The Toy

Every parent has one. A toy that magically turns on, on its own.

How it turns on is a mystery. You know you turned it off but somehow it’s flashing or making noise.

Your kids are nowhere in sight and have not been around the toy but yet somehow its on.

And it stays on.

Of course I’ll take your old baby toys. Of course I’ll take your old toddler toys.

Parents have no problem accepting freebies as their kids age. You never say no to free stuff. Especially toys.

Meet Bob The Builders Counting Hammer. This is my toy.

Bob The Builder Counting Hammer
How about you shut up Bob.

When Bob is not asking if you can build something he makes a ticking sound even when he’s turned off. There have been at least 6 times in the two years we have owned it that I’ve walked into a dead quiet room only to hear a faint repeating ticking sound.

I feel like Captain Hook and his clock paranoia when the ticking sound is going off.

Twice it started ticking in the box of toys in our family room, once in my sons room, and twice in the basement. The creepiest of them all happened when I went into the basement to feed the cats one evening and turned on half the basement lights. Our basement is not creepy and even with half the lights on it is well light.

Making the 6 foot journey to the steps heading upstairs from the cat dish I paused to make sure there was nothing else that needed to be done. Silence over took the entire basement. That is until from the other side of the basement I heard “Can we build it? Yes we can.”

Bob The Builders Counting Hammer was alive.

There was nobody else in the basement. There were enough lights on to not give you the heebie jeebies.

I walked over to where Bob was and sure enough the hammer was ticking all while being off. Truly a unique piece of plastic it is. Defies all that is real it does.

Toy Story comes to mind when I see that hammer laying around our house. My son does not play with it that much anymore and I think he was mad when we yelled at him for hitting his sister in the head with it.

The toy hammer is going to be heading to Craigslist in the next bundle of toys we try to sell. I wonder if it will continue to wonder its next owner with the ability to turn on by itself. Here is a video of what Bob The Builders Counting Hammer can do. Exciting!

Do you have a toy like this in your house? If so, leave a comment below.

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