Rifle River Canoe Trip

I got back from a 6 hour canoe trip this past weekend in Standish, MI. It was a nice 6 hour trip with a good group of friends down the Rifle River. We stayed the River View Campground. It was going to be my first time canoeing in about 3 or 4 years. I had been white water rafting at least one time a year for the past couple of years so I am very familiar with being in a boat and guiding one. This however was my first time with my new found strength from doing P90X. I can tell that all of my muscles are stronger now than they have ever been. I can tell that I look stronger but I know that I don’t follow the P90X Nutrition Plan to a T but I eat healthy at least five days out of the week.

It was me and my girlfriend and about 30 beers  in our canoe along with a bag of the finest tasting Franzia Wine and an assortment of Jello shots that were being thrown from canoe to canoe. I knew it was going to be a long day and I was just hoping I could make it throw physically and mentally.

All of the P90X’ing I have done helped out a lot. The first thing that helped me was dragging canoes in and out of the beaches that we stopped at for a quick snack or a shot. It also helped dragging our friends canoes up hills because they were not familiar with canoeing. I got the feeling that some of them had never been in a canoe because they did not know how to guide it. It use to get winded dragging the canoes because I did not have the back strength.

Since my canoe was one of the more experienced crews we stayed behind and anchored the regatta going down the river. We were always able to make up time very quickly and it felt great to be able to make it down the river without having to even feel like it was a workout. Trust me that it was a workout because of all the booze and the 6 hours of being in the sun.

The P90X Legs And Back routine is probably the one that helped out the most. I was using so many core muscles piloting our canoe. It just felt great to know that all of the work I have been doing over the past 6 months with P90X is able to be seen. Plus it was nice knowing that I could take off my shirt and not feel embarassed. I am going to keep up with the P90X workouts because with all of the variety of workouts it helps in all of the activities that I do.

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  1. The site looks great Brad! I just read this post…..I agree that we are a great canoe team. Maybe we should move to Colorado and be canoe river guides!!!

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