Why Do You Workout?

I’ve been writing to this website since 2007 and one of the questions I receive most is how I keep my motivation to workout. I’ve never claimed to be a workout-aholic, fitness fanatic, calorie counter, or a know it all when it comes to health and fitness. So these are my top 10 reasons why I make it an issue to workout as I make the trek through my early 30s.

10. No Man Boobs

Who doesn’t want to look good in a bathing suit?

No Man Boobs
I know smiley face is working on getting rid of them.

9. I Like To Party

What can I say? When its time to let loose it’s probably gonna happen. Gotta enjoy this life thing (responsibly of course). I have a fairly decent social life and when there are friends around we will have a couple of adult beverages. I don’t feel bad about wilding out when the opportunity is there as I know I’m gonna burn it off.

Magnum PI
DIY Magnum PI costume. A must for anybody from the Detroit area.

8. Fatting Out

I eat very clean about 90% of the time but when its time to fat out you better bet that I’m going to. Pizza, hamburgers, buffalo wings, nachos, Mac n Cheese from the Union Restaurant with the beer sampler, and just about anything I can dip anything into. I don’t feel guilty eating those things if I put in 5 workout days, rode my bike 50 miles, and played softball four times in a week. I think I can win food eating competitions due to me being in good shape.

Union Mac N Cheese
The Mac and Cheese from the Union is rated “Best In The World.”

7. This Website

I started WorkoutJourney.com as a place for me to share my experiences with P90X at first but it didn’t stop there. Beachbody kept coming out with workouts like Insanity so I kept writing. The site keeps me motivated to add my experiences with Beachbody and other workouts to it.

6. I Hate Shopping

I would rather punch myself in the face for 10 minutes then spend 2 hours at the mall trying on clothes. I never thought about this until a lawyer friend of mine said he lost 20+ pounds doing P90X and drinking Shakeology. While happy about his results he said he had to get all of the suits he bought 6 months prior tailored due to his weight loss. Working out has allowed me to keep most of my measurements in tact since 2007. I’ve accepted the fact that when it is time for me to shop that I will be spending $500 on my one visit a year due to me needing an upgrade.

5. Sports Sports Sports. I Like Sports

I’ve been playing sports my entire life but in the past couple of years I’ve been playing double-header softball games twice a week with the occasional tournament on the weekend. I enjoy playing and making new friends. However, I don’t want my fitness to be a reason why I didn’t make a play or why I didn’t track down a ball or why I’m huffing and puffing going from 1st to home. I don’t want any of that and more importantly I don’t want to let my teammates down. If I’m gonna miss a play then it’s because of my skills. Not because of my lack of hustle or how in shape I am.

Jim Kelly & The Bills Softball
Yes. Our team name really is Jim Kelly & The Bills.

4. The Gnar

It’s hard to enjoy the Gnar if you’re out of shape. My friends and I have been going on a Gnarcation out west almost every year since 2003. I want to enjoy the trip. Not be at the bottom sucking wind and losing the few days we get to shred. There is plenty of time for the hot tub and beers Apres Ski.

Mt. Brighton in Utah
Photo Op at Mt. Brighton in Utah.

3. Healthcare Costs

Unfortunately the Government is involved with healthcare and there is a large group of people who think things like Obamacare is good. They’re wrong. They don’t read books. Health insurance premiums will continue to rise and so will the cost of everything else at a Drs. office and hospital.

Top 10 Causes Of Death In U.S 2007
Top 10 Causes Of Death In U.S 2007

Most Of The Leading Causes Of Death Are Preventable

Most chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, are largely preventable with simple lifestyle changes. Even infectious diseases like the flu can often be warded off by a healthy way of life.

Imagine the lowered death toll, not to mention costs to the economy, if more people decided to take control of their health … heart disease and cancer alone accounted for 47 percent of deaths in the United States in 2010, and there are many strategies you can implement to lower your risk of these diseases … and most of the leading causes of death in the United States.

The added bonus to this is that the healthier you are, the less you will need to rely on conventional medical care, which is a leading cause of death. So what does a “healthy lifestyle” entail? (Source)

So all I have to do to save a lot of money over my lifetime in health care costs is workout? Sounds good to me.

2. Being A Coach

I never intended to be a coach. I just kind of stumbled across it. Fast forward 3 years and I’m now a full-time Beachbody Coach helping others hit their health and fitness goals. You don’t have to be in great shape to be a coach but I feel it is in your best interest to always be working towards a fitness goal if you want to be successful as a coach. Otherwise you’re gonna have a hard time showing people that the products work. Doing the Beachbody workouts and using Shakeology gives you credibility.

Team Epic Beachbody Coaches
I can assure you that all these awesome coaches use the products.

1. I’ll Take Care Of Me…For You. If You Take Care Of You…For Me

That is one of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes. The last thing I would want is to have somebody else have to re-arrange their life to make up for unhealthy lifestyle choices of mine. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew that all I had to do was get off my butt and eat ok.

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