Primal Blueprint Supplements Review

For the better part of six years I had not seen a need to buy health supplements. Reason being is I have been using Shakeology daily the entire time. It has done a great job of keeping me healthy along with filling in the missing gaps of nutrition.

If there is one constant in life it is change is inevitable. With me getting older I continue to look for things to help improve my life. One thing I found was the Primal Blueprint.

After reading the book I was eager to try this way of living including a more Paleo way of eating. At the time of this post I am eight months into it and the results have been great.

With changing to more of a grain free diet I have introduced items from the Primal Kitchen along with some Primal Blueprint supplements.

Primal Blueprint Supplements Review
Four of the six Primal Blueprint Supplements

Much like my review of the Primal Kitchen I am dedicating one page to the Primal Blueprint supplements. As I try each one of them I will update this page.

Its funny how I came into buying the Primal Blueprint supplements. I read the book and started practicing it. Along the way I started researching things to buy to help me with some things (which I describe below) and the Primal Blueprint supplements kept popping up in the results.

I have lived in Michigan most of my life. The Polar Vortex winter of 2013 – 2014 broke me. Record snowfalls did me no good as there was record cold temps which made going snowboarding not so fun. It was the first time in my life where I was wishing for spring to come.

I have noticed a change in my attitude once the temps get into the 30s. Every winter since 2013-2014 has been a drag. I decided to see if there was something I could change or take to help. Off to the Google I went and the first thing I read was how I probably needed more Vitamin D.

With little sun shining during a Michigan winter coupled with me being indoors the entire time it makes for very little chance to get those free rays of Vitamin D. Went back to Google and searched for Vitamin D supplements. Sure as shit up pops Primal Sun from the Primal Blueprint. I had come full circle.

The savings on buying the Primal Essentials Kit was too good to pass up and is what I bought.

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Primal Sun ReviewPrimal Sun

A high potency Vitamin D which boosts the immune system, supports strong bones, and helps reduce inflammation. All things I am concerned about. I have been taking Primal Sun almost every day for 4 months now and this is what I can report.

I needed it.

A lot less moody than previous winters for sure. I still have a day here and there (mostly due to the winter and two toddlers) but not nearly as many grumpy days as before.

Within 10 minutes of taking Primal Sun I feel a boost of energy that lasts for an hour and gradually tails off throughout the day.

I thought I was getting enough Vitamin D with Shakeology’s 50% Daily Value but it appears not. Primal Sun has 500% Daily Value alone. On most days I have Shakeology in the morning and a late breakfast or lunch followed with one Primal Sun capsule to get me through the rest of the day.

I have noticed better results when I take Primal Sun an hour after eating. There’s a tingling sensation throughout my body and my eyes start opening up like I was just staring at the sun. I have not felt a need to try two capsules in one day and occasionally I’ll skip a day if the sun actually shows itself.

$24.95 for 180 capsules is a deal. I’ll probably get a year out of one bottle.

Primal Probiotics ReviewPrimal Probiotics

Since I do use Shakeology which has a number of probiotic ingredients I feel this is overkill for me. The two share one ingredient (Lactobacillus).

To be honest I cannot tell if it did anything more for me or not. I finished the bottle over two months using it every other day along with Shakeology. Maybe if I went off of Shakeology for a week and only used Primal Probiotics I could tell something different.

With me not currently having any gut problems and Shakeology doing its thing I do not know if I will buy it again.

At $30 for 30 capsules it might be an efficient way for those people who do need some help in the gut area. Even if taken every other day or only when needed.

Primal Omegas ReviewPrimal Omegas

A high potency fish oil that supports a healthy immune system, boasts anti-inflammatory properties, helps alleviate joint pain, and promotes brain and nerve health. Of course I want those.

Like the probiotics I felt like I was getting enough healthy ingredients with Shakeology and the Paleo friendly diet I was now consuming. Many of my lifelong aches and pains started going away just by reducing grains.

Out of the things Primal Omegas claims it does the one I lean towards it doing something for me is brain and nerve health. What I have learned is I cannot take Primal Calm, Primal Probiotic, and Primal Omegas at the same time. It makes me feel like I’m all over the place.

Primal Omegas is an hour after dinner supplement for me. It starts doing something up there in my noggin within thirty minutes after taking it. I seem to sleep better and feel fresher in the morning when I take Primal Omegas at night and on its own.

