The Holidays Did A Number On Me

Happy 2009 everybody. Thank goodness 2008 is over. I really could not think of a more depressing year than 2008. The economy sucks, real estate prices dropped every where. People lost their jobs (including me) and then could not find jobs (me again) and the State of Michigan (where I live) is going down the pipes because of Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Don’t get me started about the year my beloved (not anymore) Detroit Lions had. Can’t get off track here because Workout Journey is all about living a healthy lifestyle. Dwelling on past events is not healthy so no more of that.

The holidays were a lot of fun this year. My family reconnects with a lot of friends and we always go to a lot of parties…probably too many parties. If I remember correctly, there was only one day that I did not go or do anything from Christmas to New Years. During that time I did get in a couple workouts like P90X Chest and Back and some running. Besides that it was tough for me to get the energy to do that much more. I still was able to find time to get in 4 workouts so all in all it was not that bad. I just was so tired from activities that happened at night. Mainly the partying. I need a week off from that stuff. In hind site, it does feel great to know that I have a good group of freinds and family members who like to get together and have a good time especially knowing what’s going on in Michigan.

On that note, its time to get back on the horse and start working out again. I probably (I did) put on a couple pounds from all of the food and drinks I consumed and those need to come off ASAP.

Anyways, Happy New Year again and I hope 2009 brings about it prosperity and a wicked sweet year to you.

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