it covers at least one meal a day. Find a Paleo type eating plan like the Primal Blueprint and follow that instead. Its much easier to follow.

P90X Workout Guides

P90X Workout GuidesA lot of people ask me where they can get the P90X Workout Guides because they lost theirs, are borrowing a friends P90X, or bought a fake set of P90X DVDs thinking they would receive it.

1. Get a Free Beachbody Account.

2. Hover over the Get Fit tab.

3. Click on the Fitness Tools tab.

4. Click on Workout Sheets.

Inside you will find the P90X Fit Test and P90X Workout Sheets available to be printed. Its not the actual P90X Workout Guides but it does tell you what week to do each workout. It will also help you keep track of your reps and weights used.

P90X Workout Order

If you have borrowed the P90X DVDs from a friend and they did not give you the P90X workout calendar with it then I’m sure you are wondering where to start. It’s very important you follow the P90X workout guide and do them in order as that’s were you get the maximum P90X results. There are three different versions you can do of P90X. The classic, lean, and doubles routine. I recommend everybody start with the P90X Classic Routine. Here it is.

**What I recommend you do first is sign up for a Free Beachbody Account. When that’s done, hover over the “Get Fit” tab on the top left of the Team Beachbody site, then click on the Workout Sheets tab. You can download the P90X workout sheets there so you can keep track of your progress.

Month 1 of P90X Classic Routine

Weeks 1-3

M – P90X Chest and Back with Ab Ripper X

T – Plyometrics

W – P90X Shoulders and Arms with Ab Ripper X

Th – P90X Yoga X

F – P90X Legs and Back with Ab Ripper X

S – P90X Kenpo X

Su – Day off or P90X X Stretch

Month 2 of P90X Classic Routine

Weeks 5-7

M – P90X Chest, Shoulders, Triceps with Ab Ripper X

T – P90X Plyometrics

W – P90X Back and Biceps with Ab Ripper X

Th – P90X Yoga X

F – P90X Legs and Back with Ab Ripper X

S – P90X Kenpo X

Su – Day off or P90X X Stretch

Month 3 of P90X Classic Routine

Weeks 9 & 11

M – Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X

T – Plyometrics

W – Shoulders & Arms with Ab Ripper X

Th – Yoga X

F – Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X

S – Kenpo X

Su – Day off or X Stretch

Weeks 10& 12

M – Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps with Ab Ripper X

T – Plyometrics

W – Back & Biceps with Ab Ripper X

Th – Yoga X

F – Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X

S – Kenpo X

Su – Day off or X Stretch

Weeks 4, 8, and 13 are recovery weeks

M – Yoga X

T – Core Synergistics

W – Kenpo X

Th – X Stretch

F – Core Synergistics

S – Yoga X

Su – Day off or X Stretch

P90X Phase 1 Calendar

P90X Phase 2 Calendar

P90X Phase 3 Calendar


Hybrid P90X Workouts

Other P90X WorkoutIt seems like everybody wants to jump into a hybrid workout right after buying P90X or mix and match it with what they currently do.

After doing 4 rounds of P90X in the past 4 years my experience is you have to give the program a chance to work for you to see results. If you go picking and choosing what workouts you want to do with P90X you’ll never get to the mastery phase.

This is important because it’s when your body starts to understand the moves. You’ll be able to start pushing even harder from this point moving forward. Here are some tips for those people who want to do other workouts.

  • Already A Gym Rat? – Skip the gym for 90 – 100 days and do the entire P90X program at home or bring the DVDs to the gym. If you don’t like the results after the 90 days then you can go back to what you were doing before. My buddy Brad was in awesome shape before P90X and got even more ripped. He said his bench press went up by 5 pounds his first time trying it in 3 months. He catches himself doing many P90X moves at the gym.
  • Extreme Athlete? – I’m not an expert on this and can only assume that triathletes and marathoners use the off-season to recover. If your one of the people who only do 1 or a couple of them a year then plan a 90 day period with no event specific training and do P90X. You’ll be surprised how much more fit you are from head to toe the first time you go out for a run, bike, or swim.
  • Play Sports? – Make P90X a priority to do in the off-season. It will work on your weaknesses so you’ll be ready to get at the sports specific workouts when the season comes around. If you like the results then stick with it. I seem to be having games all the time and I like to schedule Yoga or a stretching workout on game day. Sometimes I don’t workout that day and just play. They key is I stick with the workout plan and mix game days around it.

From my experience I would recommend seeing P90X all the way through before trying to do hybrid workouts or only some of the DVDs. It will take you much longer to see results or any at all if you mix. The goal is to treat the P90X workout like the challenging program it is. The only way to do this is to follow the program for the entire 90 days.

P90X Transformations

Over the years I have had a number of friends and coaches share their P90X results with me. All of the before and afters you see below were done following the P90X Classic routine. Here are a few of my favorites.