At the time of this last update I just finished my first bottle of Primal Omegas (took 5 months) and ordered another one. This is a once in a while supplement for me. Typically when my joints are achy which usually comes from a couple of days going off the Paleo diet. The Primal Omegas seem to get me back on track faster.

I do experience the fish burps within ten minutes of taking the Primal Omegas and they seem to go away in fifteen minutes. Nothing too crazy but it happens.

At $30 for 90 capsules I feel this is a fair price.

Primal Calm ReviewPrimal Calm

This one surprised me the most. I bought Primal Calm separately from the three above. To be honest I bought it after once again searching for supplements to help fight stress. This past Christmas was hard on my family with my dad passing.

Anything besides pills was my goal. Rhodiola Rosea kept popping up. It’s a root that grows in Siberia and the people who live there have been taking it for centuries to deal with their hardcore way of living.

When searching to buy some sure as shit I am directed back to the Primal Blueprints supplements page and to Primal Calm. Of course one of the ingredients is Rhodiola Rosea.

So far I have taken 8 capsules total and only one at a time. A combination of my babysitter (mom) being in Cancun for a month and said month (January) being one of the gloomiest of all time led to some stressful days. WTF Michigan!! Only 2 days of sun the entire month. Taking Primal Calm over boozing it up was a better decision.

What I noticed was within an hour of taking it I felt very chill. Calm if you will. Every muscle relaxed and on one occasion I fell asleep on the couch while toddlers did their thing near me. Primal Calm claims to reduce stress, and promote relaxation in a non-drowsy formula. It did just that.

30 capsules for $30 seems fair because this is not something you take every day. It is in my opinion far better to take Primal Calm to deal with stress versus going to a Dr. to get pills. At the very least, start with these to see if it works and if not, then go to your Dr.

Primal Damage Control ReviewPrimal Damage Control

Its Jan. 2018 and winter has taken over here in Michigan. I had a 20% coupon to use at the Primal Blueprint store and decided to pick up a bottle of Primal Damage Control to cycle in with my regular supplements. At $50 a bottle the discount helped.

I am a third of the way through the 180 capsules that you get and I don’t think these are going to be replacing anything I already take. Reason being is I get so much of what comes with Damage Control in Shakeology. I just do.

It almost feels like overkill taking Damage Control. The most I have taken in a day is two capsules. Most days I took one.

My takeaway from using these is listening to the advice listed on the sales page for them.

“And it’s perfectly acceptable to skip a day. Take Primal Damage Control whenever you need it—during times of stress, intense exercise, poor sleep, a bad diet day, etc.”

This is what they mean when they say on the directions that Damage Control is a “fractal” formula. Each capsule represents a percentage of a serving.

Basically, if things aren’t hitting on all cylinders that day then take a Primal Damage Control capsule. Did one not do the trick? Than take two. Or three. But not more than six. Feeling good, then don’t take one.

And that’s how I’m going to approach these since I take Shakeology daily. Thing is, these might be sitting in my cupboard a while.

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**Feb 2018 Update – Its been almost a year since I published this post. I have tried everything besides the Primal Master Formula.

I take one capsule of Primal Sun in the fall and winter and a Primal Omega if not everyday than every other day and I feel they are making a positive difference. My mood is much better and inflammation feels like its down too. Primal Omega started out as a once in awhile supplement to an every day one. I will continue to buy both when I run out.

I don’t see a need for Primal Probiotics or Primal Damage Control as I get both of the ingredients in those in my daily Shakeology. Maybe Damage Control in the winter months occasionally but thats it.

Primal Calm is going to be a once in a while purchase as it took me six months to go through the 30 capsules. It’s not an everyday supplement for me.

As I stated at the beginning of this post my goal in trying the Primal Blueprint supplements is to see if they help improve my life.

What I can tell so far is Primal Sun is definitely working for me. I should be taking Vitamin D every winter. It has helped with my mood in general and that is what I sought when buying it.

It is too early for me to say if Primal Omegas is making a big difference in the long term. Changing my diet to a Paleo friendly one high in protein and fats might be having a similar effect. When taken at night it appears to help me sleep better along with feeling fresh in the morning. I’ll continue to take it.

I will be keeping Primal Calm around for sure. Hopefully I will not have that many stressful days ahead allowing me to get a year out of a bottle. It did work and when those stressful days come around I will definitely use it.

The Primal Blueprint supplements I have tried address individual needs and its up to you to decide which one works best for you. In addition to that I feel the quality of ingredients are top notch and the prices are very reasonable.

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