Schwetty Golf Balls Review

Continuing on with my very scientific experiment to find the best golf ball I will put Schwetty golf balls into the mix. Currently there is only one Schwetty Ball but if they make a different type I will update it here. Like if they make a “Soft Schwetty Ball”.

Just like with all of my reviews I will play one round from the white tees at Rackham Golf Course near my house in Huntington Woods, MI.

Schwetty Balls Review

Rackham Golf Course

5-1-18 – White Tees

75 Degrees. Sunny. Windy

Lets get this out of the way right now. I played with my dads old Schwetty Balls.

Laugh it up clowns. But for real. I did. His right Schwetty Ball to be exact.

These golf balls are apart of a random collection I found in my dads workshop that I’ve been putting to the test. I am not sure if he bought them or was given them as a gag gift from one of the various leagues he played in over the years.

What I do know is these Schwetty Balls are at least 10 years old but probably closer to 15. There is no manufacturing date on the sleeve so I cannot tell for sure. But they are new (never played) so they are worthy of being tested.

My balls say Schwetty R (Right ball) or L (Left ball). And they have <— Stroke It —> to help for alignment when putting. New balls have that plus a…well…ball sack. Plus the new ones come in pink or blue. That’s right, you can buy blue balls. And even a ball sack for your balls. They’ve thought of everything.

Back to the Schwetty Balls. Expectations were low as these are gag gift golf balls. And their a decade old. But on the sleeve they claim the Schwetty Balls to be “The Perfect Feel In A Titanium Ball”. I cannot remember the last time I played a titanium golf ball. If ever. And also to be “The Hottest Balls In Golf!”. LOL.

Of course their hot. And of course they come in a two pack.

The back of the sleeve reads like a baseball card. Dimple Pattern: 432. Compression: 85. Trajectory: Mid-High. Cover: Mixed Surlyn. Ball Size: 42.7mm. Ball Weight: 45.66g.

Enough about the stats and hilarity of the Schwetty Balls. Lets get into the review.

Off The Tee – Hit 4 fairways. Hit zero draws or slices. Pretty much hit the Schwetty Ball straight or with a slight fade all day. Ball flight was in the Mid-High range on the 13 times I hit driver.

But man, the Schwetty Balls flew.

To be fair the winds were gusting up to 20 mph and on the holes where I had the wind at my back resulted in some booming drives. And I’ve been battling some sinus stuff resulting in me missing over a month of working out. I have not been feeling all that strong lately.

So when I’d walk up to the ball and see it in a spot further down the fairway or about where I normally end up with the other balls I’ve tested says this thing is built for distance.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – Hit one of the better 3 woods of my life on the long Par 4 10th hole. Was 235 yards out into the wind after a very good drive. Played it into the left to right wind and magically bounced it up onto the green.

The Schwetty Ball had a very stable flight with fairway woods (did not hit hybrid this day). I can’t think of one bad shot I hit with these clubs and distance was ok too.

Irons – And this is where things start going downhill with the Schwetty Ball. This might be the worst golf ball I’ve ever hit with irons. There was no feel. No feedback. No spin.

Every shot felt clunky. Distances were all over the place. Only had 4 Greens In Regulation which is well below averages.

Again, to be fair to the Schwetty Ball. The wind was howling. And the greens were basically dead.

Every “green” was brown.

Typically I post photos of the divots my approach shots make but there were zero divots. Same thing from the other 3 guys I played with.

Greens were just not friendly. Nothing was holding.

But man, you’d expect some sort of stopping power with a nine iron landing on the green. Not today. The Schwetty Ball bounced right off the back of the green at least six times.

Wedges – Deplorable. Outside of one very good chip shot on #2 (bounced through everything ending ten feet from the hole) the Schwetty Ball was impossible to chip.

No spin. Not even one “check up”. It was brutal.

Putting –  Sloppy. Had 32 putts which is about average for me. 1 three putt and 4 one putts. It was one of those days where I said “of course I’d make that putt” six times after messing everything up before that putt.

Either way is good.

The Schwetty Ball was really clunky coming off the putter.

Durability – Not good. It started showing wear and tear around the 8th hole. Text started wearing off and the seam showed up. Once I noticed the seam (two piece ball) I began to worry it might explode.

After one round. Notice the seam on the far right.

Score – 87 GIR – 4 Putts – 32 Fairways – 4

Was it funny when each of the guys I was paired up with looked at the ball and said “Are you playing a Schwetty….(insert laugh)”? Yes, it was.

Was it also funny reminding them I was beating them with a Schwetty Ball versus the ProV1 and Bridgestones they were playing? A little. I was just a little bit better than them so it wouldn’t have mattered what ball I was playing.

But man, the Schwetty Ball sucks. It just does.

Around the 14th hole it felt like it was starting to die. It was like it lost a gear. My favorite hole on the course is the Par 5 14th which I occasionally reach in two.

With a 20 mph wind behind me I’m thinking I’ve got a very good chance to get on in two as long as I put my tee shot in the fairway which I did. I was still 260 yards away. Usually I’m about 230 out.

Took out 3 wood and smoked my second shot. It came up 45 yards short. Disappointed to say the least especially with the wind behind my back.

Again, I did not feel my best and the greens were not in good shape. Still, it was noticeable how much different the Schwetty Ball reacted to shots. Best ball I can compare it to is a poorly built Nike Mojo.

So yah, I’ll probably never play the Schwetty Ball ever again. If somebody buys the new ones for me as a gag gift then fine. Who knows, maybe the newer balls are better than these ten year old ones.

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