Brad P90X Results
My buddy Brad got shredded doing P90X.


Mark's P90X Results
Probably the most shredded basketball official out there.

Contact Mark Klanac at his Coach Website or My Healthy Fit Life to talk about his P90X results.

Will's P90X Results
68 pounds lost later.

Contact Will Bochkay at his coach site or Fitness Achievement to talk about his P90X results.

Anastasia Before After
Lost 25 pounds all while juggling a family and career.

Contact Anastasia McCune at her Transformation Workout website.

Nate's P90X Results
Lost 22 pounds, 4 inches off waist, and 7% body fat.

Contact Nate at his Coach website or his Ripped Body blog to talk about his P90X results.

Gianni's P90X Results
Lost 28 pounds and 4 inches off waist.

Contact Gianni Licari at PhattyFit or his coach website to talk about his P90X results.

Silvano's P90X Results
Lost 20 pounds and achieved his goal of being more ripped than his brother Gianni.
Mark P90X Results
Lost 30 pounds and is one of the fittest Coast Guard Helicopter Pilots now.

You can contact Mark Heupel at his Coach Website to talk about his P90X results or flying helicopters for the Coast Guard.

Kyle's P90X Results
Lost 15 pounds and 10% body fat.
Gary's P90X Results
Lost 20 pounds and 4 pant sizes.

P90X App

P90X iPhone App
That’s A Sweet iPhone 4S

The P90X App for iPhone and Android has been discontinued. To replace the app, Beachbody has created something even better. Access P90X via Beachbody On Demand.

Beachbody On Demand lets you access P90X and every other Beachbody workout ever made. The app is available for iPhone and Android. It works on iPad and Apple Watches too.

If you have already downloaded the P90X App then it will work for iPhone 6 and earlier. Android 4.4 and earlier will work also. If you downloaded the P90X App before December 2016 and have one of those phones then it will still work. Since Jan 2017 you can no longer access the P90X App in iTunes or Google Play.

Beachbody On Demand is free to download for iTunes and Android. With it you get a 7 day free trial. From there it is $99 a year to view P90X and every other Beachbody workout. What I recommend you do is sign up for a free Beachbody Account first and then download the app so your accounts sync.

P90X Halloween Costume

On the morning of the Halloween party my brother was throwing my girlfriend said she talked to my friend Joe and found out what he was going to be. She said I was going to love it. Knowing Joe for some 25 years now we tend to talk about a couple issues more than others. In the past two years in particular its been about Government, Politics, Economics, Entrepreneurialism, and P90X. He was the one that got me hooked on the P90X workout in the first place as he was using it to get in shape to go into the Marines. I figured he was going to be one of three things, Barack Obama, Ron Paul (to make fun of me as I love RP), or Tony Horton.

P90X Halloween Costume
One of us is Beachbody Coach Brad Gibala.

I was almost right. His costume was me. He called up my girlfriend and asked her to swipe my P90X T-Shirt when I was not looking and give it to him when he showed up at the house. For the entire night he went around telling every body that he was Beachbody Coach Brad Gibala. Before showing up at the party he went to a Kinkos and made a flier to give to people to read along with as he read it out loud.


Joe Doing Push Ups In His P90X Halloween Costume I don’t have the script with me right now but it basically said that I get paid to workout (I don’t), that I love to “shred the gnar” and that I have a man crush on Ron Paul.

To prove to every body he was committed to being a Beachbody Coach, Joe (me) would drop down and do push ups after getting done talking to somebody.

Even better was while talking to somebody he would do bicep curls with a resistance band. He even drank water through out the night.

The next morning I was talking to Joe and he said he must have done over 200 push ups and 150 bicep curls. Its tough work being me. Even funnier is while he was reading the script to a guy who was a friend of a ex co-worker of mine the guy was actually interested in signing up to be a Beachbody Coach as he does P90X and enjoys it. All in all it was a great night and it was great to see so many of my friends.

P90X Affiliate Program

P90X Affiliate ProgramStraight up, its a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or sometimes called Network Marketing program. Its not like traditional affiliate programs out there where you sign up for free, put a couple banners on your health/fitness related website and when people click on the banners and buy something you get a commission. There actually is no P90X affiliate program.

Beachbody, the company that makes P90X set up the Beachbody Coach business opportunity because thousands of people who used their products achieved awesome results. Friends, family, and co-workers would notice their results and ask them what they are doing. The person would refer them to Beachbody. People started calling in to Beachbody asking if they had a P90X affiliate program as so many people were sending business to them. Beachbody took it one step further and created the coach opportunity to make a “P90X business” not a affiliate program. This is how you make money with P90X.

If you see the value in starting a “P90X Business” over being a P90X affiliate then I want you to know that I am here to help. I have had a lot of success as a coach just by getting in shape using the products and telling people about it.

