Unbusy Parenting

I Have Felt Unbusy As A Parent To Babies, Infants, And Toddlers

Since becoming a parent three and a half years ago I have had a number of people tell me I must be busy with our two kids. I understand why people say it. Babies, infants, and toddlers demand a lot…

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Theres A Lot Of Money In Money

There’s A Lot Of Money In Money

A couple of months ago we went out to dinner with some friends (six couples) at HopCat in Detroit before heading to Little Caesars Arena for one of the Kid Rock concerts its opening weekend. Halfway through dinner one of…

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Best Supplements

What Are The Best Supplements?

Its hard to know exactly what the best supplements are as they are so many. Reviews and third party testing companies do a very good job of keeping us informed. Trying all of the different supplements out there is kind…

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Slazenger Raw Distance Golf Ball Review

Slazenger Golf Balls Review

Slazenger golf balls are the next to be entered into my best golf ball challenge. Just like with all of my golf ball reviews I will play one 18 hole round at Rackham Golf Course near my house and report…

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What Is The Best Workout

What Is The Best Workout?

There are a lot of workout plans out there. And I mean a lot. You cannot go a day without seeing a new workout plan pop up in an ad on your favorite websites. They are everywhere. And that’s ok….

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