Power 90 Workout Review: Surprisingly Good

Power 90 Workout***Update 2-27-17***

Beachbody On Demand is live. View the Power 90 workout and any other Beachbody workout ever made for $99 a year. This is a better option than just buying the Power 90 workout. The info below is still true if you want to buy the Power 90 workout dvd.

If you are wondering if the Power 90 workout is a great as everybody says it is then look no further. I’ll tell you what the Power 90 workout is all about, show you some results, and how to get the best deal if you choose to buy it.

What is the Power 90 Workout?

The Power 90 Workout was developed by Beachbody and trainer Tony Horton. This workout is what led up to the creation of P90X. Since P90X was built from a lot of the principles of Power 90 you will find the two very similar. There are two differences between Power 90 and P90X. The first one is the time.

The average length of a P90X workout is about 1 hour long, while Power 90 is about 40 minutes. The other is that Power 90 is better for people who are not in decent shape already. This makes a big difference because P90X is for people who have built up some level of fitness and are looking for the next thing.

If you consider yourself out of shape then going the Power 90 workout route might be better than P90X. To do Power 90 you need either resistance bands or dumbbells. To make the workout more comfortable you may want a exercise mat and Beachbody supplements.

The Power 90 Workout DVDs

Sculpt Circuit Phase 1-2 – Simple moves to tone up your body.
Sweat Cardio Phase 1-2 – Burns fat and sheds inches off your waist.
Sculpt Circuit Phase 3-4 – Next level of toning up muscles.
Sweat Cardio Phase 3-4 – More intense level of fat burning moves.
Phase 1-2 workouts have Ab Ripper 100 at the end and Phase 3-4 come with Ab Ripper 200.

What else comes with the Power 90 Workout?

Power 90 Workout Guide and calendar to keep you on track.
Fat Burning Express – Get your metabolism going in 35 minutes.
Fat Burner Meal Plan – Shed pounds while still eating the foods you like.
6 Day Fat Burning Express Plan – Lose weight fast.
Measurement Card and Tape Measure – Keep track of your progress.
Free Resistance Band

Power 90 Workout

Power 90 Workout

90 day fat burning and toning workout.
Build your core, thighs, and upper body


Power 90 Workout Master Series

Power 90 Workout – The Master Series

Advanced Power 90 workouts.
Targeted workouts to get you ripped in less time.

The Power 90 Master Series Workouts

Core Cardio – Get your core reved up with a intense cardio sculpting workout.
Plyo Legs – Tony Horton’s intense lower body jumping workout.
Sculpt Phase 5-6 – Tough body sculpting workout.
Sweat Phase 5-6 – A big calorie burning workout.
Cardio Intervals – Burn lots of fat with challenging cardio moves.
UML – Burn up those upper, middle, and lower muscles.

Want to buy the Power 90 workout for cheap? Save 25% as a Beachbody Coach or 10% in the Beachbody Club. Start working on your health and fitness today with the Power 90 workout.

I know I am probably doing this backwards but I have made up my mind and decided to give the Power 90 workout a go. I love P90X but have been doing it pretty consistent for the past year and I feel like its time for a change. When I do P90X now I know exactly when Tony Horton is going to throw out a funny joke and what exercise is coming up next.

What got me thinking about the change was when I became a Beachbody Coach and bought the “Showcase Pack.” Inside it was all of the top Beachbody workout DVDs including Power 90. I did some reading through it and the one thing that stuck out was that it had a lot of circuit training. This was not about lifting large amounts of weights or seeing how many pull up you could do.

It was about doing a certain amount of exercises in a short period of time and moving onto the next one that worked a different set of muscles. Another thing I liked was that each workout was only about 35 minutes long. Most workouts with P90X are about 1 hour and then another 15 minutes for Ab Ripper X.

One thing I wanted to get back into with spring right around the corner was running. Now when I do Power 90 for 35 minutes I can go for a 3 mile run right after or before and get cardio and resistance training done in the same time period I was doing P90X in.

I miss running as it was what helped me lose a lot of weight and get into awesome pre-P90X shape. What P90X did was help me put on 10 pounds of muscle to go along with the outstanding cardio that I already had. My P90X results prove that a skinny guy can put on some muscle.

From what I have read and the videos I watched is that Power 90 is going to give me a great workout but still give me the time to get my running shoes on and get outside for a quick run. This way I can maintain the muscles I built up in P90X and get my cardio back up to par. Its not that P90X ruined my cardio but I did bulk up (my choice) and now I want to tighten it all up.

I will be taking my after P90X/before Power 90 photos here and posting them up. Its kind of funny because it should be the other way around. I glanced at a couple of the Power 90 dvds yesterday and I can tell that this is before Beachbody blew up as a company because the dvds do not have the marketing appeal that the P90X dvds have. Tony Horton looks younger in it too. Here is a brief video describing Power 90 and the results people had.

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