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I was going through the sunday sales flyers in my local newspaper yesterday. I usually scan the Best Buy, Circuit City and Dicks Sporting goods. I don’t reall ever go out of my way to buy something I think Im just addicted to looking at them. I was going through the Best Buy flyer and I came across the video game section. I was intrigured with the Wii because we recently got one for the house and I was looking for new possible games.

I saw this thing called Wii Fit. After reading into it more it turns out that the smart people at Nintendo came up with the idea of making their own video game to promote a healthy lifestyle. Im sure there are other games out there that do this but I have never heard of them. The only thing that comes to mind is the original power pad(I think that’s what its called) for the Field and Track game for the original Nintendo.
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I read into it more and was pleasantly surprised with how far in depth the Wii Fit will show you what to do. I went over to their website and looked at the video. I really liked how they have a “Body Test” to show you and the other people at the house what are your health signs. It shows you what your Body Mass Index Measurement and a couple good balance postures. There are a couple more but it keeps track of all of this information for you. This is important because if you don’t keep track you don’t know what you can or can’t do. It also gives you your Wii age. Its just a number so you should not be mad if it says your older than what you are but some motivation to try harder.

The balance games is similar to the P90X Plyometrics where you are doing a lot of leaping. The only thing is that you cannot move off of the Wii Fit pad. Its not as intense as the P90X Plyometrics. The games that are out so far are a soccer game and two downhill ski games. I even saw they have their own Yoga which everybody can benefit from.

The two that I liked the most are the aerobics and strength training. The only downside I can see is that you are not moving around a lot so you limited to what kind of exercises you can do. I am going to assume that there is more than just the 5 exercise they have on their site but I do see push ups, sit ups, extensions and others. The aerobics has you running and jumping in place.

A lot of the workouts I see from the Wii Fit are very similar to the ones you will with P90X. Tony Horton(P90X God) always talks about switching things up to keep your muscles guessing. His term is called muscle confusion. I started thinking that for people who want to switch it up or just have some fun working out with their families that they Nintendo Wii Fit might be a good purchase. It keeps all of your results and tabulates everything for you. It has interesting workouts. Can be done from home.

I am really happy to see video game companies moving into the fitness direction. I know when I was growing up I struggled with my weight and must have played Super Mario Brothers or Contra( Yes, I still remember the cheat code some 15 years later) a thousand times.

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