The Christmas Tree Workout

I forgot to include another form of exercise I did over the Thanksgiving weekend. If you read the post you would have seen that all I did over those 4 days which included exercise was go for a 5 mile run. All I really did was eat. Then I stopped to think about how much of an exercise it was to cut down the families Christmas tree yesterday. We go out and try to get a good size tree because the room it goes up in is a decent size room with 10 foot ceilings.

It was my turn this year to help with cutting it down. Me, mom, dad, and my girlfriend took a ride out into Oakland County to Addison Oaks Tree Farm. It was our first time going there. The place we had been going to for the last 20 years was sold this past year so this was our first experience here. The people who own this place have a great business plan. They own a bunch of land and put a tree farm on it along with their home. Looks like its a family run business.

Anyways, mom found the tree she wanted so it was up to me to cut it down. Here is what she picked.

That’s me on the ground and my dad “supervising” as he likes to say. He does a lot of standing around when there is grunt work to be done. I grabbed the bow saw and got to work. After 10 minutes of cutting I looked like this.

My shoulders and arms were on fire. It took about 20 minutes to get that tree to go. The tree farm we use to go to would let you drive your truck all the way back to where the tree was where you could then load it up. Not here. We did not take this into consideration when choosing a tree. Dad and I took a look where we needed to go to.

You can see the house in the top right corner of the picture. It took dad and I about 10 minutes to drag that tree. It was quite the workout especially after a couple days of fatting out and not being all that active. My legs and back are a little sore today but not too much. I know that cutting down a Christmas tree isn’t really considered a workout but it sure felt like one when we got home. Plus, I needed to tell myself I did something besides just sitting on my butt watching football and eating.


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