Please check out my Beachbody Coach post to see how much I am earning a week and how I am helping people do it. Following these easy tasks has even helped me get invited to special events like the Game Plan Event where I met Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson. I even won the Top Beachbody Coach award with the Grand Prize being a trip to Hawaii.

Download P90X For Free

Download P90X For FreeBeachbody On Demand is now a thing. You can view P90X and every other Beachbody workout online whenever you want for $99 a year ($8.33 a month). This is what you want.

Beachbody does make you pay for it up front. If you are not happy with it within 30 days they will refund your money. They also offer a 6 month option for $60 or a free 30 day trial.

Technically speaking, the only way to download P90X for free is by signing up for the 30 day free trial. After the 30 days is up you will need to pick a plan to be able to view P90X.

Beachbody has made it so you can download the P90X files to your phone, laptop, computer, etc. and be able to view them offline. Each file comes with an encryption key that is good for the first 30 days of your free trial and will have to be connected to the internet every 30 days after to see if you are keeping your Beachbody On Demand subscription active. Beachbody does not make a P90X torrent.

In Summary

Clearly I have had a lot of experiences with the P90X workout with everything I have written. P90X has been a life changing workout. I can still remember Day 1 of P90X and how hard Chest & Back was. Something about that workout got me to be comfortable pushing it and seeing what I was really made of.

How was your experience with P90X?

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  1. I never realized the difference P90X had made on you until I saw these photos today…..wow! Even though your friends WILL make fun of you, they’re just all jealous that you have a better body than you did in your college days and they don’t!

  2. I have been doing P90X for 3 weeks and really noticed a difference. Just curious as to what you have been doing since finishing the program. Another round of P90X or something different?

  3. @ Jermaine

    I kept on going. I have been doing p90X for about a year now. I do not do it every day now but at least 3 days a week with different workouts. I started swimming, running, and biking more because I am going to do a triathlon. Funny thing is that even with the 10 pounds of muscle I put on with P90X I can still run as well as I did before I started P90X because of all the leg workouts.

  4. well let me just say one thing, that I know p90x works, but better for some than others apparently. Yes, you did get a little bigger, but not much. To tell the truth I had to stare at the picture for a minute to figure out which one was the start and finish but good job. I guess just some people get way more definition than others lol.

  5. @ Myke

    I was already in good shape before P90X as I finished a marathon. I put on a lot of strength but even I will admit that I did not get ripped. That is because I did not follow the nutrition plan and was not willing to cut out things I eat or drink like “adult beverages.” If I would have followed the nutrition plan the results would have shown more.

  6. Hi Brad,
    Thanks for the inspiration. I am starting p90x again today. I’ve tried 3 times and have never made it past 3 weeks. My build is similar to yours. 6’1, 170 pounds… definitely not overweight, but I’m definitely out of shape. The other issue is my cholesterol. It’s so high that I couldn’t qualify for life insurance. So I’m going to track my cholesterol and make updates to my blog. If you’re interested in how p90x helps lower cholesterol, you can track my progress at at: http://www.insuranceblogbychris.com/lower-cholesterol-using-p90x-program
    Thanks again and way to go.

  7. Hello Brad! Thank you for sharing your progress with us! I have a question, I bought the P90X for my husband (not because I think he needs it, because he actually wanted it) but the only thing that comes along w/the dvd’s is a band, besides the pull up bar what other things would he need? Thanks!

  8. Hi Brad,

    I’m getting ready to start the program and am a bit overweight, however I do run 1/2 marathons, compete in triathlons and work out daily. Do you need to give anything up before starting? I swim 3 days a week and am currently training for another 1/2 marathon.

    This program is a bit intimidating… How did you get passed the initial start?

    Thanks for your input!

  9. @ Erin

    With you already being a Elite athlete you should see big gains from P90X. I cut back on the running and swimming while doing P90X and really pushed it. When I was done with my 90 days I could run just as far and faster as before. I did the Detroit Marathon 6 months before starting P90X also. The leg workouts are killer. I actually have back muscles now from all of the chin ups. This helped out a lot the next time I went swimming. I just stuck with it.

  10. GREAT JOB BRAD! I just completed my 5th day! Is it possible to notice changes this early? I’ve actually stopped drinking alcohol and am eating less (instead of trying to finish the whole meal). I’ve been waking up at 5am for the workouts and am feeling extremely motivated and excited! All of the routines so far have been kickin my butt, but I’m “doin’ my best” and “forgetting the rest!”. Good luck on the rest of your journey as well as the other posters! You guys are keeping me motivated!

  11. @ Brian
    Thanks. The 5th day might be a little early. I started feeling and seeing my changes around day 30. Good job on making tim in your day to get your workouts done before other things get in the way. Laying off the booze is a hard one for me. I like beer. Not gonna lie there. I give myself one day a week to have a couple. If you can stop drinking it your results will come a lot faster.

