Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review: A 21 Day Cleanse & Detox Program

From time to time I will update posts and this is one of those times. This originally posted in 2012 after my first round of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Since finishing my first round I have done two additional rounds…

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Beachbody 3 Day Refresh Review

Beachbody 3 Day Refresh Review: A 3 Day Detox Plan

From time to time I will update a post to bring it up to date. This 3 Day Refresh review post was originally posted in 2014 and a couple of things have changed. It started after the 2014 Beachbody Coach…

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Beachbody Fuel Shot

Body Beast Supplements Review

**The entire Body Beast supplement line has been discontinued. What has replaced them are the Beachbody Performance line of supplements. You cannot buy any of these anymore.** If you’re gonna do Body Beast then you will have to get the Body Beast…

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Four Years Off Facebook

Observations From 4 Years Off Facebook

Sometime around March in 2018 it will have been four years since I logged into Facebook. I don’t know the exact day or if it was February or even April. All I remember is it was about three months prior…

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Boombah Review

Boombah Review: Very Good Athletic Gear

When somebody is wearing a shoe, shirt, or jersey that looks pretty cool from a brand you’ve never heard of you might find your way into asking who makes it. This is what happened ten years ago at a softball…

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