  12. im sorry but all of your day 90 photo’s are strecthed out, either the width or the heighth of the pictures?? showing real pics will help convince people that your not selling anything.

  13. @ Tyler

    I took those photos before I even thought about putting them up on the site. I was trying to make the sizes the same. I agree, I need to redo them so they don’t look stretched out.

  14. I need p90x haven’t got it yet because of money. I don’t have a job yet! But then again I am only 14 would be a great birthday present though it’s May 14!

  15. Hey I’m 6’2 and 145 at 18 I have less than 5 percent body fat. Will this help bulk me up?

  16. Is in normal to be shitty at it the first day? Like the second set I couldn’t evenpull up anymore.

  17. Brad,

    Great results! Since you are done, what p90x workouts are doing now? Also, did you use any protein supplements while performing p90x? I just finished day 23, the first time doing core synergistic, and that was rough.

  18. @ John

    Since finishing P90X I now do Insanity, Insanity Deluxe and P90X Plus. I’ve made hybrid workouts out of them. I did not use any supplements in the photos here. I did start using whey protein, P90X protein bars, the P90X recovery drink, and vitamins over the next year. They made a big difference. You can find them inside the Beachbody Store. Stick with P90X. The changes start coming around day 40.

  19. @ Jack

    I can see big changes. My shoulders, lats, and arms got bigger. My stomach got flatter and more defined too. Check out the side angle photo. I know I would have had better “picture” results if I followed the meal plan better (or at all). Many of my results in my first round of P90X can only be seen off camera. Please read the entire post.

  20. Sorry man…i didn’t read any of the main post just saw pics and skimmed. Just now read and understand.

    I’m starting week 3 of P90x classic and went into it pretty much in shape with good muscle definition in arms/shoulders…just soft midsection (skinny fat). I eat generally well but will clamp it down even harder to get the abs that I want.

    I used to live in RO..now in Rochester Hills…so I appreciate the summer comments. going to buddy’s lake this weekend…falls on Yoga X day which I’ll do before going…and won’t be indulging in any drinking as i stopped for 90 days.


  21. @ Jack

    I know if I could cut back on the beer that I would have way more visible results. Its not like I’m a booze hound or anything but my social life seems to have it around. Buddies boat, playing softball 3 night a week, golfing, etc. Kudos to you for giving up drinking for 90 days. I think the longest I’ve gone without a beer since graduating from college is 30 days. I dropped 2% body fat from that alone. It kind of pissed me off as it told me that my chances of ever being on the cover of a fitness magazine were almost nill as I would have to give it up. That’s why I bust my butt with these workouts. I know they work as I can see and feel the results. Plus, I think I’ve been sore almost every day since starting Beachbody workouts in 2007. Those photos are 2 years old and was from my first round of P90X. Since then I’ve started following the meal plans more. My photos from my other rounds of P90X and Insanity show more definition.

    I was up in Rochester the other week mountain biking through Stoney Creek and the Painted Creek Trail.

  22. I think it is okay to have a beer and eat some things that you enjoy. Once I completed one, two, three rounds what happens after that. It doesnt stop. You can do the maintenance mode for a while but you are still doing the same workouts. I then decided I wanted long term lifestyle change. I am on my 22nd month of using the program. I see and read a lot of people focusing on a specific day or week in the programs like they are sacrificing for 90 days to achieve short term results. That may be okay when you first start but ultimately we want fitness for life. It should be your normal daily routine and your exercise and diet need to be something that you can live with forever and not have the feeling that you are sacrificing. I mix the workouts up so that I work all of the muscle groups and add cardio and yoga. I also mix in sports with my friends and eat reasonably with portion sizes most of the time. I also have a burger and a beer every now and and then because I like to do that. I plan to workout everday for an hour or so and eat reasonably well for the rest of my life and I dont feel like I am sacrificing anything. It is part of my daily routine. That is how I can keep doing this forever.

  23. I am on my fourth week of P90X and must say I love it. I have lost 11 lbs and can see the changes in my body every week. I do not follow the diet plan exactly, but I do commit myself to doing the workouts daily. All I can say is it works if you Bring It an Forget The Rest!!!!

  24. Congrats on losing the 11 pounds so far. The meal plans are tough. What helped me was incorporating it a little at a time until it became second nature to eat right.

  25. I start today, Any ideas on food advice? I got the set from a friend and there is no nutrition plan, So I’m stuck there. Any tips would be great!

  26. Lane. First thing you need to do is set up a free Beachbody account. Then click on the Eat Smart tab to get a meal plan made for you. If you really want to get results with P90X then you need to be using Shakeology daily. It simplifies the meal plans and helps out a ton with the nutrition.

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